Chapter 923 – Have I Killed Too Many?

Almighty Sword Domain

Give him a reason not to kill?

Yu Wushuang was slightly stunned when she heard the dean, and then she heaved a sigh of relief while the tense expression on her face eased up quite a bit.

If the dean wanted to kill Yang Ye, then he wouldn’t have had to say that, and all he had to do was just kill Yang Ye. However, he hadn’t done that and had asked Yang Ye to give him a reason. What did that represent? It represented that the dean didn’t want to kill Yang Ye.

However, he couldn’t just let Yang Ye off without any punishment!

Otherwise, how would he pacify the entire academy?

So, he needed a reason, a reason that could convince everyone.

If Yang Ye didn’t provide such a reason….

Yu Wushuang didn’t think of such a possibility. All she knew was that Yang Ye had a chance at survival.

Even though the dean’s voice had resounded from the sky, the dean and the other Saints hadn’t shown themselves, and the sky was still completely blurry and concealed by a mysterious force. In other words, they were still in fierce combat with the Saints of Welkin Moon Mountain Range.

“You want a reason?” Yang Ye’s figure flashed over to the city walls, and he looked up at the sky, “From this moment onwards, I will defend the northern gates! From this moment onwards, I’ll foster a group of greater geniuses than Zuo Xiu’s group within 3 years! From this moment onwards, I will create the academy’s future! From this moment onwards, I will fight at the competition in White Deer Academy! Is that enough?”

It was silent.

The sky was deathly silent, and the surroundings were deathly silent as well.

Yang Ye was very arrogant, and it could even be considered as conceited. However, none thought that he was arrogant or conceited.

After all, his strength was clear for all to see, and so was his potential. After all, Yang Ye was only at the Monarch Realm right now. If he were to advance to the Half-Saint Realm or even the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm, then how terrifying would he be?

At that time, the prefecture might not just have 5 top geniuses, it would have 6!

After quite a long period of deathly silence, the dean’s voice resounded once more, “Remember what you’ve said. If you aren’t able to accomplish any one of those or don’t try to accomplish them, then I’ll definitely kill you even if I have to chance you to the ends of the world.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sky returned to calm once more.

The outer court students instantly heaved sights of relief, and some even sat there on the ground. Even though they were determined to die with Yang Ye, who wouldn’t hope to live?

As for the inner court students, they fell silent, and they had quite gloomy expressions on their faces while a wisp of sadness could be seen in their eyes. It wasn’t that they hoped for Yang Ye’s death. But Yang Ye had merely been punished for show after he slaughtered the students of the inner court, and then he was immediately released. So, it wasn’t impossible for them to not feel some resentment. However, even if they had resentment, they could only suppress it because it was the dean’s decision!

Yet now, Yang Ye had slaughtered the entire secret court, but the academy still didn’t give him any material punishment.

That was clearly unfair!

As if she knew what they were thinking, Shang Qingying turned around to gaze at them and said, “Don’t think the academy isn’t fair. Because there has never been true fairness in this world. If all of you are strong enough and kill Ye Yang right now, then I guarantee that the academy would definitely not punish all of you. That’s reality. A living genius is always more important than a dead one!”

One of the inner court students asked abruptly, “Doesn’t that mean that we can do as we please in the academy if we have the strength to back it up? We can just disregard the rules of the academy as well?”

Shang Qingying replied, “So long as you possess absolute strength, then not to mention the academy, you can act as you please throughout the prefecture and even the Radiance Dimension. I know that all of you will feel that the academy is cruel for upholding such rules. However, do all of you realize that if the academy isn’t cruel to all of you now and allows all of you to understand such principles, then all of you might not have another chance to find out? Do you know why the academy can tolerate Ye Yang’s existence? There are many reasons, but one of them is because the academy intends to change its current state through him.”

One of the inner court students asked, “Is the current state of our academy not good?”

“It’s not bad, it’s just not suitable anymore!” Shang Qingying continued, “All of you lack competition, and you lack the courage and determination to fight to your deaths. Of course, all of you will say that you’re constantly competing with others in the academy, but such competition is only child’s play to some sects and clans.”

When she spoke up to this point, Shang Qingying suddenly looked up into the sky and said, “Do all of you know White Deer Academy? I’m sure all of you’ve heard of it because our academy is always sending our students to compete in their competition every few years. However, do all of you know that practically all of those who head there never return. All of you think Ye Yang is cruel and ruthless. But let me tell all of you that such cruel incidents are occurring in White Deer Academy every single day. If I were to compare all of you with them, then the students of White Deer Academy would be wolves while all of you would be sheep!”

One of the inner court students was slightly doubtful. “Are they really that terrifying?”

A slightly complicated expression flashed through Shang Qingying’s eyes, “How could those who are capable of surviving in the Central Divine Prefecture be described as just terrifying?”

