Chapter 878 – Yang Ye! Take This!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Protector of Order!

Countless people were shocked!

There were 5 top geniuses amongst the younger generation of Pine Prefecture.

They were the Ancient Sword School’s Lu Wan’er, the Dao Order’s Protector of Order, the Endless Devil Sect’s Void Lord, the Ocean of Clouds Academy’s Shangguan Yunhai, and Sky Divine Hall’s Lou Qianxiao.

They were considered the representatives of the prefecture’s younger generation.

They were the true geniuses favored by the heavens, and they were the young people who stood at the peak of the prefecture beneath Saints.

Yang Ye turned around and looked over, and he saw a young man standing in the sky. The man seemed to be just around the age of 20. He wore green clothes, had hair that hung loosely to his shoulders, and the hair on his temples were slightly grey. It was like a snowflake that studded his hair.

Besides that, the young man had an aura that was deep like an ocean, and his strength was unfathomable!

That was what Yang Ye felt at this moment!

“It really is the Protector of Order, it really is him! He actually showed himself!”

“Presently, the members of the Dao Order have either lost or died, and it would really be unable to regain any face if he didn’t show himself….”

“Who do all of you think is stronger amongst them?”

“The Protector of Order….”

“It’s definitely the Protector of Order….”

“I think the Protector of Order is stronger as well….”

“Yang Ye is only at the Monarch Realm in the end, but the Protector of Order is at the Half-Saint Realm. So, how could Yang Ye be a match for him? While Yang Ye can surmount his realm of cultivation, the Protector of Order can do the same. So, Yang Ye will definitely lose if they fight now!”

“I’d thought that Lu Wan’er was the only one in the Ancient Sword School who’s worthy of being my opponent, but now it would seem like there’s one more. You’ve come to slap my Dao Order in the face, but how can it be considered as a true slap to the face if you don’t fight me, Qing Daofu?” Qing Daofu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “So, shall we fight?”

Daoist Gu spoke in a low voice, “You’re at the Half-Saint Realm!”

“Daofu, let them go!” The black robed old man spoke with a trace of helplessness and unwillingness in his voice.

Qing Daofu shook his head and said, “While he’s the one that the Founding Ancestor chose to inherit his mantle, he isn’t a member of my Dao Order. Since he came to slap my Dao Order in the face, then as a member of the Dao Order, I have to regain that lost face for my Dao Order.” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’m a mid rank Half-Saint but you’re at the Monarch Realm, so it wouldn’t be fair to fight you. How about we determine the outcome with a single move? It’s my loss if you can resist a single move of mine, alright?”

“One move! One move!”

“One move!”

“One move….”

Countless disciples of the Dao Order roared fiercely from the ground below. Their voices were quite hysterical, and they seemed as if they wanted to vent the aggrievance they experienced earlier.

All the disciples of the Ancient Sword School gazed at Yang Ye, and the intent to fight could be seen in their eyes!

Countless cultivators were looking at Yang Ye!

If Qing Daofu asked for a battle of life and death, then they would understand and accept Yang Ye’s refusal, and they would even look down upon Qing Daofu. After all, he was a mid rank Half-Saint, and that was more than an entire realm above Yang Ye. However, Qing Daofu hadn’t asked for a life and death battle, and he merely wanted Yang Ye to resist a single move from him.

If Yang Ye still didn’t dare agree when it was just a single move, then everything he’d accomplished until now would be in vain.

Because everyone would say that Yang Ye didn’t even dare to face a single move from the Protector of Order.

Yang Ye grinned as all of them watched, and he said, “Not to mention one move, so what even if it’s 10 or 100?”


The blood of countless disciples from the Ancient Sword School boiled, and then countless sword howls resounded throughout the surroundings and shot into the sky.!

“Good! As expected of my disciple!” Daoist Gu’s blood couldn’t help but boil as well!

The other 2 old men by Daoist Gu’s side nodded slightly. It wasn’t just the 3 Saints from the Ancient Sword School, even the black robed old man and the others in the distance had expressed their approval in their hearts, and there was a trace of admiration in their eyes. If their identities were disregarded, then Yang Ye really was very outstanding, and he could be said to not be inferior to Qing Daofu at all.

At this moment, they faintly understood why Yang Ye had been able to obtain their founding ancestor’s inheritance.

Qing Daofu nodded when he heard Yang Ye and said, “So, you’ve agreed?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “If we fight and you win, then you’ll regain face for your Dao Order. But if I win, I gain nothing. Because I’ve already gained face for my Ancient Sword School. So, I can accept your challenge, but you must prepare compensation that’s capable of making me accept the challenge!”

“Kid, are you a slave to wealth?” The beautiful woman from the Dao Order couldn’t help but speak in a low voice.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “It can’t be helped, I’ve been poor to the point I’m afraid of it.” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at the black robed old man and said, “A million extreme-grade energy stones. Give me a million extreme-grade energy stones and I’ll resist a move of his. If you don’t, then I’m leaving. Moreover, once I do, it’ll be quite difficult for your Dao Order to regain its lost honor. So, you must think this through!”

The reason he was extorting the Dao Order was actually just as he’d said. He was very poor. While his meridians had been repaired, the tiny vortex still hadn’t returned to normal. He knew that it would need a huge amount of violet profound energy to recover, and that would require a huge amount of energy stones!

