Chapter 924 – Something Sword Cultivators Can’t Refuse!

Almighty Sword Domain

The howl resounded throughout the city.

The wolf army was attacking once more!

“Inner court students! Return to the main gates immediately!” Shang Qingying flashed over to Yang Ye once she finished speaking, and she said to him, “Now that the city governor is dead, the city is without a leader, and it’ll be impossible to defend the city for long without someone to lead them. Besides that, now that the secret court has been annihilated, don’t tell me that you really intend to defend the northern gates on your own.”

When she spoke up to this point, Shang Qingying spoke in a low voice, “Even if you can, what about the other 3 gates?”

Yang Ye said, “Wait for our backup to arrive!”

Shang Qingying asked, “Where are we getting backup from?”

Yang Ye replied, “I sent a voice transmission back to the Ancient Sword School, and its experts will be here in a day at most.” He was naturally not speaking about Saint Realm experts. After all, Saint Realm experts would definitely not step forward and join the battle so easily. Even if they were going to join the battle, it would have to be the academy that discussed it with the Ancient Sword School.

Shang Qingying spoke in a low voice, “Will they come? Or perhaps the Ancient Sword School will make them come?”

Yang Ye said, “You should be aware that every single disciple of a sect would accept some assignments to earn some extra income. Not only do the sects not stop them from doing that, the sects even encourage such efforts. After all, it would serve as a pathway to temper their disciples. So, I didn’t ask the higher-ups of the Ancient Sword School for help. I posted up an assignment instead.”

Shang Qingying asked in a low voice, “Will they come?”

Yang Ye spoke with absolute certainty, “They will!”

Shang Qingying asked, “What did you promise them?”

Yang Ye answered, “Something that sword cultivators can never refuse!”

Shang Qingying gazed at him for a short while and said, “Tell me the truth. Did you think about all the consequences you would face before you killed the city governor and annihilated the secret court?” When she spoke up to this point, Shang Qingying laughed bitterly and said, “I’d thought you were just a rash fellow who was bold yet lacked wisdom, and only knew how to kill. But now it would seem like you’re much smarter than I expected.”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. His gaze was still fixed on the demon beast army that was charging towards the city. The strength of this part of the army wasn’t weak. Most of them were at the Exalt Realm, and many were at the Monarch Realm. However, there were comparatively fewer high rank Half-Saints, there were only around 10 such existences.

A single demon beast wasn’t terrifying, but what about a few million?

How terrifying was the charge of a few million demon beasts? The wolf army was still over 10km away from the city, but the pressure they emanated already assaulted his face, and it caused many within the city to feel suffocated.

It didn’t take long for the army to be less than a kilometer away from the city.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Help me defend the other 3 gates for a day. Can you do that?”

She spoke solemnly, “I’ll try my best!”

“Thank you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around to look at Yu Wushuang, “Don’t leave the city. All of you are in charge of utilizing the formations and cannons on the city walls.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light which shot off from the city wall, and then a sword howl resounded in the sky before a beam of sword energy that was almost 300m long slashed down from above!


The sword energy crashed down into the ocean of wolves, and then a few hundred of them were instantly sliced into bits while a bottomless trench appeared at the center of the army.


Countless wolves howled furiously in unison and glared fiercely at Yang Ye. After that, they leaped up into the air to smash their bodies against Yang Ye.

In just an instant, Yang Ye was surrounded by countless wolf demons. However, it didn’t take long for rays of light to flicker through the sky, and then wolf heads rained down incessantly from the sky.

Shang Qingying watched this scene from the city walls for a long time, and then she turned around and left.

“Young Miss Wushuang, are we just going to watch?” Hao Shuaibo and the others walked up onto the city walls, and besides a serious expression, there was also anxiety in their eyes.

Yang Ye was strong indeed, but it wasn’t realistic for him to slaughter an army of a few million wolves on his own.

Yu Wushuang remained silent for a long time before she said, “We must hold on for a day. We can’t just rely solely on Ye Yang.”

When she spoke up to this point, she pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Hao Shuaibo, go with Hei Sha and 20 others to spread something throughout the city for me. Tell them that anyone who comes to help us defend the city for a day will be rewarded with 5,000 extreme-grade energy stones. Besides that, Second Sister, go with Li Qingyi to visit the clans in the city. Tell them that if they’re willing to lend us their strength, then we can give them 5 places for their disciples to enter the outer court!”

Hao Shuaibo and Hei Sha immediately led 20 others away upon hearing her. As for Yu Wujiao, she frowned and said, “Wushuang, according to what I’ve heard, practically all those clans and powers have sent their experts to help defend the city. Do they even have more forces now?”

