Chapter 909 – Fearless!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Boss! Quickly think of a way. Otherwise, we’ll really have to start running naked!” Hao Shuaibo laughed bitterly while the others behind him did the same. They’d never imagined that the inner court students’ formation would actually be so powerful. Otherwise, not to mention considering one kill as two, they wouldn’t dare to agree if one kill was considered as give!

“I don’t want to wash their clothes!” Yu Wushuang walked over to Yang Ye’s side and said, “Quickly think of a way out of this situation for us.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he pointed at the army of wolves and said, “Let’s head down there!”

Head down there? All of them were stunned, and then they shot a glance at the area outside the city walls. A chill instantly ran down their spines when they saw the dense ocean of wolves there.

Hao Shuaibo laughed dryly and said, “Boss, are you joking?”

Yang Ye replied, “They have their formation, so they can kill from above the city walls. But do we? We don’t. We have to head down there if we want to kill the demon beasts. Of course, if all of you don’t dare, then you can just surrender and go run around naked.”

“I’ll do it!” Meanwhile, Yu Wujiao stepped forward. She glanced at the group of inner court students and said, “I don’t want to wash those bastards’ clothes!” As soon as she finished speaking, she glanced at Hao Shuaibo and the others, “If all of you are men, then stop fucking hesitating and just be a man. Don’t act like we haven’t faced so many demon beasts!”

“I’ll do it as well!” Li Maozhen stepped forward, “I’m too shy to do something like running naked!”

“Me too!” Feng Wuchao stepped forward as well, “Moreover, I don’t want Bingwei to wash someone else’s clothes.”

It didn’t take long for more and more to step forward.

“Boss, do you have some sort of trump card?” Hao Shuaibo walked over to Yang Ye’s side and grinned.

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “The inner court’s instructor is right, there are many things that you have to rely on yourself to accomplish. So, while I’ll help later, I’ll only be killing demon beasts and not protecting all of you. If you don’t want to die, then fight with all your strength. Don’t worry, I’ll kill a few more demon beasts to avenge all of you if you die!”

All of them were at a loss for words.

“Let’s go!” Yang Ye flipped his palm and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. He suddenly stomped his right foot against the city walls, and then his figure leaped off from them. Yang Ye shouted in midair as he grabbed the Herculean Sword with both hands and swung it down.

A ray of sword energy surged out from the tip of the Herculean Sword!


A few hundred demon beasts were instantly annihilated!

“Kill!” Hao Shuaibo and the others’ blood instantly started boiling when they witnessed this scene, and then they leaped off the walls and followed behind Yang Ye.

Hao Shuaibo arrived at the edge of the city wall and was about to leap off when he suddenly frowned, “We can only leave but can’t enter through the formation. How will we get back later?”

Hao Shuaibo had just finished speaking when Hei Sha’s voice resounded from behind him, “What’s with all the crap!?”

As soon as Hei Sha finished speaking, Hao Shuaibo felt a huge amount of force come from behind him, and then his figure was blasted off the city walls!

The inner court students were stunned when they saw Yang Ye and the others jumping off the city walls. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye and the others would actually dare to fight outside the city. My god! There’s an army of countless demon beasts down there! Aren’t they afraid of death!?

The beautiful woman gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and said, “What a madman!”

After they leaped off the city walls, they immediately did as they’d done before this. They converged together with their backs against each other. Yang Ye led the group while Li Maozhen and the others stayed closely behind him.

Actually, if it was under normal circumstances, then not to mention killing demon beasts, even the imposing aura of these demon beasts would be sufficient to crush them. However, the auras of the demon beasts were useless towards them because of Yang Ye’s presence. Because the aura emanated from the demon beasts was nothing before the suppression of Yang Ye’s 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent!

Moreover, the oppressive effects of his sword intent even caused the combat strength of the demon beasts to fall by quite an amount. Besides that, some Exalt Realm demon beasts didn’t even dare to charge forward. As for the comparatively weaker demon beasts, they were in worse states. Not to mention fighting, then couldn’t even stand still beneath the pressure from Yang Ye’s sword intent!

It wasn’t just the sword intent, Yang Ye had let the dragon and the violet mink out as well. The effects of both their bloodlines caused many wolf demons with comparatively weaker strengths to be unable to fight back at all, and only those demon beasts at the Half-Saint Realm could resist their bloodline pressure!

So, a strange scene had appeared on the battlefield. A group of over 80 was actually slaughtering their way through the army of demon beasts.