When she spoke up to this point, Shang Qingying withdrew her gaze and looked at the students of the inner court, “If all of you want to avenge those dead students from the inner court, you can. But if you can’t kill Ye Yang in a single attack, then be good and don’t give your lives away!”

All of them nodded in response.

They’d personally witnessed Yang Ye’s strength and how ruthless he was. Even though they felt disgruntled, not a single one of them dared to complain about it.

Moreover, they really didn’t agree with the secret court’s actions.

No matter what, they’d listed Yang Ye as an extremely dangerous individual, and he was one who they absolutely couldn’t afford to offend!

On the city walls.

Yang Ye sat there while resting against the wall. He looked up into the sky and seemed to be slightly lost.

When he recalled his entire life, he felt that he could be considered to have been killing all the way until now. Even he didn’t know how many lives had been taken by his hands. In any case, there were many, there were countless….

Was Yang Ye a bloodthirsty person? No, he didn’t think he was. But the funny thing was that his hands were covered in the blood of countless.

“What are you thinking about?” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly sat by his side and spoke softly.

Yang Ye said, “I’m thinking about whether I’ve killed too many throughout my lifetime!”

Yu Wushuang remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “You know…. Actually, even I’m aware that if I abandon the intent to kill in my heart and use another method to deal with the situation, then there would have been many incidents that wouldn’t have turned so terrible. Just like the conflict from before. If I didn’t attack immediately and chose to reason with them when they came to seize the yellow robed man and that white wolf, or if I allowed the higher-ups of the academy to deal with the matter, then perhaps the situation wouldn’t have developed to such an extent!”

Yu Wushuang asked, “Do you regret your decisions?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I would still kill them all even if I was given a chance to do it all over again!”

Yu Wushuang pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “I understand now. You’re feeling doubtful about the way you handle things, right?”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re partially correct. I don’t doubt it. I’m just thinking that if I used a different method, then would I be able to avoid a huge amount of trouble for myself? Of course, I’m not afraid of trouble, I just don’t want to face it, and I don’t want to continue killing. However, I don’t hate killing. If someone wants to die, then I’ll fulfil that person’s wish without the slightest hesitation!”

Yu Wushuang suddenly moved herself closer to Yang Ye, and she rested her body against him as she said, “You’re right. Perhaps the situation wouldn’t have become so severe if you used a different method. However, how do you know that it would definitely not become so severe? Just like what happened with the secret court. Would they be thankful to you if you didn’t kill them? They wouldn’t, and they would even be constantly thinking about how to take revenge. Moreover, it wouldn’t just be revenge on you, they would even include all of us in their revenge!”

When she spoke up to this point, she suddenly turned her head to look at Yang Ye, “You’re one who follows the heart, and you act according to it. That’s your character, and it’s your Sword Dao as well. Of course, it’ll cause you to have many flaws, like being impulsive, cruel, petty, intolerant, and vengeful. However, that’s you! That’s the person you are! Since you’re such a person, then why change yourself? Even if you do change, then that might not be you anymore!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at her. Even though Yu Wushuang was even younger than Little Yao, she had maturity in her eyes that didn’t belong in a young girl’s eyes. Yang Ye stretched out his hand to rub her head, and he smiled, “The reason I was uncertain was actually not because of myself. Because I’ve always known what sort of person I am. In my opinion, so long as my conscience is clear, then I’ll even kill a million if I have to. The reason I thought about all that was because I felt my character might bring harm to the people around me.”

“Then work hard on becoming strong. Become stronger to the point that no one in this world is capable of harming those around you. At that time, no one would dare to look for trouble with you as well!” Yu Wushuang continued, “However, that seems to be quite difficult.”

“It is quite difficult!” Yang Ye smiled, “But that’s fine. I’ll work hard on it. Not only for those I care about, but for my sake as well. If I want to act according to my will and follow my heart, then I have to possess formidable strength. Otherwise, following my heart without sufficient strength would be no different than courting death.”

Yu Wushuang suddenly asked, “Can I be considered as someone you care about?”

Yang Ye replied, “I don’t know!”

“Oh!” Yu Wushuang’s eyes dimmed down slightly.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “However, I’ll definitely beat up anyone who bullies you!”

A slight smile curled up on the corners of her mouth when she heard this.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Night is here!”

Yu Wushuang instantly revealed a solemn expression.


Suddenly, a howl resounded from the mountain range in the distance, and then the ground started to quake.

Countless wolves dashed out from the mountain range like a dense ocean, and they were running straight for the northern gates.

As he gazed at the ocean of wolves, Yang Ye walked over to the edge of the walls and said, “I seem to have said that I would defend… I didn’t say anything like that, right?”

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