Chapter 905 – I’ll Do It Right Now!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Who exactly are you!?” The middle aged man stared fixedly at Yang Ye. Besides bewilderment, there was a trace of unwillingness as well! After all, he’d never imagined that he would actually lose to a Monarch Realm cultivator!

Yang Ye gazed indifferently at the middle aged man, “You’ve lost, so you have to die!”

“Stop!” Meanwhile, a figure suddenly tore through the sky at an extremely swift speed, and it was swift to the point the figure’s body tore through space as it traveled. As soon as the voice finished resounding, a beautiful woman had appeared in front of Yang Ye, and a spatial rift that was over 3km long could be seen behind her.

Based on outward appearance alone, the beautiful woman was around the age of 27 or 28. Her hair was pinned up elegantly in a bun, her face was gorgeous and still had a youthful look, and her jet black brows were slightly raised. It made her seem very dignified, graceful, and heroic. But at this moment, her eyes that were deep like the starry sky carried a trace of ghastly coldness!

“Instructor Shang!” All the inner court students immediately bowed to her, and Liu Nan was even excited to the point of crawling over to her.

Liu Nan was actually filled with terror when Yang Ye defeated the middle aged man, and he was overwhelmed with despair as well. At that moment, he felt that he really had no hope, and it was even to the extent that he’d prepared himself for death. However, the heavens were good to him and gave him hope once more.

The feeling of suddenly gaining hope in a state of despair was simply impossibly to describe with words.

Liu Nan who’d crawled over to the woman started laughing with joy.

“You’re the outer court instructor that the old fellow recruited?” The woman stared at Yang Ye while the killing intent within her eyes seemed material.

Yang Ye replied, “If the old fellow you speak of is the dean of the academy, then I am!”

“Who gave you the right to kill the students of my inner court?” The beautiful woman spoke in a low voice while a violent aura swept out incessantly from within her. At this moment, she seemed like a volcano that was about to erupt.

“No one did!” Yang Ye continued, “They wanted to kill me, so I killed them. Of course, it was much more complicated than that, but I don’t want to explain or waste my breath anymore. You can just treat it as them intending to kill me, but they were weaker, so they were killed instead!”

“Good! Good!” She started laughing from extreme rage, “Then I can kill you if I’m stronger than you?”

Yang Ye answered, “You can try!”

She said, “Let him go and we’ll give it a try?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “He wanted to kill me as well. I can imagine that he would definitely not let me go if I were to have lost to him. So, how can I let him go? Of course, it’s not set in stone. I can consider sparing his life if you’re willing to pay a million extreme-grade energy stones for his life!”

The woman spoke ferociously, “You’re really courting death!”


She’d just finished speaking when the middle aged man’s head started rolling on the ground, and a pillar of blood sprayed out.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Since you refused, then I have no choice but to kill him!”

“You’re courting death!” Her face instantly turned savage. She stretched out her fair hand and clawed swiftly in Yang Ye’s direction!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly as his figure flashed away, and he’d just moved away when the space where he was standing collapsed into pieces.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Meanwhile, a huge palm tore through space, arrived in the sky above him, and then slapped down towards him.


The area Yang Ye stood on was immediately blasted apart.

However, Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in front of the beautiful woman, and his Herculean Sword swept towards her. Her expression didn’t change at all when she saw the Herculean Sword sweep over, and she clawed the Herculean Sword.


The Herculean Sword shook violently while Yang Ye took around 100 steps back!

As he felt the numbness that came from his arm, Yang Ye raised his head to look at the woman, and there was a trace of seriousness and bewilderment in his eyes. Even a demon beast at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm wouldn’t dare to use its bare hand to resist Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword, but the woman dared. Moreover, she’d pushed him back without suffering any injuries!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then his gaze descended onto her hands.

Her hands were very fine and long. Most importantly, they were translucent. He could clearly see the meridians, blood, and bones within them!

“Your physical strength isn’t bad. Unfortunately, you harbor wicked intentions. I’ll cripple you today!” As soon as she finished speaking, the beautiful woman took a step forward, and she instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye with just that step. At the same time, a mysterious and powerful force locked onto the space around Yang Ye, causing Yang Ye to be unable to dodge!

The expression on Yang Ye’s face changed slightly. Meanwhile, her claw attack had arrived before his chest, and Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to raise the Herculean Sword and block it!


A muffled bang resounded as Yang Ye’s figure shot backwards. However, he’d merely taken over a dozen steps back when his figure was stopped by an invisible force! Besides that, the Herculean Sword in his grasp was trembling violently and had almost left his grasp.

Yang Ye was astonished. The profound energy within him surged madly into his right hand while he quickly grasped the Herculean Sword with his left hand. Only after he held it with both hands did the Herculean Sword return to normal!

