Chapter 886 – I’ve Always Won People Over With Virtue!

Almighty Sword Domain

The girl was quite young at around the age of 16. Her skin was snow white, and while she seemed to be quite young and immature, she was extremely beautiful. She wore a violet colored dress while a violet and gold sash was tied tightly around her waist, causing her slender and delicate figure to be vividly displayed. However, even though she seemed young, she possessed an elegant and dignified aura.

Yang Ye was just about to speak when she suddenly embraced him, and then immediately started crying. The girl grew more and more agitated as she cried, and her tears simply flowed down like rivers that completely drenched Yang Ye’s clothes.

Yang Ye was completely stunned.

A long time passed before he lightly tapped the crying girl and said, “Who… who are you?”

The young girl raised her head, and she seemed quite pitiable while her long eyelashes had pearls of tears on them. It was truly a pitiable sight! She suddenly wrapped her arms around Yang Ye’s head and ceaselessly rubbed her head against his chin….


Yang Ye’s figure stiffened while his mind simply felt as if it had exploded.

A long time passed before he wrapped his arms tightly around her fine waist as if he wanted to squeeze her into himself, “Zi’er…. You’re Zi’er, you’re Zi’er….”

The young girl before him was the little fellow, Zi’er…. Of course, she’d taken human form right now!

The most unforgettable person in his lifetime was definitely Zi’er. Because she’d gone through thick and thin with him until now, and the relationship they had was simply indescribable with words!

The two of them just embraced each other for around an hour before they finally split apart.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and placed it on Zi’er’s face, and he gently wiped off her tears as he asked, “Are all of them fine?”

Zi’er nodded, and then she embraced Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Something suddenly changed in the world within the tiny vortex that day. A mysterious force sealed the world within the tiny vortex, and so we were unable to gain contact with the outside world. Do you know how worried about you we were? We were truly worried, truly very worried….”

Yang Ye felt quite moved and said, “I was in the exact same state. Fortunately, we’re all fine. Right, since you were able to come out from there, then can Qingshi and the others be able to do the same?”

She shook his head in response, “That mysterious force hasn’t dispersed completely, but it’s gradually vanished because a huge amount of violet energy entered the world in pagoda, and that mysterious force started to weaken. The reason I was able to come out was because everyone joined forces to help me while I possessed extremely powerful spatial techniques. That was why I was able to pierce through the mysterious force. They’ll only be able to come out if that mysterious force weakens further!”

“A mysterious force?” Yang Ye frowned, “How could another force exist within the Primordial Pagoda?”

“It was probably created by the pagoda!” Zi’er continued, “The Primordial Pagoda was severely threatened because you executed an extremely powerful sword technique, so it released that mysterious energy to seal off the world within the pagoda. Unfortunately, it still suffered a heavy injury, and it’s utterly incapable of removing the seal on itself in its current state. So, that’s why it has been constantly absorbing violet energy. Because it’ll only be able to remove that energy once it has recovered from its injuries!”

The expression on Yang Ye’s face eased up slightly when he heard this. Because it would be fine so long as someone hadn’t entered his body by force and sealed the Primordial Pagoda. After all, it would truly be terrifying if that was the case. Fortunately, it was only the Primordial Pagoda’s own doing, and that meant that it would recover if he supplied sufficient extreme-grade energy stones to it!

When he thought up to this point, the worries in Yang Ye’s heart had finally eased up. He sized up Zi’er, and there was a trace of shock in his eyes, “Zi’er, you’ve… you’ve attained the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm?”

“I just did!” Zi’er grinned, “It was the reason why I was able to leave the pagoda. My cultivation isn’t very stable right now, so I have to consolidate it for some time!” Suddenly, she frowned, and then her hands shot straight beneath Yang Ye’s clothes.


A muffled bang resounded as Zi’er took a few steps back, and then 2 women appeared in front of Yang Ye. It was the 2 snakes who called themselves Qing and Hong.

“Which Demon King do you belong to!?” Hong stared fixedly at Zi’er while there was a trace of vigilance and hostility in her eyes.

“Me!” Yang Ye suddenly walked over to Zi’er and said, “Are you alright?”

Zi’er shook her head and said, “Why are there 2 snakes with you?”

“That’s a long story, I’ll tell it to you in the future!” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around to gaze at Qing and Hong. There was a trace of heaviness and vigilance in his eyes. While they were high rank Half-Saints just like Zi’er, their strengths clearly far surpassed Zi’er. But it made sense because they were trying to charge into the Saint Realm that day!

While they were high rank Half-Saints, they were absolutely not ordinary high rank Half-Saints!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “I was in the wrong for causing both of you to be struck by the wrath of the heavens, but even if you strengths haven’t recovered completely, the nourishment of my violet profound energy should have restored around 80 or 90% of your strength. So, both of you can leave now!”

