Chapter 931 – I’m Too Softhearted!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Fine!” Suddenly, Shang Qingying’s resounded, “From this moment onwards, all the students and forces of the academy will obey you. You can do as you please!”

Shang Qingying felt quite helpless as she spoke these words. Because she knew how crazy it would get once the forces of the academy obeyed Yang Ye’s orders. However, she had no choice. She didn’t doubt that Yang Ye would definitely take the others and leave if she refused, and if they refused to leave with him, then he would leave on his own!

What would Yang Ye’s departure represent?

It didn’t represent that it would be impossible to defend the city without Yang Ye. However, while their backup from the Ancient Sword School was on the way, all of those experts would only acknowledge Yang Ye.

Would they come to help the academy if it wasn’t for Yang Ye?

Besides that, while Yang Ye was quite insane, his strength and ability were beyond doubt. Moreover, his presence wasn’t just able to deter the wolf army, it could even deter the powers within the city that tried to rebel. Regardless of whether she admitted it or not, besides Shangguan Yunhai, the younger generation of the academy couldn’t compare in reputation to Yang Ye!

Moreover, Yang Ye had caused chaos to arise in the city. Coupled with the fact that he possessed the support of the entire outer court. His departure would definitely cause the entire outer court to follow him. Once that happened, who would deal with the terrible state of things here in the academy? Who could possibly resolve it?

If Shangguan Yunhai left his closed door cultivation, then perhaps he could. However, even if Shangguan Yunhai did emerge from his closed door cultivation, he would absolutely not have the time or chance to pay any attention to the city. Because Shangguan Yunhai was being watched by the forces of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and they would definitely dispatch experts to stop him.

So, Yang Ye absolutely couldn’t be allowed to leave now.

A ray of sword energy slashed down from above the city walls, and countless wolves which intended to enter the city were instantly slashed into 2. At the same time, the city gates closed under Yang Ye’s orders.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, turned around to look at Shang Qingying, and asked, “Are you sure?”

She nodded, “I am!”

Yang Ye said, “What I’m about to do might exceed your expectations. But I hope that you stand on my side, or you do nothing at all. Alright?”

She replied, “Alright!”

Yang Ye nodded. He was about to speak when a group of people suddenly appeared in the distance. It should actually be called a crowd. The leader of the group was a middle aged man who held a saber in his hand, and his appearance was quite similar to the middle aged man who was nailed to the wall.

There were 3,000 spear-wielding cultivators in black armor following behind him, and a huge crowd of almost 100,000 were following behind those 3,000 cultivators!

Moreover, most of the people in the crowd were carrying demon beasts, and there were over 10,000 demon beasts there. They were the demon beasts that Yang Ye had let into the city.

Shang Qingying said, “That’s the Su Clan’s patriarch, Su Xingyun.”

Yang Ye replied, “Send the word for all the experts of the academy and the city’s army at the Monarch Realm and above to come here.”

Shang Qingying asked, “Then what about the city.”

Yang Ye answered, “It’s fine. The wolves won’t be able to break through the city’s defensive formations for some time.”

Shang Qingying glanced at Yang Ye, and then she flicked repeatedly, causing numerous ripples to shoot through space. It didn’t take long for the experts at the Monarch Realm and above who were guarding all 4 city gates to rush over here.

Yang Ye was quite surprised because he noticed that there were actually over 50,000 Monarch Realm experts. Besides that, there were around 100 Half-Saints, and there were even over a dozen high rank Half-Saints.

But it made sense because the academy was a Platinum Rank power at any rate. If it didn’t even have tens of thousands of Monarch Realm experts, then could it even be considered to be a Platinum Rank power? Moreover, this was absolutely not all the academy’s forces. Not to mention anything else, just those 7 Saints proved everything.

Ocean of Clouds City could be considered as half a base to the academy, but it wasn’t the Ocean of Clouds Academy’s true main base of operations. So, even if it intended to defend the city, it wouldn’t defend the city to the end!

So, as far as Yang Ye was concerned, all of these experts before him and even the students of the secret court from before didn’t represent the true strength of the academy.

“From this moment onwards, all the students, elders, guardians, and soldiers of the city are to obey Instructor Ye’s commands. No one is allowed to disobey him.” Shang Qingying’s voice resounded.

A wisp of bewilderment flashed through their eyes, but those experts still nodded in the end.

Yang Ye glanced at Shang Qingying. He was quite curious about her identity. After all, if she was only an ordinary inner court instructor, then how could she make all of them obey her orders? Because many of them had might greater status and strength than her, like those high rank Half-Saints!

Yang Ye didn’t have the mood to think too much about it because Su Xingyun and the others had arrived before the city walls.

Su Xingyun glanced at the middle aged man who was nailed to the wall, and then his gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “I presume you’re the new instructor of the academy, Ye Yang. Very good! The young really are great.”

Yang Ye said, “I’d expected you to attack right away!”

“How could I dare to do so!?” Su Xingyun chuckled, “You slaughtered hundreds of thousands of wolves on your own, and you even slaughtered the entire secret court by yourself. I’m afraid that besides the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture, no one else can rival your strength. I naturally possess some strength, but I’m afraid I would only be able to withstand a few blows from you at most. I haven’t come here today to take revenge for my uncle or that useless younger brother of mine. I’ve merely come here today to seek justice for those who’ve been killed by the demon beasts!”

“You’re here to seek justice?” Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he grinned, “I’m really curious about what you have to say. Go on!”

