Chapter 881 – The Pagoda Of Sword Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he witnessed this scene because the might of the lightning wasn’t inferior to a bolt of Divine Lightning of Obliteration!

“Are you kidding me? It was just a few words, yet you sent a bolt of Divine Lightning of Obliteration at me!?” Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse.

“Stop talking and run!” Lu Wan’er grabbed his hand when she noticed that he wasn’t done cursing, and then she waved her hand and transformed into a ray of light that vanished along with Yang Ye.


Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er had just left when the mountain they were on was instantly transformed into powder by the lightning.

Yang Ye’s heart couldn’t help but thump swiftly when he witnessed this scene from afar. He could destroy the bolt of lighting if he used his full strength, but he would definitely suffer an injury. Of course, he hadn’t expected that the heavens would actually send a bolt of lightning down against him just because of something he’d said….

“The Heaven Dao of the Radiant Dimension possesses intelligence of its own, and it’ll instinctively send down its wrath upon those who disrespect it!” Lu Wan’er spoke solemnly, “Of course, it would definitely disdain to pay any attention to an ordinary person. But you’re different, not only have you attained the Monarch Realm, you might even possess something that arouses fear in it. So, that was why it sent its divine punishment down towards you. In short, you should mind your tongue in the future!”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Meanwhile, 3 rays of light shot through the sky, and then Daoist Gu and 2 more Saints appeared before Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er.

Daoist Gu and the others were stunned when they saw Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er, and then they revealed quite unusual expressions. Because Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er’s hands were still held together.

“Hmm…. Good! Very good!” Daoist Gu grinned, “Yang Ye, I’m telling you right now, you better not let her down. Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!”

The other 2 Saints hurriedly nodded as well to display their agreement.

It would definitely be great news for the Ancient Sword School if Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er got together, and it was something they were happy to see. Because they could avoid internal strife that way. After all, there was no place for 2 tigers on 1 mountain. It was fine when there was a single genius, but internal strife might arise if there were 2 geniuses. If Yang Ye had Lu Wan’er fought each other, then the consequences would really be unimaginable!

Yet now, if they were to be together, then how could they possibly engage in any internal strife? Even if they fought, it would be a fight between family!

Lu Wan’er blushed a little when she heard them, and then she released Yang Ye’s hand and said, “I’ll come look for you at another time!” She immediately transformed into a ray of light and vanished into the horizon.

“Kid, you’re really not bad!” Daoist Gu walked over to Yang Ye and smiled, “While that little girl seems amiable and easy to approach on the surface, she’s actually extremely proud in her heart. I never expected that you would actually be able to capture her heart. You really aren’t simple…. HAHAHA!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, but he didn’t explain it because the more he did, the more troublesome it would become.

Daoist Gu laughed for a while before he said, “Kid, you got a dragon, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he waved his right hand and brought out both the Herculean Sword and the dragon.

Daoist Gu glanced at the dragon and said, “It is quite suitable to be refined as an equipment spirit. But if that is done, then not only will your sword become stronger, it will become heavier as well. Will you be able to swing it?”

Yang Ye nodded, “That’s not a problem. I can deal with that!”

Daoist Gu nodded, “Alright, let’s return to the sword school!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand and they vanished on the spot.

The Ancient Sword School.

Besides the 9 peaks of the Ancient Sword School, it had a headquarters as well, and it was called the Ancient Sword Peak.

Daoist Gu and the others didn’t take Yang Ye to Heavenly Sword Peak but the Ancient Sword Peak instead.

Yang Ye couldn’t avoid feeling shocked when he arrived here. Because a dense expanse of swords were floating throughout the sky and all around Ancient Sword Peak. Every single sword was at the Dao Rank at least! While there were many swords here, they didn’t seem disorderly at all, and they were circling around the mountain in a strange manner.

At the center of these swords, which was also the top of Ancient Sword Peak, was an extremely long sword that floated there. The sword was at least two times longer than an ordinary sword, and it was completely dark blue and without a hilt.

“What a sword!” There was a trace of burning desire in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the sword. While he hadn’t grabbed it in his hand, his intuition told him that it was a good sword. Or perhaps it should be said to be the best sword he’s seen besides the Sword Precursor!

Daoist Gu explained, “Its name is Magnetron, and it’s a low-grade Divine Rank sword. Its blade was made from a mysterious metal from outer space, and it possesses extremely stronger magnetism. Any weapon that comes into contact with it will become stuck to it. Moreover, it has the ability to shatter objects. If anything at a lower quality were to collide with it, then it would be instantly shattered into powder. It’s ranked at the 3rd position amongst the 10 famous swords of our Ancient Sword School!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Can I have it?”

