Chapter 917 – Arrive On His Feet and Leave On His Back!

Almighty Sword Domain

It didn’t take long for Zuo Xiu to lead the group of over 20 secret court students, the City Governor of Ocean of Clouds City, and a group of experts to the area outside the city.

The yellow robed man and white wolf were still nailed on the walls. At this moment, both of them were on the verge of death. It was especially so for the white wolf. Its aura was faint, and it seemed like it would perish at any moment.

“Bring them down!” Zuo Xiu gazed at the wolf and man, but his hands were slowly clenched tightly together while he remained vigilant at all times.

Leng Yuran and the others’ expressions changed when they heard Zuo Xiu, and they were about to stop Zuo Xiu. However, Yu Wushuang stopped them from doing so. The secret court’s strength clearly exceeded their own, so they couldn’t stop the secret court at all. Moreover, the secret court might use their obstruction as an excuse to beat them up or even kill them!

Ye Caiying walked over to the yellow robed man and white wolf, and then he suddenly stopped. He turned around to gaze at Feng Wuchao and the others, and he laughed coldly, “Weren’t all of you talking big earlier? I’m going to take them away right now, so why are all of you keeping quiet? Are you afraid now? Hahaha….”

Feng Wuchao, Hao Shuaibo, and the others had gloomy expressions on their faces, and they were about to attack. However, Yu Wushuang stopped them again and said, “He’s infuriating us on purpose. Don’t give him a chance or an excuse. Just wait for Ye Yang to arrive.”

Even though Feng Wuchao and the others were unwilling, they forcefully endured it in the end. After all, while there were only over 20 members of the secret court here, every single one of them was a Half-Saint at least, so they weren’t existences that Feng Wuchao and the others could fight. It was impossible even if the outer court and inner court joined forces! So, they would definitely be crushed if they fought right now!

Ye Caiying laughed coldly when he witnessed this scene, “Looks like your outer court is a bunch of cowards without that instructor of yours. A bunch of wimps!”

“Cowards my ass!” Hao Shuaibo couldn’t hold back and cursed. However, he’d just finished cursing when a figure appeared in front of him, and then he was blasted over 3km back!

Ye Caiying laughed coldly, “You deserve a beating for being rude!”

“Fuck you!” The outer court students were furious, and they charged at Ye Caiying.

A cruel and fierce smile arose on the corners of Ye Caiying’s mouth when he saw this, and then he charged into the group. Moreover, the other students of the secret court charged towards Leng Yuran and the others as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In less than 3 breaths of time, all 80 plus members of the outer court were on the ground!

Ye Caiying kicked Feng Wuchao on the face and spoke ferociously, “Weren’t you really arrogant just now? Weren’t you? Why don’t you try again? Come on!” As he spoke, he stomped his foot down, and Feng Wuchao’s face was instantly crushed.

“Let me cousin brother go!” Xia Bingwei crawled up from the ground and charged at Ye Caiying. However, she’d just arrived in front of Ye Caiying when he kicked her stomach. She howled miserably as her figure flew backwards, and she crashed heavily against the ground and fell unconscious.

“Bingwei!” Feng Wuchao roared furiously, but the response he received was another kick on his face.


Feng Wuchao’s head smashed against the ground, causing the ground to split apart while countless strands of blood sprayed out!

“What an ant! You aren’t even worthy of becoming enemies with my secret court!” Ye Caiying stomped on Feng Wuchao’s stomach, causing Feng Wuchao’s figure to be dragged backwards against the ground while a blood red mark stretched out on the ground behind his figure.

However, Ye Caiying didn’t stop. He kept kicking all the outer court students on the ground, causing all of them to be ceaselessly kicked flying. Even Yu Wushuang and the other girls weren’t able to avoid such treatment!

“Stop!” Meanwhile, a furious shout resounded from the sky, and then Shang Qingying appeared before the city gates with a group of inner court students standing behind her. Her face instantly turned pale when she noticed the situation here. She hadn’t imagined that arriving just 10 minutes later from being delayed caused such a scene to occur.

As she gazed at the miserable state those outer court students were in, a strand of panic silently crept up from the depths of her heart. It wasn’t just Shang Qingying who reacted in this way, the inner court students behind her had gloomy expressions on their faces as well. Moreover, their eyes were filled with a heavy expression, an extremely heavy expression. Because they knew that the situation was severe now!

This time, if those Saints who were locked in battle high up in the sky weren’t able to withdraw from their respective battles, then it would really be impossible to resolve this matter.

Yang Ye had slaughtered hundreds of thousands of wolves in his rage. This time, if Saints didn’t come to stop him, then his sword would be pointed at the academy’s secret court.

They didn’t dare continue on this train of thought!

Shang Qingying took a deep breath, stared fixedly at Ye Caiying, and said, “Ye Caiying, do you realize what you’re doing?”

Ye Caiying laughed coldly, “Of course I do. They spoke rudely to me and don’t respect their seniors, so I’m teaching them how to show respect.”