Yu Wushuang laughed coldly, “Everyone is selfish, and those clans and powers are worse. They’ve sent experts to help, but they won’t send out all their experts. Now, we only need their help on defending the city, and we aren’t asking them to head out of the city and fight the army of wolves. Moreover, it’s only for a day and they would be able to obtain 5 places in the outer court for their respective clans and sects. They won’t refuse this offer.”

“Wushuang, you don’t have the authority to give them places in the outer court,” said Yu Wujiao.

Yu Wushuang raised her head to look at Yang Ye who was fighting like a madman through the sky and said, “He does!”

Yu Wujiao intended to say something else, but Li Qingyi just dragged her away. After all, every single second was precious right now!

Yu Wushuang suddenly said, “Bring that white wolf over here!”

The outer court students immediately left when they heard her.

Besides Yang Ye, it could be said that Yu Wushuang was the person they respected the most in the outer court. It wasn’t because of her strength; it was because of her wisdom. Her wisdom and ability were something that everyone was convinced of! So, practically no one objected to what she said.

It didn’t take long for the white wolf to be brought before Yu Wushuang. Besides the white wolf, the yellow robed man was there as well. At this moment, both of them were much better than they were before this. Especially the white wolf, its aura had recovered quite a bit, and there was a fierce glow in its eyes again.


A ray of light suddenly flashed through the sky, and then the corpses of a few thousand wolves crashed down from the sky.

“How dare you!” A demon wolf at the high rank Half-Saint Realm roared furiously and shot into the sky, and then it opened its huge mouth with the intention of swallowing Yang Ye alive.

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.


A ray of light flashed through the sky, and then all the demon beasts watched as a pillar of blood shot out from the eyes of that high rank Half-Saint!


The high rank Half-Saint howled furiously with pain. In the next moment, the wolves watched as that human grabbed one of the high rank Half-Saint’s claws, and then slammed the high rank Half-Saint to the ground!


The high rank Half-Saint smashed a deep hole open in the ground.

A ray of light flashed and Yang Ye descended on its head, and then his 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent and 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent surged out madly to form a terrifying pressure. The pressure instantly resisted the pressure emanated by the army, and it even pressed some comparatively weaker wolf demons flat on the ground!

Even then, countless wolves were still charging towards the city walls, causing the city walls to tremble violently without end.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he stomped down with his right foot. The high rank Half-Saint howled with pain as it sunk into the ground. Meanwhile, Yang Ye relied on the counterforce to shoot up into the sky, and then he transformed into a ray of light that entered the army once more.

The slaughter began once more!

Rays of light flashed incessantly, and every single ray of light would take the lives of hundreds of wolf demons. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s hair had become scarlet red as he slaughtered without end. It wasn’t just his hair, even his eyes had turned scarlet red, and it was an extremely shocking and terrifying sight!

It didn’t take long for a huge red glow to appear in the battlefield, and it was growing larger and larger. In the end, it actually covered an area of around 1km, and all the wolves which resided beneath the red light were dying at an extremely swift pace.

On the city wall, Feng Wuchao gazed at the scene below as he asked in a low voice, “Young Miss Wushuang, what should we do now?” The city walls had its own defensive formations, so they just had to ceaselessly provide it with more extreme-grade energy stones so that it could continue running. So, they were quite free right now. However, all of them were clearly aware that if this continued, then it was only a matter of time before the city was breached!

“We wait!” Yu Wushuang stared fixedly at the red light outside the city walls and said, “We wait until the wolf army truly takes Ye Yang seriously. That’s when we start stalling!”

Feng Wuchao asked, “When will they take Instructor Ye seriously?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “When the commander of the army shows himself!”

“Aowu!” Suddenly, a howl resounded through the sky.

“Aowu!” The other wolves throughout the army howled in unison upon hearing the howl!

“He’s here!” Yu Wushuang had a slightly solemn expression in her eyes.


Meanwhile, a ray of blue light flashed out from the back of the army. It was extremely swift and only took a moment to arrive within the area covered in red light!


A huge explosion resounded abruptly, and then everyone watched as a figure was blasted flying and smashed against the city wall.

The figure was Yang Ye!

That wasn’t the end of it!


A blue claw appeared out of thin air in front of Yang Ye, and then it smashed against his stomach.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Yang Ye’s mouth!

Moreover, the city wall behind Yang Ye shook violently while cracks started spreading out like a spiderweb. In less than a breath of time, that entire segment of the wall was densely covered in cracks!

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