Chapter 916 – I Intend To Give It A Try Today!

Almighty Sword Domain

Even though there wasn’t a trace of light in the room, Yang Ye was able to sense everything within this pitch black environment!

That was why the Sword Domain was so terrifying!

He was practically one with everything within the Sword Domain.

Now, he’d realized that the Sword Domain had another ability, and it was the ability to replicate! The reason he was able to comprehend the Laws of Speed was precisely the Sword Domain.

Of course, if it was anyone else, then even if that person could comprehend a Domain, it would be absolutely impossible for that person to replicate another’s techniques or Laws. Unless that person was capable of refining their opponents into Sword Servants like he could.

There were a myriad of Laws in the world, and every single one of them had their own secrets and characteristics. In the end, they achieved the same goal through different means. Of course, it didn’t mean that once one comprehended a type of Law, one could utilize the same method of comprehension to comprehend another completely different Law. However, if one was able to experience the profundities of a Law, then it would absolutely not be impossible to comprehend that Law!

It was like how a teacher taught a technique. If the teacher merely displayed it once and asked his pupils to learn it, then unless those pupils were monstrous geniuses, otherwise it would be absolutely impossible for them to succeed. However, if that same teacher was willing to teach them without holding anything back, then so long as his pupils weren’t too stupid, it was only a matter of time before they learned it!

At this moment, You Wuying was Yang Ye’s teacher!

What was darkness?

To explain it in simple terms, darkness was a place without light. However, its true meaning was far from just that. There would be 2 forms of energy within a place without light. One was Dark Matter, and the other was Dark Energy. Dark Matter represented those that were initially dark and without any light. They were things that were always dark, like shadows….

Dark Matter could be utilized. Just like how You Wuying utilized his own shadow to attack him. Because his shadow was formed from Dark Matter!

As for Dark Energy, Dark Energy was even more terrifying than Dark Matter, and it could devour Dark Matter. For example, there wasn’t a single trace a light here right now, and the room was pitch black. This darkness was considered Dark Energy, so Yang Ye’s shadow had been completely devoured by the darkness. Of course, his shadow was still there, but it was completely hidden beneath the darkness!

That wasn’t the most terrifying aspect of Dark Energy!

At this moment, the surroundings were pitch black, and that pitch black darkness was considered Dark Energy. Such Dark Energy could be utilized against one’s opponents.

The reason Yang Ye had still been heavily injured even when he’d activated his Sword Domain was because You Wuying had utilized all the Dark Energy around them to launch a frenzied attack against him at the last moment.

How terrifying was that Dark Energy? In any case, his Sword Domain hadn’t been able to fully suppress it.

Up until now, Yang Ye had seen 4 types of Laws. The Decay Laws, the Laws of Speed, the Laws of Darkness, and the Laws of Yin and Yang. He had no doubt that his Decay Laws and Nether Maiden’s Laws of Yin and Yang were the strongest. As for the Laws of Speed and Laws of Darkness, they would definitely be decayed in an instant upon coming into contact with his Laws of Decay. Moreover, besides his Sword Domain, he’d never seen any other force capable of surpassing his Decay Laws while in the same realm of cultivation….

The Laws of Speed was formidable because of its speed, and he could completely crush some high rank Half-Saints by utilizing the Laws of Speed. It was even to the extent that some high rank Half-Saints couldn’t even fight back.

As for the Laws of Darkness, it was formidable because it was mysterious. If it was used in assassinations, then it would definitely be even more terrifying than 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent which was fused into space!

Of course, the precondition was comprehending it successfully.

Just like that, Yang Ye completely isolated himself from the outside world and locked himself with his room while he constantly observed You Wuying utilize the Laws of Darkness.

Ocean of Clouds City had temporarily become slightly peaceful because the army had retreated.

However, the shadow of death still loomed above their heads.

It made sense for them to be worried. Because once the Saints in the sky above decided the outcome of their battles, it would decide the fate of Ocean of Clouds City and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. If the Saints of the city won, then they would be safe; but if the Saints of the mountain range won, then they would obviously face annihilation!

After all, the demon beasts would definitely not show them any pity or mercy!

The City Governor’s Estate of Ocean of Clouds City.

At this moment, there were 3 groups of people in the hall. One was the group of inner court and outer court students led by Shang Qingying, another was the group of students from the secret court led by a white robed man, and the last group was composed of the local powers of the city and was led by an old man.

Strictly speaking, Ocean of Clouds City was a subordinate power of Ocean of Clouds Academy. However, Ocean of Clouds City was developing as well, and a group of powers had been established within it. Of course, these powers still had to follow the leadership of the academy. The academy had Saints, but the city didn’t. So, no matter who assumed the position of governor of the city, and no matter how strong the forces in the city became, they didn’t dare disobey the orders of the academy!

