Chapter 861 – Are You Going To Fuck Off Or Not?

Almighty Sword Domain

The energy above Intent was the energy of the Laws, and the energy above the Laws was the Domain.

The reason that the Domains surpassed Intent and the Laws was because a Domain could allow the world within the scope of one’s Domain to surpass the world that one resides in. In other words, it formed a world of its own.

The energy of Domains could suppress the energy of the Laws. Of course, it was not absolute!

When Yang Ye fought Nether Maiden that day, he had relied on the Sword Domain to suppress Nether Maiden’s Laws of Yin and Yang. However, his grasp of the Sword Domain wasn’t that comprehensive, so his Sword Domain had almost been collapsed by her Laws of Yin and Yang.

As for Nan Ketu, his Laws of Speed weren’t just much weaker to Nether Maiden’s Laws, his own strength wasn’t as formidable as hers. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye’s grasp of the Sword Domain had far surpassed his ability at that time, Nan Ketu’s Laws of Speed wasn’t able to pose any material threat to Yang Ye’s Sword Domain!

On the contrary, the Laws of Speed was completely suppressed by the Sword Domain!

Nan Ketu’s speed had dropped to its absolute slowest within the Sword Domain. At this moment, just taking a single step seemed to take all his strength!

At this moment, there was shock in Nan Ketu’s eyes!

It wasn’t just Nan Ketu. Everyone who knew what was happening had been petrified from the astonishment they felt, and it included Chen Dong!

Because even Lu Wan’er hadn’t comprehended the Sword Domain!

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed. It seemed quite slow in the eyes of others, and even any Exalt Realm cultivator could dodge it with ease. However, Nan Ketu seemed as if he was frozen on the spot. His eyes were opened wide, and he could only watch as it approached him before one of his arms flew off into the air.

Yang Ye had utilized space and air to put powerful pressure upon Nan Ketu and restrain him. Not to mention moving swiftly, Nan Ketu couldn’t even move beneath such pressure! So, at this moment, he didn’t even have the ability to resist. Because besides his Laws of Speed, he wasn’t really strong in any other aspect!

Nether Maiden had been able to shake his Sword Domain that day because besides the Laws of Yin and Yang, her strength in all other aspects weren’t inferior to Yang Ye at all. So, the Sword Domain had been able to affect her, yet it couldn’t suppress her completely.

But how could Nan Ketu compare to Nether Maiden?

Yang Ye walked over to Nan Ketu. Suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted from Nan Ketu, and then his stomach suddenly started expanding. He was about to detonate himself!

Yang Ye wouldn’t allow that to happen, of course. His Sword Domain wasn’t invincible. If Nan Ketu detonated himself within the scope of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain, then Yang Ye would definitely suffer severe backlash. So, Yang Ye immediately smashed his fist against Nan Ketu’s chest before Nan Ketu could detonate himself, and it blasted Nan Ketu flying for over 1km before finally crashing to the ground.

Nan Ketu was just about to stand up when a foot stomped on his stomach. Yang Ye looked down at Nan Ketu and said, “You wanted to play, so I’ll play with all of you. To be honest, I’m truly afraid all of you wouldn’t be able to afford to play this game!”

Nan Ketu stared fixedly at Yang Ye. There was no calmness and composure in his eyes anymore, and there was only shock and unwillingness left within them.

Yang Ye’s sword moved slightly and rested against Nan Ketu’s throat. After that, he looked up into the sky and said, “500,000 extreme-grade energy stones for his life. Will you buy it or not? I’ll immediately end him if you say no!”

A moment of silence ensued before a ray of light tore through the sky, and then a spatial ring appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took it, and then a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “I regret my decision. I’m not selling his life anymore!” His hand moved slightly as he spoke, and his sword swept through Nan Ketu’s neck. A strand of blood sprayed from Nan Ketu’s throat while his eyes opened wide…. He’d died with everlasting regret.

“How dare you!” A furious howl resounded from the sky. The space in the sky shook violently in its wake, and it seemed like the sky would collapse at any moment. It was truly a shocking sight!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the owner of the voice. He just waved his hand and placed Nan Ketu’s corpse within the ancient sheath.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he turned around and smashed his fist against the expanse of space behind him.

The space there shook before his fist, and then the space there wriggled before a black clothed figure appeared in front of Yang Ye. The black clothed man seemed to have never expected that Yang Ye actually noticed him, and his movements stopped slightly. But it didn’t take long for him to react, and a cold glow flashed as a dagger tore through space and swept at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye suddenly withdrew his fist, and then a Dao Rank sword emanated a ray of light as it slashed against the dagger!


The entire expanse of space there shook while the powerful force from it pushed the black clothed figure back. Meanwhile, a ray of sword energy had arrived in front of him!

