Chapter 882 – Void Rank Sword Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Pagoda of Sword Intent wasn’t very large or tall. It was just around 10m tall and 6m wide. Moreover, there was nothing special about it when judged by its outward appearance alone.

Daoist Gu had a slightly complicated expression in his eyes as he looked at the pagoda, “Do you know why it’s called the Pagoda of Sword Intent? Because the sword intent that the past experts of our Ancient Sword School left behind are stored in there.”

Yang Ye frowned slightly, “Sword intent left behind by the past experts of the sword school?”

Daoist Gu nodded, “While we’ve attained the Saint Realm, it doesn’t represent that we can live forever. Conversely, we have to experience the wrath of the heavens every 100 years upon attaining the Saint Realm. If we’re able to survive, then we would naturally be able to live for a hundred years more; but if we fail, then only death would await us! Only after attaining the Saint Realm do you really start to fight for survival with the heavens. In other words, the Saint Realm is only the beginning of the path to eternal life!”

“The Saint Realm is only the beginning….” Yang Ye’s brows knit tightly together. If the Saint Realm is just the beginning, then what about me?

“I’ve gone too far off topic!” Daoist Gu shook his head, and his gaze descended once more upon the pagoda, “The strands of sword intent within the pagoda were left behind by the seniors of our sword school who were about to fall. They didn’t just leave their sword intent behind, they left behind their respective Daos within the sword intent. Not only them, even we will leave our sword intent behind as well when it’s our time to die!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Can I devour the sword intent in there?”

Daoist Gu glanced at him and grinned, “If you have the ability, then please don’t hold back!”

“Remember what you’ve said!” Yang Ye was delighted. Because sword intent could be devoured to strengthen one’s own sword intent. Since the sword intent of the seniors of the Ancient Sword School were stored within the pagoda, one could only imagine how pure they would be!

Daoist Gu roared with laughter, and he laughed for a short while before he said, “Kid, once you see the situation in there, you’ll realize how naïve you were!”

After that, he restrained his smile and spoke seriously, “The baleful energy and malicious energy within the sword intent have been eliminated, but they are still extremely sharp and fierce. Don’t offend those especially powerful strands of sword intent once you get in there. You can start from the weak strands of sword intent and rely on them to slowly restore your sword intent!”

Yang Ye asked, “I can do that?”

Daoist Gu nodded and said, “Lu Wan’er’s sword intent was improved here as well. But it should be much easier for you because you used to possess 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent in the past. So, you don’t have to worry about your mental state being unable to keep up. However, whether you’re able to succeed in restoring it to the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank will depend on your fortune!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “What lies above the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank?” Now, he was naturally clearly aware that the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank wasn’t the highest level of sword intent, or it should be said that sword intent was just like realms of cultivation, and they were both endless.

“The Void Rank!” There was a trace of yearning in Daoist Gu’s eyes, “After you attain perfection in the Heaven Rank, you’ll attain the Void Rank next.”

When he spoke up to this point, he flicked with his finger, and that strand of sword intent appeared before Yang Ye. While it had fused into the space before him, Yang Ye was still able to sense it!

Daoist Gu continued, “See? Sword intent that has attained perfection in the Heaven Rank still leaves traces behind. Since there are traces, it represents that it has flaws. However, Void Rank sword intent leaves no traces behind. It truly merges into one with the world. No, it should be said to have transcended the world and doesn’t exist within the five elements. Not only is such sword intent more than 10 times stronger than Heaven Rank sword intent, it’s extremely mysterious and is truly capable of killing without leaving a trace behind! Let me simplify it. If you possess Void Rank sword intent right now, then killing a high rank Half-Saint might be as easy as blowing off dust to you! I’m talking about relying solely on your sword intent to kill a high rank Half-Saint!”

I’ll be able to kill a high rank Half-Saint with just my sword intent!? Yang Ye was visibly moved. If he wanted to kill a high rank Half-Saint now, then he would definitely have to use all his trump cards like the Sword Domain and the Laws. Only then would he have a chance at killing a high rank Half-Saint! But if the high rank Half-Saint refused to fight him and chose to flee instead, then he would have no chance to kill that person at all!

But if he had Void Rank sword intent, then it would be as easy as blowing off dust!

How strong is Void Rank sword intent?Are the 2 strands of sword intent in my mind at the Void Rank?

Yang Ye thought for a moment and felt that they probably weren’t at the Void Rank. After all, if they were at the Void Rank, then it would have been absolutely impossible for him to devour a strand that day. But he had no doubt that the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s sword intent definitely surpassed the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank!

Daoist Gu smiled as he said, “Go on in! I’ll forge that sword and sword chest for you. I hope you’ll be able to succeed. In that way, the younger generation of our Ancient Sword School would have 2 disciples who possess 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent!”