“Welkin Wolf Mountain Range came prepared this time. Even though they’d retreated for now, they’ll definitely stage a comeback. Moreover, they definitely possess trump cards that we aren’t aware of. Instructor Shang, Young Brother Zuo Xiu, what do both of you think?” It was a middle aged man who spoke these words, and his name was Helian Feng. He was the governor of the city. Even though he was a high rank Half-Saint and even wasn’t an ordinary high rank Half-Saint, he still didn’t dare to act arrogantly before Shang Qingying and the others.

The young man called Zuo Xiu tapped the armrest of his chair, and he pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke, “Senior Helian is right. Welkin Wolf Mountain Range definitely possesses trump cards that we are unaware of. Even if we just consider the 5 sons of Welkin Wolf Demon King, only one of them has shown himself so far, and it even was the weakest amongst them while the other 4 haven’t taken any action. That’s very unusual. My secret court sent some people to investigate. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to obtain any information!”

He suddenly gazed at Shang Qingying when he spoke up to this point, “I heard that outer court instructor, Ye Yang, captured the white wolf, and I’d intended to use the white wolf and gain some information. Unfortunately, not only had he refused, he even injured the members of my secret court. Supposedly, he even said that my secret court should send its strongest if we want to take revenge. I wonder if it’s true!?”

Shang Qingying glanced at Ye Caiying who stood behind Zuo Xiu, and then she said, “Ye Yang captured the white wolf and yellow robed fellow. So, he has the right to decide what to do with them. Of course, you’re right as well. So, I’ll go discuss it with him once he emerges from his closed door cultivation. But we have to wait until he isn’t angry anymore!”

“How laughable!” Zuo Xiu chuckled and said, “Instructor Shang, I’d like to ask you whether Ye Yang’s personal emotions are more important, or is the safety of our city more important?”

“Supposedly, he even killed inner court students and dared to kill elders! I wonder if it’s true!” Meanwhile, Helian Feng spoke abruptly, “If it’s true, then he really isn’t suited to be the outer court’s instructor, nor is he suited to guard the main gates. Of course, there’s no enmity between me and him, so I’m not speaking against him on purpose. I’m just judging the situation based on facts and thinking for the benefit of the city!”

Shang Qingying remained silent for a while before she said, “It was he who heavily injured the white wolf. If it wasn’t for him, I can only imagine what sort of price we would have had to pay in order to guard the main gates. It’s even to the extent that we might have been forced to reveal our final trump card!”

“Are you trying to say that we can’t protect the city without him?” Zuo Xiu laughed with ridicule, “Moreover, he’s acting willfully just because he possesses some strength, and he doesn’t respect the elders, the rules of the academy, or my secret court. To be honest, he’s a very dangerous person to keep in the city. Because we never know when he’ll be displeased about something and suddenly attack one of our own!”

Shang Qingying glanced at Zuo Xiu and said, “After all that, I still don’t know what exactly you want. Just be frank!”

“Then I shall!” Zuo Xiu continued, “The Dean and the others are locked in combat with the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, so the 3 of us are managing the entire city. Now, I suggest that we immediately take down both the yellow robed fellow and the white wolf. Both of them have special identities, so they absolutely can’t be allowed to die just like that. We’ll be able to obtain even more information about Sky Divine Hall and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range from them!”

Helian Feng nodded, “I approve!”

Zuo Xiu glanced at Shang Qingying who was remaining silent and said, “The 2nd thing is that I suggest that the outer court instructor, Ye Yang, is to be locked up temporarily. Besides him, those outer court students should be temporarily restrained as well, so as to prevent them from doing something that would bring harm to our city. Right, it’s best for that fellow, Ye Yang, and those outer court students to be handed to my secret court. After all, that fellow, Ye Yang, is quite strong. As for the main gates, Instructor Shang will have full authority to deal with its protection.”

Shang Qingying looked Zuo Xiu in the eyes as she asked, “You intend to relieve Ye Yang from his position and even imprison both him and the outer court students?”

Zuo Xiu spoke indifferently, “What? Can’t I?”

Shang Qingying suddenly started laughing. She glanced at Zuo Xiu and the others, and then she said, “Zuo Xiu, I know that you want to avenge Ye Caiying and the others. However, all I want to say is that you aren’t just courting death yourself, you’re bringing calamity down upon the secret court.”

A cold smile arose on the corners of Zuo Xiu’s mouth, “Instructor Shang, you seem to look down upon me, Zuo Xiu, and my secret court.”

Shang Qingying stood up, glanced at them, and her gaze descended onto Zuo Xiu in the end, “I know that all of you’ve made up your minds, and I can’t stop all of you as well. Out of consideration for the fact that we’re all from the same academy, I’ll give you one last piece of advice. Don’t look for trouble with him, because all of you are absolutely unable to endure the consequences of it. Especially when the Saints of the academy are locked in battle and Shangguan Yunhai is in closed door cultivation.”

Zuo Xiu stood up as well. He looked Shang Qingying in the eyes and said, “I intend to give it a try today!” As soon as he finished speaking, he started walking towards the door, and it didn’t take long for him to walk out of the hall.

The City Governor’s group and the other members of the secret court followed him out of the hall.

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