Chapter 908 – I Was Wrong!

Almighty Sword Domain

Ocean of Clouds City.

The entire city was surrounded by towering mountains that formed Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, so it could be said to be being attacked from all directions.

The army of countless wolves charged successively towards the city. They attacked the city in the most violent manner, and that was to smash their bodies against the city!

Such terrifying and insane attacks which completely disregarded their survival caused cracks to appear all around the city walls, whereas the effects of the powerful formations and attacks of the experts within the city was growing weaker and weaker. Because there were truly too many wolves, and a new pack would immediately charge over once one had just died….

Countless cultivators had charged up onto the city walls to protect the city. These included the students of the academy, the army of the city, and many independent cultivators.

All of them were very well aware that the outcome they would face if the demon beasts breached the city was death!

Below the walls and within the city was a group of over 80 that were kneeling in a row. Such a scene caused countless people who were defending the city to be unable to help but shoot their gazes over in that direction.

Those 80 plus people were naturally Leng Yuran and the others!

Why was Yang Ye punished?

They knew why! Yang Ye had been punished because he sought justice for them! They were unable to use their strength to save Yang Ye when they had to face the entire academy, so this was the only way they could try to help.

Yu Wushuang who knelt on the ground on the left of the first row prodded Yu Wujiao with her elbow and said, “Big Sister, weren’t you not going to kneel?”

Yu Wujiao’s face turned slightly red, and then she glared fiercely at Yu Wushuang, “I don’t want to owe anyone a favor or my life. While I can’t stand the sight of him, it’s a fact that he saved both of us. So, I… I….” As she finished speaking, Yu Wujiao was at a loss for words!

Yu Wushuang was quite nice and immediately gave her a way out of the awkward situation, “We have to do something for him, right?”

Yu Wujiao hurriedly nodded!

“How truly laughable!” Suddenly, cold laughter resounded from afar. They looked over to its source and saw 2 inner court students walking over from afar.

The inner court student on the left who held a sword glanced coldly at Leng Yuran and the others, and then he laughed coldly, “That fellow, Ye Yang, killed the students of my inner court and committed such heinous crimes, yet all of you actually dream of pleading for mercy on his behalf! How truly laughable! If all of you are students of the academy, then pick up your weapons and fight with us, not kneel here and plead for mercy for a heinous criminal!”

“What bullshit!” Hao Shuaibo spoke furiously. Hei Sha who knelt by his side nudged him and said, “Don’t be so uncivilized!” 

“My ass!” Hao Shuaibo stood up and pointed at those inner court students as he spoke with rage, “Why didn’t you speak about how we’re students of the academy when we weren’t allowed to enter the city earlier? All of you stood by idly then. Did all of you ever think about how we’re students of the academy? If it wasn’t for Boss Ye, then we would have been fucking transformed into a pile of mush. So, you’re asking us to defend the city? Defend my ass!”

“You’re courting death!” The inner court student who held a sword was furious. He immediately pointed his sword at Hao Shuaibo and was about to attack. However, the others behind Hao Shuaibo immediately stood up and surrounded those inner court students, and all of them stared fixedly at the inner court student with the sword. Obviously, they would definitely swarm him if he were to dare to attack!

Meanwhile, the other inner court students on the city walls noticed this scene, and they leaped down and stood before Leng Yuran and the others.

At this moment, they were in confrontation. However, Leng Yuran and the others were at a complete disadvantage when it came to their respective auras. After all, the inner court students weren’t just completely superior in numbers to Leng Yuran and the others, they were an entire realm stronger than Leng Yuran and the others as well!

The student holding a sword was instantly filled with confidence, and he pointed his sword at Leng Yuran and the others as he spoke angrily, “Aren’t all of you really arrogant? Why don’t you show me how arrogant you are? Come on! Show me!”

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “Since he said that, then what are all of you waiting for?”

Leng Yuran and the others were slightly stunned when they heard this voice. They turned around to look towards its source, and they saw a person standing there. It was naturally Yang Ye!

Leng Yuran and the others were immediately overjoyed. They paid no further attention to the inner court students, and they ran over to Yang Ye and started hugging him one by one.

As for the inner court students, their expressions had changed and seemed like they’d seen a ghost. It was especially so for that inner court student who held a sword. His sword was already on the ground.

A short while passed before only Xia Bingwei and Yu Wujiao hadn’t hugged Yang Ye. Xia Bingwei had naturally not hugged him because she was afraid of him, as for Yu Wujiao, it was because she refused to give in. So, how could she possibly take the initiative to hug Yang Ye?

However, Yang Ye had no intention of letting them go. He walked over to them and hugged them lightly before he said, “It’s a purely friendly hug!” He moved away once he finished speaking.

Both their faces turned slightly red. Xia Bingwei glanced at Yang Ye while the fear within her eyes had lessened quite a bit. As for Yu Wujiao, she glared at him out of embarrassment.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to them. He walked over to the inner court students instead. Their expressions changed once more when they saw Yang Ye walking towards them, and they couldn’t help but move backward.

“You… you… you actually dared to leave without permission!” The man who held a sword earlier gazed at Yang Ye while trying hard to maintain his composure, but his hands still couldn’t help but tremble.