“I hope so!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed into the pagoda once he finished speaking.

There was a strange smile on the corners of Daoist Gu’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye enter the pagoda, “That kid needs to suffer a little. Hehehe….”

After he entered the pagoda, a strand of powerful pressure instantly smashed down upon him and caught him off guard. It almost brought him to his knees! Fortunately, he reacted quickly and forcefully stopped himself when his knees were just around 20 cm away from the ground.

Even though he hadn’t been brought down to his knees, the pressure upon him was like a myriad of mountains, and it caused the bones throughout his body to crack!

In less than 2 breaths of time, Yang Ye’s face was covered in cold sweat while veins had popped up on his forehead. He seemed very scary.

Yang Ye forcefully endured it and stopped himself from kneeling. Because he knew that once he did kneel, then his will would collapse instantaneously. If his will collapsed, then how would he fight the sword intent here?

However, the pressure he experienced was growing stronger and stronger.

Even his body which was comparable to a Half-Saint couldn’t resist the pressure, and the only reason he was still able to hold on was because he was relying on his willpower!

Just like that, time slowly trickled by.

Yang Ye didn’t know how long had passed, but he felt that his consciousness had started to become slightly blurry. This made him bite his tongue without end and use the sharp pain he experienced to keep himself awake!


Suddenly, a strand of sword intent surged out from within Yang Ye.

2nd level sword intent! Yang Ye was delighted. He hadn’t expected that his sword intent would actually undergo such a transformation while suffering such pressure!

Persist! I must persist! Yang Ye gritted his teeth. While his body had bent down completely and his knees were almost touching the floor, his face was covered in determination!

Even though he’d joined the Ancient Sword School now, he was very clearly aware that he could only rely on himself because only his own strength would be there for him until the end!

He was at the Monarch Realm now, so his cultivation wasn’t much inferior to the cultivation he once possessed on Profounder Continent. If his sword intent was restored, then his strength could be said to have been completely restored. However, that little bit of strength was utterly insufficient in Pine Prefecture. Because there were Saints here. It wasn’t like Profounder Continent where the strongest existences were at the high rank Half-Saint Realm.

Time passed slowly, and almost 6 hours had passed by now.


A strand of sword intent surged out from within Yang Ye.

It was 3rd level sword intent!

His sword intent had improved by another level to attain the 3rd level under the pressure he experienced here!

However, this process wasn’t fun for Yang Ye at all. It felt like a myriad of mountains pressing down upon him, and it truly made both his mind and body feel like they were on the verge of collapse. At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood that this was the method Daoist Gu and the others were speaking about when it came to restoring his sword intent.

Just like that, Yang Ye persisted bitterly, and his sword intent rose incessantly as well.

3 days later, his sword intent had attained the 9th level!

After he attained the 9th level, the pressure he experienced grew even stronger instead, and his knees were less than 10 centimeters away from the ground.

“AH!!!” Yang Ye couldn’t help but howl while a ferocious covered his face. Moreover, his veins had popped up all over his face.

That day, Daoist Gu had said that he might have to suffer a little to recover his sword intent, and he’d been indifferent towards that suffering. Because what suffering had he not experienced in the past? Yet now, he had to say that it really was painful.

The pressure didn’t just press down upon his body, it pressed down upon his will as well. Or it should be said that the pressure was actually targeted at his will!

4 days later!


A strand of sword intent swept out from him again, and then Yang Ye instantly felt his body feel lighter. Because he’d attained the 1st level of Heaven Rank sword intent!

However, pressure that was two times more terrifying than before suddenly descended upon him once more, and his sword intent was instantly shattered by the pressure!


Yang Ye was caught off guard, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from between his lips while he almost fell flat on the ground.

Yang Ye supported himself up with both hands, and his body was like the shape of a bow right now. He raised his head to glance at the surroundings yet noticed that it was completely empty. However, he could sense that all sorts of sword intent filled the surroundings, and the weakest amongst them was at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank.

That was why his sword intent wasn’t able to resist them at all!

How annoying! Just you wait! Yang Ye gritted his teeth.


As soon as he finished speaking, the pressure he experienced grew even stronger, and the bones throughout his body started to crack incessantly.

As if they were replying to Yang Ye’s provocation, the sword intent in the surroundings even started gathering around Yang Ye, and then they slowly descended down towards him as if they wanted to make him lie completely flat on the ground.

“That’s enough! You’re trying to bully me with numbers? Just watch how I crush all of you!” As soon as he finished speaking, the 2 strands of sword intent from the Unfettered One flashed out from the center of his forehead!


As soon as those 2 strands of sword intent appeared here, an explosion instantly resounded.

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