Chapter 912 - Madness!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Beast! Will you surrender or not!” The yellow robed young man raised the iron chain and swung it down, causing the violet mink to instantly smash against the ground and let out a sorrowful howl. As for the white wolf, it seized the opportunity to leap over and slap its claw against the violet mink.


A pillar of blood instantly sprayed from the violet mink, and it let out another miserable howl!

A wisp of ferocity arose on the corners of the yellow robed young man’s mouth, and he was just about to attack again. However, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, and the young man was slightly stunned because he hadn’t even seen how the figure had appeared before him.

The figure was naturally Yang Ye!

The young man was just about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly raised his leg and kicked the young man between the legs. Moreover, he’d utilized the Laws of Speed when he launched that kick, so the young man wasn’t even able to react before Yang Ye’s foot kicked his balls apart!

“NOOO!!!” The young man’s entire face twisted and warped as his figure crashed down to the ground.


Meanwhile, the white wolf suddenly howled and was about to continue hitting the violet mink. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of it. At this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes were crimson red while blood red strands of baleful energy were surging out incessantly from within him. The white wolf actually couldn’t help but take a step back when facing such baleful energy!

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he instantly appeared above the white wolf while the Herculean Sword smashed down against the white wolf’s head.


The howl of pain resounded as the white wolf was struck flat on the ground. It was just about to stand up again when Yang Ye’s sword smashed against it once more.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everyone here in all the demon beasts watched as the white wolf ceaselessly howled sorrowfully on the ground. As for Yang Ye, they weren’t able to catch sight of him at all because he was truly too swift. He was swift to the point that those with comparatively weaker strengths weren’t even able to catch sight of his shadow!

It didn’t take long for the other demon beasts to recover from their shock, and they charged at Yang Ye.

“Fuck off!” A voice that carried boundless baleful energy and the intent to kill swept out, and it was followed by a dazzling ray of sword energy. The sword energy swept out like a crescent and thousands of demon beasts in its path were instantly slashed into 2. For some unknown reason, the sword energy actually didn’t disperse after it slaughtered a few thousand demon beasts, and it just continued forward until it went beyond everyone’s fields of vision.

On the ground behind the path of the sword energy was a long line of corpses, and there were tens of thousands of them! 

At this moment, not a single demon beast dared to charge forward!

Since none dared to charge forward again, the explosions started resounding once more.

This time, the white wolf wasn’t able to let out any howls anymore, but it wasn’t dead either. However, every single bone in its bone had been hammered into pieces.

“This is his strength?” Shang Qingying and the others were shocked by Yang Ye’s actions. Obviously, they hadn’t expected Yang Ye’s strength to be terrifying to such an extent. After all, he’d completely crushed a high rank Half-Saint.

They’d witnessed how terrifying that high rank Half-Saint, the white wolf, was earlier, and it was simply beyond terrifying. However, it was like a helpless sheep before Yang Ye, and it couldn’t even fight back!

Shang Qingying watched the scene outside the city walls for a long time before she spoke softly, “The energy of the Laws. So he comprehended the Laws of Speed. No wonder….”

A long time passed before she withdrew her gaze, and then she gazed at Yu Wushuang, “Can you ask him to keep that white wolf alive? That’s the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s son. If we’re able to capture him, then I….”

Yu Wushuang glanced coldly at her and said, “Do you want to die?”

Shang Qingying’s beautiful brows were pressed slightly together as she said, “What’re you trying to say!?”

Yu Wushuang gazed at the violent mink and said, “I hadn’t expected that demon beast to actually be so important to him…. Haven’t you realized? He’s on the verge of losing his mind. You might not be aware of it, but because the Dao Order captured those two sisters from the Fan Clan, he was so angry that he went straight to the Dao Order and caused it to be completely disgraced. This time, it’s much more serious than that day. He’s truly furious now…. I don’t doubt it in the slightest that if he was a Saint right now, then he would definitely slaughter every single wolf on the mountain range….”