The black clothed figure didn’t panic at all. He tapped his feet lightly on the ground and immediately stopped moving backward. Next, he flipped his palm, and the dagger in his grasp carried a ray of cold light as it slashed at Yang Ye’s sword energy!


The sword energy was dispersed, but the black clothed figure was blasted backwards once more. This time, he vanished into thin air once he stopped himself.

However, Yang Ye turned around and swiftly drew his sword once more, and then a ray of sword energy flashed again.

The sword energy hit nothing. Meanwhile, space wriggled before the black clothed man’s figure appeared once more. At this moment, he was actually less than 3m away from Yang Ye!


The black clothed man was blasted backwards once more.

Yang Ye didn’t launch another attack, and there was a trace of seriousness in his eyes. While he hadn’t utilized the Sword Domain to suppress the black clothed man, the black clothed man was still within his Sword Domain. He’d been relying on the Sword Domain to accurately pinpoint the black clothed man’s location. However, he hadn’t imagined that he still wasn’t able to kill the black clothed man under such circumstances!

Every single attack he executed carried 20 overlapped Heavenrends, yet they were only able to push the black clothed man back.

The black clothed man’s strength surpassed Nan Ketu!

“If I’m not wrong, then you have to pay a huge price every single time you execute the Sword Domain, and that’s why you dare not use it against me after you killed Nan Ketu and are only able to use it to locate me!” The black clothed figure continued, “Nan Ketu was too foolish. He paid too much attention to the energy of the Laws and didn’t improve his strength in other aspects. So, once the energy of the Law he possessed was countered, he was more or less a cripple. But it can’t be helped. If he didn’t focus on speed, then it would have been impossible for him to comprehend the Laws of speed! He can only blame himself for encountering you. Otherwise, even a high rank Half-Saint wouldn’t be able to kill him!”

“Why waste your breath?” Yang Ye said, “Let’s see if I can kill you without using the Sword Domain!”

The black clothed man suddenly flashed over to Yang Ye. His figure shook violently when he arrived before Yang Ye, and then countless black clothed men appeared around Yang Ye before countless rays of cold light tore through space towards Yang Ye!


A sword howl suddenly shot into the air, and then over 100 rays of light crisscrossed through the surroundings and intersected with those rays of cold light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous deafening explosions resounded incessantly in succession.

A short while passed before the cold light dispersed. Both Yang Ye and the black clothed man were still standing.

“I… I lost to your physical defenses….” The black clothed man fell to the ground once he finished speaking.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Once the black clothed man fell to the ground, Yang Ye’s clothes suddenly transformed into bits, and his body was covered in injuries. Every single one of those injuries were bleeding, but they weren’t lethal!

At that moment they collided, Yang Ye had disregarded his defenses and struck lethal blows with every swing of his sword. As for the black clothed man, he’d done exactly the same. Unfortunately, Yang Ye had relied on his formidable physical defenses to survive the battle, but the black clothed man wasn’t able to do the same.

The Dao Order had lost again!

The surroundings were perfectly silent.

The spectators had no doubt that from this moment onward, Yang Ye’s name would spread through the north and even the entire prefecture!

Yang Ye walked over to the black clothed man and placed the corpse within the ancient sheath. Regardless of whether it was the black clothed man or Nan Ketu, they were both useful to him. Especially Nan Ketu. Because if he could comprehend the Laws of Speed, then when his Decay Laws were combined with the Speed Laws, he would even be able to kill high rank Half-Saints right now!

His physical body wasn’t weak, his Sword Dao wasn’t weak as well, and his only flaw was speed!

After he put the black clothed man’s corpse away, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Kong Lian. The latter’s expression changed slightly, and there finally was fear in her eyes this time. While Yang Ye hadn’t comprehended sword intent, he’d comprehended something even more terrifying than sword intent, the Sword Domain. While Nan Ketu and the black clothed man were both at the Exalt Realm, they weren’t weaker to her at all. However, both of them had perished at Yang Ye’s hands.

“I’d intended to humiliate you before killing you, but it feels meaningless now.” Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Go back to the Dao Order and tell them to stop coming for me. I’ll head to the Dao Order and challenge all the geniuses of its younger generation in 3 days from now!”

Yang Ye knew that he had to put an end to the matter with the Dao Order. Otherwise, they would be constantly targeting him, and he wouldn’t have the time to recover his strength at all. An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan were in a very bad situation right now. Moreover, Xiao Yuxi and the others’ whereabouts were unknown as well. So, he really didn’t want to be constantly entangled with the Dao Order.

So, he was prepared to put an end to it!

“You….” Kong Lian seemed to want to insult Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at her and said, “Are you going to fuck off or not?”

Kong Lian’s expression changed slightly, but she didn’t dare continue. Her figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Once Kong Lian left, a wisp of bitterness arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. After all, how could he have possibly wanted to let her go? But he had no other choice!

“My Dao Order will be waiting for your arrival 3 days from now!” A gloomy voice resounded from the sky.

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