Chapter 901 – I’ll Fucking Do It Myself!

Almighty Sword Domain

At the instant they saw the city gates return to its previous state, Leng Yuran and the others’ faces froze. Besides despair, there was boundless rage in their eyes!

It was rage from having their hopes destroyed!

Yang Ye’s face became unprecedentedly gloomy because they’d missed the best opportunity to enter the city!

Yang Ye looked towards the source of the voice, and he saw a man in luxurious robes looking at him. The man had an indifferent expression on his face, and there was a woman by his side. Yang Ye knew the woman, she was that woman, Qian Jiao, whom he had a little conflict with that day!

At this moment, Qian Jiao was looking at Yang Ye while ridicule hung on the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, stomped his right foot against the ground, and shot towards the Half-Saint demon beast like a cannonball. The latter howled with pain and was blasted back over 3km away along with the other demon beasts that were behind it.

The man’s eyes narrowed slightly when he witnessed this scene while Qian Jiao’s expression changed slightly. Obviously, they were shocked by Yang Ye’s strength.

After he blasted the Half-Saint flying, Yang Ye returned to where he stood earlier and gazed at the man in luxurious robes, “Was it the Dean who asked you not to open the gates?”

The man spoke indifferently, “Of course not!”

“Then who gave you the fucking gall to close the gates?” Yang Ye’s voice was quite ferocious.

The man’s face fell, and he said, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“Ye Yang! Don’t you dare be rude!” Meanwhile, Qian Jiao spoke abruptly, “He’s the president of our inner court’s student council, Liu Nan. Since the Dean and the elders aren’t here, then he gives the orders here!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to them. He just looked up into the sky instead. However, the sky was completely pitch black, and he could only see through a distance of over a dozen kilometers with his eyesight. So, he couldn’t see anything. However, he was able to sense that an intense battle was being carried out high above in the air!

Yang Ye’s face grew even gloomier when he couldn’t contact the Dean.

Meanwhile, the wolves had arrived in front of them.

Besides Li Maozhen, Feng Wuchao, and a few others who were comparatively stronger, the others were utterly incapable of fighting back before the pressure that pressed down upon them from all directions!

Yang Ye patted the violet mink. The latter understood his intentions and flashed over to stand before Li Maozhen and the others, and then rays of violet light surged explosively from within her.

Yang Ye flipped his palm in midair, and the letter of appointment from the academy appeared in his grasp. He waved it as he said, “I’m the outer court instructor of the academy. Now, I order you to open the city gates!”

The man’s expression changed slightly when he saw the letter, and so did Qian Jiao’s face. With the status they possessed, they were naturally aware that it was a real letter of appointment. It was exactly because it was real that their expressions had changed. Even though they were members of the inner court and weren’t under the control of the outer court, it was beyond doubt that the status of the outer court’s instructor far surpassed their own!

“Liu Nan… why… why don’t we open the gates?” Qian Jiao spoke softly. Actually, all of this was her fault. She’d recognized Yang Ye when she saw him. Because she’d harbored resentment towards him from that day, she immediately told Liu Nan to close the city gates when Yang Ye’s group asked for it to be opened.

Liu Nan was her grandfather’s disciple, so he naturally didn’t dare to deny her request. Or it should be said that he’d been always thinking of ways to curry favor with her. So, Liu Nan hadn’t hesitated to immediately order for the city gates to be closed when she requested it of him.

Actually, Liu Nan had received orders from the academy’s higher-ups that he should open the city gates, but he’d closed it decisively because of her. Because besides the members of the Secret Court, no one in the entire academy dared to offend Qian Jiao. Not to mention that he was Qian Jiao’s grandfather’s disciple!

Liu Nan’s expression changed when he heard Qian Jiao. However, it didn’t take long for a fierce expression to flash through his eyes. He raised his head to look at Yang Ye, and then he recovered his calm and said, “The Dean left this part of the gates under the protection of our inner court, so we naturally have to take responsibility for the safety of the city. If we are to open the gates now, then what if the demon beasts were to seize the opportunity to charge in. Wouldn’t the myriad of living beings in the city be slaughtered?”

He’d hesitated for a while but decided not to open the gates in the end. After all, wouldn’t all the people outside the city become his enemies if he did open the gates right now? Moreover, it was just as he’d said. It was very likely to provide the demon beasts a chance to enter the city.

Yang Ye said, “Are you sure?”

Liu Nan replied, “For the sake of the safety of the myriad of living beings throughout the city, I will absolutely not open the gates even if the Vice Dean is here!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he pointed at Liu Nan and said, “Remember this. Your head is mine!”

Liu Nan’s eyelids twitched, but it didn’t take long for a cold smile to arise on the corners of his mouth, “Is that so? Then let me see if you have the chance!”

Yang Ye glanced at Liu Nan, and then he flashed over to the violet mink. At this moment, there was exhaustion on the violet mink’s face. Yang Ye’s heart hurt a little when he saw her, and he took her in his arms before placing her on his shoulder, “Let me deal with the rest!”

The violet mink rubbed her head lightly against Yang Ye’s cheek, and then she raised her head to glance at Liu Nan while a trace of killing intent flashed through her eyes!

Yang Ye rubbed her head, and then took a step forward. The entire ground trembled beneath his feet, and then a ray of sword energy shot out from the Herculean Sword.