Daoist Gu was slightly stunned, and then said, “That won’t do. See those swords in the surroundings, they are actually part of a sword formation, and that sword is the core of the formation. Those swords in the surroundings are only able to float in the air because of it. However, it’s not impossible as well. Because it possesses intelligence of its own. The Sword Master wouldn’t object if it’s willing to go with you!”

Yang Ye asked, “How do I make it leave with me?”

Daoist Gu shook his head, “I don’t know. Don’t look at me like that. I really don’t. It wouldn’t be acting like a piece of decoration here if I did….”

Yang Ye had a strange smile on the corners of his mouth, Hehe. I’ll come \

for it once I can access the Primordial Pagoda.

Natural treasures and treasures with consciousnesses of their own were very much attracted to the Primordial Pagoda, so wouldn’t it be easy for him to obtain that sword once the Primordial Pagoda had returned to its previous state.

“Come, let’s head to the Sword Hall. It’s time for you to meet our Sword Master!” said Daoist Gu.

As soon as Daoist Gu finished speaking, Yang Ye felt the scene before his eyes warp, and then he appeared within a hall.

There were around 10 people standing on each side of the hall, and a middle aged man in a robe that was a mix of white and green sat at the seat of the host. Besides that, there was a black robed old man and grey robed old man standing on his sides.

The weakest amongst the people here was at the high rank Half-Saint Realm, and there were 6 Saints here!

All of their gazes were on Yang Ye, and a long time passed before the middle aged man said, “Not bad. He really is a genius in the Sword Dao!”

The other experts nodded slightly.

“He’s too stubborn, and those who are incapable of being flexible usually die earlier!” The black robed old man on the left of the middle aged man continued, “You have to work on your temper, or it’ll be very easy for you to die prematurely!”

The middle aged man nodded and said, “Kid, do you know how severe it was when you suddenly headed to the Dao Order? Even the slightest action may affect the entire hole. All the experts at the high rank Half-Saint Realm and above of the sword school had set out because of you, and it wasn’t just us, even the founding ancestor descended to this world for you.”

When he spoke up to this point, there was a solemn expression in his eyes, “If a war were to have erupted between the Dao Order and our sword school, can you imagine how many would die? I’m not telling you all of this because I’m trying to put the blame on you. You challenged the Dao Order, defeated all its geniuses, and brought great honor and glory to my sword school. Every disciple of the sword school is filled with pride and glory right now. However, did you ever consider how you might die doing that?”

“Planning before action is always a beautiful daydream!” Yang Ye continued, “The Dao Order was trying to step all over me, so wouldn’t I be worthless if I didn’t fight back?”

“He’s definitely one capable of causing a huge amount of trouble!” The black robed old man on the middle aged man’s left spoke once more.

“I think he’s right!” The grey robed old man on the middle aged man’s right said, “Men should be a little wild sometimes, and they shouldn’t shrink back when they should take action.”

Yang Ye glanced at the grey robed old man when he heard this, and he had a much better impression of the old man.

The black robed old man glanced at the grey robed old man and said, “I hope you’ll still be able to say the same when he brings down terrible calamity upon our sword school!”

The grey robed old man spoke indifferently, “Does our sword school have to fear anyone in Pine Prefecture?”

“Alright! Alright!” The middle aged man said, “Elder Xiao, Elder Lin, it’s a rare occasion for both of you to emerge from your closed door cultivations, so don’t argue over such a trivial matter. Now, both of you’ve met him, so you should go back to cultivating. I’ll ask for both of your assistance again when there’s trouble!”

Both of them exchanged glances, grunted coldly, and then vanished on the spot.

Once the 2 old men left, the middle aged man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and a long time passed before he said, “You performed meritorious service this time, so my sword school can’t treat you shabbily. I won’t try to give you swords or sword chests because you wouldn’t even want them when you have your master to forge them for you. How about this? I heard that you’re fond of wealth, so I’ll give you a million extreme-grade energy stones. Right, you can cultivate for 3 days in the Pagoda of Sword Intent for free as well!”

The others here were stunned when they heard this, and then their gazes carried a trace of envy when they gazed at Yang Ye again.

“Quickly thank the Sword Master!” Daoist Gu slapped Yang Ye on the head while happiness covered his face.

“Isn’t it just a million energy stones?” Yang Ye puckered his lips. He had a few million with him now, and he could be said to be very wealthy!

Daoist Gu scolded with a smile on his face, “You know nothing! The Pagoda of Sword Intent is the most invaluable place in our sword school. While all of the old fellows here have no need for it, it’s a paradise for all of you juniors. Especially you. Do you know that you must enter the Pagoda of Sword Intent to recover your sword intent!?”

“It can restore my sword intent?” Yang Ye was instantly overjoyed, and then he bowed slightly to the middle aged man, “Thank you!”

“As a sword cultivation, how can you have no sword intent? Go on!” The middle aged man smiled.

After that, Daoist Gu led Yang Ye to the Pagoda of Sword Intent.

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