Su Xingyun’s face sank, “Ye Yang, do you know how many children lost their parents because you opened the city gates? Do you know how many parents lost their children? Do you know how many wives lost their husbands or husbands lost their wives?”

When he spoke up to this point, Su Xingyun pointed at Yang Ye and spoke furiously, “Do you know how many families were destroyed because of you?”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I didn’t want that to happen. There were too many demon beasts, yet all of you refused to come and help defend the city. I wasn’t able to defend the city, so I had no choice but to let the demon beasts in. Alas, to be honest, I really understand your feelings. However, I wasn’t the one who killed your loved ones, it was the wolves from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. If you intend to seek justice for them, then you should go look for those wolves. They are right outside the gates. Do you want me to open the gates for all of you?”

Su Xingyun spoke in a low voice, “The beasts of the Welkin Wolf Clan naturally deserve death, but why did you let them into the city?”

Yang Ye replied, “There were too many demon beasts yet too few of us. We weren’t able to stop them!”

“Why couldn’t all of you stop them!?” Su Qingyun blurted these words out in a moment of anger, and then his expression changed slightly once he finished speaking. Because he knew that he’d said something wrong.

Sure enough, the faces of the students and experts on the academy’s side had instantly turned gloomy upon hearing him, and their gazes towards him had become hostile. Even Shang Qingying had an extremely gloomy expression on her face.

Su Xingyun wanted to save the situation, but Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Don’t waste your breath. I don’t have the time for this nonsense.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye pointed at the crowd behind Su Xingyun and said, “My greatest flaw is being too softhearted, so don’t say that I didn’t give all of you a chance. If you are willing to change your ways, then I’ll just act as if nothing happened. If you don’t surrender now, then you won’t have another chance to even if you beg for it!”

“Ye Yang, don’t tell me you intend to kill all of us?” Su Xingyun laughed coldly, “I admit that your strength is heaven defying indeed, but so what? So long as my Su Clan gives the order, then I’ll be able to gather at least a million people from the city. Can you even kill that many?”

“Exactly! Ye Yang, no matter how strong you are, can you kill so many of us? Even if you can, would you dare? Would you?”

“Ye Yang, you arbitrarily allowed the demon beasts to enter the city and slaughter the city’s residents. Such actions are equivalent to betrayal towards the city. Just see how many people in the city have died because of you! If you have a heart, then you should kill yourself to atone for your crimes!”

“Kill Ye Yang!”

“Kill Ye Yang!”

The crowd behind Su Xingyun howled in unison.

“Kill them! Spare no one!” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

Everyone here was slightly stunned, including Su Xingyun and the others. At this moment, they felt like their ears weren’t working properly.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the forces of the academy and said, “I told you to kill them! Are all of you deaf?”

This time, all of them heard him clearly.

Hao Shuaibo and the others didn’t hesitate to charge towards Su Xingyun’s group.

As for the remaining experts, they gazed at Shang Qingying instead.

Shang Qingying clenched her fists tightly, and they were trembling.

A moment of silence ensued before she suddenly roared furiously, “Kill! Kill them! Spare no one!”

“Kill!” At this moment, they didn’t hesitate to charge at Su Xingyun and the others.

“You…. All of you…. Ye Yang…. Are… are you mad?” Su Xingyun was horrified. How could he have imagined that Yang Ye would really dare to kill them? After all, there were over 100,000 standing behind him, and he could summon even more people. Especially when the Saint Realm experts of the academy were locked in combat with the expert of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, even the dean of the academy wouldn’t have dared to touch his Su Clan.

However, he was wrong!

The Su Clan’s strength wasn’t bad, and it even possessed huge numbers and quite an imposing aura. However, when compared to the experts of the academy…. No, it couldn’t be compared to the academy’s experts at all!

It was a slaughter! A complete and utter slaughter!

Even though Yang Ye’s side didn’t possess such huge numbers as Su Xingyun did, the strength possessed by the experts on Yang Ye’s side was utterly superior to Su Xingyun’s forces. Especially when Yang Ye was constantly hunting the supreme experts on Su Xingyun’s side. So, the battle was one-sided since it began!

“Miss Shang! My… my Su Clan is a loyal supporter of the academy. Aren’t you afraid that such actions would disappoint everyone?” Su Xingyun shouted from amidst the crowd.

Shang Qingying closed her eyes slightly and paid no attention to him.

“We surrender! We surrender! We surrender….”

“Instructor Shang, we’re willing to surrender. We’re willing to surrender! Please spare us!”

“I’m really willing to surrender! Stop chasing me! AHHHH!”

Countless people started to surrender, but the slaughter was still going on!

“Miss Shang, my Su Clan is willing to defend the city with all its might!” A voice suddenly resounded.

Shang Qingying opened her eyes and waved her hand, and then the experts from the academy immediately stopped attacking. Because the person who spoke those words was Su Xingyun.

Shang Qingying looked at Yang Ye.


A ray of sword energy flashed, and then the heads of a few hundred flew into the air.

Yang Ye glanced at the experts of the academy and said, “I told all of you to spare no one.”

Shang Qingying spoke in a slightly trembling voice, “They’ve surrendered!”

She’d just finished speaking when Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of her, and then a sword pressed against the center of her forehead. A moment later, traces of blood started flowing down the tip of the sword, and her absolutely beautiful face was instantly covered in blood.

“10 breaths of time! If they aren’t dead by then, then she’ll take their place!” Yang Ye’s icy cold voice resounded.

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