Chapter 902 – Just Fuck Off!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye would naturally not go face the army of millions of wolves. Because that would be like courting death. However, he would be absolutely incapable of fighting so many experts even if he executed the true Heavenrend.

The only way was to break open the city gates and allow everyone to enter!

Even though it would cause the city to be in danger of destruction, how could he be bothered about that right now?

Since they wanted him to die, then he intended to drag them down with him even if he did!

Yang Ye’s fist smashed slowly towards the city gates. As his fist approached, a terrifying aura swept out from his fist, and the gates actually trembled violently before it!

Liu Nan and the others were astounded when they witnessed this scene!

“You’re courting death!” Liu Nan roared furiously as he waved his hand, and those white robed students of the inner court instantly released numerous attacks towards Yang Ye.

At the same time, bolts of lightning shot out from the city walls towards Yang Ye and the others!

A trace of anger flashed through the violet mink’s eyes, and then with a wave of her claw, countless rays of violet light smashed against the bolts of lightning.

Meanwhile, the army of wolves were only a little over 1km away from them.

A ferocious gaze flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He was just about to attack, but a ray of dazzling blue light suddenly erupted from the city gates at this critical moment. After that, a small crack opened up between the city gates, and then Yang Ye and the others were instantly sucked through the crack!

In an instant, the city gates returned to its original state.


It had just closed completely when a Half-Saint Realm demon beast smashed against it, causing the entire gates to tremble violently again. At the same time, countless other demon beasts smashed against the city walls in succession.


The entire city was trembling!

Meanwhile, more and more white robed figures leaped up onto the city wall. Moreover, there were even numerous soldiers in black armor, and these soldiers weren’t weaker to those inner court students at all. Every single one of them was at the Monarch Realm at least while many were Half-Saints, and there were even some high rank Half-Saints amongst them!

As soon as they entered the city, an old man who held a long ruler appeared before them.

He was a high rank Half-Saint!

“I’m an Elder of the Discipline Department!” The old man said, “I presume all of you are very tired from traveling all the way here, so leave the protection of the city to those fellows from the inner court. Head into the city to rest for now. Once you’re all well rested, I’ll get the elders of the outer court to give you your identification and arrange assignments for all of you!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why weren't the city gates opened earlier?”

The old man frowned a little but still replied, “I wasn’t in the city just now. I know that all of you are angry that Liu Nan didn’t open the city gates, but I hope that all of you can show some understanding. After all, there are a myriad of living beings in the city, and many are the families of our students. So….”

Yang Ye shook his head and interrupted the old man, “I wouldn’t say a single word if those demon beasts would have been able to come in with us. However, he could have opened the gates and let us in right at the beginning. At that time, we would have entered the city without allowing any demon beast to enter the city. But he didn’t!”

The old man pondered deeply for a short while, and then he said, “He did make a mistake, but he was doing it out of consideration for the city. You’re all members of the academy, so just let the matter rest, alright?”

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at the others, “What do all of you think!?”

All of them shook their heads. They’d gone through all kings of hardships just to arrive before the city gates, and they’d almost entered the city. However, their entrance into the city was stopped by Liu Nan. Even though none of them had died, what would the outcome have been if they didn’t have Yang Ye on their side?

They would have been transformed into mush!

None of them could forgive this enmity!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the old man and said, “See, we can’t just let the matter go. So, what do you think?”

The old man gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly gloomy expression on his face, “I told you to drop it!”

A slightly ferocious smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “So, you don’t intend to listen when I speak reasonably to you, huh?”

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Out of consideration for the difficulties all of you experienced to get here, I’ll repeat myself one last time. Let the matter go. Don’t make me repeat myself, understand?”

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Since you refuse to do anything, then I’ll do it myself!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye started walking towards the city walls, and the others immediately followed behind him. All of their eyes carried ghastly killing intent!

“How presumptuous!” The old man roared furiously. He clawed at Yang Ye, and a powerful aura immediately locked down onto Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye stopped moving, turned around, and instantly charged over to the old man. After that, a huge sword smashed down towards the old man’s head.

The old man’s expression changed when he saw Yang Ye fight back, and then he was overwhelmed with rage. He flicked his wrist and swept the ruler horizontally at Yang Ye’s sword.

At the moment Yang Ye’s sword collided with the ruler, a powerful force surged through the ruler, and it caused the old man’s entire hand to instantly feel numb. At the same time, he was even blasted over 500m back by the force of the collision!

The old man stomped his right foot against the ground and immediately stopped himself, but the ground beneath his feet had cracked apart completely!

The old man raised his head to gaze at Yang Ye, and there was shock in his eyes! He hadn’t expected that this student who stood before him would actually possess such terrifying strength!

