Chapter 903 – Annihilating Anyone Who Stands In His Way!

Almighty Sword Domain

“They’re finished now….” Yu Wushuang shook her head when she heard them, and a trace of worry had appeared in her eyes. She knew that the matter was growing more and more troublesome.

Li Maozhen and Li Qingyi who stood by her side nodded with agreement.

They were clearly aware of Yang Ye’s character. Especially Li Qingyi, she’d been by Yang Ye’s side for some time, so she was very well aware that Yang Ye was a complete and utter madman when he was truly infuriated.

His actions of attacking the Dao Order was the best example of that.

Leng Yuran and the others’ expressions changed drastically when they saw Yang Ye being blasted away. They weren’t like Li Qingyi and Yu Wushuang, they weren’t aware of Yang Ye’s true strength and physical defense. So, they quickly charged towards Yang Ye when they saw him being blasted away. However, a white robed man from the inner court obstructed their path.

The white robed man glanced at them and said, “Fellows from the outer court, don’t say that we bullied all of you. We just wanted all of you to know that you should keep a low profile in the academy! Otherwise, hehehe. That trash instructor of yours is the best example. Understand? I….”

The white robed man wasn’t able to continue because Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the throat.

The faces of Liu Nan and the other inner court students changed drastically when they witnessed this scene!

“You… you’re alive!” The white robed man gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief.

Yang Ye asked, “Are you very disappointed?”

“You….” The man intended to say something, but Yang Ye just choke slammed him down to the ground.


A muffled bang resounded as the man’s head was smashed into the ground, causing the ground to split apart while blood instantly seeped out from below the surface.

He killed him!

Everyone here had never expected Yang Ye to actually kill!

“How dare you! You… you actually killed a student of my academy!” The Discipline Elder glared angrily at Yang Ye, and besides shock, there was boundless rage in his eyes.


Hao Shuaibo slapped the old man on the head and shouted angrily, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll even kill you!”

When he spoke up to this point, he turned around to gaze at the others, and he said, “Is anyone afraid?”

All of them shook their heads.

Hao Shuaibo roared angrily, “Then we’ll follow him until the end!”

“Let’s do it!”


“All of you just stay there and don’t interfere!” Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he continued walking towards Liu Nan and the others, “That joint attack was really not bad. Do you want to give it another try?”

Liu Nan spoke in a low voice, “You killed a student of the inner court!”

“All of you wanted to kill me just moments ago!” Yang Ye continued, “Since you want to kill, then you should be prepared to be killed. Let me repeat myself one more time, your head is mine.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot forward.

“He has gone mad. He first injured an elder, and then killed a student of our inner court. Fellow students, hear my command. Kill him with all your might! Joint attack!” Liu Nan’s gloomy voice resounded. Their profound energy surged out explosively, and a huge energy sword appeared once more above them. As their profound energy surged incessantly into it, the huge sword was growing incessantly in size while the energy it contained grew more and more terrifying!

“Kill!” As soon as Liu Nan gave the command, the huge sword shook violently before shooting forward like a bolt of lightning!

A ferocious expression arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he held the Herculean Sword tightly with both hands before slashing it down.


A rumbling explosion resounded in midair, and then everyone watched as the huge energy sword trembled before exploding into pieces. It transformed into countless bits of energy that rained down from the sky.

“Die!” Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Liu Nan.

Liu Nan’s face turned grim, and he quickly shouted, “Defensive formation!”

Even though they were shocked by Yang Ye’s strength, their reaction wasn’t slow at all. All of them formed a seal with both hands upon hearing Liu Nan, and then they pressed the seal forward. A ray of white light instantly appeared around them and enveloped them!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye just happened to arrive before the barrier of white light!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to swing the Herculean Sword down against the barrier of light!


A loud explosion resounded as the barrier of white light shook violently but didn’t shatter! This allowed Liu Nan and the others to immediately heave sighs of relief. However, Yang Ye raised the Herculean Sword again and smashed it down once more….

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After being struck a few times, cracks had started to appear on the barrier of white light.

Liu Nan and the others were shocked. Especially Liu Nan, he was really quite terrified right now!

Actually, he was already terrified when Yang Ye defeated that elder who was a high rank Half-Saint. He was no fool, so he knew that he’d offended a formidable existence. But he was even more clearly aware that reconciliation was impossible. So, his only choice was to crush Yang Ye and put an end to all future troubles!

He’d thought that the joint strength of hundreds of inner court students and their joint attack technique could crush Yang Ye with ease. But he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s physical body would actually be even more terrifying than a Half-Saint demon beast, and he’d never expected that even Yang Ye’s own strength would be formidable to the extreme!

After all, their formidable could resist the attacks of high rank Half-Saints!

