Chapter 933 – Deactivate The Formation! Open The Gates!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was an army of a few million wolves, and many of them were at the Exalt Realm and Monarch Realm. Coupled with the huge size of the wolves, the terrifying pressure which assaulted them caused many cultivators within the city to start trembling.

So, many had actually started to prepare to flee.

A ray of light flashed, and then a few dozen cultivators who’d turned around and fled were instantly annihilated.

“Forces of the academy, hear my command! Show no mercy to anyone who dares to flee before battle!” Yang Ye’s ghastly voice rumbled like a thunderclap, and it caused many who intended to flee to instantly stop on the spot. Because the experts of the academy were standing in the surroundings. However, there were some who were still unable to endure the terrifying pressure from the army and turned around to flee.

However, all of them were annihilated without exception, and there even was a high rank Half-Saint amongst them!

After a few thousand lost their lives, no one else here dared to try and flee again. Perhaps they still wanted to flee, but at least no one dared to try and flee anymore.

If they stayed behind to fight alongside the experts of the academy, then perhaps they would have a chance at survival. But if they fled, then they would definitely die. Unless someone took the lead. But would anyone dare to do that?

Moreover, after they calmed down, they understood that if the army of wolves were to charge into the city now and the experts of the academy retreated, then what would they do?

They would be powerless to resist the army of wolves without the help of the academy. Perhaps the high rank Half-Saints amongst them could escape, but what about the rest below that realm of cultivation?

So, when they realized that, many of them had immediately discarded their intentions to flee.

The army didn’t charge towards Yang Ye and the others upon breaching the city, and there was a bewildered expression in the eyes of many wolves at the front of the army. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that over a million humans would be waiting for them behind the city walls. Moreover, more and more humans were joining the group!

Yang Ye shot up into the sky and looked down at the crowd, “See? That’s the army of wolves. Besides this area, the entire city is surrounded by the wolf army. Flee? No, we don’t have anywhere to escape to. The only way to survive is to kill, kill until they are forced back!”

When he spoke up to this point, a ferocious expression appeared on Yang Ye’s face, “Let me be frank in advance. If you dare to flee, then I’ll order the experts of the academy to leave the city! I always keep my word!”

Their expressions changed upon hearing Yang Ye, and then they turned pale.

They could imagine the fate that awaited them if the experts of the academy left!

“If anyone dares to flee, then I’ll be the first to kill him! We’re willing to live and die with the academy!”

“Instructor Ye, the city is in a situation of life and death, so you absolutely can’t act on impulse. Don’t worry, my Mo Clan will be the first to attack anyone who dares to flee in the face of battle!”

“We’ll annihilate anyone who dares to flee!”

Countless people here made their stands clear as they were very much afraid that Yang Ye would act impulsively and order the experts of the academy to leave the city. Especially the clans of the city, their foundation was laid in the city. So once the city was breached, then even if they could escape, they would lose that foundation which they’d built up in the city. So, their clans would definitely suffer a decline! Thus, they absolutely couldn’t allow the city to be breached!

Shang Qingying suddenly said, “They weren’t like that in the past….”

Yu Wushuang laughed coldly, “Only the wicked can deal with the wicked. The academy was too tolerant in the past. Let me explain it like this. If Ocean of Clouds City was a subordinate of the Dao Order, then would they dare to refuse the Dao Order’s command to leave the city and fight? In my opinion, the academy shouldn’t maintain the rule of not participating in the conflicts of the mortal world. Since it can’t stay completely detached from the matters of the mortal world, then it has no choice but to merge with the world. Only then can the academy avoid falling into such an embarrassing situation again!”

Shang Qingying remained silent.

Meanwhile, the army of wolves suddenly moved around 1km back, and then they split apart at the center.

It didn’t take long for a gold robed man to appear within their fields of vision. The man was riding a huge wolf, and Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed when he saw the huge wolf.

Because it was a high rank Half-Saint!

The gold robed man rode the huge wolf to the city walls, and then his gaze descended onto a part of the wall which was still intact. There was a person and a wolf nailed there. It was naturally the yellow robed man from Sky Divine Hall and the white wolf.

Both of them were still alive, but they were on the verge of death.

A long time passed before the gold robed man withdrew his gaze, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “It was a mistake in my Welkin Wolf Clan’s judgment. We never expected that the academy had a genius like you or that it concealed your existence so well, and we never imagined that you would actually be able to converge all of these cowardly humans from the city. I truly never expected all of this…. Human, what’s your name?”

“The outer court instructor of Ocean of Clouds Academy, Ye Yang!” Yang Ye flashed over and stopped just 300m away from the gold robed man, “Let me guess, you should be one of the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s sons, right?”

The gold robed man replied, “I’m Lan Xiao’s eldest brother!”

