Chapter 932 – Either Disregard Or Attack!

Almighty Sword Domain

The experts of the academy were absolutely shocked when they witnessed this scene, and besides Hao Shuaibo and the other outer court students, the other experts of the academy glared furiously at Yang Ye.

Even Su Xingyun and the others were completely stunned! Moreover, terror immediately arose in the depths of their hearts once they recovered from their shock. What sort of madman is that outer court instructor?

One of the old men from the academy spoke furiously, “Ye Yang! How dare you! Do you know who she is? You’ll definitely die if you dare to touch her!”

“Nine!” Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man and started to count instead.

“Ye Yang, do you realize….”

The old man hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more, “Eight!”

The old man was furious. He intended to say something, but another old man by his side immediately grabbed his arm, and then that old man glanced at those experts of the academy who were glaring at Yang Ye, “Do as he said. Kill them! Spare no one!” Even though he didn’t know Yang Ye well, he knew that Yang Ye was definitely someone who dared to do as he’d said!

After all, what else was he not capable of after he’d even dared to slaughter the entire secret court?

“Ye! Ye Yang! You! How ruthless of you! I….” Su Xingyun’s furious voice resounded incessantly.

Meanwhile, more and more people were rushing over from afar. Su Xingyun and the others were delighted upon noticing those people. Because those people were the backup that he’d called for.

“The academy is annihilating traitors. Stay away if you don’t want to die!” One of the high rank Half-Saints from the academy glanced coldly at the crowd that was gathering here, and they immediately stopped moving when they heard the old man.

The Su Clan really was extremely strong in the city, and no one dared to offend it. However, they feared the academy more. After all, it was a Platinum Rank sect while the Su Clan was only a Gold Rank clan. When conflict arose between a Gold Rank clan and a Platinum Rank sect, even a fool would know which side to stand on!

All the people who arrived here moved over 1km back, but they didn’t flee. They just watched as the experts of the academy slaughtered Su Xingyun and the others.

It didn’t take long for those 10 breaths of time to be up.

The corpses of 100,000 laid in piles throughout the area below the city walls, and the stench of blood permeated every corner of the area. It was utterly nauseating!

“Are you satisfied now?” Shang Qingying suddenly said, “Are you satisfied after killing so many?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to her. He walked towards Su Xingyun, and he didn’t waste his breath on Su Xingyun. He just flicked a sword forward and nailed Su Xingyun to the city wall.

After that, Yang Ye flashed up onto the city walls and said, “Shuaibo, open the gates and let the demon beasts in. Wushuang, notify the entire city to come and defend the city if they want to live. The Ocean of Clouds Academy will live and die with anyone who comes to defend the city. As for those who refuse to come, their fate will be of no concern to us. If someone dares to seize this opportunity to cause trouble, then the Su Clan’s fate is the consequence!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Keep the Su Clan’s patriarch alive!”

No one dared to refuse his orders, of course.

It didn’t take long for the city gates to be opened, and then over 5 thousand demon beasts were let into the city.

At the same time, Yang Ye’s announcement swept through the city under Yu Wushuang’s efforts.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere on the city walls was quite tense.

Because besides Hao Shuaibo and the others, all the other experts of the academy were looking at Yang Ye with hostile gazes, and some even had killing intent in their eyes.

Shang Qingying only had to give the order and they wouldn’t hesitate to charge at Yang Ye!

Obviously, Yang Ye’s actions had truly infuriated them.

“100,000 are dead just like that.” Shang Qingying walked over to Yang Ye. At this moment, her face was still covered in blood, “They surrendered. If we stopped, then it would be equivalent to obtaining the help of 100,000. I know that Su Xingyun infuriated you, and that’s why you wanted to kill him. Ye Yang, can you not act impulsively?”

Yang Ye paid no attention to her, and he just looked towards the mountain range in the distance. The mountains in the distance stretched out until the end of his vision. All of the mountains there towered into the clouds, and they were like dragons that rested in the distance. The mountain range was naturally Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and it was the lair of the Welkin Wolf Clan.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time as he gazed at the mountain range, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Shang Qingying wanted to say something else. However, many people suddenly ran over from afar. The expressions of Hao Shuaibo and the others immediately changed upon noticing these people, and they immediately became vigilant.

“We’re willing to defend the city with our brothers from the Ocean of Clouds Academy….”

“My Yun Clan is willing to live and die with the academy….”

“My Chen Clan is willing to live and die with the academy….”

“My Feng Clan is willing to live and die with the academy….”

Hao Shuaibo and the others were stunned upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang stepped forward and said, “Welcome, friends. My academy is willing to live and die with all of you. However, let me warn you in advance. Since you’ve come here to defend the city, then you must obey the rules we’ve set. If anyone dares to feign compliance or seize the opportunity to play tricks, then the Su Clan is the best example of the consequences!”

All of them looked towards the city walls when they heard her. There were 2 people nailed there, and their expressions changed upon seeing those 2 people. Because those 2 people were naturally not unfamiliar faces to them.

“I never expected the Su Clan to actually be destroyed….”

“Looks like the academy is serious this time….”

