Chapter 879 – Senior Sister Lu!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Qing Daofu spoke, the wind, flames, and rain here instantly formed a huge dragon. The dragon was almost 3km long, and it laid across the sky while emanating an aura capable of destroying the world.


Qing Daofu suddenly waved his right hand, and the bolt of lightning in his grasp instantly struck the dragon. The lightning immediately fused into the dragon and formed countless fine scales all around it.

At this moment, the aura it emanated grew even more terrifying!

It was truly an aura of absolute destruction!

All the spectators watched this scene with astonishment. Obviously, they’d been shocked by it. While all of them knew that Qing Daofu was one of the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture, very few had witnessed his strength in battle. Now, they’d witnessed it, and it had completely exceeded their imagination!

Because it didn’t seem like the strength of a single person, it seemed like the energy of nature that came from the Heaven Dao.

Daoist Gu and the others frowned slightly as well. Because even many high rank Half-Saints wouldn’t be able to execute such an attack!

So, it made them wonder how Yang Ye would resist it!

“Lend me your swords!” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, and then the swords of countless disciples from the Ancient Sword School shot up into the air and arrived in the sky above Yang Ye. In an instant, rays of light flashed through the surroundings while sword energy suffused the area.

The brows of Daoist Gu and the others were pressed together even more tightly because it was utterly impossible for Yang Ye to rely on those swords to stop Qing Daofu’s attack. Unless his sword intent had been restored to the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank, otherwise, even 10,000 swords wouldn’t make a difference!

There was worry in the eyes of everyone from the Ancient Sword School because they were similarly clearly aware that it was utterly impossible for Yang Ye to resist Qing Daofu’s attack with those swords alone.

“What’s he trying to do?” Chen Dong’s brows were knit tightly together while bewilderment could be seen in his eyes.

Everyone watched with bewilderment as Yang Ye suddenly pointed his finger at the dragon, and then countless rays of light shot forward. Meanwhile, his figure followed those swords and charged towards the dragon as well.


The dragon roared under Qing Daofu’s command, and then it carried a terrifying aura capable of obliterating the world as it smashed down towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, space instantly started surging and rippling! It was a truly astonishing sight!

Suddenly, a mysterious force appeared here!

The Sword Domain! The expressions of the black robed old man and the others from the Dao Order changed slightly. They saw countless rays of light cover Yang Ye, and they were utterly unable to sense Yang Ye’s presence because the Sword Domain had isolated him from the outside world.

Qing Daofu suddenly cried out involuntarily, “How could that be possible!?”

As soon as his voice resounded, the expressions of everyone here had changed!

Because Qing Daofu’s dragon was actually dispersing at an alarming rate, and it took less than a breath of time for the huge dragon which was formed from 4 elements to vanish in the sky.

Everyone here was flabbergasted, and it even included Daoist Gu’s group and the black robed old man’s group!

The light from those swords dispersed and Yang Ye’s figure appeared before their eyes. At this moment, there were slight changes to Yang Ye’s appearance. His countenance was ghastly pale and seemed like he’d lost all his blood. Moreover, just like Qing Daofu, the hair hanging down from his temples had actually turned slightly white.

“How powerful!” Yang Ye touched his hair while a solemn expression filled his eyes. Just like when he’d killed Wang Yinyang, Yang Ye had first utilized the Sword Domain to isolate himself from the outside world, and then utilized the Decay Laws. As expected, even that huge dragon hadn’t been able to avoid being decayed by the Decay Laws.

However, he suffered from backlash. Because the energy contained within the huge dragon was too powerful, so it had caused Yang Ye’s Sword Domain to be impacted to a certain extent. That impact caused him to lose almost 100 years of his lifespan! Moreover, he suffered backlash as well when his Decay Laws collided with the energy contained within the dragon!

It was the first time he realized that even the energy of the Laws wasn’t invincible. When a force arrived at a certain level, then not to mention the energy of the Laws, it could even pose a threat to a Domain!

Of course, the main reason was that the gap in their cultivations was quite huge. If they were at the same realm of cultivation, then Qing Daofu’s attack would have definitely been incapable of posing a threat to his Sword Domain and Decay Laws.

All in all, his cultivation was still too low!

A low cultivation wouldn’t affect the outcome too much when facing ordinary geniuses, but he was definitely at a disadvantage when facing someone at Qing Daofu’s level!

Qing Daofu asked solemnly, “How did you do it?”

Daoist Gu and the others gazed at Yang Ye as well. Because they wanted to know the answer as well. After all, Yang Ye had dispersed Qing Daofu’s attack without making a single sound. While it seemed like he’d paid a certain price, it was still quite terrifying and mysterious. It made them wonder exactly what he’d utilized to accomplish that!

Yang Ye replied, “Give me 10 million extreme-grade energy stones and I’ll tell you, alright?”

The corners of the black robed old man and the others’ mouths twitched, and they were almost unable to stop themselves from slapping Yang Ye to death.

