Chapter 862 – Just One Move Is Enough!

Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 862 – Just One Move Is Enough!

The battle in Martial Enlightenment City swept through the north like a plague.

The Sword Domain!

Someone amongst the disciples of the Ancient Sword School had grasped the Sword Domain, yet even Lu Wan’er who was called the Sword Emperor hadn’t.

The entire Ancient Sword School was seething with excitement!

“He must be protected no matter what!” A voice resounded from the headquarters of the Ancient Sword School, and then around 10 breaths of time passed before countless terrifying auras flashed out from the nine peaks of the Ancient Sword School. All of these experts were headed for Martial Enlightenment City!

Conversely, there was no movement from the Dao Order!

Even then, everyone in the north knew that a storm was coming.

Martial Enlightenment City.

Yang Ye laid on the bed in his room, and both Fan Meng and Fan Li were at the side of the bed.

It hurt! It hurt to the depths of his bones!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt like someone was slicing through his entire body with a blade. Fortunately, he was more or less used to such pain.

He’d executed the Sword Domain and numerous Heavenrends, so his body could simply be described as being on the verge of shattering apart. Especially his meridians, they weren’t just broken now, they’d exploded apart. Not only were his meridians in such a state, even his internal organs had split apart.

If he didn’t execute the Sword Domain when facing Nan Ketu and the black clothed man, then he would have to face a drawn out battle, and it was very disadvantageous to him in his current state. So, he’d decisively activated the Sword Domain. However, he naturally had to pay a huge price to utilize the Sword Domain in his current state.

If it wasn’t for the problem with his meridians, then he would have been able to kill both Nan Ketu and the black clothed man with ease, even if he didn’t use the Sword Domain! Unfortunately, he just happened to have problems with his meridians, and it greatly restricted the strength he could utilize. That was the most aggrieving thing to him, and it was also the thing which rendered him the most helpless.

Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly. Meanwhile, Fan Meng and Fan Li hurriedly went over to him when they saw his eyes split open. Fan Meng said, “Are… are you alright?”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Little Girl, do I seem like I’m fine?” He was almost a cripple right now.

Fan Meng didn’t cry this time because she’d cried herself dry while he was still unconscious. She just held tightly to Yang Ye’s hand and spoke softly, “Yang Ye, do you regret meeting me?”

Yang Ye asked, “Why ask such a question?”

She answered softly, “Since you met me, you’ve been constantly encountering all sorts of trouble. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have been injured repeatedly, you wouldn’t have offended the Dao Order, and you wouldn’t have suffered such a heavy injury. I… it’s really all my fault….”

Yang Ye smiled, “If you really think that you’re a burden to me, then work hard to become strong, alright?”

“I definitely will! I won’t be playful anymore, I guarantee!” Fan Meng had a sense of determination in her eyes, and she seemed to have become much more mature.

Yang Ye said, “Good. Help me do something now. Feed me extreme-grade energy stones.”

It didn’t take long for numerous energy stones to ceaselessly enter his body and be absorbed by him.

Tiny vortex! Oh! Tiny vortex! The situation is quite bad this time. If you still don’t return to normal, then you can just wait to bury me…. Yang Ye was very clearly aware that if it didn’t return to normal, then not to mention heading to the Dao Order to challenge its younger generation, just walking might be a problem for him.

Time slowly trickled by, and more and more violet profound energy appeared within Yang Ye. His physical injuries had practically fully healer under the regenerative effects of the violet profound energy, but there was no improvement in the state of his meridians. They were still in pieces.

After his body recovered, Yang Ye didn’t waste his violet profound energy by trying to repair his meridians with them. He sent all the violet profound energy into the tiny vortex instead.

100,000 extreme-grade energy stones had been consumed, but the tiny vortex still showed no signs of movement.



After he absorbed the energy within 500,000 extreme-grade energy stones, the tiny vortex still showed no signs of recovering, and it made Yang Ye laugh bitterly without end. Right when he was about to give up, the tiny vortex stopped revolving, and then threads of violet energy flowed out from within it.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, but it didn’t take long for him to almost jump out of his bed from excitement. Because the violet energy was Primordial Violet Energy.

Yang Ye suppressed the excitement and happiness in his heart, and he hurriedly guided it to repair his meridians. At this moment, Yang Ye was worried because if even Primordial Violet Energy couldn’t repair his meridians, then the situation would truly be dire. Yang Ye watched as the Primordial Violet Energy enveloped his meridians, and it didn’t take long for his broken meridians to start wriggling.

Yang Ye truly heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene.

Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that those 2 little snakes which were sleeping while wrapped around his arms had suddenly opened their eyes.

Outside Martial Enlightenment City. Outside the city gates.

A man gazed at the corpses on the wall for a long time. In the end, his gaze descended onto the words which Yang Ye carved on the wall. A short time passed before a cold smile arose on the corners of his mouth, “What an arrogant fellow! He actually dared to kill numerous members of my Ocean of Clouds Academy. Does he really think my academy is weak and wouldn’t retaliate?”