She’s investigated Yang Ye, and she knew quite a bit about his temper. He was someone who acted according to his heart, and the slightest displeasure would transform him into a god of death who killed anyone that stood in his way! Such a character was naturally not good, but it was definitely the most terrifying. Especially when Yang Ye possessed a certain level of strength.

Shang Qingying fell silent. She knew that Yu Wushuang was right. She didn’t know Yang Ye well, but she did understand his temper a little. She felt that he was a madman, a complete madman. Especially when he was angry. She had no doubt that he was truly angry right now!

Shang Qingying glanced at Yang Ye and sighed softly while a trace of worry could be seen in her eyes. Yang Ye’s strength and potential was absolutely undeniable, but the problem was that his character was a huge problem. Because he completely disregarded the consequences once he was angry. After all, those who were too impulsive usually died the earliest, so one with such a character usually didn’t live for long.

Outside the city walls, the white wolf had returned to its ordinary size, and it was on the verge of death as it laid weakly on the ground. The bones throughout its body had been shattered. During this period, countless demon beasts had tried to charge over and save the white wolf, but all of them were annihilated without exception before they could even get close to the white wolf. Moreover, it even included some Half-Saint Realm demon beasts!

While there were millions of demon beasts here, not a single one dared to charge forward again. Because charging forward was equivalent to death.

The yellow robed man was still ceaselessly howling on the ground, and the area between his legs was completely scarlet red now….

“Mmm….” Suddenly, a soft sound resounded.

As soon as that sound resounded, everyone here immediately shot their gazes at Yang Ye. At this moment, Yang Ye was standing on the white wolf’s head while he used both his hands to raise a huge sword high above the white wolf’s head, and it was about to descend towards the white wolf.

It wasn’t just the demon beasts that were horrified by the sight of Yang Ye right now and moved backwards successively, even Yu Wushuang and the others on the city walls were shocked by Yang Ye’s current appearance.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body emanated a strange red glow. The red glow was extremely dazzling and beautiful, yet it seemed like it was ready to swallow its enemies. Besides that, Yang Ye’s eyes were crimson red like a pool of blood. It was an extremely terrifying sight!

Moreover, his sleeves had shattered apart while cracks seemed to have formed spiderwebs all over his arms, and blood was ceaselessly seeping out from those cracks.

Yang Ye tossed the Herculean Sword aside, and then turned around and walked to the violet mink. The violet mink had returned to her normal size. But even though she’d returned to her normal size, the pitch black chains were still coiled around her.

Yang Ye took her in her arms while his gaze seemed slightly blank, and he placed his hands on the black chains. A wave of heat instantly covered his hands when he touched it, and his palms were instantly burnt. However, he didn’t let go, and he slowly pulled. But the black chains still remained intact even after he’d used all his strength.

“That’s a high-grade Saint Rank Soulshackle Chain! You can’t break it! You can’t break it! Hahaha! No matter who you are, you’re dead! My older brother, Lou Qianxiao, will kill you, he’ll kill you! You’re dead! Hahaha!” The yellow robed man gazed resentfully at Yang Ye while he laid there on the ground, and he laughed savagely. However, while he was laughing, his face was covered in pain.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the man and just continued exerting his strength. It didn’t take long for the black chains to start vanishing bit by bit. In less than a few breaths of time, the entire black chain had vanished.

“How… how could that be possible? You….” The yellow robed man gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief. He seemed to want to say something, but his vision suddenly darkened as sharp pain came from his face. After that, his figure was blasted over 1km back!

After the black chains vanished, Yang Ye’s hands and body started to tremble. Because the violet mink’s weak and delicate body was covered in injuries. She was fully covered in injuries without even a single gap between them! The violet mink’s violet fur was blood red right now, and blood was still seeping out incessantly from her….

Yang Ye slowly placed his hands on her body, but her figure instantly shivered, causing Yang Ye to quickly pull his hands back. As he gazed at her current state, 2 streams of tears poured out from Yang Ye’s eyes, and the tears started to surge more and more. In the end, Yang Ye actually started sobbing loudly like a child….

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