Chapter 911 – Zi’er!

Almighty Sword Domain

Once she saw the violet mink keeping the white wolf busy and Yang Ye charging towards You Wuying, Shang Qingying immediately flashed into the sky above the city walls, and then she formed a strange seal as she shouted, “Inner court students, take your places. Divine Lightning Armageddon!”

As soon as she finished speaking, many inner court students immediately formed seals. In an instant, numerous bolts of lighting tore through the clouds and rained down from the sky.

Every single bolt of lightning obliterated at least a few hundred demon beasts. They possessed extremely shocking might.

However, it didn’t take long for the countenances of those students to start turning pale.

Outside the city walls, Yang Ye immediately entered into battle with You Wuying.

No demon beast dared to interfere in their battle, and no demon beast could!


A huge explosion resounded as Yang Ye and You Wuying split apart, and a powerful wave of energy swept swiftly through the surroundings. Some demon beasts who couldn’t dodge in time were instantly blasted into mush by it!

Countless demon beasts didn’t dare to get close to Yang Ye and You Wuying when they witnessed this scene, and they moved aside and created a huge space for their battle.

You Wuying held a dagger in her grasp as she walked towards Yang Ye, “You’re the only person who has been able to stay alive for so long against me while only at the Monarch Realm. Needless to say, you’re very strong. If you attain the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm in the future, then perhaps both of us can truly fight each other, but you’re still too weak now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, You Wuying vanished on the spot. At the same time, Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly as he raised the Herculean Sword.


A clear and melodious sound of metal colliding resounded. Yang Ye was pushed backwards repeatedly, but there was no one in front of him!

In the next moment, Yang Ye swiftly turned around and the Herculean Sword swept forward horizontally.


A loud explosion resounded, and the direction Yang Ye moved backwards towards changed.

If someone else was here, that person would notice that there was no one in front or behind Yang Ye. Yang Ye seemed to be fighting with the air, and it was an extremely bizarre sight!

Just like that, the battle continued for around 15 minutes. Yang Ye was completely suppressed during this time. Not only was he unable to fight back, there were even a few dozen injuries throughout his body!


A strand of sword intent surged out from within Yang Ye, and the battle between him and You Wuying immediately stopped.

You Wuying was suddenly standing 30m away from Yang Ye. She gazed at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently, “3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent is formidable indeed. However, if that’s all you’ve got, then a year from now will be the anniversary of your death!”

Yang Ye looked down at his shadow, and then he chuckled, “I know why you can come and go without a trace now. So it was my shadow. If I’m not wrong, then your Law should be related to shadows… no, it should be related to the night. Because I noticed that your strength would multiply by at least 10 times during our battle when there was no light hitting you!”

“The Laws of Darkness!” You Wuying walked towards Yang Ye again and said, “Anywhere without light is my territory!”

As soon as she finished speaking, You Wuying’s figure vanished on the spot. This time, Yang Ye had already taken precautions, so his gaze had descended onto his shadow at the instant she vanished. Just as he expected, his shadow actually transformed into a woman. That woman was You Wuying!

Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly vanished on the spot. However, You Wuying was still behind him like a ghost.

Yang Ye didn’t choose to continue fighting her. He transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the distance, and it only took an instant for both Yang Ye and You Wuying to vanish.

Yang Ye stopped once he left the wolf army. At this moment, it was night, and coupled with the dense forest around him, even the moonlight couldn’t illuminate the area. So, it was pitch black darkness that surrounded him.

You Wuying didn’t attack again, and she just stood not too far away from Yang Ye. There was a trace of bewilderment in her eyes as she said, “There isn’t even a trace of light here. My strength would be much stronger here, and even your sword intent wouldn’t be able to protect you. I’m really curious why you’ve done this!”

A smile curled onto the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he said, “Because I would only be able to reveal my strength without any worries at a place like this!”

“Oh?” You Wuying’s brows rose up as she said, “I’m really curious about exactly what trump card it is that has given you such confidence and courage. Why don’t you let me see it?”

“Alright!” Yang Ye took a step forward, and then everything in the surroundings suddenly went still. The wolf howls from afar had vanished, the clamorous noise in the surroundings had vanished as well, and even the whistling of the wind was gone.

It was deathly silent.

“A… Domain….” You Wuying’s intermittent voice suddenly appeared amidst the darkness, and her voice wasn’t as calm as it used to be. It carried astonishment within it!

In next to no time, everything returned to normal, and both of them were still standing on the same spot.

A moment of silence ensued.


Yang Ye’s clothes suddenly split apart as countless strands of blood sprayed from his body and instantly covering him in blood.

“The Sword Domain…. The Laws of Speed….” You Wuying gazed at Yang Ye while shock and disbelief filled her eyes. It didn’t take long for the color in her eyes to dim down, and then there was no more color left in her eyes. At the same time, a strand of blood sprayed from her throat.