The old man asked in a solemn voice, “Who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man. He turned around and continued towards the city walls. As for Leng Yuran and the others, they immediately followed behind him again.

The old man’s face fell when he witnessed this scene, and then he flashed over to obstruct their path while he said, “What are all of you….”

“Just fuck off!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he instantly appeared in the sky above the old man. At the same time, the Herculean Sword smashed down once more. The ground beneath the old man’s feet had instantly collapsed at the instant the sword started to descend, and the old man’s pupils constricted beneath the terrifying pressure that came from the Herculean Sword. This time, it wasn’t shock that could be seen in the old man’s eyes, it was astonishment!

This isn’t the strength of a human! This is even more terrifying than a demon beast!

The huge sword had descended when the old man finally recovered from his shock, and he swung the ruler up towards it.


A huge explosion resounded as the old man was smashed into the ground.

Yang Ye didn’t follow up with another attack after smashing the old man into the ground. He raised his head and looked up towards the city walls instead. Liu Nan was looking down from above, and there was a trace of fear in Liu Nan’s eyes, but he had a wide and cold smile on his face.

“You’re laughing? You won’t be able to in a moment!” Yang Ye tapped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot up into the air.

Suddenly, a figure shot out from beneath the ground, and then a huge ruler shot explosively towards Yang Ye from below.

A ferocious expression arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he sensed the approaching ruler, and he turned around and smashed the Herculean Sword down.


The ruler immediately crashed to the ground upon colliding with the Herculean Sword. Yang Ye didn’t stop this time. He shot explosively towards the old man who’d emerged from beneath the ground.

“Since you want to die, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye had arrived above the old man. At the same time, the Herculean Sword was right above the old man’s head, and Yang Ye was holding it with both hands this time.

He hadn’t held back this time!

As soon as his sword descended, space was immediately blasted apart, and the powerful aura it emanated caused the old man’s entire face to warp. Moreover, even the huge rocks on the ground beneath the old man were transformed into powder!

The old man’s pupils constricted before ferocity flashed through them. The profound energy within him surged into the ruler, and then he held it with both hands as he flicked it up, “Slash of Judgment!”

As soon as his voice resounded, a dazzling ray of light surged out from the ruler, and the powerful glow it emanated instantly enveloped both Yang Ye and the Herculean Sword.

A moment of silence ensued before a sword howl suddenly resounded from within the glow of the ruler, and then a ray of light tore through the dazzling light. At the same time, Yang Ye swung the Herculean Sword with both hands, and it smashed down towards the old man.

When he saw his attack being destroyed, the old man seemed astounded for the very first time in this battle. At this moment, he knew that he’d underestimated his opponent. He’d truly underestimated his opponent!

He didn’t have the time to dodge anymore, so he had no choice but to use his ruler to block it!


A huge explosion resounded, and then everyone watched as the old man was smashed into the ground again.

Yu Wushuang shot a glance at Hao Shuaibo and Hei Sha. The 2 of them understood what she meant, and they hurriedly flashed into the ground. It didn’t take long for them to emerge once more, but they had one more person with them. It was the old man.

While the old man wasn’t dead, he was heavily injured, and his ruler was bent like a bow now. It wasn’t just his ruler, even his hands had been bent into a shocking arc!

Hao Shuaibo and Hei Sha placed a dagger against the old man’s neck, and then Hao Shuaibo gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Leave him to us!”

Actually, they did this for Yang Ye’s sake. Because they were very clearly aware that Yang Ye was truly infuriated right now, and if they didn’t do this, then Yang Ye’s character would definitely push him to kill the old man. They were very well aware that Yang Ye would definitely be in deep trouble if he killed the old man.

So, they had no other choice but to use this method to stop Yang Ye from killing the old man!

“You actually dared to attack a Disciple Elder!” Liu Nan stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and there were a few hundred inner court students around him.

Yang Ye strode step by step through the air towards Liu Nan, and he said, “No one can stop me from kill you today. That old bastard is what will happen to anyone who dares to try!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot explosively towards Liu Nan.

“Joint Attack!” As soon as Liu Nan spoke, a dazzling ray of white light immediately erupted from him and all the other inner court students around him. The white light instantly transformed into a huge sword, and it was so swift that even Yang Ye hadn’t been able to dodge it before it struck him. After that, everyone watched as Yang Ye was blasted over 3km away, and his figure smashed through over a dozen buildings and was buried beneath them.

Liu Nan laughed coldly while a wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of his mouth, “That’s what the instructor of the outer court is like? How weak….”

“He really is weak. He was actually killed by a single attack.”

“We won’t be punished for killing the outer court’s instructor, right?”

“It’s his fault for being so weak….”

Many inner court students who stood behind Liu Nan immediately spoke in agreement.

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