Chapter 904 – I’ve Killed Many High Rank Half-Saints!

Almighty Sword Domain

The spear was very calm in the beginning, but once it arrived before Yang Ye, a ray of dazzling light erupted from its tip, and Yang Ye was blasted almost 300m back!

He was a high rank Half-Saint!

The middle aged man waved his hand and the spear returned to his grasp. He glanced at the corpses of those students, and then ghastly killing intent instantly filled his eyes, “To think that you’re an instructor of the academy, yet you actually slaughtered the students. Do you realize that all of them will become the pillars of our academy in the future?”

“Senior Brother Yu! Kill him!” Meanwhile, Liu Nan hurriedly walked over to the middle aged man’s side and said, “He injured an elder, killed the students of my inner court, and even intends to kill me now. He… he has gone mad. Besides that, he even hit Qian Jiao!”

The middle aged man tightened his grip on his spear and pointed it right at Yang Ye, “I didn’t want to kill you, but your actions are truly too wicked. It would be impossible to relieve the anger in my heart without killing you. Even if the Dean will punish me later, I’ll accept my punishment.”

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly walked over to the middle aged man and said, “Senior, why don’t you ask why he wants to kill them?”

Yu Wushuang continued before the middle aged man could answer her, “Because of the sudden change in the situation within Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, we participants of the recruitment test had no choice but to work together and travel back to the city. We finally returned to the city with great difficulty, yet that fellow, Liu Nan, ordered for the city gates to be closed and made us miss the best opportunity to enter the city. His actions almost caused all our deaths. Senior, tell me, how could we not feel resentful because of that?”

The middle aged man turned to glance at Liu Nan, and the latter’s expression changed slightly and quickly said, “It was Qian Jiao who asked me to do so. She said that fellow, Ye Yang, humiliated her in the past, so….”

The middle aged man gazed at Qian Jiao instead. The latter was quite fearful of the middle aged man and didn’t dare look at him. She just spoke softly, “I… I merely wanted him to beg me to open the city gates. I… I never expected it to become like this. I….”

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly pointed at Liu Nan and said, “Actually, he’s to be blamed for all of this. Instructor Ye revealed his identity earlier, but he still refused to open the city gates. Moreover, he even gave the order to kill Instructor Ye just now. If Instructor Ye wasn’t strong, then he would probably be dead now!”

Yu Wushuang took a deep breath when she spoke up to this point, and she continued pointing at Liu Nan as she said, “He occupied an important position yet listened to the nonsense of a woman and disregarded the fate of us, outer court students. He was clearly aware that he’d made a mistake, yet he refused to repent and intended to kill Instructor Ye to put an end to all future troubles. Such actions truly deserve death!”

“What nonsense!” Liu Nan roared furiously, “The situation was critical, and there were so many demon beasts behind all of you, so how could I dare to open the city gates? What if the demon beasts seize the moment that the city gates are opened to enter the city? Would you be able to bear the responsibility for that? Moreover, even if I did make a mistake, the Discipline Elders are there to administer punishment to me. When has your outer court ever had the right to pass out judgment?”

Liu Nan laughed coldly when he spoke up to this point, “Earlier, the Disciple Elder had said to let the matter go, but not only have all of you disobeyed his orders, that fellow, Instructor Ye, even injured the Discipline Elder and killed the students of my inner court. See those inner court students on the ground? They didn’t die beneath the claws of demon beasts, they died at the hands of one of their own. They couldn’t even die in peace!”

Yu Wushuang intended to say something, but the middle aged man waved his hand, “Liu Nan’s decision was improper, but his mistake doesn’t deserve death, and those disciples of the inner court didn’t deserve death as well!” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You injured an elder and killed dozens of students. Such actions are the real actions that deserve death. Even if the Dean would punish me, I still intend to seek justice for these fallen students!”

Yu Wushuang’s expression changed slightly. She intended to continue but Yang Ye pulled her behind himself and said, “Actually, right and wrong isn’t important. The important part is that I must seek justice for all of us. They refused to give it to us earlier, and they refuse to give it to us now. Then I’ll get it myself until I succeed!”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the middle aged man, “I tried to reason with that Discipline Elder, but I failed. He wanted to play the matter down and just let it pass. That’s unfair to us, so I refused. Now, we tried to reason with you again. Unfortunately, we failed again. Since it’s like that, then let’s fight. If I lose, you can kill me; but if I win, then I’ll kill you!”

“Ye Yang, who do you think you are? Senior Brother Yu is at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm. Fight him? Are you even worthy?” Liu Nan ridiculed.

“A high rank Half-Saint?” A cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I once got tired of killing them!”

“Got tired of killing them? What a huge joke!” Liu Nan laughed coldly.