Meanwhile, the woman had appeared in front of him again, and her hand clawed down once more.

Space simply seemed like paper before her claw attack, and it was clawed open with ease!

This time, Yang Ye didn’t utilize the Herculean Sword. He put it away, and then clenched his right fist tightly and smashed it against her claw attack.

While the Herculean Sword was formidable, it was quite heavy and slow. It wasn’t suited for close-quartered combat. But the woman was clearly an expert at close-quarter combat. So, not only would the Herculean Sword be of no help to him right now, it would be a burden instead!

Their attacks collided!


This time, Yang Ye wasn’t blasted back. Or it should be said that he couldn’t be blasted back. Because a spatial wall that was strong like a fort stood behind him, so his figure smashed straight against it, causing the space behind him to tremble violently!

Moreover, there were 5 bloody marks on his fist.

In next to no time, she waved her claws at him again!

While Yang Ye wasn’t defeated by her successive attacks, he was in an utterly disadvantaged position, and he was even suppressed to the point of being unable to fight back.

“Hahaha!” Liu Nan immediately started roaring madly with laughter when he witnessed this scene, “See that? That’s the strength of the so-called instructor of the outer court! See? He isn’t even able to fight back before our instructor! He can’t even fight back….”

Leng Yuran and the others glanced at Liu Nan when they heard him, and there was a wisp of ridicule on the corners of their mouths. Even the other inner court students glanced at him with disdain and moved away from him.

After all, while Yang Ye was completely suppressed in battle, they still really admired his strength. Because Yang Ye was only at the Monarch Realm while the woman was a high rank Half-Saint!

Could someone be considered as weak when he was able to persist for so long against a senior high rank Half-Saint while only at the Monarch Realm? If even that was considered as being weak, then wouldn’t all of them be even worse than ants?

So, many of them immediately felt detested when they heard Liu Nan laugh at Yang Ye!

Liu Nan’s face fell when he noticed their attitude towards him. He knew that he’d become too full of himself. But he didn’t mind because so long as that fellow, Ye Yang, was dead, then he would still be the leader of the inner court!

Yang Ye seemed like someone who was trapped in a tiny little space and was transformed into a punching bag, whereas the woman had become the person training with the punching bag.


Yang Ye’s fist collided with her claw again. As expected, Yang Ye was blasted back once more. As for the woman, she naturally followed up with another attack. However, a terrifying strand of sword intent surged out explosively from within Yang Ye, and the woman’s figure was instantly stopped on the spot!

3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent could suppress Half-Saints, and that was no joke!

The woman spoke in a low voice, “3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent. I really underestimated you!”

Yang Ye glanced at his hands. At this moment, his hands were covered in horrifying bloody marks. Fortunately, they were only injuries to his skin. He raised his head to look at her, and then his gaze descended onto her hands, “As I expected, there’s something strange about your hands. I’m really curious about what allowed your hands to actually possess such terrifying strength?”

She replied coldly, “Someone who’s about to die has no need to know that!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Let me ask you a question before the moment we decide the outcome of the battle. Would an old fellow come after me if I were to kill you? Of course, I’m merely afraid of trouble.”

“There will!” She continued, “An extraordinary old fellow will come for you, and even your Ancient Sword School’s Jian Wuchen wouldn’t be able to protect you!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Everyone seems to have backing! Even though I know that I’ll have to face some trouble if I kill you, I still find it quite difficult to restrain myself.”

“You can just beat her up!” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang spoke loudly from afar, “Beat her up, and it’s best to smack her butt. In that way, you can vent and avoid having a Saint seeking revenge from you.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Yu Wushuang. The latter instantly shut her mouth and lowered her head to look at her feet. She acted as if she wasn’t the one who spoke those words.

Actually, while others thought that Yang Ye was boasting, she was very well aware that he wasn’t. Because based on the information she possessed on Yang Ye, Yang Ye had once utilized a mysterious force to kill Wang Yinyang who was a formidable expert of the Dao Order. While Wang Yinyang’s cultivation was inferior to the woman, his strength was absolutely not inferior to the beautiful woman!

So, since Yang Ye said that he could kill the woman, she fully believed him!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “That works!”

The beautiful woman said, “You can try!”

“I’ll do it right now!” As soon as he finished speaking, a few thousand rays of light erupted from Yang Ye’s body, and they instantly enveloped her. At the same time, a mysterious force suddenly appeared here, and the battlefield was instantly isolated from the outside world, causing the others to be unable to detect what was going on within the ball of light.

A few moments passed before the ball of light dispersed, and then both Yang Ye and the beautiful woman appeared within everyone’s fields of visions.

Everyone here was dumbstruck when they witnessed the situation in the battlefield, and Liu Nan even slumped down to the ground.

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