He didn’t know the exact amount that would be needed to restore the tiny vortex to its prior state, but he had no doubt that it was absolutely an enormous amount. So, he had to do all he could to obtain even more extreme-grade energy stones!

“How about we do this?” Qing Daofu suddenly said, “We’ll give you a million extreme-grade energy stones if you’re able to resist an attack of mine, and you’ll get nothing if you fail. Alright?”

Yang Ye replied, “Alright!”

Actually, Yang Ye knew that he had to resist a move from Qing Daofu no matter what. Because it was the Dao Order’s last chance to regain its lost face. If he refused, then it would definitely bury a potential cause for future trouble. After all, it was the Dao Order’s last chance to regain its lost honor, so while it might not seek revenge from him in the open, would it not do so in secret? Or perhaps countless geniuses of the Dao Order would come to challenge him in the future?

If he couldn’t resist Qing Daofu’s attack, then the Dao Order would naturally be able to regain some of its lost honor, and it would be equivalent to having an out from the situation. But once he succeeded, it would be equivalent to telling the Dao Order that he could fight Qing Daofu, and the Dao Order had to either abandon its intentions to seek revenge or get an existence who was even stronger than Qing Daofu to challenge him!

No matter which path the Dao Order chose, it would spare him from a huge amount of trouble!

Daoist Gu hesitated for a moment when he heard Yang Ye agree to it, and then he said, “Are you confident?”

He would naturally be confident in Yang Ye’s ability if it was someone in the same realm of cultivation. However, Qing Daofu was an entire realm above Yang Ye. While it was just a single move, it was exactly why he couldn’t rest at ease. Because while Qing Daofu wouldn’t use his strongest attack, he would definitely not hold back either.

Yang Ye grinned, “Will the sect reward me for succeeding?”

“Kid! You really are a slave to wealth!” Daoist Gu chuckled, “Don’t worry, there definitely will be rewards. I’ll forge a sword chest for you if you succeed, a sword chest that’s made specially for you. Don’t worry, it will definitely not be lower than the Saint Rank.”

“Then it’s decided!” Yang Ye grinned as he looked towards Qing Daofu, “Come! Let me see how strong the so-called geniuses of this world are!” He’d met many geniuses since he arrived in the Radiant Dimension, but to be honest, not a single one was worthy of him taking them seriously.

Qing Daofu was one of the top geniuses in Pine Prefecture, and he was equally famous as the Young Hall Master of Sky Divine Hall. So, Yang Ye wanted to see exactly how strong the top geniuses of Pine Prefecture were. After all, according to Mu Hanshan, even An Nanjing was slightly inferior to that Young Hall Master right now!

Daoist Gu and the others immediately stepped back. After that, Daoist Gu and the black robed old man exchanged glances before they waved their hands, and the space around Yang Ye and Qing Daofu was instantly fortified by their joint strength. At the same time, an extremely thick spatial wall appeared around Yang Ye and Qing Daofu.

Qing Daofu was a Half-Saint, so his strength could tear through space with ease, whereas Yang Ye’s strength could crush space with ease as well. So, a collision between them could definitely cause the surrounding space to collapse, and it would definitely affect the spectators if they didn’t seal up the space around Yang Ye and Qing Daofu. Moreover, even the mountains around the Dao Order’s territory might be affected as well.

“Come! Let me see exactly how great you are!” As soon as Qing Daofu finished speaking, he waved both his hands. In an instant, the world dimmed down as a thick layer of jet black clouds enveloped the sky above. Silver light flickered incessantly within the jet black clouds, and it was an extremely astonishing sight.

At the same time, a gale suddenly appeared in the surroundings. Its gusts were sharp like blades, and they sliced the spatial walls in the surroundings to the point it trembled.

Besides that, fine droplets of rain had suddenly started to descend from the sky. It was only just a drizzle in the beginning, but it didn’t take long for it to grow stronger until it raged through the surroundings!

However, the most astonishing sight was the waves of flame that had appeared in the sky. The flames covered half the sky, and they formed a striking contrast with the jet black clouds.

“The mid-grade Saint Rank Four Element Technique!” A trace of excitement flashed through the black robed old man’s eyes, “I never expected him to have succeeded at cultivating it. He truly is an astonishing genius! Once it’s cultivated to the advanced-stage, it can use the energy of wind, rain, and lightning. It’s equivalent to the might of the Heaven Dao! Hahaha! Good! Very good!”

At this moment, the black robed old man’s eyes were filled with confidence, and it was like Qing Daofu was bound to win!

As for Daoist Gu and the others, their expressions had turned solemn, and they were on guard and prepared to act at any moment.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as well. While this technique didn’t carry the energy of the Laws, it was even more terrifying than the Laws of Speed. Because it was capable of posing a threat to his Sword Domain. If he activated his Sword Domain to resist it, then even if the Sword Domain didn’t collapse, he would still lose some of his lifespan!


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning tore through the clouds and descended before Qing Daofu. Qing Daofu stretched out his hand and grabbed the bolt of lightning that was still connected to the clouds above, and the powerful force it possessed caused his hair to flutter while a trace of ferocity and madness could be seen in his eyes.

“Yang Ye! Take this!” Qing Daofu’s voice resounded!

In an instant, the world dimmed down!

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