Yang Ye glanced at Liu Nan and said, “Just wait. I’ll be coming for your head, and it won’t be too long!”

The middle aged man said, “Let me see how formidable the instructor that the Dean found for the outer court is. Actually, I really anticipate it quite a bit. After all, the Dean’s judgment has always been very good. I only hope he hasn’t made a mistake this time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man shot into the sky, and he stabbed his spear towards Yang Ye, “Sunsplitter!”

A strand of terrifying flames erupted abruptly from the spear, and the spear that was enveloped by flames seemed like a meteor that shot down from the sky towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, space was completely torn apart into pieces, and an extremely long spatial rift appeared behind the spear and was growing longer as the spear descended!

The middle aged man hadn’t underestimated Yang Ye, and he didn’t dare to do that as well. After all, the Discipline Elder was a high rank Half-Saint yet had still lost to Yang Ye. So, how could he dare to underestimate his opponent?

Yang Ye didn’t choose to flee and couldn’t choose to flee because the spear had locked onto him!

The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged into the Herculean Sword, and then Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot and shot into the sky. After that, he held the Herculean Sword with both hands as he smashed it forcefully towards the spear!

The Herculean Sword smashed against the spear.


An explosion rumbled like a thunderclap, and then a terrifying wave of energy swept out from the sky. Everywhere it passed, space rippled and warped, and it seemed like it would collapse at any moment from the force within the wave of energy. It was an extremely astonishing sight!

Yang Ye was blasted towards the ground by the force carried within the wave of energy, but he forcefully stopped himself before he reached the ground.

Yang Ye held the Herculean Sword with both hands as he looked up into the sky, and there was a trace of a solemn expression in them.

Meanwhile, the space throughout the entire sky suddenly started warping, and the waves of energy were instantly warped into nothingness!

“Die!” The middle aged man’s furious roar suddenly resounded from the sky, and then a pitch black spear tore through the sky as it shot towards Yang Ye. Space was actually minced into pieces before exploding apart in its wake.

The spear was still descending through the sky, but the terrifying pressure it emanated caused the ground below the city walls to collapse inch by inch. But it didn’t take long for a strange force to appear from beneath the ground and stop the pressure from causing the ground to collapse further!

However, Yang Ye was the center of the pressure, and the powerful pressure caused his entire body to tremble as if he would explode apart at any moment.

A wisp of excitement flashed through Liu Nan’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Because he felt that Yang Ye would definitely die!

As for Leng Yuran and the others, they revealed shock in their eyes. Even though they were very confident in Yang Ye, they had to admit that the middle aged man was too strong!

Looks like my pure physical strength is still insufficient to defeat a true high rank Half-Saint who hasn’t relied on any external sources to advance in his cultivation! Yang Ye took a deep breath and took a step forward.


Suddenly, a strand of terrifying sword intent erupted from within Yang Ye, and the terrifying pressure instantly vanished without a trace.

3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent!

The expressions of everyone here changed when they witnessed this scene, and it included the Discipline Elder who was being restrained by the outer court students. It was the same for the middle aged man who was looking down at Yang Ye from above!

“You’re from the Ancient Sword School!” The middle aged man spoke solemnly. There was a serious and heavy expression in his eyes. After all, 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent could be said to be completely sufficient to fight him, and Yang Ye’s original combat strength was already that formidable!

Yang Ye held the Herculean Sword with both hands while his profound energy surged madly, and his sword intent merged soundlessly with his sword. Once his sword intent entered the Herculean Sword, the Herculean Sword started to tremble violently. Moreover, the dragon pattern on the sword suddenly emanated dazzling golden light!


At the same time that the dragon pattern lit up, the space around Yang Ye instantly started racking apart like an egg that was knocked lightly!

Crack! Crack!

The cracks grew larger and greater in number. In less than a breath of time, the space an area of over 500m around Yang Ye had cracked apart, and that area of space was actually unable to recover under the suppression of his 3rd level Heaven Rank. Actually, it should be said that the space was recovering at an extremely slow speed.

Everyone here was stunned by this scene before their eyes.

“Come! Take this!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky.

It was swift, extremely swift. It was swift to the point they only saw a ray of light flash.


A huge explosion resounded in the sky, and then the light dispersed before an arm which held a spear crashed down from the ground while accompanied by a trail of blood.

An instant later, a figure descended to the ground, and it was Yang Ye’s figure! Moreover, there was a figure lying beneath his foot, and it was the middle aged man!

The middle aged man was still alive and breathing!

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the tip of the Herculean Sword pressed against the center of the middle aged man’s forehead, “I’ve really killed numerous high rank Half-Saints. Do you believe me now?”

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