Chapter 896 – A Bad Temper Must Be Corrected!

Almighty Sword Domain

The woman with a whip tapped her right foot against the ground, and then she moved over 10m back. After that, her gaze descended upon Yang Ye as she said, “Who the heck are you?”

As for Li Maozhen, he was delighted when he saw Yang Ye and spoke happily, “Brother Yang?”

The robust man didn’t continue attacking, and his gaze carried a trace of vigilance as it descended onto Yang Ye. His instinct as a demon beast told him that the fellow before him was quite dangerous!

Yang Ye nodded lightly to Li Maozhen and said, “Both of you can continue!”

“Yang…. Ye Yang, you….” Li Qingyi and Yu Wushuang gazed at Yang Ye with puzzled expressions, and they seemed to be unable to figure out why Yang Ye refused to lend them a hand.

Yang Ye waved his hand and didn’t provide any explanation.

They intended to say something, but Yang Ye just glanced indifferently at them, causing their hearts to instantly shudder. They didn’t dare speak another word.

Perhaps others didn’t know how terrifying Yang Ye was, but they did. This man who stood before them was one who dared to challenge the entire Dao Order….

“You’re that fellow who Wushuang said is very formidable?” The woman with a whip sized up Yang Ye and said, “What a coward! Such a disappointment!” As she spoke, she waved her whip towards the Half-Saint demon beast.

Li Maozhen nodded lightly to Yang Ye and said, “Brother Yang, please help me take care of Qingyi!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Maozhen’s figure charged towards the demon beast.

Yang Ye nodded slightly as he watched them enter into battle with the Half-Saint demon beast. Needless to say, their strengths were really not bad. While they’d joined forces and were still in a disadvantaged position, they could fight that Half-Saint demon beast.

The reason he hadn’t lent a hand was because they could only improve their own strengths through ceaseless battle. Just like this very moment. Yang Ye firmly believed that no matter which side won or lost the battle, both sides would definitely obtain great gains and improvements to their strengths. This improvement wasn’t just limited to their cultivation, it also included their mental state, experience, and all sorts of other comprehensions!

Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye, and she seemed to understand something and didn’t speak another word.

However, Li Qingyi’s eyes were filled with anxiety, and there were many occasions that she wanted to speak and ask Yang Ye to lend them a hand.


Suddenly, Li Maozhen’s figure was blasted flying and crashed to the ground. However, it didn’t take long for him to leap back up, but he still spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Big Brother!” Li Qingyi’s face turned pale. She was about to charge over but was stopped by Yang Ye.

“Let me go!” Li Qingyi glared angrily at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye said, “Just watch obediently!”

Li Qingyi spoke angrily, “Even if you refuse to lend a hand, on what basis are you stopping me from helping?”

Yang Ye replied, “You’ll only cause trouble for them if you join the battle!”

Li Qingyi glanced coldly at Yang Ye and spoke in a cold tone, “That’s none of your business!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he let go of her and said, “Then go ahead!”

Li Qingyi glanced coldly at Yang Ye and was about to charge over. However, Yu Wushuang stopped her.

She said, “He’s right. You’ll only cause trouble for them!”

“But….” Li Qingyi intended to say something.

However, Yu Wushuang shook her head and said, “Actually, we don’t have to worry at all. Look, even though my older sister and your older brother are in a disadvantaged position and are being suppressed by that fellow, their lives aren’t in danger. Moreover, have you not noticed? They are in a much better situation than they were earlier. What does that prove? It proves that they are actually capable of fighting a Half-Saint Realm demon beast once they regain their composure!”

Yang Ye glanced at Yu Wushuang and nodded with admiration. He felt that she really was quite intelligent just like Ding Shaoyao was all those years ago!

Li Qingyi glanced at the battle, and she noticed that it was exactly as Yu Wushuang had said, so her expression immediately eased up. She glanced at Yang Ye but hesitated to speak.

Because of the commotion from the battle, more and more participating students had converged here, and all were shocked when they saw Li Maozhen and Yu Wujiao in battle with a Half-Saint demon beast while only at the Exalt Realm!

“It’s Li Maozhen! That’s Li Maozhen….” Some recognized Li Maozhen and exclaimed involuntarily.

“How strong! He’s actually fighting a Half-Saint while at the Exalt Realm….”

“How could he not be strong? According to rumor, he was the number one genius from where he came from. Moreover, the academy even made an exception to directly recruit him as an outer court disciple. Unfortunately, he was poisoned by someone, causing his cultivation to decrease instead. He almost became an ordinary person…. I never expected that he would actually be so terrifying once he recovered!”

“I heard about that. Alas, if he hadn’t been poisoned all those years ago, then perhaps he would be at the peak of the Monarch Realm now or even the Half-Saint Realm. What a pity….”

“Right, who’s the woman by his side? She isn’t ordinary at all….”

“Yu Wujiao…. She’s one of the 3 daughters of Matchless City’s Governor….”

“Amongst the 3 sisters of the Yu Clan, the eldest is heroic, the 2nd sister is unruly, and the younger is extremely intelligent…. Yu Wujiao is already so formidable, so how terrifying would her eldest sister be?”

“Hehe, if I were to be able to marry all 3 sisters at once, that would truly be…. Hehehe….”

