Chapter 884 – Geniuses Of Pine Prefecture, Can Anyone Fight Me!?

Almighty Sword Domain

Jian Wuchen and Daoist Gu appeared before Yang Ye at the exact same instant that the Pagoda of Sword Intent crumbled, and both of their faces were extremely unsightly when they saw the situation here. Both of their gazes immediately descended onto Yang Ye, and there was anger, bewilderment, and shock in their eyes.

Countless different types of sword intent were devouring each other all around and within Yang Ye’s body. While they seemed to have merged willingly with his sword intent, it was still a fierce battle when they started devouring each other. After all, the consciousness of the one which persisted until the end would definitely hold authority over the others. Of course, Yang Ye was still the one who benefited in the end!

Daoist Gu spoke solemnly, “He really is devouring them!”

Jian Wuchen asked, “You let him do that?”

Daoist Gu laughed bitterly and said, “He asked me if he could devour the sword intent within the pagoda, and I told him that he could feel free to do as he pleased if he had the ability. I’m sure you’re aware that all the sword intent within the pagoda are at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank at least, so they weren’t inferior to his sword intent during its peak. Not to mention him, it wouldn’t even be likely for me to be able to devour the sword intent within the pagoda. But I never imagined that he actually did it, and he seems to have even succeeded….”

When he spoke up to this point, Daoist Gu suddenly said, “Sword Master, if he really attains Void Rank sword intent, then coupled with Wan’er, our Ancient Sword School will definitely be able to ascend to the top 30 within the Martial Rankings of the Central Divine Prefecture! Not to mention that we might be able to rely on that to ascend into the ranks of Diamond Rank powers!”

Jian Wuchen’s eyelids twitched a little. After all, ascending to the ranks of Diamond Rank powers was something that generations of ancestors of the Ancient Sword School had fought to accomplish!

A short while passed before Jian Wuchen shook his head and said, “You should be aware that it isn’t so easy to attain Void Rank sword intent, and it’s impossible even if he devours all the Heaven Rank sword intent here. Otherwise, our sword school’s seniors would have devoured the sword intent here a very long time ago. Besides that, the Martial Rankings aren't as simple as you think. In short, we should first think of a way to explain this to those old fellows…. The Pagoda of Sword Intent’s sword intent have been absorbed, and the pagoda itself has crumbled. Even I, the Sword Master, might have to suffer for this!”

Daoist Gu smiled with embarrassment and said, “Sword Master, you must be joking. Besides the Founding Ancestor, you’re the strongest in our sword school, so how could they dare to blame and punish you? They would just nag you at most!”

Jian Wuchen gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he spoke softly, “I wonder if his arrival in our sword sect is a blessing or a calamity to us…?”

A solemn expression appeared on Daoist Gu’s face as well. Needless to say, while Yang Ye’s strength was formidable, his ability to cause trouble was absolutely formidable as well. Moreover, Yang Ye acted too willfully and domineeringly. It was fine if no one offended him, but if someone did, then he would definitely kill that person. Such a character was beneficial in the sense that he wouldn’t be bullied; but the disadvantage was that it made it easy for Yang Ye to make enemies!

Daoist Gu sighed softly as he gazed at Yang Ye, and there was a slightly complicated gaze in his eyes.

A long time passed before the sword intent around Yang Ye gradually calmed down, and then around another hour passed before Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. He pressed his fingers together and waved them lightly towards. As soon as he finished the swing, the ground in the distance was immediately split apart and a bottomless and pitch black rift appeared there.

Jian Wuchen spoke abruptly, “Quasi Void Rank!”

Yang Ye’s brows knit slightly together, “It isn’t true Void Rank sword intent?”

“Be happy with what you have!” Jian Wuchen continued, “Do you know that besides the Founding Ancestor and a few monstrous geniuses of our sword school, even all of us only possess 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. Even though there’s a difference in strength between 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, our sword intent is still only at the Heaven Rank in the end. Yet you have attained Quasi Void Rank sword intent while only around the age of 20! To be honest, even I feel quite envious!”

