Chapter 936 – Yang Ye’s Gone Completely Mad!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Wushuang!” Yu Wujiao’s face instantly turned ghastly pale when she witnessed this scene, and she charged towards Yang Ye and Yu Wushuang like a mad woman.

Meanwhile, Feng Wuchao and the others recovered from their shock. All the outer court students were furious, and they charged at Gu Qianfan. It wasn’t just Feng Wuchao and the others, many other cultivators here were beyond furious, and they charged forward with Feng Wuchao’s group.

Gu Qianfan’s eyes narrowed when he saw them charge towards him, and a wisp of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes. He was about to attack when Shang Qingying suddenly stood between Gu Qianfan and the others, and she spoke angrily, “All of you stop!”

The cultivators in the surroundings immediately stopped. After all, Shang Qingying was from the academy, and they didn’t dare go against her in public.

However, Feng Wuchao and the others didn’t stop, and they continued they charge towards Gu Qianfan.

“Just die!” A vicious expression flashed through Gu Qianfan’s eyes, and his spear swept towards Feng Wuchao and the others. An arc of light swept out, and it instantly killed the outer court students at the front of the group while Feng Wuchao, Li Maozhen, and a few others who were comparatively stronger were still blasted flying from the impact and slammed against the ground.

All the outer court students were defeated by a single attack!

Everyone here was astounded!

“What a bunch of trash!” A wisp of disdain flashed through Gu Qianfan’s eyes, and he was about to launch another attack. However, Shang Qingying appeared in front of him and gazed at him with a gloomy expression on her face, “Gu Qianfan! What are you doing!?”

“What am I doing?” He laughed coldly, “Instructor Shang, everyone from my secret court was killed by Ye Yang, yet you’re asking me what I’m doing here? Isn’t that truly laughable?”

Shang Qingying took a deep breath and said, “Gu Qianfan, I understand how you feel, but….”

“There are no buts!” Gu Qianfan interrupted her and said, “An eye for an eye. I’m going to make him, and the entire outer court pay with their lives!”

As he spoke, Gu Qianfan’s figure flashed towards Yang Ye.

“Stop him!” Shang Qingying roared furiously as she charged towards him.

As for the other experts of the academy, they immediately charged towards Gu Qianfan when they heard her!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had exerted a huge amount of strength to finally crawl up from the ground, and then he immediately glanced at the surroundings. In the end, his gaze descended onto a small pit in the ground that wasn’t too far away from him.

Yang Ye was stunned for a moment, and then he slapped both his palms against the ground and propelled himself over to the edge of that small pit. There was a young girl curled up within the pit, and it was Yu Wushuang, of course.

Yang Ye’s face instantly turned quite ghastly pale when he saw her. Because she wasn’t breathing….

She’s dead? Yang Ye was quite stunned, and he slumped down to the ground before staring blankly at the delicate figure in the pit.

She’s dead, just like that?

She died for me?

Yang Ye’s white hair actually started to slowly turn red. It wasn’t just his hair which had started to turn red, even his eyes were swiftly turning red. In just 2 breaths of time, his hair had turned completely blood red while his eyes were crimson, and they seemed like they were made of blood!

A stream of tears started to drip down slowly from Yang Ye’s eyes….

They were blood red as well!

Strands of red light started to surge out incessantly from within Yang Ye, and it formed a blood red pillar of light that shot through the sky.

Meanwhile, the aura of blood suffused the surroundings, and it was accompanied by a monstrous intent to kill. The people in an area of 3km around him were horrified because many had actually started to lose their mind, and their eyes had turned crimson red while they emanated the intent to kill as well.

“Instructor Ye, stop that quickly!” Many cultivators with comparatively stronger minds and strengths hurriedly shouted loudly because many in the surroundings had actually started to attack each other.

However, Yang Ye didn’t just refuse to stop, the red light he emanated grew stronger and stronger. It pierced through the sky and even dyed the sky blood red in color. At the same time, the intent to kill was growing stronger and stronger, and many Half-Saints were actually affected by it. They started to lose their minds as well, and some comparatively weaker Half-Saints had even started to attack others.

It was complete chaos!

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying and the others had stopped moving, and they gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body was crimson red while countless strands of red light and slaughter intent were surging explosively from within him. Not only did the red light cover the entire sky, it even filled an area of 3km around him, causing even the space in that area to turn blood red.

As for the slaughter intent he emanated, it was strong to the point that even Shang Qingying and the others were affected!

“This… this is Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent….” Shang Qingying gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. She hadn’t imagined that he would actually attain Quasi Void Rank sword intent right now.