In less than an hour, over 100 people had converged here because of the commotion from the battle.

Yang Ye glanced at the demon beast, and there was a trace of a solemn and cold expression in his eyes.

“Hey, can I ask you to do something?” Yu Wushuang suddenly moved closed to Yang Ye and nudged his hand.

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

Yu Wushuang glanced at her older sister and said, “My 2nd sister’s temper isn’t very good. Can you forgive her if she offends you later?”

Yang Ye replied, “A bad temper must be corrected!”

Yu Wushuang’s expression changed slightly, and she said, “My eldest sister won’t forgive you if you dare to bully her!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Then I’ll educate both of them!”

“You….” Yu Wushuang was clearly quite infuriated, but it didn’t take long for her to return to a calm state, “My eldest sister is from the secret court!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “How does the secret court compare to the Hidden Path and the Dao Order Attendants?”

Yu Wushuang’s face froze. A short while passed before she suddenly pulled on Yang Ye’s arm and spoke in a slightly charming voice, “Hey, you’re a man. You can’t just bully women, right?”

Yang Ye asked, “But what if she wants to bully me?”

Yu Wushuang glanced at her older sister, and then sighed softly, “Fine, my 2nd sister needs to be educated indeed. Otherwise, she’ll never know her limits!”

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this, and then he rubbed her head and said, “Why are you getting worried for nothing?” He had quite a good impression of the little girl who stood before him. Because he might have been delayed for a very long time when he was rushing back to Martial Enlightenment City that day.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed with surprise, “Isn’t that Feng Wuchao?”

They looked over and saw that Feng Wuchao was walking slowly towards them with over 50 people following behind him.

Feng Wuchao’s face fell when he saw Yang Ye while Xia Bingwei took 2 steps back subconsciously, and then she hid behind Feng Wuchao.

Mo Xinyu and that sword cultivator from the Ancient Sword School who stood by Feng Wuchao’s side glanced at Yang Ye as well, and there was a serious and fearful expression in their eyes.

Yang Ye glanced at Feng Wuchao’s group before withdrawing his gaze, and then it descended upon the battlefield again while he spoke softly, “It’s about time it ends!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the demon beast blasted both Li Maozhen and Yu Wujiao back. However, the demon beast didn’t attack again. He glanced at the crowd here while a trace of an icy cold smile of ridicule appeared on the corners of his mouth.

“Kill him!” Someone shouted loudly.

“Kill that Half-Saint! Kill that Half-Saint!”

“Kill that Half-Saint….”

More and more here started shouting. At this moment, there were over 200 here, and strength came in numbers. Coupled with the fact that there was only a single demon beast, so not only did they feel no fear, they were even excited instead.

Many even took the initiative to surround the Half-Saint demon beast while they shouted.

“Only 3 people have slaughtered a Half-Saint demon beast throughout the history of the academy’s recruitment tests. Now, I’m going to be the 4th!” Yu Wujiao waved her whip about while excitement covered her face.

Li Maozhen gazed at the demon beast while a solemn and bewildered expression filled his eyes.

The demon beast glanced at them, revealed a strange smile, and then stomped the ground with his right foot. His figure instantly transformed into a ray of light that vanished from their fields of vision.

He fled?

All of them were slightly stunned, and then they started cheering!

“Everyone!” Suddenly, a green robed man walked out from the group behind Feng Wuchao, and he glanced at them before he spoke, “I presume all of you are aware of the situation we’re in right now. The academy has been attacked by Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and the mountain range itself has been sealed off by the Welkin Wolf Demon King. Our Spiritual Sense can’t detect anything around us, and we’re unable to contact the outside world as well. We can be considered to be an isolated force that are without any backup! So, we can only rely on ourselves!”

A moment of silence ensued, but it didn’t take long for someone to speak, “Brother, you’re right. Now, we have to unite together in order to return alive to Ocean of Clouds City!”

Someone else spoke with agreement, “Indeed. We must be united as it’s the only way we’ll have a chance at survival!”

The green robed man nodded and said, “Since all of you’ve said that we should be united, I’m sure you’re all aware that we need a leader to stay united. I recommend Brother Feng to take up that role!”

When he spoke up to this point, the green robed man casually waved his hand, and an inner core floated before him while he spoke, “See this? This is the inner core of a Half-Saint, and Brother Feng led us in battle to kill it!”

They killed a Half-Saint! Clamorous noise resounded in the surroundings. Many were quite hesitant before this, but they immediately started declaring their allegiances, “I’m willing to follow Brother Feng….”

“Me too!”


In next to no time, over 100 were standing behind Feng Wuchao!

A slight smile arose on the corners of Feng Wuchao’s mouth, and he gazed at Li Maozhen and Yu Wujiao as he said, “Are the two of you willing to join forces with me and lead our brothers back to the city? Don’t worry, both of you’ll enjoy an equal status as me!”

Yu Wujiao was quite hesitant when she heard this, whereas Li Maozhen gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “Brother Yang, what’s your plan?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m returning to the city as well!”

“Then Qingyi and I will go with you!” Li Maozhen said, “I hope you don’t mind us burdening you!”

Clamorous noise instantly resounded throughout the surroundings.

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