Chapter 937 – Out Of Control!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind wasn't clear at all.

Slaughter intent could affect others, and it could affect its owner as well. If it was in the past, then it was impossible for his slaughter intent to affect him. Because it was only at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank, so he had his Quasi Void Rank sword intent to suppress it and prevent his slaughter intent from causing any trouble. Yet now, his slaughter intent had risen to the Quasi Void Rank, and it was on the same level as his sword intent. So, it was impossible to suppress his slaughter intent now.

Coupled with what had happened to Yu Wushuang, Yang Ye’s mind itself was filled with boundless resentment and the intent to kill. So, his slaughter intent had completely gained the upper hand and suppressed his sword intent.

Since it had gained the upper hand, there was only the intent to slaughter and slaughter like a madman within his mind!

Everyone here was horrified upon seeing Yang Ye in such a state. Even though Yang Ye was heavily injured, he was completely capable of suppressing them with just his Quasi Void Rank sword intent and Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent.


That was the only thought left in their minds, and it was to flee as soon as possible!

Countless people started flying madly out of the city, and it was truly quite a grand scene.

For some unknown reason, Yang Ye had locked onto Shang Qingying, and rays of red light and invisible sword intent were pressing down madly towards her.

Shang Qingying was horrified. She couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to anything else, and she intended to flee as well. 

However, Yang Ye instantly appeared in front of her, and he’d even utilized the Laws of Speed!

I’m finished!

This thought had just appeared in her mind when a red ray of light locked onto her, and then her eyes instantly turned crimson red. Moreover, she wasn’t the only one, the eyes of a few dozen others behind her had turned crimson red as well. After that, all of them including Shang Qingying slowly raised their weapons and pushed them towards their own chests.

“Stop! Ye Yang! Wushuang is still alive!” Suddenly, Yu Wujiao’s anxious voice resounded.

As soon as it did, Shang Qingying and the others immediately stopped moving. However, it was still a little too late, and their weapons had stabbed into their bodies. Fortunately, it had merely pierced through their skin!

Yang Ye’s figure stiffened on the spot. A long time passed before he seemed to be visibly struggling, and then the red light around him started to gradually surge back into him.

Just like that, around 15 minutes passed before the red light throughout the sky and the surroundings vanished. At the same time, Yang Ye’s hair and eyes gradually returned to normal.\

Everyone here heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene.

Once Shang Qingying and the others regained consciousness, they immediately broke out in cold sweat. After all, they would have taken their own lives if Yu Wujiao was just a moment slower.

Yang Ye stopped on the spot for a moment, and then his figure flashed over to Yu Wushuang. At this moment, Yu Wushuang was looking at him while lying in Yu Wujiao’s arms, and her face was covered in tears.

When he saw that she was still alive, Yang Ye’s figure immediately slumped to the ground. Earlier, the reason he’d been able to move was actually because of his intent to kill and powerful will. Now, once he saw that Yu Wushuang was still alive, that willpower and intent to kill had dispersed without a trace, so his body couldn’t hold on any longer.

Shang Qingying heaved a huge sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye crash to the ground. She realized that Yang Ye who still had control over himself was actually quite a nice person. Of course, the main reason was because Yang Ye was truly too terrifying once he lost his mind. She didn’t doubt that if Yu Wushuang had really died, then Yang Ye would have definitely slaughtered everyone here like a madman.

It wasn’t that Yang Ye wanted to kill all of them, it was because he’d lost his mind. Yang Ye who had control over his mind still had some limits he wouldn’t cross, and he wouldn’t look for trouble with others if others didn’t offend him. However, once he did lose his mind, he killed anyone and everyone in sight!

Shang Qingying withdrew her gaze from Yang Ye, and then glanced at Gu Qianfan. At this moment, Gu Qianfan was still alive, but it was a fate more terrifying than death.

His limbs were severed while his body was completely mangled, and his mangled body was twitching incessantly on the ground. Moreover, there were countless slices of flesh below him. Every single slice was extremely thin, and there were over a thousand of them.

At this moment, he was fully conscious, and he was staring fixedly at Yang Ye with a gaze filled with boundless resentment. A long time passed before he gazed at Shang Qingying, and there was a slightly pleading gaze in his eyes. At this moment, death was a form of release to him!

A wisp of pity flashed through Shang Qingying’s eyes, and a long time passed before she finally sighed and flicked with her finger. A strand of energy shot through the center of Gu Qianfan’s forehead, and he perished on the spot.

“The secret court is truly gone….” There was a complicated expression in her eyes. The secret court could be said to be a central force of the academy, and it wouldn’t feel so bad to her if the secret court had been annihilated by the demon beasts. However, all the elites of the secret court had died at Yang Ye’s hands. It would be a lie if she said that she wasn’t angry. It wasn’t just her, even the Saints of the academy definitely carried quite a bit of resentment.

However, it was just as Yang Ye said. A living genius was always more important than dead geniuses!

Moreover, if the academy wanted to wipe away the humiliation it had suffered from White Deer Academy, then it was obvious that Yang Ye was their best candidate, or he could be said to be their last suitable candidate.