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment and said, “Isn’t Void Rank sword intent completely soundless? My sword intent doesn’t make a sound as well right now, so why is it only Quasi Void Rank and not the actual Void Rank?”

“Because your sword intent hasn’t truly surpassed this world!” Daoist Gu continued, “Your current sword intent can only be considered to be on par with the world, at most. So, its traces can still be found in the world. Of course, ordinary people would be absolutely unable to detect it, unless they were geniuses who’d started comprehending the world or were high rank Half-Saints who were half a step away from the Saint Realm. In short, if they haven’t started comprehending the world or are below the Saint Realm, then even high rank Half-Saints wouldn’t be able to detect your sword intent!”

Yang Ye asked, “How do I attain true Void Rank sword intent?”

Both Daoist Gu and Jian Wuchen revealed solemn expressions when they heard this, and then Daoist Gu spoke seriously, “Kid, you must remember to never reach beyond your grasp. It’s never beneficial to be hasty in your cultivation!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Thank you for the guidance!” Actually, he regretted speaking those words once he finished speaking them. Actually, he’d spoken in a moment of excitement, or it should be said that he was too anxious and impatient.

Jian Wuchen and Daoist Gu’s expressions eased up when they saw Yang Ye’s attitude towards the matter, and Jian Wuchen said, “True Void Rank sword intent is ethereal and otherworldly. Very few people are able to rely on external forces to attain the Void Rank. At the very least, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone succeeding. You can only rely on your own comprehension to attain the Void Rank! If you comprehend it, then you’ll naturally attain the Void Rank.”

Yang Ye said, “Has there been no one in our sword school besides the Founding Ancestor that has attained the Void Rank?”

Jian Wuchen nodded and said, “There are some at the Quasi Void Rank, but there aren’t many!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he suddenly asked, “Can I rely on Quasi Void Rank sword intent to fight Saint Realm experts?”

Daoist Gu and Jian Wuchen exchanged glances, and there was a smile on both their faces. Daoist Gu had a grin on his face as he said, “Come, why don’t you try an attack of mine?”

“Alright!” There was blazing battle intent in Yang Ye’s eyes. His sword intent had been restored and even improved, so he really wanted to find someone to spar with!

Daoist Gu flicked with his finger, and a strand of sword energy shot forward. It wasn’t very quick, but Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. His profound energy surged madly before his sword intent shot out as well. In the end, he pressed his index and middle finger together before waving it forward, and a strand of sword energy shot forward and collided with Daoist Gu’s sword energy!


Yang Ye watched with astonishment as his sword energy was immediately blasted into bits, and then Daoist Gu’s sword energy smashed against his chest.


Yang Ye’s ground scraped against the ground as his figure was pushed back by the force, and his figure had moved backwards by almost 6km before it finally stopped!

“How strong!” Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at Daoist Gu while an extremely serious expression remained in his eyes.

“What’s the Saint Realm?” Daoist Gu continued, “The Saint Realm surpasses the restraints of the world, surpasses the Laws, and is capable of using the energy of the world. There are some geniuses who can fight Saints while at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm, but I’ve never seen a genius capable of fighting a Saint at the Monarch Realm. Perhaps there are some in the Central Divine Prefecture, but there are probably none in our Pine Prefecture!”

“I’m still quite weak!” Yang Ye took a deep breath. He’d thought that since he’d attained Quasi Void Rank sword intent, then even if he wasn’t a match for Saints, he could at least exchange a few blows with a Saint. However, the cruel facts before him told him that he couldn’t even resist a single move!

However, the Young Hall Master of Sky Divine Hall was a high rank Half-Saint who was rumored to have fought a Saint. So, Yang Ye had no hope of victory in a battle against that fellow!

