Chapter 860 – Do You Know How Strong I Am?

Almighty Sword Domain

There was a small hill around 3km away from the city gates, and everyone watched as Yang Ye’s figure smashed against the hill.


The entire hill shook violently, and then it exploded apart and instantly buried Yang Ye.

He lost?

That insufferably arrogant Yang Ye lost in a single move?

Fan Meng and Fan Li were ghastly pale, and their eyes were deathly still.

Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi’s faces fell. Yang Ye had shown the Li Clan great kindness, so they naturally didn’t hope that Yang Ye would lose. However, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would have actually been unable to even resist Nan Ketu’s attack!

“So he was that weak!” Kong Lian laughed coldly, “Everyone, that’s how weak that insufferably arrogant fellow is, that’s how weak the disciples of the Ancient Sword School are. They are weak like ants before the true geniuses of my Dao Order. What a huge disappointment.”

“He isn’t weak. But everything is useless before absolute speed!” Nan Ketu turned around and walked towards the city gates, and then he gazed at the corpses of the disciples of the Dao Order which Yang Ye had hung on the city walls, “Yang Ye was the beginning, but not the end. Ancient Sword School, the game has only just begun. I hope you’ll be able to afford to play this game!”

“I agree! The game has only just begun!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from afar.

Nan Ketu’s pupils constricted slightly as he turned around and looked towards the distance. It wasn’t just him, the others in the surroundings looked over towards the source of the voice, and they saw that Yang Ye had actually stood up there. There was a scarlet red palm print on Yang Ye’s chest, and it caused his chest to sink down. It was a rather horrifying sight!

However, Yang Ye was completely alive and well!


Fan Li instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye still alive, and she hugged Fan Meng tightly. This time, it wasn’t just Fan Meng who cried, even Fan Li’s eyes flickered with the glow of tears.

Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi heaved sighs of relief as well. After all, they truly didn’t wish to see Yang Ye die!

“I knew it. How could he have died so easily? Hehe, now we have a show to watch….” Someone muttered softly.

“We do. But who do you think will win amongst them?”

“It should be Nan Ketu because he’s truly too swift, and it’s to the point that Yang Ye will probably be unable to fight back….”

“I think that Yang Ye probably has some sort of trump card….”

Everyone watched as Yang Ye walked over to a distance of 15m away from Nan Ketu, and then he said, “You lost!”

Nan Ketu gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “What a strong physical body. Even Sixth Brother’s body wasn’t as strong as yours when he was at the Exalt Realm. Needless to say, you’ve truly surprised me. After all, a sword cultivator actually possesses a body comparable to a Half-Saint Realm demon beast!

A body comparable to a Half-Saint Realm demon beast!

Clamorous noise resounded in the surroundings when the spectators heard this, and they gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. After all, none of them had ever imagined that Yang Ye’s physical body would actually be comparable to a demon beast at the Half-Saint Realm!

What did it represent?

It represented that Yang Ye only had to use his physical strength to kill Monarch Realm experts!

He was at the Exalt Realm but possessed the body of a demon beast at the Half-Saint Realm!

At this moment, all of them gazed at Yang Ye as if they were looking at a freak.

Kong Lian’s eyes had shock within them as well. She knew that Yang Ye’s body was extremely strong, but she hadn’t expected it to actually be comparable to a demon beast at the Half-Saint Realm. In other words, Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t weaker to her own!

Yang Ye said, “You’ve lost the bet!”

Nan Ketu nodded and said, “I have, but I intend to go back on my word!”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you sure?”

“Very sure!” Nan Ketu continued, “Because even if I give those energy stones and those 2 women to you, you’ll still die in a moment. Since it’s like that, then why go to all the trouble, right?”

Yang Ye asked, “Isn’t your speed very swift? Why won’t you try another swing of my sword?”

Nan Ketu replied, “Even 10 aren’t a problem!”

Yang Ye nodded. He sheathed his sword, and then drew it swiftly.


A sword howl shot into the clouds and shook the world. It was like it intended to blast the world apart!

At the moment that sword howl resounded, Nan Ketu’s expression had changed slightly, and then a huge beam of sword energy was in front of him. However, his speed was extremely swift, and he’d slapped his palm forward at the exact same instant that the sword energy arrived in front of him.


Along with the sound of an explosion, everyone watched as Nan Ketu’s figure was blasted against the city walls, and it caused the city walls to shake violently while countless arm-thick cracks instantly covered it!

“Haha! You actually instantly overlapped 20 strands of sword energy! Good! Very good! My Ancient Sword School has another extraordinary genius who’s comparable to Senior Sister Lu! Hahaha!” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded from the sky, and then an expanse of light rained down from the sky. All the spectators were astonished by this scene because the light carried sharp 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent. Of course, the most terrifying part was that the light actually enveloped the entire surroundings!

