Chapter 897 – Kill Them All!

Almighty Sword Domain

He called himself a burden!

Li Maozhen called himself a burden….

The gazes of everyone here instantly descended upon Yang Ye, and they frowned when they saw him. Because they weren’t able to see through Yang Ye’s cultivation and strength.

Yu Wujiao suddenly spoke coldly, “What makes him qualified to lead?”

“2nd Sister!” Yu Wushuang said, “Come here!”

“You are the one who should come here!” Yu Wujiao said, “Why are you getting so close to that coward?”

“Are you going to come over or not!?” Yu Wushuang’s face turned gloomy. While she was young, she had an imposing aura of her own.

Yu Wujiao’s face fell as well when she witnessed this scene, “You little girl. You better figure out who’s the older sister here. Come over here right now or I’ll give you a good smacking on the butt!”

Yu Wushuang took a deep breath, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Do as you please!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t have the time for that!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye withdrew a scroll, and it was his appointment letter. Under such circumstances, he had no choice but to reveal his identity in order to make them follow him willingly. After all, he wasn’t stupid enough to think that just a few words could convince them to follow him!

Yang Ye had just withdrawn the scroll when an old man suddenly arrived here.

Yang Ye knew the old man, it was that Elder Xi of the outer court!

“Elder Xi!” All of the students here were instantly overjoyed when they saw the old man. After all, the old man was a Half-Saint, so his arrival represented that they would be saved!

It was the same even for Li Maozhen, Leng Yuran, and the others. After all, they naturally felt quite safe when they had an elder at the Half-Saint Realm by their sides in this boundless mountain range.

Elder Xi glanced at them, and then he nodded, “It’s great that all of you are together here. The academy is being attacked by Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. I came here especially just to save all of you, so come with me!”

None of them raised any questions and just nodded.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “I’m really quite curious. This area has been sealed off by the Demon King of this mountain range, so how did you tear through space to arrive here while avoiding being detected by the Demon King and all the other Saints on this mountain range?”

Many people immediately gazed at Elder Xi when they heard this. Especially Li Maozhen, Yu Wushuang, and the others. Their eyes had a bewildered and questioning gaze in them.

Elder Xi stopped moving, turned around, gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Who do you think you are? Why should I give you an explanation?”

Yu Wushuang suddenly said, “Then may I know if Elder Xi can give us an explanation?”

Elder Xi glanced coldly at Yu Wushuang and spoke in a cold tone, “And who do you think you are?”

Meanwhile, Feng Wuchao spoke coldly, “Elder Xi is a Half-Saint, so he naturally relied on his ability to get here. Why are both of you talking such nonsense? Just stay here if you’re unwilling to go with Elder Xi. No one is stopping you!”

“Wushuang….” Yu Wujiao wanted to say something, but Yu Wushuang interrupted her, “2nd Sister, do you think you or I am smarter?”

Yu Wujiao’s face turned quite unsightly while she cursed in her heart, Damnable little girl! Stop insulting me in public!

Yu Wushuang said, “Big Sister, this situation is quite strange. Come over here.”

Yu Wujiao didn’t move at all, and it caused Yu Wushuang’s face to suddenly turn gloomy as she said, “Have you forgotten what our eldest sister said? You must listen to me when it comes to important matters!”

Yu Wujiao’s face grew even more unsightly when Yu Wushuang mentioned their eldest sister, and she hesitated for a long time before she took a deep breath and walked over to Yu Wushuang’s side.

Yu Wushuang gazed at Elder Xi and said, “If I’m the Demon King of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, then I would definitely not allow anyone from the academy to enter the mountain range. Especially a Half-Saint. It would still be explainable if Elder Xi snuck over. However, the problem is that Elder Xi openly tore space apart and teleported here. It’s common knowledge that tearing space open will definitely cause powerful spatial fluctuations to arise. Are you telling me the experts of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range aren’t able to notice these spatial fluctuations?”

Many people immediately shot their gazes towards Elder Xi when they heard her. This time, many of their gazes carried a trace of vigilance.

Elder Xi fell silent for a moment, and then he suddenly started laughing and said, “I heard that the 3rd Young Miss of Matchless City was an extraordinarily intelligent genius. You really do deserve your reputation! I don’t intend to beat around the bush. All of you are geniuses amongst geniuses, so I truly can’t bear to watch all of you die just like that. So, I want to save your lives!”

When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly removed his robe, and there was another cloud white robe underneath it. Moreover, there was a small cloud on the left chest area of the robe.

“Sky Divine Hall!” Someone exclaimed involuntarily upon witnessing this scene, and he pointed at Elder Xi and said, “You… you’re from Sky Divine Hall!”

Elder Xi glanced at them and said, “I don’t want to waste my breath. I’ll give all of you a chance to live. So long as you’re willing to join my Sky Divine Hall, then not only can you keep your lives, you will also be fostered well by my Sky Divine Hall. If you refuse, then hehehe…. All of you should know what the consequences will be….”

Yu Wushuang spoke in a low voice, “It isn’t just Welkin Wolf Mountain Range that’s attacking the academy this time, the Sky Divine Hall is as well!”

Elder Xi waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk about such pointless things. Now, those who’re willing to join my Sky Divine Hall can stand behind me!”

All of them remained silent and none of them moved.