“Are… are those demon beasts going easy on them?” The inner court students on the city walls were stunned. As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye and the others were courting death. However, the facts proved that not only were they not courting death, they were even able to slaughter their way through the army.

The beautiful woman was shocked as well while she gazed at Yang Ye who seemed like a god of war. She wasn’t just shocked by Yang Ye’s strength, she was stunned by his courage as well. After all, even if someone was confident in his own ability, that person would absolutely not dare to take the students down there as well. After all, it was no different than playing with their lives.

But Yang Ye dared to do so!

“Forget about them and continue killing!” The beautiful woman withdrew her gaze and spoke coldly. After all, the amount of demon beasts that Yang Ye’s group had killed was on the verge of catching up to their own, and she didn’t want to wash Yang Ye’s clothes.

Yu Wushuang ran over to Yang Ye’s side and asked in a low voice, “What’s your plan?”

Yang Ye killed a demon beast with a single swing of his sword, and then he turned to look at Yu Wushuang as he answered in a puzzled tone, “What plan?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “You definitely had a plan when you led us down here, right?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “There is no plan!”

Yu Wushuang’s face instantly darkened, “Have you thought about how we’ll get back later?”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard her, and then he said, “Right! I would have forgotten about that if you didn’t ask me that question. How will we get back?”

Yu Wushuang’s face instantly warped upon hearing him.

Yang Ye waved his sword again, and those demon beasts that charged towards him were instantly slashed into two. He turned around to gaze at Yu Wushuang and grinned, “Do you know? People are most likely to bring forth all their potential at the instant of life and death. See that? While their cultivations are weaker than those demon beasts, and their numbers are far inferior to the demon beasts, many of them are able to kill those demon beasts which are stronger than them. Do you know why?”

Yu Wushuang pondered deeply for a moment and spoke solemnly, “Courage, confidence, and fearlessness!”

Yang Ye nodded, “It’s fine for one to lack strength, but one can absolutely not do without courage and confidence. There are very few Saints in this world. Why is that? Because very few have the courage and confidence to fight the heavens. Many lack courage and confidence not because they lack strength, it’s because there’s fear in their hearts. The only way to overcome that fear is to allow one’s self to be reborn in a moment of life and death. When death is unavoidable unless they fight, then their desire to survive would overcome that fear and cowardice in their hearts!”

When he spoke up to this point, he glanced at the others behind him and said, “The 1st class I’m teaching today is to overcome yourself. I’m teaching you to overcome the cowardice and fear in your hearts!”

Yang Ye shot off ahead, and countless wolves in his path were blasted flying.

Yu Wushuang gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she sighed softly, “I wonder if it’s a blessing or a disaster to have that fellow as our instructor….”

Obviously, Yang Ye’s strength was absolutely sufficient to be their instructor, but his character was the problem. He didn’t do anything according to convention and acted quite willfully instead. Just like this very moment, he’d thought of how this decision could temper their courage, so he’d led them down here. As for their way out, he hadn’t given it any thought at all!

“Roar!” Suddenly, a loud roar resounded from afar. The wolves around Yang Ye’s group moved aside and a completely pure white wolf appeared before them.

The white wolf wasn’t very large, or it should be said to be comparatively small as if it wasn’t an adult wolf. However, it was a high rank Half-Saint! Its entire body was snow white, including its claws. So, it absolutely seemed completely harmless if based solely on its outward appearance. However, one wouldn’t think that way upon looking at its eyes. After all, boundless viciousness was surging with its eyes!

Moreover, there was a black robed woman riding on the white wolf’s back.

She was a high rank Half-Saint as well!

The black robed woman asked, “Are you Shangguan Yunhai?”

Yang Ye’s gaze swept through both the woman and the wolf, and then he gazed at the violet mink and said, “Take them back to the city gates!”

The violet mink nodded and waved her claw, and then countless strands of violet energy enveloped Hao Shuaibo and the others before they appeared in front of the city gates.

Yang Ye shot another glance at the white wolf and the woman, and then he flashed over to the city gates. This time, no one dared to keep the city gates closed, and Hao Shuaibo and the others immediately entered the city under Yang Ye’s orders. As for Yang Ye, he naturally couldn’t enter as well because he had to stop the demon beasts that were charging towards them!

Once they’d entered the city, Yang Ye was just about to flash in as well. However, his pupils suddenly constricted because the shadow on the ground behind him had suddenly started wriggling before the black robed woman appeared right behind him. At the same time, a dagger swept towards his neck at a speed which he couldn’t dodge at all!


A strand of blood sprayed out into the air!

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