If the Sword Spirit was awake, then he could fight desperately and execute the true form of Heavenrend. Perhaps he would be able to win then. However, the problem was that the Sword Spirit was still unconscious! Moreover, even if she woke up, he really didn’t want to execute the true form of Heavenrend again. Because it didn’t just cause huge harm to his own body, it was very harmful to the Primordial Pagoda and Sword Spirit as well!

But if he didn’t utilize the true form of Heavenrend, then how would he fight the Young Hall Master of Sky Divine Hall? Or to be more precise, how would he fight the entire Sky Divine Hall!?

Daoist Gu suddenly chuckled, “Kid, you haven’t suffered a blow to your confidence, right?”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and shook his head, “I’m still too weak!”

Daoist Gu said, “That depends on who you’re comparing yourself to. If it’s the younger generation, then no more than 10 throughout Pine Prefecture are capable of defeating you. However, if it’s against us…. To be honest, your strength isn’t enough at all. Not to mention us, you’re not even a match for some very old high rank Half-Saints!”

“I have to work harder!” said Yang Ye. Regardless of whether it was Lu Wan’er, Qing Daofu, or the Young Hall Master of Sky Divine Hall, he refused to underestimate any one of them. Their natural talents weren’t weak, and they were fostered by Platinum Rank sects. So, the inheritances and techniques they possessed were definitely the best in the prefecture. So, not to mention a genius, even an ordinary person would attain extraordinary accomplishments while supported by such resources!

“Thinking like that is for the best!” Daoist Gu nodded, and then he waved his right hand and the Herculean Sword appeared before Yang Ye.

There was a dragon marking on the Herculean Sword now. The head of the dragon resided at the hilt of the sword, the claws were below the hilt, and the dragon’s body covered the entire blade. The dragon was absolutely lifelike, and it simply seemed like a living dragon.

Daoist Gu said, “I’ve planted that dragon within the sword, so it’s much stronger than before, but it’s also much heavier. To be honest, I’m afraid that only high rank Half-Saints of the demon race are capable of swinging it freely!”

Yang Ye took the Herculean Sword’s hilt, and he immediately felt his hand being dragged down by its weight. He took a deep breath and grabbed its hilt with both hands, and then the profound energy within him surged madly towards his hands before he suddenly lifted it up and slashed!


The powerful force it created shook the space before Yang Ye while cracks started spreading incessantly towards the surroundings. It was an extremely shocking sight!

However, Yang Ye’s figure bent forward, and he started gasping incessantly for breath.

“Even a Half-Saint would be crushed alive if you’re able to catch that Half-Saint off guard!” There was a trace of a serious expression in Daoist Gu’s eyes, “Unfortunately, even your physical strength isn’t sufficient to swing it freely!”

“His physical strength should be sufficient. He’s just not really used to it!” Jian Wuchen suddenly spoke, “Give him some time and he should be able to use it normally!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “I’m going into closed door cultivation for some time!” He didn’t just want to get accustomed to the Herculean Sword, he intended to get accustomed to his newly improved sword intent as well. Moreover, he intended to cultivate the Divine Fist of Destruction he obtained from the Dao Order’s founding ancestor. After all, it was an absolutely terrifying technique, so he had to master it! Besides that, he had to improve his cultivation as well and attain the high rank of the Monarch Rank at the very least. Most importantly, he had to devour even more extreme-grade energy stones and send violet profound energy to the tiny vortex!

If he was able to feed it well, then perhaps it might send him the Stone of Suppression, and it would be even better if it could send Su Qingshi and the others out instead!

While Yang Ye was in closed door cultivation, Daoist Gu had suddenly obtained a wedding invitation, and it was from Sky Divine Hall.

A year from now, the Young Hall Master of Sky Divine Hall, Lou Qianxiao would be marrying Sky Divine Hall’s Mu Hanshan, An Nanjing, and the daughter of the Sky Fox Demon King, Yun Hentian!

Besides the wedding invitation, there was another invitation for battle.

The invitation was from Lou Qianxiao, and its content was — Geniuses of Pine Prefecture, can anyone fight me?

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