When he spoke up to this point, he took a step forward and vanished on the spot.

Outside Yang Ye’s room. Chen Dong was resting against a pillar with his eyes slightly closed. Suddenly, his eyes opened up, and a man had suddenly appeared not too far away from him.

Both of them gazed at each other in silence for a while, and then Chen Dong suddenly drew his sword. A ray of light flashed as a thread of sword energy shot forward, and it instantly arrived before the man.

The man grunted coldly as he stretched his hands forward and seemed to pull something apart. A pitch black hole was instantly torn open in the space before him, and that hole swallowed Chen Dong’s sword energy. In the next moment, the man stretched his hand forward and made a grasping motion in Chen Dong’s direction. The space around Chen Dong instantly warped and was about to mince Chen Dong into pieces.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed slightly as a solemn expression appeared in them. His flicked with his wrist, and his sword swept forward a few times. The warped space was instantly slashed apart. After that, he took his sword in both hands as he swiftly stabbed it forward, “True Spirit Sword Threads!”

As soon as he spoke, the space before him trembled violently as countless threads of sword energy which were fine like the hairs on an ox shot forward from the tip of his sword. In just an instant, the threads of sword energy had enveloped the man.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded incessantly.

A short while passed before the threads of sword energy were dispersed. The man was still standing there and seemed to be completely fine, but the space around him was riddled with holes.

“The Arrogant Sword, Chen Dong!” As soon as he finished speaking, the man waved his right hand lightly, and the space around him instantly returned to normal.

“Besides Yi Liufeng, no one else amongst the Monarch Realm experts of the Ocean of Clouds Academy is capable of utilizing spatial techniques to such an extent.” Chen Dong spoke indifferently, “This conflict is between my Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order. Could it be that your academy intends to interfere?”

“Numerous disciples of my academy have died at Yang Ye’s hands. Are you telling us to just let it go?” Yi Liufeng laughed coldly, “Or perhaps your Ancient Sword School can disregard my academy now? If it is, then I’ll turn around and leave right now.”

Chen Dong remained silent for a short while, and then he said, “Was it the academy which sent you?”

Yi Liufeng replied, “The members of the Dao Order can’t just die for nothing, and it’s the same for your Ancient Sword School. So, can the members of my academy just die for nothing? Chen Dong, I’ll just say it right now. If the Ancient Sword School doesn’t give my academy an explanation, then we’ll refuse the entrance of disciples from the Ancient Sword School from now onwards. Moreover, we’ll personally seek justice for our lost disciples. Let me see if your Ancient Sword School dares to fight both my Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Dao Order at the same time!”

Chen Dong’s eyelids twitched. Presently, while the Ancient Sword School hadn’t gone into full-scale war with the Dao Order, it was on the verge of it. If the Ocean of Clouds Academy were to declare war on the Ancient Sword School now, then he had no doubt that the Dao Order would do the same. At that time, all rules would be meaningless, and the Dao Order and the Ocean of Clouds Academy would definitely dispatch Saint Realm experts to annihilate all the geniuses of the Ancient Sword School!

After a long moment of silence, Chen Dong said, “What explanation does your academy want? If you want Yang Ye’s head, then you can leave right now!”

“Let me fight him!” Yi Liufeng said, “If he dies, then this matter will come to an end. If I lose, I’ll come to an end as well!”

“What a joke!” Chen Dong laughed coldly, “Yi Liufeng, you’re at the high rank of the Monarch Realm, and you’re half a step away from the Half-Saint Realm. But Yang Ye’s only at the Exalt Realm. You have the gall to speak such words? Why don’t I fight you instead?”

Yi Liufeng spoke solemnly, “He possesses the Sword Domain and a physical body comparable to a Half-Saint. No one in the Exalt Realm within my academy is a match for him. It isn’t just my academy, I’m afraid even the Dao Order is the same!”

Chen Dong said, “So you’re going to bully him with your cultivation?”

Yi Liufeng pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Since it’s like that, then good luck to your Ancient Sword School!”

Yi Liufeng turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait….” Suddenly, the door to Yang Ye’s room opened up, and then Yang Ye, Fan Meng, and Fan Li walked out slowly from within.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s hair had turned black, and the scars on his face had vanished.

Yi Liufeng said, “You’re Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “The Ocean of Clouds Academy will let bygones be bygones if you lose?” He would naturally not care about all of this if he were alone. However, he couldn’t drag the Ancient Sword School down with him. While he wasn’t really a disciple of the Ancient Sword School, he felt that he couldn’t just throw them into such an abyss.

So, he was willing to help reduce the trouble that the Ancient Sword School faced.

Yi Liufeng replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he flipped his palm and a hammer appeared in his grasp, “Then bring it on.”

Yi Liufeng said, “Let’s go somewhere else?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that. Just one move is enough!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hammer in his grasp suddenly left his grasp and smashed down towards Yi Liufeng.

Everywhere it passed, space shattered inch by inch!

The Herculean Hammer!

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