The effect of every single type of intent was actually different. For example, sword intent could strengthen sword energy, and it could suppress and restrain others as well. As for slaughter intent, it could affect the minds of others and cause them to lose their minds to become machines of slaughter. Moreover, they would even be controlled by the slaughter intent. So, unless there was no intent to kill within them, those who had even a trace of killing intent and possessed a weak mind and strength would definitely fall under its control.

That was why slaughter intent which surpassed the Heaven Rank was so terrifying!

It wasn’t just sword intent and slaughter intent, so long as any type of intent surpassed the Heaven Rank, then it would possess extremely terrifying might!

Gu Qianfan had an extremely solemn expression on his face as well. While he was very strong, he didn’t dare underestimate intents that had surpassed the Heaven Rank. Gu Qianfan’s eyes narrowed as he watched red light continue surging out incessantly from within Yang Ye while the slaughter intent Yang Ye emanated grew ceaselessly stronger, and then a ferocious glow flashed through his eyes. He remained silent for a moment before suddenly stomping his right foot against the ground, and his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Yang Ye!

Shang Qingying and the others were horrified, and it was too late to stop him by the time they recovered from their shock. Because Gu Qianfan was already in front of Yang Ye. At the same time, his spear carried terrifying force as it stabbed towards Yang Ye’s head!

The might of this attack was extremely terrifying, and even the space around it was blasted into pieces. This caused the spear to seem like an approaching black hole, and it was extremely astonishing.

Besides that, the spear even carried peak 2nd level Heaven Rank spear intent. As soon as that formidable spear intent appeared, the space around Yang Ye actually started to warp under its influence.

Feng Wuchao and the others were horrified when they witnessed this scene, but they were powerless to do anything. They could only watch as Gu Qianfan’s spear grew closer and close to Yang Ye’s head!

“Die!” Gu Qianfan had a savage expression in his eyes, and he suddenly twisted the spear in his grasp. The spear instantly arrived before the center of Yang Ye’s forehead. However, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes when it was just about to stab into him. In an instant, a ray of red light surged out from his eyes, and the spear started trembling violently. After that, everyone here watched as the spear actually warped, and it only took less than a breath of time for it to be twisted apart.

At the same time, Gu Qianfan’s peak 2nd level Heaven Rank spear intent had instantly vanished without a trace.

Gu Qianfan was astounded and about to retreat. However, an invisible force suddenly pressed down upon him like a million mountains, and it almost suffocated him. In that very same instant, a red ray of light instantly enveloped him, and his eyes started to gradually turn red.

“Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent and Quasi Void Rank sword intent…. Two types of Quasi Void Rank intents….” Many experts in the distance were stunned on the spot by this scene.

Just a single Quasi Void Rank intent was extremely extraordinary, yet Yang Ye possessed two types of intents, and both of them were at the Quasi Void Rank!

What did that represent?

It represented that he didn’t even have to lift a hand and could kill ordinary high rank Half-Saints with just those two intents!

Just like this very moment. Even though Gu Qianfan was a high rank Half-Saint and wasn’t even an ordinary one, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back before 2 Quasi Void Rank intents.

In the beginning, Gu Qianfan’s eyes were still slightly clear, and he was struggling. He wanted to struggle free of Yang Ye’s intents’ hold. However, it was in vain because his spear intent couldn’t leave his body, let alone fight Yang Ye’s slaughter intent and sword intent.

It didn’t take long for Gu Qianfan’s eyes to grow redder and redder. In the end, the last trace of clarity in his eyes vanished.

After that, a shocking scene occurred.

Gu Qianfan suddenly withdrew a dagger and waved it, and his left arm flew into the air. After that, he waved the dagger swiftly, and his legs were severed.

That wasn’t the end of it. The others watched as Gu Qianfan started to slowly slice off his flesh, bit by bit, as if he was chopping himself into pieces.

“Ye Yang! Stop that! Quickly! Stop that now!” Shang Qingying was horrified and charged hastily towards Gu Qianfan because she wanted to stop Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at her, and then a ray of red light shot out from his eyes and surged towards her. At the same time, an invisible force appeared in the surroundings and forcefully suppressed Shang Qingying!

Shang Qingying and the other high rank Half-Saints of the academy were horrified, and they hurriedly stood in front of Shang Qingying. One of the high rank Half-Saints spoke quickly, “Instructor Ye, wake up quickly. Wake up quickly! We’re on your side! We’re on your side! Don’t act rashly….”

Shang Qingying and the others turned pale when they felt the terrifying sword intent and slaughter intent which were pressing down onto them.

“Die!” Yang Ye suddenly spoke before he transformed into a red ray of light that charged in the direction of Shang Qingying’s group.

“Instructor Ye! Wake up quickly! We’re on your fucking side! Just watch me! I swear that we’re really on your side!”

“Stop wasting your fucking breath on him! He has gone completely mad! Hurry up and run!”

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