Chapter 918 – An Eye For An Eye!

Almighty Sword Domain

A person had arrived at the city gates, and it was Yang Ye of course.

The violet mink was in Yang Ye’s arms. At this moment, she’d almost recovered completely. Not only had her body returned to normal, she’d even regained consciousness. However, her aura was still quite weak.

At this moment, the violet mink was holding tightly onto Yang Ye’s arm while she ceaselessly rubbed her head against his chest. She had a light blush on her face, and she frequently glared at Yang Ye. However, her eyes were filled with embarrassment. Because Yang Ye had actually given her a bath while she was unconscious, and he’d even touched her entire body in the process. Just thinking about it caused the violet mink’s entire body to turn slightly red.

Yang Ye seemed to be in a very good mood. His hands were wrapped around the violet mink while a smile hung on his face. But it didn’t take long for his smile to gradually vanish. Because he saw Feng Wuchao and the others….

Yang Ye walked over to them and took a glance at them. In the end, he looked up to the city walls. That area was completely empty.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then he withdrew his gaze and looked at Shang Qingying, “The secret court?”

Shang Qingying nodded in response. After all, it was impossible to conceal!

Yang Ye nodded. He placed the violet mink on his shoulder, squatted down by Feng Wuchao’s side, and then placed his hand on Feng Wuchao’s face before threads of violet profound energy poured out from his palm.

Feng Wuchao’s injuries were healed in an instant. At the very least, the injury was closed fully. Yang Ye withdrew his hand and walked over to Xia Bingwei. Meanwhile, Xia Bingwei suddenly opened her eyes and said, “Help… help my cousin brother first….”

Yang Ye replied, “He’s fine and just needs to recuperate. You’re in a much more severe state than him. So, I’ll heal you first!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye stretched out his hand and placed it just a few inches above Xia Bingwei’s stomach. After that, a strand of violet energy poured out from his palm and entered her body.

“Ye… Ye Yang…. Am… am I going to be a cripple from now on?” Xia Bingwei spoke abruptly with a slightly weak voice, and it even carried a trace of sorrow.

If someone became a cripple in this world where strength was respected, it meant that person would lose everything.

Yang Ye replied, “Your injuries are very severe….”

Two streams of tears instantly flowed from Xia Bingwei’s eyes when she heard him. Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “Fortunately, your Dantian isn’t completely shattered. While it’s difficult, it isn’t impossible to restore. So, just rest at ease!”

Xia Bingwei was quite stunned, “Is… is that true?”

Yang Ye grinned, “What do you think?”

Xia Bingwei instantly cracked a smile and said, “Since you said so, then it’s definitely true. Thank you, truly thank you. You’ve saved my cousin brother and me. Thank you so much….”

“It’s my duty!” Yang Ye said, “Because all of you are my students, and it was I who caused all of you to suffer such consequences.”

“Actually… actually… you aren’t that scary. At the very least, I’m not so afraid of you anymore!” Xia Bingwei spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye grinned, “So you were very scared of me?”

Xia Bingwei quickly nodded, “It isn’t just me. I think my cousin brother is quite afraid of you as well, and there are many others…. However, we aren’t afraid of you anymore. Because after being by your side for some time, we actually noticed that you’re quite nice. Especially towards your own. So long as we don’t look for trouble with you or offend you, then you’re actually quite reasonable!”

Yang Ye smiled and withdrew his hand, “Take a look at your own condition!”

Xia Bingwei hurriedly circulated her energy, and it didn’t take long for tears to well up in her eyes. They were tears of joy!

Yang Ye was still smiling, but there was a cold glow in his eyes.

After he finished treating Xia Bingwei, Yang Ye went over to Hao Shuaibo. He was in a much better state than Xia Bingwei and Feng Wuchao, but it wasn’t much better. It seemed like someone had intentionally targeted him as many of his bones were broken. Especially the bones throughout his hands and legs, they were completely broken.

“Boss, we couldn’t defeat them!” Hao Shuaibo laughed bitterly, “We brought shame to you!”

“That’s fine. After all, lost honor can be regained. It’s fine so long as all of you are alive!” As he spoke, he placed his hands on Hao Shuaibo’s legs before the violet profound energy within him surged out.

“I dragged all of them down with me!” Hao Shuaibo glanced at them with a trace of guilt in his eyes, “If I hadn’t been unable to restrain myself, then those bastards wouldn’t have had an excuse to hit us.”

“You’re wrong!” Yang Ye continued, “They would have done it even if you restrained yourself. However, they would have used a different excuse. It’s even to the extent that they wouldn’t even bother to create an excuse. After all, their strengths surpass all of you, so would the strong need an excuse to act against the weak?”

“Boss, that hurts!” Hao Shuaibo laughed bitterly, “My body is already heavily injured, are you truly to destroy my heart as well?”

Yang Ye withdrew his hands and placed them on Hao Shuaibo’s arms instead, and then his profound energy surged out once more. Meanwhile, he said, “You know…. I killed Half-Saints like dogs while I was still at the Exalt Realm.”