He was strong, possessed extraordinary natural talent, and was a ruthless and absolutely bold person who stopped at nothing to achieve his goals.

Only his leadership would give the geniuses of the academy a chance to survive the competition in White Deer Academy and even gain a good rank in the competition!

She was very clearly aware of what it meant to the academy to obtain a good rank in White Deer Academy’s competition. It meant that it was very likely for the academy to return to the Central Divine Prefecture. If it could accomplish that, then not to mention losing the secret court, even losing 10 secret courts would still be a worthy price to pay. After all, once it could return to the Central Divine Prefecture, then it could immediately foster 10 times the elites that the secret court once had!

After all, there were countless geniuses in the Central Divine Prefecture.

In the end, the main reason why the academy had been able to tolerate Yang Ye until now was because it intended to use him. The academy couldn’t be said to hold ill intent because there was no such thing as free food in this world. If one wanted to obtain something, then one had to pay the corresponding price. Moreover, wasn’t Yang Ye using the academy as well?

Regardless of which world it was, everything depended on benefits and interests!

Ocean of Clouds City.

Yang Ye laid on the bed in a room within his city while a faint violet glow permeated his body. Yu Wushuang and Yu Wujiao were by the side of his bed. Yu Wushuang was lying in Yu Wujiao’s arms, and her countenance was still quite pale while she seemed to be very weak.

“Little sister, you almost scared me to death!” Yu Wujiao tightened her grasp on Yu Wushuang’s hand and said, “Fortunately, father gave that piece of ‘Mirror Armor’ to you.[1] Otherwise… otherwise you would have died. You… you damn little girl. Don’t do something so stupid in the future, alright? Tell me, why did you even try to block it for him? Does he even need your help? His body is as terrifying as a demon beast, and he would be fine even if he suffered a few hits. Even if something did happen to him, what would that have to do with you? Have you thought about what I would do if you died? Have you thought about our eldest sister? Have you thought about our father?”

As she spoke, Yu Wujiao’s shoulders started to tremble while tears rolled down her face.

Yu Wushuang withdrew her gaze from Yang Ye and looked up at Yu Wujiao before she spoke softly, “Second Sister, do you know how it feels to like someone?”

Yu Wujiao immediately stopped crying. She seemed to have thought of something, and her expression changed, “Wushuang…. You… you… you’re still young. You’re still so young. Don’t think about all of that. I’m… I’m being serious. Don’t scare your second sister….”

Yu Wushuang replied, “I’ll be as old as you in a few years!”

Yu Wujiao was on the verge of crying again, “You can do as you like then. But you can’t do that now. You’re still too young….”

Yu Wushuang suddenly said, “It was you who told me to love and hate bravely!”

Yu Wujiao’s face froze, and then she swiftly shook her head, “No… You’re… you’re still too young.”

Yu Wushuang continued, “It was you who told me that I should step forward bravely if I encountered someone I liked, and if words don’t suffice, then I should use force. If force fails, then use persistence….”

“My great sister, I was mistaken, alright? Your second sister was full of nonsense in the past. In short, you’re not allowed to. You can do as you please once you’re older, but you’re not allowed to think about all of that right now.” Yu Wujiao was on the verge of crying.

Yu Wushuang’s eyes carried a trace of disdain, “I asked you what it felt like to have feelings for someone, and I never said I was going to do anything. Second Sister, your thoughts aren’t healthy!”

Yu Wujiao laughed bitterly, and then she spoke seriously, “Wushuang, love is something that carries thorns. I know you’re very smart, but your wisdom isn’t enough when it comes to love. Listen to your second sister, Yang Ye isn’t someone who’s from the same world as we are. The time will come when he leaves you far behind. At that time, it’ll be very painful for you. Moreover, you’re still young now, so he probably only treats you as his younger sister. It’s utterly impossible for a relationship between man and woman to form between the two of you.”

Yu Wushuang’s eyes dimmed down when she heard what Yu Wujiao said at the end. Because she knew that Yu Wujiao was right. Indeed, Yang Ye had always treated her like his younger sister!

A long time passed before Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated expression in her eyes, and she spoke softly, “The heavens are truly cruel to me. It made me encounter the right person at the wrong time….”

Yu Wujiao was at a loss for words.

Time trickled by.

Two hours later, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and a mouthful of foul air escaped his lips.

My injuries aren’t a problem. But my lifespan…. Half a year…. Yang Ye couldn’t help but frown when he thought of his lifespan. Needless to say, attaining the Half-Saint Realm in half a year was very difficult even for him!

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang spoke abruptly, “You’re awake!”

Yu Wujiao gazed at Yang Ye as well, and her gaze was quite hostile.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at Yu Wushuang. He was about to speak when the door to the room was suddenly pushed open, and then Hao Shuaibo ran into the room, “Young Miss Wushuang, there’s trouble. The city is in chaos again. Those fellows are actually fighting and killing each other for the sake of seizing the corpses and inner cores of the dead demon beasts outside the city. Even the experts of the academy can’t stop them.”

“The greed of man….” Yu Wushuang shook her head, and then she said, “Notify the city. Tell them that Ye Yang is awake.”

1. Mirror Armor was a type of cuirass used until the 20th century.

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