As for the members of Daoist Gu’s group, they shook their heads and thought inwardly, Isn’t that fellow a little too greedy?

Qing Daofu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I lost!” When he spoke up to this point, he flicked a spatial ring over to Yang Ye before turning around with the intention of leaving.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Wait!”

“What?” Qing Daofu continued, “I lost, not the Dao Order. So, you can insult me if you want. It has nothing to do with the Dao Order.”

The black robed old man and the others gazed at Yang Ye as well, and they had quite hostile expressions on their faces.

Yang Ye said, “You didn’t lose!”

Qing Daofu and the others were quite stunned by this, and then Qing Daofu turned around and looked at Yang Ye as he said, “What do you mean?”

Yang Ye replied, “You merely executed a single move, and I only overcame one move. How could that be considered as your loss? How about we consider it as a tie? We can have a truly fair match when I attain the Half-Saint Realm in the future, alright?”

No matter why the founding ancestor of the Dao Order had passed his inheritance to Yang Ye, Yang Ye had benefited from it, and he’d avoided a huge amount of trouble. So, he didn’t mind giving the Dao Order a way out of the situation. After all, if news were to spread that Qing Daofu had lost to him, then the Dao Order’s reputation would definitely fall to rock bottom. Even if he didn’t do it for the Dao Order, he had to do it for the founding ancestor of the Dao Order!

Moreover, Qing Daofu really hadn’t lost to him!

The black robed old man and the others were stunned when they heard Yang Ye, and then they exchanged glances and saw bewilderment in each other’s eyes. They seemed to have never expected Yang Ye to actually act in this way. After all, so long as news of Qing Daofu’s defeat was to spread, then he would definitely become the most dazzling genius throughout the prefecture!

Moreover, his status in the Ancient Sword School was skyrocket, and the sword school would attach great importance to him. However, he’d chosen to do this instead….

Daoist Gu and the others were extremely puzzled and bewildered as well!

Qing Daofu asked, “Why?”

Yang Ye replied, “No reason. Just as I said, you really didn’t lose to me. If we were to fight now, then it would mostly end with my loss. I know that the Dao Order wants to regain its lost honor, and you can. So, let’s fight once I attain the Half-Saint Realm, alright? However, I hope the Dao Order doesn’t continue sending people to look for trouble with me during that period. If you don’t look for trouble with me, then I would naturally do the same!”

When he spoke up to this point, he indicated that Daoist Gu should tear open the spatial walls around them. As soon as Daoist Gu did that, he spoke loudly, “Qing Daofu, you really do deserve your reputation!”

Yang Ye wasn’t a pedantic person. Not only did he feel that reputation was useless to him, he even felt that it was a burden. So, he’d never attached importance to reputation. Of course, the reason he treated the Dao Order like this was mainly because of its founding ancestor. The old man had given him such a gift, so he truly couldn’t bear to continue humiliating the Dao Order!

He was such a person. If one gave him face, then he would give them face. But if someone didn’t give him face, then he would crush that person!

“As expected of the Protector of Order, Qing Daofu. Even someone proud like Yang Ye is respectful to him. After all, Yang Ye crushed all the other members of the Dao Order like dogs!”

“Of course, Qing Daofu is one of the 5 great geniuses of the prefecture. While Yang Ye is an extraordinary genius, he’s still too young. Perhaps he might be able to fight Qing Daofu if he’s given a few more years!”

“Indeed, the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture would be 6 if Yang Ye is given a little bit more time!”

The black robed old man and the others had much better expressions on their faces when they looked at Yang Ye now. Qing Daofu was the representative of the Dao Order’s younger generation, and he was like their pillar of mental support. If even he lost, then it would definitely be a huge blow to the Dao Order.

While Qing Daofu hadn’t really lost to Yang Ye and had only executed a single move, but Qing Daofu was an entire realm higher than Yang Ye. Under such circumstances, since Yang Ye had resisted Qing Daofu’s attack, then strictly speaking, it was considered as Qing Daofu’s loss!

So, Yang Ye saying that and acting in such a way caused the black robed old man and the others to be unable to help but feel a trace of gratefulness.

Qing Daofu gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “We’ll fight when you attain the Half-Saint Realm!”

He turned around and left once he finished speaking.

The black robed old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then he turned around and left with the others.

Yang Ye gazed at Daoist Gu and said, “Let’s head back to the sword school!” He had a few million extreme-grade energy stones now, and he had both the Herculean Sword and the Divine Fist of Destruction which he’d just learned. He had to organize all of this as soon as possible, and then improve his strength as quickly as he could. After all, he hadn’t forgotten that An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan were waiting for him!

Daoist Gu nodded. Suddenly, he looked up towards the sky and said, “That little girl Lu Wan’er is here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of light flashed, and then a woman arrived here.

“Senior Sister Lu!” Besides Daoist Gu and the others, all the other disciples of the sword school bowed slightly to the woman and spoke respectfully.

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