Chapter 925 – Cut The Crap And Fight Me!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when a mouthful of blood sprayed out from Yang Ye’s mouth, the blue wolf’s claw appeared before Yang Ye again. This time, it wasn’t striking at his stomach, it was striking at his head!

Yang Ye instinctively moved his head to the side at the critical moment and dodged the attack, causing the claw to strike the wall.


A gap was actually torn apart on the city wall!

As soon as it missed, the claw immediately transformed the same motion into a sweeping motion.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He flipped his palm and withdrew the Herculean Sword before raising it before his chest!


A muffled bang resounded as both Yang Ye and the Herculean Sword were smashed to the ground!


The army of wolves howled in unison. It was their cheers of joy!

Yu Wushuang and the others had turned ghastly pale on the city walls.

The army didn’t launch another attack against the city. They moved around 1km away while a figure with the head of a wolf and body of a person stood right in front of the army. The man’s appearance was quite strange. After all, he had the body of a human but the head of a wolf, and he had wolf claws as well.

Meanwhile, the countless wolf demons behind the man gazed at him with gazes of adoration, excitement, and a trace of fear!

The wolf-headed man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye as he spoke, “You merely suffered some injuries after suffering 2 attacks from me. Human, your body is really not bad!”


Yang Ye coughed while holding his chest, and a trace of blood instantly seeped out from the corner of his mouth. His gaze descended on his chest. At this moment, his chest had sunk down.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then he gazed at the Herculean Sword, and there were claw marks on it!

Yang Ye put the Herculean Sword away, and then his gaze that carried a trace of seriousness shot towards the man. Until now, the man before him was the 1st demon beast he’d encountered who’d completely surpassed his strength in terms of body refinement.

At this moment, he finally understood that his body was still really inferior when compared to those true high rank Half-Saints amongst the demon beasts.

“Human, if you’re willing to surrender and submit to me, Lan Xiao, then I’m willing to spare you and your loved ones.” The wolf-headed man spoke abruptly, “I rarely show mercy to humans. This is the first time, and it’ll be the last. Make good use of it!”

A slight smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “If you’re willing to surrender right now and become my mount, then I’m willing to spare you as well. Right, I’m rarely merciful to others as well.”

“Looks like you’ve chosen death!” As soon as Lan Xiao finished speaking, a muffled explosion resounded, and then Lan Xiao moved around 10 steps back.

All the wolves in the surroundings were stunned. Because Yang Ye was still standing on the spot and hadn’t moved at all.

Lan Xiao stretched out his hand and touched his throat. There was a blood red mark there. He raised his head to look at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was looking at him as well. Both of them had solemn expressions in their eyes.

A long time passed before Lan Xiao spoke, “The energy of the Laws!” This time, his dark blue eyes weren’t tranquil anymore, and there were slight ripples in them.

Yang Ye had been able to defeat Nan Ke who’d comprehended the Laws of Speed because of his body. Because his body was strong, he'd been able to forcefully resist Nan Ke’s attacks. That was why he’d been able to utilize his Sword Domain to suppress the Laws of Speed. If he hadn’t possessed a strong body, then he would have been instantly killed in the beginning, and he wouldn’t have had the slightest chance to utilize the Sword Domain!

At this moment, Lan Xiao and Yang Ye were in the exact same situation as Lan Xiao possessed a physical body which could defend against his Laws of Speed.

His attack had been enhanced by 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent just now!

However, it was exactly such an attack which had merely cut through Lan Xiao’s skin.

“It’s truly quite difficult to imagine that a Monarch Realm cultivator like you actually injured me!” Lan Xiao walked slowly towards Yang Ye, “It seems to be better to eliminate a human genius like you, so that my wolf clan doesn’t have another formidable enemy in the future.” As soon as he finished speaking, Lan Xiao transformed into a ray of blue light that shot towards Yang Ye!

The man and wolf entered into battle!

Their battle was quite strange. Because the demon beasts in the surroundings weren’t able to see Yang Ye and Lan Xiao’s figures at all. They could only hear the sound of numerous explosions resounding and the sound of physical collisions.

The battle grew more and more intense. Even the space in the surroundings had started to shake violently and would even split apart on occasion. As for the ground, it had cracked apart and collapsed.


An explosion resounded like a thunderclap, and then both of them appeared before everyone here.

Yang Ye’s face and body were covered in claw marks, and blood was surging out incessantly from him. It had dyed his clothes red. Besides that, his hair and eyes were scarlet red like blood, and it made him seem extremely ferocious. However, there was a trace of excitement and madness on his face!

Conversely, Lan Xiao was in a much better state. Besides his clothes being damaged, he wasn’t injured at all.

