Chapter 926 – Letting The Demon Beasts In?

Almighty Sword Domain

At the moment Yu Wushuang leaped off the city wall, the other outer court students quickly did the same.

They didn’t have the slightest ability to fight back against the army of wolves once they lost the defensive formations on the city walls, and it was something that every single one of them was clearly aware of. However, all of them had leaped down without the slightest hesitation.

At this moment, they’d disregarded their life and death!

The army of wolves was still dashing forward and howling furiously. It didn’t take long for them to get closer and closer to the city, and the city would be breached at any moment. So long as the city was breached, then the claws of the wolf army would tear through every single inhabitant of the city.

Suddenly, Lan Xiao raised his hand and waved it lightly.

Just that wave alone caused the army of millions of wolves to stop in an instant.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye slowly stood up under Yu Wushuang’s support. At this moment, he couldn’t even be described as being in a horrifying state. There was a claw mark that stretched down from his throat to his stomach, and it seemed like it had sliced his stomach and chest open, causing the internal organs within to be clearly visible!

Yu Wushuang had almost fainted from the sight of it!

The other outer court students felt the same!

Logically speaking, a normal person would definitely be dead upon suffering such heavy injuries. However, Yang Ye possessed Primordial Violet Energy flowing through him, and the violet profound energy’s restorative effects caused his wounds to gradually heal. So long as Yang Ye wasn’t killed in an instant, then his violet profound energy could restore any other injury!

“I underestimated you!” Lan Xiao suddenly spoke, “I’d thought that besides those 5 top geniuses, there was no one else in the younger generation of the human race who could be a match for me. But… I was wrong. You’re strong, extremely strong, and I might have still died even if I hadn’t underestimated you!”

“I didn’t underestimate you!” Yang Ye said, “Unfortunately, I still almost died at your hands!”

Lan Xiao replied, “I would definitely be no match for you if we were in the same realm of cultivation!”

Yang Ye replied, “My thoughts exactly!”

Lan Xiao nodded slightly, and then he raised his head and gazed at the city, “Human, you’re very strong. However, you won’t be able to defend this city!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of sword energy suddenly erupted from within Lan Xiao. In the beginning, it was just one, but it didn’t take long for countless rays of sword energy to flicker out of Lan Xiao’s body.

The students from the outer court immediately understood what had occurred when they witnessed this scene. It turned out that Lan Xiao had lost.

Yang Ye was only heavily injured, but Lan Xiao was about to fall.


The wolves in the surroundings immediately started howling when they saw the sword energy that erupted from within Lan Xiao, and they were about to charge over but were stopped by him.

“Go back and ask the 2nd Prince to come…. No, ask the Crown Prince to come….” As soon as he finished speaking, Lan Xiao wasn’t able to suppress the sword energy within himself, and his body exploded apart. Countless strands of sword energy sprayed towards the surroundings. Everywhere they passed, even space was pierced straight through.


The wolves howled with sorrow upon witnessing this scene, and then their eyes instantly turned red before they charged in Yang Ye’s direction!

“Kill!” Feng Wuchao’s profound energy surged when he saw the wolves charge towards them, and he was about to lead the others into battle. However, Yang Ye grabbed him and said, “Kill my ass! Retreat for now!” Not to mention killing, even walking was a problem for him in his current state.

Feng Wuchao glanced at Yang Ye and smiled with embarrassment. His plan had been to follow Yang Ye into battle, charge into the army of wolves, and put on a show of strength.

Yang Ye and the others had only just returned to the confines of the city when the army’s assault began. This time, their assault seemed to be even more intense than the last. All of them were madly attacking the city walls with absolute disregard for their lives. This time, the northern gates could only defend itself against their attacks and couldn’t counterattack, so even the formations here were showing signs of being overwhelmed.

Fortunately, Yu Wushuang’s strategy was effective. Countless cultivators of the city ascended the city walls and helped to defend the city, and it caused the pressure Yu Wushuang faced to instantly reduce steeply.

Yang Ye didn’t choose to head back to his room and recuperate, and he just sat cross-legged on the city walls and recuperated there. Even though Yu Wushuang had arranged everything well, it wasn’t very useful because those fellows on the city walls were mostly quite weak. Besides just defending the city, they weren’t able to launch a counterattack at all!  

Simply speaking, Yu Wushuang and the others were still too weak, so he couldn’t rest at ease if he were to leave!

“I’ve got the information.” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and said, “That fellow, Lan Xiao, who fought you earlier was the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s third son! His strength is ranked at the 3rd position amongst the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s children. However, the Welkin Wolf Demon King is very fond of him. Moreover, it isn’t just the Demon King, even the hearts of many other wolf demons throughout the mountain range are filled with respect and adoration towards him. We can be said to have stirred up a hornet’s nest!”

Yang Ye opened his eyes and looked below the city walls. Countless wolf demons seemed as if they’d gone mad, and they were colliding successively against the city walls. Earlier, the wolf demons would hold back because there were cannons on the city walls, so they would fear the cannons and dodge the attacks coming from those cannons. However, the army seemed completely fearless right now, and it was even to the extent that they used their own bodies to stop the cannons!