Shang Qingying spoke in a low voice, “You’re courting death!”

Ye Caiying laughed with ridicule, “Instructor Shang, I know that fellow, Ye Yang, is really strong, but so what? No matter how strong he is, he’s just one person, and he’s only at the Monarch Realm! However, our secret court has around 30 members, and even the weakest amongst us is capable of fighting a Half-Saint. Besides that, if that fellow hadn’t launched a surprise attack earlier, then the outcome may not necessarily be the same!”

Shang Qingying nodded, and then she gazed at Zuo Xiu, “Zuo Xiu, I know your secret court is strong, and I know that all of you aren’t afraid of Ye Yang at all! I’m even aware that anything I say is useless. However, out of consideration for the fact that we’re from the same academy, I’ll give you a suggestion. Perhaps it’ll be the last time you listen to a suggestion in your life. Now, immediately get the student council president of your secret court, Gu Qianfan, to leave his closed door cultivation. No, it’s best for you to get Shangguan Yunhai to leave his closed door cultivation. That way, perhaps all of you’ll have a chance to live….”

Zuo Xiu pondered deeply for a long time before he shook his head and grinned, “Looks like Instructor Shang is very confident in that fellow. No, I should say that Instructor Shang really looks down on me, Zuo Xiu, and my secret court.”

The other students of the secret court had quite hostile expressions on their faces as they gazed at Shang Qingying. If it wasn’t for her identity, they might have been unable to stop themselves from acting against her.

Shang Qingying said, “Are you sure you aren’t going to listen to my suggestion?”

Zuo Xiu chuckled and said, “No matter what, we appreciate Instructor Shang’s kind intentions. Since the secret court was established in the academy, only the secret court has bullied others, and no one has been able to bully the secret court. I don’t want that rule to be broken in our generation. Gu Qianfan gave me the responsibility to manage the secret court when he entered into closed door cultivation. Now that the secret court’s members have been bullied and humiliated, I naturally have to seek justice for them.”

As he spoke, he shot his gaze at Feng Wuchao and the others, “I won’t hide it. This fellow and that wolf are useful to us, but they weren’t our true objective, all of you were. Your instructor hit 2 of our brothers. Now, we’ve beaten up all of his.”

Shang Qingying’s face instantly fell when she heard him. This time, she didn’t speak a word and just led the students of the inner court to help Leng Yuran and the others up.

Even though her identity was quite special, the secret court was even more special. If it wasn’t for her identity, then just her title of inner court instructor wasn’t sufficient for them to pay her any attention!

She’d said what she should, and she was helpless to stop what would happen next.

Ye Caiying glanced at the heavily injured outer court students and said, “See? All of you are weaker than ants before us.”

When he spoke up to this point, he chuckled and flashed over to the yellow robed man and white wolf. He brought them down and continued, “Didn’t that fellow, Ye Yang, want to kill them? I’ll heal them on purpose, and if I’m in a good mood, I’ll even let them go. Let me see what he can do to my secret court!”

“Let’s go!” Zuo Xiu spoke indifferently and headed towards the city while the others quickly followed him. Right when he was about to enter the city, Zuo Xiu suddenly stopped and spoke, “Instructor Shang, help me give a message to Ye Yang. If he wants to take revenge and get these 2 fellows back, then it’s best for him to wait until the Dean and the others are able to withdraw from battle. Because someone would be there to save him then. If he insists on coming now, then tell him that he’ll arrive on his feet and leave on his back!

After that, he didn’t stay a moment longer and led the others into the city.

“Instructor Shang, the 3 of them are very heavily injured, and their lives are in danger!” Meanwhile, an inner court student spoke abruptly.

Shang Qingying’s expression changed slightly and hurriedly walked over. It was Xia Bingwei, Feng Wuchao, and Hao Shuaibo who laid before her.

Xia Bingwei and Feng Wuchao were in the most severe states. The reason Xia Bingwei was in a serious state was because her strength was very weak, so even her Dantian had split apart from being attacked by a Half-Saint like Ye Caiying. Even though it hadn’t shattered, it was no different than a crippling injury. As for Feng Wuchao, while his ability to resist those attacks were stronger, Ye Caiying had targeted him on purpose. So, he was in an unconscious state. Moreover, his head injuries were even more severe than what Ye Caiying had suffered that day!

Hao Shuaibo was in a slightly better state, but he was unconscious as well. Besides them, the others weren’t much better. Some even had their limbs broken.

Yu Wushuang and the other girls weren’t able to avoid such a fate as well. Especially Yu Wujiao and Yu Wushuang, both of their faces had fiery red palm prints on them.

One of the inner court students asked Shang Qingying softly, “Should we notify Ye Yang about this right now?”

Shang Qingying shook her head, “Heal them before notifying him. Otherwise, people are going to die… many are going to die!”

“Die? Who’s going to die?” Suddenly, a voice resounded from within the city.

Shang Qingying’s body stiffened upon hearing it.

Because it was Yang Ye’s voice!

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