Elder Xi laughed coldly and said, “You think the academy will come save all of you? Don’t be naïve. The academy can’t even protect itself now, so how could it possibly come to your rescue? All of you have natural talent and potential, and you’ll definitely accomplish great things if you’re able to survive. So, all of you should think it through!”

Yang Ye remained silent and just watched. He wanted to see how many would choose to join Sky Divine Hall.

A moment of silence ensued, and then someone walked over to Elder Xi’s side. Once there was a first, there was a second, and it didn’t take long for over a hundred to stand behind Elder Xi.

Elder Xi’s gaze shot towards Feng Wuchao, Li Maozhen, Mo Xinyu, Yu Wujiao, Yu Wushuang, and the others who were the strongest amongst the people here, and he said, “All of you are the most outstanding students this year. Not to mention in the Ocean of Clouds Academy, you are rare geniuses even in my Sky Divine Hall. So long as you’re willing to join my Sky Divine Hall, then I guarantee that my Sky Divine Hall will commit huge amounts of resources to foster all of you!”

Li Maozhen shook his head and didn’t speak a word. He just walked over to Yang Ye’s side and made his stand clear. Yu Wujiao, on the other hand, didn’t have any choice. Because Yu Wushuang had immediately pulled her over to Yang Ye’s side, and even glared fiercely at her. This time, the little girl was extremely serious, and even her older sister, Yu Wujiao, didn’t dare oppose her.

“I’m a disciple of the Ancient Sword School. How could I possibly join another sect?” The green clothed man from the Ancient Sword School shook his head and walked over to Yang Ye’s side.

There were over a hundred people left here, and many actually walked over to Yang Ye’s side. Yang Ye was quite surprised by this. After all, Elder Xi was a Half-Saint, so wasn’t their decision equivalent to going against a Half-Saint?

However, it didn’t take long for him to come to an understanding. Many of them were like that disciple from the Ancient Sword School, they were utterly unable to join Sky Divine Hall because of their identity. Moreover, many of them had their pride. After all, if they were to join Sky Divine Hall under such circumstances, then how could they possibly gain the respect and acknowledgement of the disciples of Sky Divine Hall?

As for the Half-Saint before them, he wasn’t so terrifying when they had Li Maozhen and Yu Wujiao on their side!

Elder Xi’s face became gloomy, and then he gazed at Feng Wuchao’s group. Xia Bingwei glanced at Elder Xi and said, “Cousin Brother, why don’t… we join Sky Divine Hall?”

Feng Wuchao shook his head and said, “I’m already considered as a student of the academy right now. I would even look down on myself if I were to betray the academy and join Sky Divine Hall now.”

As he spoke, he walked over to Yang Ye’s side as well.

Xia Bingwei gritted her teeth and quickly followed behind him.

“I’m willing to join Sky Divine Hall!” Mo Xinyu, who was the last to choose, declared her decision, and immediately walked over to Elder Xi’s side.

Yang Ye had around 150 people on his side right now while Elder Xi had over 160.

“Are all of you really sure?” Elder Xi gazed gloomily at Yang Ye’s group and said, “This is your last chance!”

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then he gazed at the group behind Elder Xi and said, “I want to ask all of you the same question. Are all of you sure? Right, this is your last chance as well. If you miss this chance, then you won’t have a chance to regret your decision later. I’m being serious right now!”

“Kid, do you know that I’ve wanted to kill you for a very long time?” Elder Xi suddenly spoke ferociously, “Unfortunately, I didn’t have a suitable opportunity earlier. Now that the Saints of the academy aren’t able to detect what’s going on here, let me see who can save you now!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the others who stood behind Yang Ye and said, “Kill them! I need all of you to use their blood to declare your loyalty to my Sky Divine Hall!”

No one who stood behind Elder Xi dared to move upon hearing him. After all, Li Maozhen, Yu Wujiao, and Feng Wuchao were on the other side!

Elder Xi pointed at Li Maozhen, Feng Wuchao, and Yu Wujiao as he said, “Leave them to me. All of you deal with the rest!”

The group behind Elder Xi was instantly filled with confidence when they heard him, and they charged towards Yang Ye’s group!

Meanwhile, Elder Xi’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye as he spoke fiercely, “I’ve been unable to stand the sight of you for so long. Die!”

As he spoke, he made a clawing motion towards Yang Ye from afar, and the space around Yang Ye instantly started to war.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as the Herculean Sword appeared within his grasp, and then Elder Xi’s aura was instantly dispersed with a light swing of his sword. At the same time, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Elder Xi, and then the Herculean Sword was already pressing against Elder Xi’s throat before he could even react!

Everyone here was stunned when they witnessed this scene, and it even included Elder Xi. At this moment, he was completely dazed.

“You….” Elder Xi was just about to speak. However, merely a single word had escaped his lips before his head was separated from his body!

Blood sprayed out like a fountain while the minds of everyone here went blank!

He instantly annihilated a Half-Saint!

A long time passed before Yu Wushuang was the first to recover from her shock. She walked over to Yang Ye’s side, glanced at the group of cultivators in the distance who’d joined Sky Divine Hall earlier, and asked, “What should we do with them?”

“Kill them all!” As soon as Yang Ye’s voice resounded, the Herculean Sword left his grasp!

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