He’d thought for a moment and decided to stay away from these women. Especially Hong because it was really dangerous to keep her by his side!

“Are you trying to make us leave?” Hong’s face turned slightly gloomy while there was a wisp of hostility in her eyes.

Yang Ye replied, “I can’t do anything about it if you intend to take it in that way!”

Hong spoke indifferently, “I refuse!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and said, “You’re trying to hang onto me now?”

Meanwhile, Qing walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Even though we’ve recovered quite a bit, we still haven’t recovered fully. We have to rely on your profound energy to completely recover our strength, otherwise it’s very likely that we would have to exhaust over 100 years to recover. So, allow us to stay by your side, alright? We’ll help you in battle!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he said, “How confident are you in your ability to attain the Saint Realm?”

“If you use your violet profound energy to help us, then we are at least 40% confident!” Qing’s eyes flickered with excitement.

Yang Ye frowned, “Only 40?”

“Do you think it’s that easy!?” Hong spoke angrily, “40% is considered to be very high. After all, countless people aren’t even 10% confident in their chances of success!”

Yang Ye disregarded Hong and gazed at Qing as he spoke, “Both of you can stay, but you have to agree to a condition of mine. You have to help me do 3 things if you’re able to attain the Saint Realm, alright?”

“Why should we!?” Qing hadn’t even spoken when Hong spoke before her, “After all, we….”

“Both of you can leave right now!” Yang Ye immediately interrupted her.

“You!” Hong was furious, and she glared angrily at Yang Ye, “Trust me, I’ll swallow you alive right now!”

“All I need is a moment to send out a transmission and at least 5 Saints would be here in an instant!” Yang Ye gazed coldly at Hong as he spoke. After all, it was the Ancient Sword School’s territory, so he really could make the experts of the sword school come here if he wanted. Actually, it could be said that the Saints of the sword school already had their attention focused here.

Hong intended to say something in response, but Qing stopped her and said, “We agree. If we can attain the Saint Realm, then we’ll definitely help you do 3 things. However, I hope you’ll lend us a hand when we are charging into the Saint Realm!”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course!”

Hong suddenly said, “Aren’t you afraid that we would go back on our word?”

Yang Ye grinned, “Demon beasts are usually quite trustworthy. Since you’ve agreed, then both of you should agree to my requests if they aren’t too difficult for the two of you!”

Hong glanced at Yang Ye and grunted coldly, “After knowing you for so long, it’s the first time you spoke something proper!” As soon as she finished speaking, both she and Qing transformed into fine and tiny snakes that entered Yang Ye’s clothes.

“I have to consolidate my cultivation. So you can’t disturb me during this period!” As soon as she finished speaking, Zi’er immediately returned to her original form, and a violet mink descended onto Yang Ye’s shoulder.

“Kid, come to the hall!” Meanwhile, Daoist Gu’s voice suddenly resounded in Yang Ye’s mind.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the hall. Compared to the last time, there were much fewer people here. There were only around 10 here. Jian Wuchen sat at the seat of the host, and Daoist Gu was by his side.

“There’s something which is good news for you, but I still intend to ask about your opinion on the matter!” Jian Wuchen continued, “The Dean of the Ocean of Clouds Academy wants to employ you as an instructor of the academy. Are you willing to take the job!?”

Yang Ye’s brows knit slightly together, “An instructor?”

Jian Wuchen nodded in response, “Kid, if you agree, then you’ll be the second youth instructor in the history of the Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

Yang Ye asked, “Would I gain anything from it?”

Jian Wuchen shook his head, “You…. There are benefits. You’ll get 100,000 extreme-grade energy stones every single month. Besides that, you can enter the academy’s Scripture Reserve. If you have the ability, you can even enter its Combat Technique Pavilion and Cultivation Technique Pavilion. Don’t underestimate these pavilions. If one were to name a power with the best cultivation and combat techniques throughout the prefecture, then it would definitely be the Ocean of Clouds Academy. Because many techniques there come from the Central Divine Prefecture!”

When he spoke up to this point, Jian Wuchen stood up and said, “I know that you might not value all of that, but I still hope that you’ll agree.”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

Jian Wuchen replied, “You killed many disciples of the academy. While its higher-ups have stopped the others from acting, there are still many within the academy who are disgruntled and displeased. So, many disciples from our sword school are suffering in the academy. If you are to take the position, then it’ll be a very good opportunity to resolve the enmity between our sword school and the academy!”

Yang Ye said, “Alright!”

Jian Wuchen grinned and said, “Remember that you must try your best to keep a low profile when you deal with others and only display your ability when accomplishing tasks for the academy. Understand?”

“You’re afraid that I would cause trouble there, right!?” Yang Ye rolled his eyes and said, “Actually, I’ve always won people over with virtue!”

“Fuck off!”

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