“I still underestimated my opponent!” Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly. Actually, while You Wuying was dead, she’d almost killed him just now. Yes, she’d almost killed him even while facing the Sword Domain and Laws of Speed. He hadn’t expected that her Laws of Darkness would actually have been terrifying to the point she’d been almost able to struggle free from his Sword Domain!

At that instant, he truly experienced how terrifying the Laws of Darkness was. The entire darkness of the night was transformed into a terrifying force, and that force was simply omnipresent. If he didn’t have the Sword Domain to suppress it, then he would have been minced apart by that force just now!

Even if he had the Sword Domain to suppress it, he still suffered heavy injuries!

Besides that, he would have definitely died if he relied solely on the Sword Domain and didn’t possess the Laws of Speed. Because the strength of her Laws of Darkness had surpassed the endurance of his Sword Domain. Of course, it didn’t mean that the Sword Domain was weaker than her Laws of Darkness, it was because his cultivation was much weaker than her. The main reason his Sword Domain wasn’t able to suppress her Laws of Darkness was the gap between their realms of cultivation!

He was at the low rank of the Monarch Realm while she was a high rank Half-Saint!

Of course, that was no excuse!

If he had taken her seriously earlier and didn’t choose such a disadvantageous location to fight her, then perhaps he would be injured, but he would have absolutely not have almost lost his life!

Simply speaking, he’d courted death a little!

Fortunately, it allowed him to understand something. He wasn’t invincible even if he possessed the Sword Domain and the energy of the Laws. Besides that, he realized that his cultivation was still too low. Perhaps his low cultivation didn’t affect the outcome when he faced some ordinary high rank Half-Saints, but the gap between their cultivations would be obvious when he faced true experts like You Wuying!

A long time passed before Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he walked over to her corpse and waved his right hand. He placed her corpse within the ancient sheath but didn’t return immediately to the city. He chose to sit down cross-legged and recuperate first.

He was very well aware of the ability that the violet mink possessed. Even if she wasn’t a match for the white wolf, even 10 experts like that white wolf wouldn’t be able to catch her if she decided to flee!

Two hours later, Yang Ye’s injuries had practically fully healed under the effects of his violet profound energy. However, he still ceaselessly withdrew extreme-grade energy stones and absorbed them. Because he was on the verge of advancing!

He’d finally understood how important his cultivation was after he experienced that battle just now. At the very least, the might of his Sword Domain would increase along with his cultivation. If he was a Half-Saint just now, then she would have been absolutely incapable of doing anything to his Sword Domain even if her Laws of Darkness were two times stronger than before!

He had to improve his cultivation!

Time passed by slowly.

When he’d almost exhausted all the extreme-grade energy stones he possessed, an imposing aura surged out from within Yang Ye, and it obliterated everything around him!

Yang Ye stood up and let out a breath of foul air!

He was at the mid rank of the Monarch Realm now!

Actually, the realm of cultivation was the foundation of one’s strength. If one didn’t possess a sufficient cultivation, then it would be useless even if that person possessed a Domain, the energy of the Laws, or Divine Rank techniques! After all, all of those things required a certain realm of cultivation to be utilized!

Once I’m done with the matters here, I must enter closed door cultivation and advance to the high rank of the Monarch Realm! Yang Ye decided in his heart. The black robed woman’s strength was absolutely terrifying, but even then, she was inferior to Lou Qianxiao. So, he could imagine how terrifying Lou Qianxiao’s strength was! If he didn’t improve his strength as soon as possible, then how would he fight Lou Qianxiao?

In Yang Ye’s opinion, since Sky Divine Hall had forced An Nanjing to marry Lou Qianxiao, then Sky Divine Hall was his enemy!

Moreover, he’d killed so many members of Sky Divine Hall now, and he’d even killed Lou Qianxiao’s wife. So, Sky Divine Hall would definitely not let him go!

As for who would kill who, that would depend on their respective strengths!

Suddenly, an indescribable feeling of terror suddenly appeared in the depths of Yang Ye’s heart, and he instantly felt sharp pain coming from his heart. It simply felt like his heart had been stabbed by a blade!


Yang Ye was horrified, and he immediately utilized the Laws of Speed to rush towards the city.

In less than a hundredth of a breath of time, Yang Ye’s figure was below the city, and the scene before him caused his eyes to instantly turn blood red.

In the sky above Ocean of Clouds City, the violet mink’s enormous body was bound by pitch black chains that were thick like buckets, and a yellow robed young man was standing at the other end of the chain.

Meanwhile, the white wolf was swinging its claws crazily at the violet mink while countless blood red injuries covered the violet mink’s body. Even the violet mink’s fur had turned completely blood red!

Moreover, one of the violet mink’s wings was nowhere to be seen!

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