“You….” Lan Xiao was about to say something, but Yang Ye spoke first, “Cut the frap and fight me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot again.


A huge explosion resounded once more!

Yang Ye and Lan Xiao’s battle was very simple, it was a battle of head-on collisions without any fancy moves. While Lan Xiao’s speed was extremely swift, he couldn’t compare to Yang Ye’s Laws of Speed, but it wasn’t to the extent of being unable to fight back at all. As for strength and defenses of the body, Yang Ye was much more inferior. So, while Lan Xiao’s speed was inferior to Yang Ye, Lan Xiao was able to rely on his physical strength and defenses to not just avoid suffering any harm, he even injured Yang Ye on many occasions!

However, Yang Ye grew crazier and crazier as he fought!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, battle was the best method to improve his strength. While he could improve his strength through meditation, it was far inferior in speed than life and death battle.

Only when one faced life and death battle would one bring forth unimaginable potential from within themselves.

It had been a very long time. Since he arrived at the academy… no, it was since he arrived at the Radiant Dimension. Even though he’d been constantly fighting others in battle, they were meaningless battles. Because those battles weren’t difficult for him at all, so how could they help him improve his strength?

Yet now, he’d finally encountered someone… no, a wolf whose physical body and combat experience surpassed him!

To put it in simple terms, this wolf who stood before him made him sense danger, and that was exactly what he needed!

Because the aftershock of their battle was growing stronger and stronger, and it affected an increasingly wider radius. All the wolves weren’t able to endure it at all, and they retreated incessantly.

“Young Miss Wushuang, will Instructor Ye be able to win?” One of the outer court students spoke in a low voice.

Yu Wushuang replied with certainty, “Of course!”

That student was puzzled, “Why?”

“Because he’ll run if he can’t win!” Yu Wushuang continued, “But he hasn’t fled. So, it proves that he’s confident in his ability to win!”

That student was speechless.


Suddenly a terrifying aura appeared in the sky. It was seemingly material and caused the space before it to ripple!

The high rank of the Monarch Realm!

All the people and demon beasts here were stunned!

Lan Xiao was a high rank Half-Saint, so it was naturally impossible for him to have advanced. Since it wasn’t him, then it was naturally Yang Ye!

He advanced in battle?


A muffled bang resounded as a figure was blasted flying. However, that figure had merely flown for a few hundred meters before it stopped it midair. It was Yang Ye!

At this moment, the state of Yang Ye’s body was even more terrifying than before. His clothes were in complete rags, and his bare upper body was covered in bloody injuries. Moreover, every single one of them was bone deep. Fortunately, they were healing at a rapid rate.

Lan Xiao spoke abruptly, “You’re using me as a practice target?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and calmed the aura that came from his advancement, and then he looked up at Lan Xiao and said, “What do you think?”

A ferocious expression instantly appeared in Lan Xiao’s eyes, and he said, “Human, I have to admit that you’re really not bad. At the very least, your speed is a huge problem for me. If you attain the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm, then the outcome of a battle between us would really be impossible to determine. However, you’re no match for me now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of blue light suddenly erupted from Lan Xiao, and then a huge wolf appeared before Yang Ye. The huge wolf was completely blue and large like a mountain, and just a single claw of its was comparable in size to Yang Ye. As its sharp claws moved casually through space, black rifts were instantly sliced open there!

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. At the same time, 100 swords appeared around him. The swords revolved at high speeds, and then rays of light formed a ball of light that completely enveloped Yang Ye.

A voice suddenly resounded from within the ball of light, “It’s time to end this!”


A sword howl shot into the sky, and then 100 rays of light shot forward explosively. Meanwhile, Lan Xiao leaped up and shot towards the rays of light.

The space in Lan Xiao’s path warped into a shocking state!

Lan Xiao hadn’t even come into contact with those 100 rays of light when the powerful aura and pressure he emanated blasted those rays of light into bits.

The wolves in the surroundings immediately started howling when they witnessed this scene.

As for Yu Wushuang and the others who stood on the city walls, they became anxious!

It didn’t take long for Lan Xiao’s figure to collide with Yang Ye!


A terrifying explosion resounded while countless waves of energy swept fiercely towards the surroundings.

After that, a figure was blasted flying from the sky and crashed heavily against the city walls, causing the walls to tremble as the figure slid down to the ground.

It was Yang Ye!

Countless wolves howled madly and started charging towards the city.

“NO!!!” Yu Wushuang’s horrified voice suddenly resounded from above the city walls, She disregarded the charging army of demon beasts, leaped off the city walls, and charged towards Yang Ye….

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