The sword energy was like a flash of lightning that flashed through the army of wolves.

Just that attack alone slashed over a thousand demons beasts into 2!

Yang Ye flashed over to the army of demon beasts, and he pointed his sword at them, “Does anyone dare to fight me?”

His current goal was to stall them until the Dean wasn’t locked in combat with his opponents. Otherwise, Yang Ye might be able to leave with his life, but not a single one of the others would be able to survive.

“Human! You’re very strong!” Suddenly, a voice resounded. Yang Ye looked over towards its source and saw an old man walking slowly from within the army of wolves.

A high rank Half-Saint! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. While the old man was a high rank Half-Saint, the old man’s aura was much stronger than the middle aged man from before.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “You intend to fight me?”

The old man shook his head and said, “While you’re very strong, you’re still no match for me.” When he spoke up to this point, his gaze descended onto the violet mink, and there was a trace of shock and bewilderment in them, “Which Demon King’s forces do you belong to?”

The violet mink pointed at Yang Ye….

The old man’s face froze. He pondered deeply for a moment and said, “No matter which Demon King you belong to, I don’t want to become enemies with you. You may leave!”

The violet mink gazed at Yang Ye. The old man replied, “He’s an instructor of the Ocean of Clouds Academy, so he can’t leave!”

The violet mink was furious, and she immediately raised her claw and sent a ray of violet light at the old man. However, the violet light had only just arrived in front of the old man before it was blasted apart by a mysterious force.

The old man raised his head and looked up into the sky, “I’ll give you an hour to consider!”

Yang Ye frowned a little because something was off about all of this. While he didn’t know what was off, his intuition told him that there was something strange going on. Besides that, he noticed that the demon beasts were just launching probing attacks against the city earlier, yet now, all of them had stopped and moved over 3km away. Even the part of the army which had charged to kill them had retreated.

Even if they are worried about Zi’er’s background, they still don’t have to do that, right?

Suddenly, Li Maozhen and the others walked over to Yang Ye’s side and Li Maozhen said, “Brother Yang, just leave on your own!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at them. All of their faces were covered in exhaustion. After all, the intense battles they’d experienced throughout such a long period of time had completely exhausted them.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “How many are left?”

Leng Yuran spoke solemnly, “81. Many died on the way!”

All of them fell silent when they heard her. After all, they were all strangers to each other before this, but after they fought side by side in such a bloody battle, they’d taken each other to be comrades whom they could trust. So, they couldn’t avoid feeling slight sorrow and even more rage when they heard that some had died!

Many of them raised their heads to look at Liu Nan, and they didn’t conceal the killing intent in their eyes at all!

Liu Nan’s face grew even gloomier, and the killing intent in his eyes grew denser upon witnessing this scene.

Yang Ye said, “Don’t worry, I don’t know if we’ll die or not. However, I know that he will!”

Meanwhile, Hao Shuaibo suddenly asked, “Are you really the instructor for the outer court?”

The gazes of the others instantly descended upon Yang Ye as well, and it included Li Maozhen, Li Qingyi, and Yu Wushuang. While they knew Yang Ye’s true identity, they didn’t have any knowledge about his appointment as an instructor in the Ocean of Clouds Academy.

Yang Ye nodded.

Their expressions were quite colorful when they saw him nod. Especially Feng Wuchao and Xia Bingwei. After all, they’d wanted to seek revenge from Yang Ye….

Hao Shuaibo laughed bitterly, “After all this time, you were our instructor…. But aren’t… aren’t you a little too young!?”

Yang Ye joked, “What? Am I not worthy to be your instructor?”

Hao Shuaibo hurriedly said, “You are, you absolutely are!”

The others quickly nodded as well. While Yang Ye was young, his strength was absolutely formidable, and he was especially violent….

When they thought about how violent he was, their hearts were instantly filled with bitterness. After all, they would definitely have to suffer in the future if they could survive today!

Suddenly, Leng Yuran said, “Shit! They’re waiting for nightfall!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Nightfall?”

Leng Yuran’s face was pale, “Do you know why the Welkin Wolf Demon King blotted out the sky? It’s because the wolf pack’s strength would increase greatly at night, especially when the moon hangs up in the sky….”

As soon as she finished speaking, a ray of moonlight appeared in the sky above them, and it didn’t take long for the boundless darkness in the sky to be dispersed as a bright moon appeared above them.

The army of wolves instantly started howling in unison when the moonlight descended!

“Attack!” A voice resounded from within the army of wolves, and then they charged towards the city.

The ground was trembling, and it wasn’t just the ground. Even the city had started to tremble!

After all, the imposing aura created by the charge of millions of wolves was sufficient to crush a high rank Half-Saint!

Hao Shuaibo stared blankly at this scene while despair appeared in his eyes, “Can someone save me?”

It wasn’t just Hao Shuaibo, the others were the same!

Yang Ye took a deep breath while a wisp of a serious expression flashed through his eyes. He put the Herculean Sword away before clenching his right fist tightly, and then the profound energy within him surged madly and shot into his right fist.

In the end, Yang Ye didn’t walk towards the army of wolves, he walked to the city gates instead. After that, he slowly stretched his fist forward, “Since you refuse to open the gates, then I’ll fucking do it myself!”

“Divine Fist of Des….”

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