The expressions of Shang Qingying and some high rank Half-Saints of the academy changed drastically upon hearing him. Shang Qingying immediately flashed over to Yang Ye’s side and spoke with a solemn expression on her face, “He’s the strongest existence below the Saint Realm on Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and he’s called the Young Welkin Wolf King. You… you absolutely must not be careless while fighting him!”

Meanwhile, the gold robed man pointed at the yellow robed man who was nailed to the wall and asked, “Do you know who he is?”

Yang Ye replied, “He seems to have said that he’s Lou Qianxiao’s younger brother!”

The gold robed man said, “You knew yet still dared to do that?”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I think that you should be worried about your own younger brother instead!”

“He can only blame his own lack of strength!” The gold robed man spoke indifferently, “Of course, I’ll avenge him.”

As soon as the gold robed man finished speaking, countless howls resounded incessantly from

the surroundings, and then countless wolves dashed out from the mountain range.

The expressions on the faces of the crowd behind Yang Ye changed once more when they witnessed this scene. Because there were truly too many wolves….

The gold robed man said, “We’ve wasted too much time on Ocean of Clouds City. Now, we don’t want to waste any more time. So, let’s decide the outcome right now.”

More and more wolves were gathering behind the gold robed man, and the entire ground was quaking incessantly. In less than 15 minutes, the army outside the northern gates had doubled from 3 million to around 6 million, and it was still growing.

As for Yang Ye’s side, there were only around 3 million cultivators!

The gap was truly too huge!

The gold robed man said, “Human, you seem to have a little too few people on your side!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Deactivate the formation! Open the gates!”

Shang Qingying and the others were slightly stunned and gazed at Yang Ye with puzzled expressions.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Shang Qingying and the others, and then he said, “I said deactivate the formation and open the gates. Didn’t you hear me!?”

Shang Qingying wanted to say something, but Yu Wushuang immediately led some experts over to take action. It didn’t take long for all the formations around the city to be deactivated, and all the city gates were opened.

Besides the northern gate, the army of wolves charged into the city from all 3 other gates.

The slaughter began!

Shrill cries resounded throughout the city!

“What exactly are you trying to do!?” Shang Qingying walked over to Yang Ye and was practically shouting.

Yang Ye paid no attention to her. He gazed at the wolf army instead. At this moment, the army of wolves was almost 8 million strong, and the terrifying aura they emanated was something that even his sword intent found difficult to block.

Shang Qingying intended to continue speaking, but Yu Wushuang suddenly walked over to her and said, “Instructor Shang, it’s alright to be stupid, but you shouldn’t step forward and humiliate yourself!”

Shang Qingying was furious, “You….”

Yu Wushuang pointed towards the crowd behind them and said, “Look at that!”

Shang Qingying turned around and looked over upon hearing that, and she saw that the crowd behind them was increasing at an alarming rate. The group of 3 million had already transformed into a group of 5 million now….

Shang Qingying was puzzled, “What?”

Yu Wushuang explained, “There are around 100 million people in the city, yet only around 3 million came to defend the city. Why? Because many were being hopeful. They felt that there were others who’d charged to the frontlines, so they didn’t have to bother about defending the city. Now, we’ve deactivated the grand formation and opened the gates. In other words, everyone will have to face the army of wolves, and no one can escape them. So, if they want to survive, then their only choice would be to join our group! Do you understand now?”

Shang Qingying said, “But many will die!”

Yu Wushuang shook her head, “It’s better than causing the entire city to be slaughtered! Besides that, Instructor Shang, if you don’t have the ability to keep us alive, then can you please shut your mouth, and can you stop questioning Yang Ye in public? Don’t blame me for being frank, I’m doing this for your sake. Have you not realized it? Yang Ye has wanted to kill you on many occasions! If it wasn’t for your unique status in the academy and the fact that your death would be a blow to the morale of the academy’s forces, you would have died a long time ago!”

Shang Qingying was speechless.

Meanwhile, more and more people were gathering behind Yang Ye. It didn’t take long for them to grow into a group that was bigger than the army of wolves from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, and there were almost 10 million cultivators behind him….

After all, only the northern gates was safe throughout the city. So, how could the residents of the city not rush madly towards the northern gates?

The gold robed man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “Human, you’re really bold and resolute! Unfortunately, it’s all in vain! Because so long as you die, then all of these fellows will collapse in an instant!”

As soon as the gold robed man finished speaking, his figure leaped up into the air, and then a huge golden wolf that blotted out the sky appeared in the air outside the northern gates.

“Take this!” The huge wolf spoke the human tongue, and then a huge golden claw descended from the sky. A terrifying pressure rained down from the huge claw, and it caused almost a million of the people behind Yang Ye to be pressed flat on the ground!

As for the barrier formed from Yang Ye’s 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, it was instantly blasted into nothingness by the pressure!

It carried the aura of the heavens and the earth!

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