Chapter 935 – I’ll Slaughter Everyone From The Outer Court!

Almighty Sword Domain

The human army was horrified by this scene!

Yang Ye’s dead?

Such a thought had appeared in the minds of everyone here.

Fortunately, Yang Ye forcefully stopped his figure in midair, and it allowed them to instantly heave sighs of relief.

Shang Qingying heaved a huge sigh of relief as well. At this moment, Yang Ye could be considered as the backbone of the entire army, and if he died, then she had no doubt that the morale of the army would crash in an instant. At that time, their army would be slaughtered without the ability to fight back. So, Yang Ye absolutely couldn’t suffer any mishaps right now!

The battle merely stopped for an instant, and it didn’t take long for the humans and wolves to start fighting once more.

At this moment, all of them were filled with the intent to kill, and they were charging madly at the wolf army. While the human army was qualitatively inferior to the wolf army, it had a huge advantage in terms of size because the human cultivators in the city were still rushing over incessantly. So, they had around 15 million cultivators in their army right now.

Moreover, people were still rushing over here!

With quantity compensating for quality, while the human army was still in a disadvantaged position, it was able to fight the wolf army at least.

The battle between Yang Ye and the gold robed man in midair had stopped.

At this moment, Yang Ye could be said to be in quite a bad state. His chest which had recovered earlier had sunk down once more, and blood was flowing down incessantly from the corner of his mouth.

As for the gold robed man who stood before Yang Ye, he was in quite a bad state as well. There was a bright red mark on his throat, and it was bleeding incessantly as well. Besides that, there was a long injury on the man’s chest, and it was so deep that even his internal organs could be seen!

The gold robed man stretched out his hand to touch his throat, and he gazed at the blood on his hand before he looked at Yang Ye, “Quasi Void Rank sword intent. I truly underestimated you. Now I understand why you were able to kill my third brother. Not to mention his defenses, even mine can’t withstand Quasi Void Rank sword intent. His death really wasn’t because of luck!”

Yang Ye glanced at the gold robed man and spoke inwardly, What a pity.

Earlier, he’d suddenly utilized his Quasi Void Rank sword intent with the hopes that he could kill the gold robed man with one blow. Unfortunately, he failed. The gold robed man’s senses in combat were too strong, and he’d smashed his fist against Yang Ye’s stomach and blasted Yang Ye flying when Yang Ye’s sword had just pierced through his skin.

If it wasn’t for his physical defenses, then just that punch would have been sufficient to kill him!


Meanwhile, a raw of golden light suddenly surged out from within the gold robed man. As soon as it moved a few centimeters away from the gold robed man, it instantly formed an extremely thin sheer robe around him. It covered him completely, and it was even to the extent that his eyes were covered in a thin layer of golden film. It could be said to be completely airtight!

“It’s called the Plasma Robe, and it’s my Innate Divine Ability!” The gold robed man said, “With it around me, I….”

“I think that besides wasting time, wasting our breaths right now is completely meaningless. So, cut the crap and just fight me!” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted the gold robed man. As soon as he finished speaking, he’d arrived in front of the gold robed man. At the same time, countless rays of sword energy enveloped the gold robed man.

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t conceal his Quasi Void Rank sword intent because if he still held back while fighting the gold robed man, then he would just suffer a beating until he died. After all, his sword couldn’t pierce through the gold robed man’s defenses without being supported by Quasi Void Rank sword intent! If he couldn’t pierce through his opponent’s defenses, then he could only suffer a beating.

The sky was blotted out by sword energy and rumbling resounded incessantly from there.

Yu Wushuang stared fixedly at the sky from somewhere on the ground, and her eyes were filled with worry.

Even though the two armies were fighting intensely on the ground below, besides the Saints who were fighting high above in the sky, only the battle between Yang Ye and the gold robed man could decide the outcome of the collision between the two armies.

Regardless of whether it was the wolf army or the human army, it would instantly collapse without a leader!

If Yang Ye won, then the human army would definitely be able to crush the wolf army under his leadership. Conversely, if Yang Ye lost, then the wolf army would definitely be able to crush and slaughter all the humans here under the gold robed man’s lead!

The battle between Yang Ye and the gold robed man could be considered as the true key to deciding the outcome of this battle between the human and wolf armies!

“Domain….” Suddenly, an astonished voice resounded from the sky.

It was the gold robed man’s voice, and the sky suddenly fell silent once his voice resounded. Even though there were countless rays of sword energy flashing there, they didn’t make even a shred of noise.

The silence lasted for around 10 breaths of time, and then the sword energy in the sky started to disperse slowly. It didn’t take long for a person to appear within their fields of vision!

All the humans cheered in unison upon witnessing this scene. As for the wolf army, they started to howl with sorrow.

Because it was Yang Ye!

However, Yang Ye didn’t seem too well right now. His entire body was covered in blood while flood streamed out incessantly from the corner of his mouth. Most importantly, his hair had actually turned snow white.

Of course, they didn’t have the mood to pay attention to that. All they knew was that Yang Ye had won!