Many areas of the formation throughout the city walls had started to crack apart beneath the frenzied attacks of the army.

“The city will be breached in 2 hours at most!” Yu Wushuang gazed at the army and spoke solemnly, “As for the experts of the Ancient Sword School, it would take at least 8 hours for them to arrive!”

“8 hours?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while his face fell a little. The wolves had gone mad, so even if his strength was restored, it wouldn’t be very useful. After all, no matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to slaughter an army of a few million in just a few hours!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and suddenly said, “How many people are there in the city?”

Yu Wushuang replied, “Almost 100 million!”

Yang Ye asked, “How many are helping us defend the city then?”

Yu Wushuang answered, “Not even 100,000!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched, and he said, “Aren’t they afraid that the city would be breacher, and the army of wolves would enter the city?”

Yu Wushuang laughed bitterly, “Everyone is selfish. As far as they are concerned, even if the sky were to fall, there would be someone taller to stop the impact. That taller person is naturally the academy. With the academy’s forces and the army of the City Governor’s Estate here to defend the city, they naturally wouldn’t risk their lives to defend the city. Unless we give them compensation….”

Yang Ye placed his hands on the wall and looked down at the army below, “Everyone in the Radiant Dimension cultivates. Unless it’s someone who’s born without the ability to cultivate, every single person would choose to cultivate and become a cultivator. In other words, at least over 90% of the almost 100 million inhabitants of the city are cultivators. They have the ability to help! However, only less than 100,000 amongst them were willing to defend the city with us, and most of them are only here because of the compensation we provided….”

Yang Ye’s gaze gradually turned icy cold as he finished speaking.

“That can’t be helped!” Yu Wushuang laughed bitterly, “The Ocean of Clouds City is the Ocean of Clouds Academy’s territory. As far as they are concerned, it should be the academy that deals with such problems. The academy is very helpless towards this situation as well. Otherwise, if it could utilize the forces of the entire city to defend the city, then our numbers wouldn’t be inferior to the wolf army at all. Unfortunately….”

“Unfortunately, they refuse to come, right?” Yang Ye continued, “I understand what they’re thinking. As you said, as far as they are concerned, the wolf army’s assault on the city is actually something between the academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. So, they take it as a matter of course that it should be the academy that deals with the assault. However, they’d never considered what would happen if the academy fails to defend the city, and the wolf army breaches the city. Perhaps they have thought about it, but since they haven’t faced the army themselves, they’re utterly unaware of how terrifying the wolf army is. So, they subconsciously chose to avoid thinking about it and chose to continue watching the battle from the city!”

“What… what are you planning to do!?” Yu Wushuang felt that something was slightly off, and she said, “You… you can’t act rashly now. If it was at any other ordinary time, then perhaps we could have rectified the situation in the city and fully develop the city to become part of the academy’s forces.

“Is chaos better or is everyone dying better?” Yang Ye turned around to look at her as he spoke.

Yu Wushuang was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “I know that you want me to turn the situation around. However, you must realize that I’m not a Saint, so I’m helpless before such a huge army.”

Yu Wushuang said, “But aren’t you afraid that they would rebel?”

Yang Ye replied, “Actually, I’m doing it for their own good. If the city is breached, then everyone from the academy can actually flee. After all, we have the strength to do so. However, can those fellows in the city flee? They definitely can’t. So, I want them to realize that it won’t be us who dies if the city is breached, it’ll be them instead!”

Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll do as you say! So, tell me what we should do.”

“Let’s try talking to them before resorting to force!” Yang Ye said, “Immediately notify the entire city to immediately come here and defend the city. Say that they’ll die if the city is breached, so they should come and help defend it if they don’t want to die!”

Yu Wushuang said, “I’m afraid it won’t amount to anything!”

Yang Ye replied, “I know. I just want to give them a chance, a chance to live! If they really don’t cherish it, then they can’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, “Understood!”

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s words to spread throughout the city under Yu Wushuang’s efforts. However….

“They want us to defend the city? And they aren’t giving us any compensation? Who does that fellow, Ye Yang, think he is? Not to mention an instructor, I wouldn’t even pay any attention to this request even if it was from the dean!”

“Ptooey! Defend the city? What does that have to do with us? Do I have nothing better to do? Just keep on dreaming!”

“Perhaps I might be forced to help them a little if there was some compensation. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to act. He actually wants me to help him defend the city for free? Is there something wrong with him in the head?”

“Defend the city? Defend my ass! I’m not tired of living! Why would I help him defend the city? Fuck the hell off!

On the city wall, Yu Wushuang appeared before Yang Ye once more.

Yang Ye asked, “No one came?”

Yu Wushuang nodded and said, “They didn’t just refuse. Our actions even aroused displeasure in many!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Alright.”

Yu Wushuang asked, “What should we do now?”

Yang Ye’s gaze shot towards the city gates, and then he said, “Open the gates!”

Open the gates?

Yu Wushuang was stunned.

Is he planning on letting the demon beasts in to slaughter the residents of the city?

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