The corners of Hao Shuaibo’s mouth twitched, “Boss, are you really trying to kill me with words?”

Yang Ye replied, “My natural talent isn’t bad, and I did gain some fortuitous encounters. But I mostly relied on my own hard work. If a person doesn’t face hopeless situations and forces himself to his limits, then he’ll never know how strong he is. All of you were able to enter the academy, so your natural talent is definitely not bad. As for fortuitous encounters, that depends on your own luck, and I can’t help all of you in that aspect. However, I can help all of you face hopeless situations. I’ll bring all of you with me to have some fun once we’re done here!”

Some fun? The corners of Hao Shuaibo’s twitched once more upon hearing Yang Ye. Because he knew that it was definitely something insane. In other words, he’ll have to suffer in the future.

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang and the other girls suddenly walked over to Yang Ye, “Can we put an end to this situation?”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he pulled his hand away, and then he looked at Yu Wushuang and the others. There were bright red palm prints on their faces.

Yang Ye placed his right hand on Yu Wushuang’s face before his profound energy surged into her, “Do you remember who hit you?”

“I do!” Yu Wushuang looked him in the eye, and there was no calmness in her eyes, there was only icy coldness.

“Good!” Yang Ye nodded as he withdrew his hand, and the mark on Yu Wushuang’s face was gone. He gazed at Yu Wujiao and the others, but they immediately took a step back. They were shy to allow Yang Ye to touch their faces just like he’d done to Yu Wushuang. After all, there were many people here.

Yang Ye nodded lightly and didn't insist. After all, those marks would vanish after some time.

After that, Yang Ye started to treat the other outer court students.

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying and the inner court students just watched with solemn expressions, and there was worry in their eyes. Yang Ye seemed very calm right now, extremely calm, and he showed no signs of going mad. But that was exactly why they felt uneasy.

A long time passed before Shang Qingying walked over to Yang Ye and said, “The secret court is the most mysterious amongst the students of the academy, and it’s the strongest as well. Shangguan Yunhai was once the student council president of the secret court. While he doesn’t hold that position anymore, he still has some attachment to the secret court. Besides him, the current student council president, Gu Qianfan, is extremely strong as well. He’s a high rank Half-Saint right now, and he’s supposedly in closed door cultivation to cultivate a mid-grade Saint Rank technique. If he succeeds, then he would have grasped 3 mid-grade Saint Rank techniques. At that time, he would far surpass even some senior high rank Half-Saints. If Shangguan Yunhai was excluded, then when that happens, he would truly be the number one expert beneath the Saint Realm throughout the academy!”

“You’ve told me so much because you want me to just give up on taking revenge, right?” Yang Ye turned around to glance at Shang Qingying, and then he continued healing the other students.

Shang Qingying laughed bitterly and said, “Ye Yang, I know that you’re angry. However, I truly hope that you’ll be able to consider the overall situation in the city! The secret court has been able to defend one of the city gates with just a few dozen people. They rendered great meritorious service to the academy….”

“So what?” Yang Ye interrupted her, “I’ve protected the city as well, so I’ve done the same. But they still bashed up my students and took away my prisoners. They didn’t give that any consideration when they did all of that!”

“That’s because you hit their companions first….” Shang Qingying accidentally allowed such words to slip out from her in a moment of desperation, and it didn’t take long for her to realize the mistake she’d committed and quickly stop herself.

Yang Ye withdrew his hand, turned around to face her, and said, “Why did I hit them that day?”

Shang Qingying remained silent.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Miss Shang, I know that you definitely tried to persuade them, but they still did all of this. Now, you’ve come to persuade me. All I want to say is that I treat others how they treat me. If you treat me well, then I’ll do my best to treat you well. Similarly, if you don’t, then I’ll do my best to make it hell for you!”

Shang Qingying spoke solemnly, “The academy will definitely not tolerate your existence if you dare to kill them!”

“If there’s no place for me here, there’s definitely another place for me!” Yang Ye stared her in the eyes, and then he walked towards the city once he finished speaking, “Those who can still walk, come with me; as for those who can’t, make them carry all of you. I’m going to teach all of you something right now. You should repay the kindness of others and avenge any enmity you have!”

“An eye for an eye!”

“An eye for an eye!”

The outer court students quickly followed Yang Ye while roaring furiously in unison!

Meanwhile, a man who wore armor suddenly appeared behind the city gate. He glanced coldly at Yang Ye’s group and said, “You’re the outer court instructor, Ye Yang, right? The City Governor is looking for you. Come with me!”

Yu Wushuang suddenly spoke while standing by Yang Ye’s side,

“The city governor’s forces were part of the group that attacked us with the secret court students!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he instantly arrived in front of the armored man while his right hand clamped down on the man’s throat, “Remember that I’m only leaving you alive so that you can pass a message to that city governor. Tell him to clean his neck and wait for me to come take his head!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye raised his leg and kicked the man’s stomach. A shrill cry resounded as the man transformed into a black dot which vanished into the horizon.

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