“Human! I, the Welkin Wolf Demon King, swear on my inner demons that I’m willing to perish if I’m unable to kill you!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from the sky, and it even caused ripples to surge incessantly throughout the sky. It was an extremely shocking sight.

As soon as the Welkin Wolf Demon King finished speaking, the wolf army started to turn around and retreat.

“Should we seize this opportunity to pursue them?” Shang Qingying flashed over to Yang Ye’s side, and her voice carried undisguised excitement.

Yu Wushuang appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and she glanced at Shang Qingying while she spoke in an icy cold tone, “Go ahead if you aren’t afraid of death!”

“What?” Shang Qingying was puzzled, “Our morale is at an all-time high. So long as Yang Ye leads us, we’ll definitely be able to strike a heavy blow to the wolves!”

Yu Wushuang glanced at Shang Qingying as if she was looking at an idiot, and then she paid no further attention to Shang Qingying. She walked over to Yang Ye’s side, and a trace of pain flashed through her eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye who had his eyes closed while blood was still flowing out of the corner of his mouth. She spoke softly, “Are… are you alright?”

Shang Qingying’s heart shook when she heard Yu Wushuang. At this moment, her mind had finally cleared up, and she looked at Yang Ye. At this moment, she finally understood why Yu Wushuang said that. Because Yang Ye was clearly heavily injured, and he couldn’t lead them into battle at all!

Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly and rolled his eyes. He’d just opened his mouth slightly, but a strand of blood flowed out in a moment, and he quickly closed his mouth again.

Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying were shocked. Yu Wushuang wanted to support him, but Yang Ye stopped her with a glance.

She was slightly stunned by this, and then she understood what he meant.

At this moment, there were countless eyes looking at him from below. If they were to find out that Yang Ye was heavily injured, then it would definitely be a blow to their morale and might even cause some with ill intent to get ready to cause trouble!

So, Yang Ye had to act like he was completely fine! In that way, he could maintain their morale, increase their confidence, and deter the wolf army and others who had malicious intent.

Around 10 minutes passed before Yang Ye slowly descended to the ground, and Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying were by his side.

He stood there for a moment, and then he started walking towards the city.

“Ye Yang!”

“Ye Yang!”

“Ye Yang….”

Countless people started cheering. How grand was it to see over 10 million cheering in unison?

Yang Ye smiled and nodded as he walked towards the city. But actually, he wanted to cry.

In the end, he had relied on the Sword Domain and Quasi Void Rank sword intent to suppress the gold robed man and attain victory in the battle. However, he’d paid a huge price for that. The first price he paid was his lifespan. Because of the gap in their realms of cultivation, his Sword Domain couldn’t fully suppress the gold robed man. Thus, he’d suffered severe backlash from the Sword Domain’s inability to endure the gold robed man’s strength.

That backlash caused his lifespan to have less than half a year remaining.

If he couldn’t attain the Half-Saint realm in 6 months, then he would be buried in the ground!

Besides that, he could be said to be covered in injuries from the gold robed man’s final retaliation. In any case, his internal organs had split apart, and even numerous bones within him were broken.

It could be said that the severity of the injuries he suffered right now was merely inferior to the injuries he suffered from executing the true form of Heavenrend!

However, he had to act like he was fine right now.

Fortunately, while he’d paid a heavy price, he’d obtained some gains as well, and it was in the form of the gold robed man’s corpse.

Yu Wushuang had wanted to support Yang Ye’s figure on many occasions while she walked by his side, but she’d forced herself not to. As for Shang Qingying, she wasn’t aware of Yang Ye’s current state, and she even frequently stopped Yang Ye and introduced the elders and guardians of the academy to him. This had made the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitch countless times!

It didn’t take long for Shang Qingying to finally notice that something was off after Yu Wushuang kept glaring at her with a murderous glow, and she didn’t dare continue introducing others to Yang Ye.

Right when they were about to enter the city, a man who held a spear suddenly appeared at the entrance of the city.

Yang Ye instantly revealed a vigilant expression when he saw the man. Because he sensed killing intent from the man.

As for Shang Qingying, she was delighted and said, “Qianfan, you’ve emerged from your closed door cultivation?”

The man paid no attention to her, and he just gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You kill all the members of my secret court?”

Shang Qingying’s expression changed slightly. She wanted to say something, but the man waved his hand, “It should be you. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Since you’ve slaughtered everyone from my secret court, I’ll slaughter everyone from your outer court!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swiftly stabbed his spear towards Yang Ye, “Star Piercer!”

The space around the man’s spear instantly shattered apart. At the same time, the tip of his spear pierced through space and instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. Not to mention mustering some strength, even moving was difficult for him in his current state. Of course, he wouldn’t just wait for death to arrive. He was just about to forcefully circulate the profound energy within him when he suddenly felt his hand being grabbed, and then a huge amount of force came from it. Yang Ye instantly took a few steps back while a small and delicate figure stood in front of him!

It was Yu Wushuang!


The spear smashed against her body. Her eyes immediately opened wide while a few mouthfuls of blood sprayed from between her lips. After that, the enormous force carried by the spear blasted her into Yang Ye’s arms before blasting Yang Ye a few hundred meters away with her!

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