However, Yang Ye was only at the Monarch Realm….

It wasn’t just Liu Nan, all the other inner court students were stunned. Just like Liu Nan, terror had started to arise in their hearts.

“Everyone, he has gone mad, and he’ll definitely slaughter all of us if he breaks through the formation. We have to work together and kill him if we want to survive.” Liu Nan stared fixedly at Yang Ye while ghastly killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

He knew that the supreme experts of the academy were locked in battle with the experts of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, so they couldn’t stop Yang Ye at all. The only way to survive was to rely on himself!

One of the inner court students said, “He… he’s the outer court’s instructor….”

It wouldn’t be a problem if they’d been able to kill Yang Ye earlier. After all, they could blame it on Yang Ye being too weak. Moreover, a dead instructor was completely worthless to the academy, so it would punish them too much for someone who’s worthless. But now, not only was Yang Ye not weak, Yang Ye was extremely strong. So, they would be in a dire situation if they couldn’t kill Yang Ye!

Liu Nan glanced coldly at that student and said, “Do you think that he would spare us?”

Their expressions instantly turned gloomy when they heard Liu Nan.

Liu Nan continued, “We have so many people in our inner court, so if we’re not even a match for an opponent at the Monarch Realm, then our inner court will truly be famous from now on. Besides that, since he killed a member of our inner court, then why can’t we kill him? Are you saying that the students of our inner court should be bullied?”

When he spoke up to this point, Liu Nan spoke loudly, “Everyone, we students of the inner court can’t fear death! We must make him pay with blood! Come with me and kill him!”

Many inner court students started to reveal ferocious expressions when they heard Liu Nan.


Suddenly, the barrier of white light exploded apart.

Liu Nan roared, “Kill!”


“Pay with your blood!”

Countless voices resounded atop the city walls, and then countless attacks blotted out the sky as they surged towards Yang Ye.

However, many attacks were utterly useless against Yang Ye, and he didn’t slow down at all as he charged into the crowd. As soon as he did, numerous figures were blasted flying in succession, and they were either killed on the spot or heavily injured!

In the beginning, there were still some who charged forward fearlessly, but once they saw Yang Ye instantly kill everyone like a god of death, countless students started to feel fearful and terrified. Then, some didn’t dare charge forward and started to retreat instead…. In less than 2 breaths of time, no one stood in Yang Ye’s path anymore!

As for the area around him, there were over 100 students lying on the ground, and some were dead while the others heavily injured.

At this moment, all the students of the inner court were terrified. While they were geniuses and had experienced battles in the past, they’d still been shocked and deterred by Yang Ye’s bloody ways and ruthlessness.

As for Liu Nan, even his hands had started to tremble.

He’d never imagined that this instructor of the outer court would actually dare to slaughter the students of the inner court.

“Ye… Ye Yang…. You… you kill so many students of the inner court. You’re dead, you’re dead….” Qian Jiao suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and pointed a finger at him. However, she hadn’t even been able to finish speaking before Yang Ye slapped her, and her figure was slapped flying.

Yang Ye gazed at those students of the inner court while he walked towards Liu Nan, “I’m not one who likes to cause trouble, but I’m not afraid of it as well. In the beginning, only a single person had to die. Unfortunately, all of you weren’t willing to let that happen and insisted on getting so many killed. Since it’s like that, then I have no choice but to fulfil your wish. Now, all I want to ask is if there’s anyone who is willing to die with him?”

Meanwhile, a student of the inner court stepped forward and said, “The academy won’t forgive you for slaughtering the students of our inner court!”

Yang Ye stopped moving and pointed at Leng Yuran and the others as he said, “Earlier, all of you clearly could have opened the city gates, so why didn’t you? Do you realize that all of them were so close, so very close from dying outside the gates? At that time, did all of you think about how they are students of the academy as well?”

That student spoke in a low voice, “Aren’t they still alive?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye had appeared in front of him, and then Yang Ye grabbed him by the collar. After that, Yang Ye smashed his fist against that student’s stomach, causing his face to instantly twist together and warp….

Because Yang Ye had shattered all the bones throughout his body.

Yang Ye released him, and his figure slumped down to the ground. At the same time, Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Now, aren’t you still alive as well?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot towards Liu Nan. However, a middle aged man who wore black armor appeared in front of Liu Nan when Yang Ye was just about to arrive there.

“Senior Brother Yu!” Liu Nan was overjoyed when he saw the middle aged man.

“Such wicked actions are no different than the actions of the demon beasts! Out of consideration for the fact that you’re the instructor of the outer court, I won’t kill you, but I’m going to cripple you so that you can’t slaughter the students of the academy again!” As soon as the middle aged man finished speaking, the spear in his grasp emanated a ghastly cold glow as it shot towards Yang Ye!

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