They were truly terrified of Yang Ye. After all, he’d killed a few dozen students just like that without the slightest restraint, and he’d even dared to beat up their instructor.

Yang Ye was a devil in their hearts, an utter devil!

“Didn’t you ask us to act arrogantly? I’ll do it right now, alright?” Yang Ye started walking towards the man, and every single step he took caused the inner court students to take a step back.

At this moment, they didn’t dare at attack no matter how bold they were. Because they firmly believed that that man who was walking towards them would definitely not hold back if they dared to attack him!

That student’s face had turned pale, “You….”

Meanwhile, the inner court’s instructor, the beautiful woman whom Yang Ye had fought earlier appeared in front of those inner court students.

All of them instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw her.

She gazed at Yang Ye while Yang Ye gazed at her as well. While he hadn’t come here to cause trouble, he would definitely beat her up if she dared to attack him!

She said, “Is it fun to bully those who are weaker than you?”

“It’s completely meaningless!” Yang Ye said, “Actually, I don’t feel like fighting any one of the people here, including you. However, they just have to constantly offend me. Just like this time, if I hadn’t come here, then wouldn’t your students have relied on their strength and numbers to bully my students?”

The woman spoke in a low voice, “It’s very normal for students to spar with each other, and it’s something that the academy approves of! Just ask my students, which one of them hadn’t been bullied by other inner court students when they were still outer court students? Now that they’re inner court students, which one of them hasn’t been bullied by members of the secret court?”

The woman pointed at Leng Yuran and the others, “If you don’t want to be bullied, then you have to work hard on becoming stronger, and not look for the support and backing of others. If we’re talking about backing and support, then I can get 2 Saints to help me right now. At that time, can I kill all of you?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

The woman continued, “Only in such an environment would these students be able to grow stronger and not grow weaker instead. Because you’re bullied for being weak, and you’ll suffer beatings for being weak! If every instructor acts like you, and they stand up for their students when they’re bullied, then wouldn’t it be better for all the instructors to gather together and fight each other? What’s the point of asking the students to work hard? After all, they can avoid being bullied by having a strong instructor!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

When he noticed that she intended to continue, Yang Ye hurriedly spoke, “Stop, I was wrong. I think that everything you said makes sense. Students really do need pressure and motivation. If I help them deal with everything, then they really won’t be able to grow. So, I won’t stand up for them in the future!”

The woman glanced at him with a wisp of surprise when she heard him. Obviously, she hadn’t expected him to admit his mistakes. As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was definitely someone who would think highly of himself after regaining his freedom.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the city walls started trembling. All of their expressions changed, and they flashed onto the city walls.

Yang Ye flashed onto the city wall as well while Leng Yuran and the others followed closely behind him.

Beneath the city walls was a boundless ocean of wolves. They came in all sizes, but many were very huge. The largest was almost 300m tall and around half the height of the city walls. There weren’t many huge wolves like that, and there were only around 100 of them. However, every single one of them was a high rank Half-Saint!

Moreover, the damage they caused to the city walls was extremely terrifying as every single collision caused numerous cracks to appear on the city walls!

The beautiful woman suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “Hey, do you dare to make a bet with me?”

Yang Ye asked, “What bet?”

“Let’s compete to see if your outer court or my inner court kills more demon beasts. We’ll use the inner cores as proof, alright?” She continued, “The time limit is one day!”

“Do you think that’s fair?” asked Yang Ye. After all, the number of inner court students far surpassed the outer court, and their strengths far surpassed them as well. So, only a fool would accept that bet!

There was a slightly provocative gaze in her eyes as she said, “Each demon beast killed by your outer court will be counter as 2. Do you dare now?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “What’s the wager?”

“The men on the losing side will have to run naked around the city. As for the women, they have to wash the undergarments of the men on the winning side for 10 days!” She gazed at him and spoke flatly, “Including both of us. Do you dare?”

“Do you dare!?”

“They’re just a bunch of people who’ve never seen blood and battle. How could they dare to accept?”

“Why don’t… why don’t we consider each demon beast you kill as 100? Hahaha!”

The inner court students behind the woman immediately started making noise, but none of them dared to gaze at Yang Ye and provoked the group behind Yang Ye with their gazes instead.

“Boss! Agree to it! What the fuck are we afraid of!?”

“Agree to it! Let’s fight them!”


After all, they didn’t like each other, and the inner court’s students were even provoking them now, so how could they endure it? They immediately started shouting for Yang Ye to agree.

A slight smile appeared on the corners of the woman’s mouth when she heard them, “Ready the formation! Starfall!”

As soon as she finished speaking, all the inner court students immediately formed strange seals. In next to no time, numerous dazzling balls of energy actually appeared in the sky, and it was like an array of stars!

In the next moment, those thousands of balls of energy rained down to the ground!


Almost a thousand demon beasts lost their lives in an instant.

The outer court students behind Yang Ye were stunned, and the face of the fellow who shouted the loudest earlier, Hao Shuaibo, had completely stiffened.

Yang Ye’s expression turned slightly unnatural as well. A short while passed before he turned around to look at them, “It was all of you who agreed to it. It’s none of my business….”

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