Chapter 885 – I Never Said You Couldn’t!

Almighty Sword Domain

Geniuses of Pine Prefecture, can anyone fight me?

As soon as these words were spread, the entire prefecture could be said to be seething. Because Luo Qianxiao hadn’t just looked down upon Lu Wan’er, the Void Lord, Shangguan Yunhai, and Qing Daofu who were equally famous as him, he’d even looked down upon all the geniuses of the prefecture!

Countless geniuses started traveling towards Sky Divine Hall in the south!

Surprisingly, Lu Wan’er, Shangguan Yunhai, Qing Daofu, and the Void Lord didn’t respond to Lou Qianxiao’s provocation!

While the 4 of them hadn’t responded, their respective sects had, and they’d said that they would send their members to attend!

This time, many people seethed with excitement.

Because besides sending those who were equally famous to Lou Qianxiao, it was utterly impossible for the other sects to send anyone else. After all, if the representatives they sent were weak, then they might make an embarrassment of their sects!

So, it was a battle of the 5 great geniuses!

Just hearing about it was enough to make one’s blood boil. So, countless cultivators started traveling towards Sky Divine Hall as they hoped to witness the grand battle between the most monstrous geniuses of Pine Prefecture!

The Ancient Sword School.

At the top of a mountain, Yang Ye and Lu Wan’er were taking a slow stroll through an ocean of flowers. Both of them were walking quite slowly through the boundless flowers, and it was a scene that was beyond beautiful.

“He wants to be the best!” Lu Wan’er spoke abruptly, “Throughout the history of Pine Prefecture, no one in the younger generation has dared to speak about being the best. Because there are countless monstrous geniuses throughout the prefecture, and there were those who were renowned and those who weren’t. Especially those who weren’t renowned, those monstrous geniuses who didn’t care about reputation were usually much more terrifying. We understand that principle and so does he, and he’s definitely clearly aware that both he and Sky Divine Hall would become the laughingstock of the prefecture if he failed. However, he still issued that invitation. Since he dared to challenge all the geniuses of the prefecture, I presume he’s absolutely confident in his ability!”

Yang Ye stopped moving. He turned to look at Lu Wan’er before he said, “Wan’er, you actually came to see me today just because you were afraid that I would attack Sky Divine Hall right now, right?”

Lu Wan’er pondered deeply for a short while before she spoke, “In my opinion, there is nothing you dare not do. Lou Qianxiao is very arrogant and haughty, but I think that his arrogance and haughtiness are just child’s play when compared to you!”

She hadn’t forgotten how Yang Ye was on Profounder Continent. At that time, he was a complete and utter madman. He killed members of the Hallowed Grounds, fought the defiant profounders…. Not to mention the Hallowed Grounds, how fearsome were the defiant profounders? If they were able to recover their strengths, then not to mention Pine Prefecture, even the entire Radiance Dimension might have been in danger!

The reason the defiant profounders had lost all those years ago wasn’t entirely because they weren’t united, it was also because the Radiant Dimension had gotten outside help.

In short, if Yang Ye was infuriated, then not to mention attacking Sky Divine Hall, he would even dare to pierce a hole through the heavens!

Yang Ye grinned and said, “You feel I’m very arrogant and haughty?”

She shook her head and said, “There are 2 sides to you. An evil side and a kind side, and which side you display depends on how others treat you. If others don’t offend you, then you usually don’t offend anyone as well. But once someone does offend you, then you transform into a devil that fears nothing!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and looked into the distance as he said, “Wan’er, you have to realize that good people don’t survive for long in this world. I’ve always been like this. I don’t offend others, but I kill if I’m offended! But don’t worry, I won’t act rashly for now. My goal now isn’t to attack Sky Divine Hall but to work hard on improving my strength. Because I’ll only be able to kill them with sufficient strength, otherwise, I’ll be killed instead!”

Lu Wan’er spoke abruptly, “I’ll accompany you there when the time comes!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I couldn’t ask for anything better!”

Lu Wan’er suddenly said, “Do you know what the inheritance you gave me was?”

He replied, “I’m quite curious about that!”

How strong was the 2nd master of the Sword Spirit? Yang Ye didn’t really know the answer to that question. In any case, he was very strong, extremely strong. At the very least, he wasn’t inferior to the Sword Master of the Ancient Sword School. Moreover, he who held the Sword Precursor in his hand might have even been able to slaughter experts above the Saint Realm!

“Watch!” As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Wan’er took a step forward, and then she slowly grasped the hilt of the sword on her waist. After that, a strange scene appeared before Yang Ye’s eyes. Lu Wan’er’s soul suddenly left her body and arrived above her head. At the same time, her soul maintained the same posture as her body.

“Slash!” Her voice suddenly resounded, and then both her body and soul held her sword and slashed down with it!

The attack didn’t make a single sound, but a mountain in the distance which was over 3km tall and 500m wide had been split at the center. A huge rift had appeared at its center, and both sides of the rift were smooth like a mirror!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly while a solemn expression appeared in his eyes.

Lu Wan’er’s soul returned to her body, and then she walked over to Yang Ye before she said, “It’s very formidable, and it’s very formidable even in the Ancient Sword School. It stresses upon the perfect fusion of body and soul. It utilizes the joint strength of the body and soul, the energy of the world, and the characteristics of 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. So, not only is it very strong, it is able to conceal its fluctuations as well. I once utilized it to kill a high rank Half-Saint!”