“Fortunately, I didn’t listen to Su Xingyun, otherwise my Yun Clan would have probably ceased to exist by now….”

The bodies of the brothers from the Su Clan and the corpses of 100,000 people possessed such a deterring force that many who originally had ill intent had immediately discarded their ill intent. Especially those who’d thought about joining just to seek protection. The cruel reality before them told them that the academy was truly furious now, and it wasn’t joking.

In the beginning, only a few thousand came. But it didn’t take long for more and more to rush to the northern gates.

In less than 15 minutes of time, an entire 100,000 people had arrived, and more and more were still arriving incessantly. They naturally hadn’t come here to cause trouble. They were all here to declare their willingness to live and die with the academy!

Besides the academy, the other residents of the city and the clans within the city weren’t able to resist the demon beasts. Even if they stood a fighting chance if they were to join forces, they would still suffer severe losses in the end. So, the only way to survive was to grab onto the protection of the academy.

As for defending the city. While it was a dangerous task, the experts of the academy would be with them at least. But if they didn’t come to defend the city, then the academy would disregard their fate once the demon beasts entered the city.

An hour later, almost a million people had converged here.

These people mostly possessed weak cultivations, and most of them were at the King Realm or Spirit Realm. However, there were quite a few at the Monarch Realm and Exalt Realm as well. As for low rank Half-Saints, mid rank Half-Saints, and high rank Half Saints, there were some as well.

Shang Qingying and the others were quite stunned as they watched more and more rush towards the northern gates. After all, the academy had called for the help of the experts of the city, and some had come. But only very few. Moreover, they would even flee if they encountered danger. Even though Ocean of Clouds City was a subordinate city to the Ocean of Clouds Academy, it had never exercised any management over the city.

Besides that, because the academy had always followed the principle of not interfering in the battle of the world, anyone could come to Ocean of Clouds City while the residents of the city were completely unaffiliated to the academy. They had no need to obey the orders of the academy. So, the academy could only call for their help, and the academy couldn’t order them to help!

As for the results of calling for their help….

“Are you unable to figure out why they’ve suddenly changed their attitudes and are so willing to help defend the city?” Yu Wushuang suddenly walked over to Shang Qingying’s side.

Shang Qingying nodded in response.

“Do you know why Yang Ye refused to spare the Su Clan’s group just now?” Yu Wushuang didn’t explain but asked another question instead.

Shang Qingying spoke in a low voice, “Because he can’t tolerate any insult!”

Yu Wushuang chuckled, “You’re wrong, so very wrong. Yang Ye isn’t someone to tolerate that, but he’s an extremely proud person as well. He doesn’t take the Su Clan seriously at all. The reason he killed Su Xingyun and the others wasn’t because Su Xingyun scolded him and he sought to gain revenge. It was because he had to annihilate the Su Clan which was the first to step forward and defy him. Because only then can we deter the entire city. Perhaps he would have only killed Su Xingyun and not slaughter the rest if it were at any other ordinary time, but we don’t have much time anymore.”

When she spoke up to this point, Yu Wushuang pointed at the crowd below and said, “If we weren’t able to converge them soon, then they would only be a disorderly crowd when the city is breached and the wolf army enters, and the only fate that awaits them while they are without any leadership is death. However, if we can converge them together and organize them, then it would be a completely different story!”

Shang Qingying said, “We could accomplish the same thing without killing those people just now!”

“No! You’re wrong again!” Yu Wushuang continued, “Their intention to help us defend the city wasn’t sincere at all. The only reason they surrendered was because we’re stronger than them, and they were powerless to resist. Once we enter into battle with the demon beasts, then many amongst them and especially the Su Clan would be very likely to turn on us. At that time, we’ll be facing enemies on both fronts. Most importantly, the only way to deter those people and powers who intend to cause trouble was to kill them. We could choose to do it slowly if it was at any other ordinary time, but we don’t have the time now.”

Shang Qingying suddenly asked, “What would happen if those people weren’t killed?”

Yu Wushuang chuckled, “The city would remain in a state of chaos, and it would be utterly chaotic. It wouldn’t change anything even if Yang Ye continued to let more demon beasts into the city. Because they wouldn’t realize how serious the situation is, and they wouldn’t realize how ruthless and determined our academy is. But once we killed those fellows, they would realize that we would continue letting the demon beasts in if they refused to help defend the city, and if they dared to express displeasure or look for trouble with us, then the fate of the Su Clan and those 100,000 people would be the consequences that they faced!”

Shang Qingying took a deep breath and said, “So, if they want to survive, then they have no choice but to join forces with us, right?”

Yu Wushuang nodded.

Shang Qingying said, “Why didn’t he explain all of that to me?”

“Because he doesn’t treat you as one of his own. He either disregards or attacks those he doesn’t consider to be one of his own!” Yu Wushuang continues, “Unfortunately, you’ve suffered both of that. He hasn’t just disregarded you; he has even attacked you!”

Shang Qingying was speechless.


Suddenly, the city walls crumbled before their eyes.

The city had been breached, and the army of millions of wolves was right before them! It was less than 300m away!

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