What does that disciple of the Ancient Sword School intend to do?

Suddenly, the light shrunk rapidly, and it didn’t even take a breath of time for it to shrink into a hair-thin thread of sword energy. The sword energy suddenly turned rapidly in midair and instantly arrived before Kong Lian.

Kong Lian was shocked. She hadn’t expected this fellow from the Ancient Sword School would actually target her. So, she was immediately caught off guard. However, her reaction wasn’t slow at all, and the black sickle in her hand was flicked up to slashed against the sword energy.


The sword energy smashed against the sickle, causing it to tremble violently while the powerful force within the sword energy pushed Kong Lian’s figure backwards until her back collided against the city wall!

Yang Ye didn’t stand by idly while Kong Lian was pushed back, and he immediately pushed his speed to its limits and arrived before Fan Li and Fan Meng. He was about to rescue them when his pupils constricted abruptly, and a black figure suddenly appeared behind him. At the same time, he felt sharp pain come from his back, and he knew that something sharp had stabbed through his back!

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he turned around and smashed his fist forward. But when he did turn around, the black figure still remained behind him like the black figure was his own shadow. At the same time, Yang Ye felt sharp pain come from his back once more!

“Shadow! Keep him alive!” Suddenly, Nan Ketu’s voice resounded from the side, and then the black figure instantly vanished into thin air behind Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye!” Fan Meng exclaimed while tears covered her face. Because there were 2 injuries which were a few centimeters wide on Yang Ye’s back, and they were so deep that the bones within him were visible!

“This is what the geniuses of this world are like?” Yang Ye chuckled. The black figure was only at the Exalt Realm, but he’d pierced through Yang Ye’s defenses with such ease. Moreover, it was the same for Nan Ketu. Now, he finally understood why Mu Hanshan asked him to be wary of the Dao Order.

“Are you alright?” A man walked over to Yang Ye. The man was around the age of 20, had slanted brows, starry eyes, hair that hung down to his shoulders, and emanated a fierce and sharp aura that surged around him.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I’m fine!”

“I’m Chen Dong, the eldest disciple of the Heavenly Sword Peak. According to seniority, you should call me senior brother!” said the man.

“Chen Dong! He’s the Arrogant Sword, Chen Dong!” Someone exclaimed.

“He’s that Chen Dong who dared to talk back to a Saint Realm expert in the past?”

“It should be him. According to rumor, he offended a Saint, and he pointed at that Saint and retaliated in public that he would only need 20 years to even kill Saint Realm experts! Since that day, the name of the Arrogant Sword swept throughout the prefecture!”

“I thought he was bragging in the past. But now…. His sword intent seemed to be at the 2nd level of the Heaven Rank just now, right?”

Yang Ye glanced at Chen Dong and said, “Thank you for just now!”

Chen Dong said, “There’s no need for that. You’ve joined the Ancient Sword School, so we’re a family. As the eldest of the Heavenly Sword Peak, if I don’t lend a hand when another disciple of the Heavenly Sword Peak is in trouble, then who will?”

Meanwhile, Kong Lian suddenly spoke in a low voice, “How does your Ancient Sword School intend to play this game?”

Chen Dong glanced at the corpses of the disciples from the Ancient Sword Domain which hung on the city wall, and he said, “If it was up to me, then I would really play with all of you. However, the elders have said that it’s a fight between the juniors, and we can’t bully the weak. So….” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “There are 3 geniuses in the Exalt Realm within our Ancient Sword School. The other 2 will take at least 4 hours to get here, so….”

Yang Ye asked, “It’ll be fine even if I go crazy?”

Chen Dong gazed at Yang Ye for a while, and then he said, “It’s fine. It’s fine no matter how serious it gets. Not only would it be fine, the crazier the better!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Help me take care of them. Watch out for that black clothed fellow!”

Chen Dong guaranteed, “They’ll definitely be fine unless a Saint Realm expert comes!”

Yang Ye could finally rest at ease, and he walked slowly towards Nan Ketu as he said, “You think you’re very strong?”

Nan Ketu replied, “It shouldn’t be a problem for me to kill you!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Then do you know how strong I am?”

Nan Ketu replied, “Why don’t you let me see?”

“Alright!” Yang Ye continued, “Aren’t you very swift? Come! Attack me again! Let me see if you’re still swift!”

“As you wish!” As soon as Nan Ketu spoke, he’d vanished on the spot. Chen Dong’s eyes instantly narrowed slightly at the same time, and there was a solemn expression in his eyes. Because such speed was capable of posing a severe threat to him!

However, a strange scene appeared. Chen Dong noticed that Nan Ketu’s speed was actually growing slower and slower. In the end, Nan Ketu actually seemed like a walking child, and he was extremely slow….

“The Sword Domain….” An astounded voice suddenly resounded.

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