Yang Ye pondered for a short while before he grinned and subconsciously moved his hand towards Lu Wan’er’s head. However, he seemed to have thought of something and withdrew his hand, “I know that you want to remind me of the gap between Lou Qianxiao and me. Don’t worry, I won’t go fight him to the death right now!”

Lu Wan’er suddenly said, “What are you afraid of?”

Yang Ye was bewildered, “Huh?”

She looked him in the eyes and said, “If you want to, then do it. I never said you couldn’t!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he felt quite embarrassed. He’d treated her as his younger sister in the past, just like Little Yao and Bao’er. So, it was a habit for him to rub their heads, and it was naturally a habit he’d formed because of Little Yao. However, Lu Wan’er was all grown up now, so it wasn’t suitable for him to continue doing the same….

Lu Wan’er continued, “Or perhaps you don’t dare to because you think that I’m stronger than you now?”

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “What about now?”

A slight smile appeared on the corners of her mouth, “You know… having my head rubbed by you makes me feel doted upon and safe. I really like that feeling. Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore. Quickly continue with your cultivation. I’m still waiting for you to attain the Half-Saint Realm so I can have a real battle with you!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Wan’er waved her hand and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

Yang Ye stood there and stared blankly for a long time after she left, and then he finally returned to his cultivation room.

His cultivation room was very large, and it was simply stretched too far for the eye to take in completely. Besides that, it was covered in a barrier that was set up by a Saint, so it could be said to be solid as a fortress. So, not to mention him, even the joint forces of 10 high rank Half-Saints wouldn’t be able to shake the barrier!

Yang Ye immediately withdrew a million extreme-grade energy stones and placed them within the room, and then he ignited them. After all, he didn’t have to swallow them anymore.

As soon as those energy stones were transformed into energy, all of it flowed into him, transformed into violet profound energy, and then surged into the tiny vortex.

Presently, the tiny vortex could absorb energy on its own. So, after he withdrew those energy stones and ignited them, he’d paid no further attention to the tiny vortex and started to cultivate the Divine Fist of Destruction instead!

The Divine Fist of Destruction placed a huge demand on his physical strength. Fortunately, he was barely able to meet the conditions!

As for the Nine Rebirth Technique, he’d started cultivating it as well for no other reason than because his strength would multiply upon attaining the Half-Saint Realm. He wasn’t able to refuse such temptation. As for the subsequent stages of the technique, he didn’t intend to cultivate them of course. What a joke! He detested the suffering he would have to endure if he had to cultivate all over again!

Just like that, Yang Ye absorbed the energy from the energy stones while cultivating both the Nine Rebirth Technique and the Divine Fist of Destruction. Moreover, he even used the spare time he had to get accustomed to the Herculean Sword!

A month passed by without a sound.

Yang Ye had exhausted 2 million extreme-grade energy stones during this period, but there was still no movement from the tiny vortex, nor did it release anything from within it. Yang Ye was rendered quite speechless by this outcome. However, he had no choice but to continue exhausting more energy stones.

While there had been no movement from the tiny vortex, Yang Ye had made quite a bit of progress when it came to the Divine Fist of Destruction and the Herculean Sword. Because the Divine Fist of Destruction technique which the Dao Order’s founding ancestor had planted within his mind wasn’t just detailed, it even had the founding ancestor’s annotations. So, it wasn’t difficult to cultivate at all. After a period of repeated practice, he was able to barely execute it now. Of course, it was naturally not very powerful, but it wasn’t weak as well. At the very least, it was stronger than 20 overlapped Heavenrends, 20 overlapped Heavenrends that were enhanced by 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent!

Besides the Divine Fist of Destruction, he’d gotten quite accustomed to utilizing the Herculean Sword now. Not only did he have no need of using 2 hands to hold it anymore, he could swing it at least 10 times in a breath of time. If it was an ordinary sword, then even swinging it a thousand times in a breath of time wouldn’t be a problem. However, it was extraordinary to be able to swing the Herculean Sword 10 times in a breath of time!

If the Herculean Sword was placed atop an Exalt Realm expert, then it would be absolutely capable of crushing an Exalt Realm expert alive. It was even to the extent that some Monarch Realm experts couldn’t endure its weight!

As for the Nine Rebirth Technique, it wasn’t difficult at all. Actually, it should be said that the 1st stage wasn’t difficult at all. It was only very painful to cultivate, and it placed huge demands on the strength of one’s physical body. But Yang Ye’s body fully conformed to its requirements for the 1st stage. As for the pain, he’d suffered more than enough throughout his life, so that little bit of pain he experienced was really nothing to him. Now, all he had to do was wait until he attained the Half-Saint Realm.

Time passed slowly, and another month passed by. He’d attained 60 or 70% mastery of the Divine Fist of Destruction technique, and it could be used in battle now. As for the Herculean Sword, he could swing it around 30 times in a breath of time. In any case, if he couldn’t crush his opponent to death within 30 moves, then he had to run because his strength would be exhausted!

The only thing that made him feel depressed was that there was still no movement from the tiny vortex after he exhausted all the extreme-grade energy stones he possessed.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and was just about to give up. However, the tiny vortex suddenly started revolving, and then a young girl appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw her. Because he’d never seen her in his life! However, she felt extraordinarily familiar to him!

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