Chapter 938 – It’s Time For Us To Counterattack!

Almighty Sword Domain

Outside the northern city gates.

The crowd outside the city was in chaos, and shrill cries resounded incessantly.

The wolf army had retreated in defeat, and they’d left the corpses of over 2 million demon beasts behind. These corpses were treasures to all humans. Especially the inner cores of those demon beasts, it was definitely a treasure to the human race. After all, it could improve their strength and could be sold at high prices.

The corpses of over 2 million demon beasts represented that there were over 2 million inner cores here. Moreover, most of them were at the Exalt Realm, Monarch Realm, and even the Half-Saint Realm. There were even some high rank Half-Saints. The temptation of obtaining such inner cores caused the selfish desire of the united human army to appear once more. In the end, they weren’t able to distribute it evenly, and so they started fighting.

Shang Qingying and the others were at a loss for what to do while they watched the members of the crowd fight each other. The academy had even stepped forward to stop all of it, but it was completely useless.

It would be fine if all of them were the academy’s enemies because they could just deal with them by force. However, the problem was that these human cultivators weren’t their enemies, so it was impossible to resolve the matter by force. The academy had even stepped forward to stop a few people, but it wasn’t effective at all. Because everyone here was participating in the fighting for the inner cores!

If they were to use their strengths to stop the crowd, then it might cause the members of the crowd to feel displeased and even rise up in revolt.

Meanwhile, an old man by Shang Qingying’s side said, “It wouldn’t be like this if Ye Yang was here!”

Shang Qingying glanced at the old man and said, “Elder Yu, didn’t you really hate him?”

The old man shook his head, “He acts recklessly and without restraint, and he isn’t able to be flexible as well. Moreover, he attacks at the slightest sign of conflict. I really do hate such a character. However, I have to admit that only a person like him can deter all of them.”

Shang Qingying remained silent for a long time, and then she said, “I don’t know if his presence in our academy is a blessing or a calamity. In any case, he’ll definitely cause huge trouble for the academy in the future.”

The old man nodded and said, “With his character, he’ll either charge all the way until the end and grow to state that everyone has to look up to; or he’ll perish somehow….” When he spoke up to this point, the old man suddenly gazed at Shang Qingying and spoke seriously, “Little Girl, it’s best if you try your best not to offend that madman. Just like that other little girl said earlier, he has wanted to kill you on many occasions. If he uses his full strength, then unless the dean or the other old fellows are here, otherwise no one in the academy would be able to stop him!”

Shang Qingying was about to say something when a huge explosion resounded from afar, and then a furious roar resounded, “This Half-Saint’s inner core belongs to me. I’ll kill anyone who fights me for it!”

Shang Qingying and the others looked towards the source of the voice, and they saw a man who held a huge saber was surrounded by a group of people. There were even a few corpses at the man’s feet.

The man with the huge saber was a Half-Saint, and the people around him were mostly at the Monarch Realm while there were a few Half-Saints amongst them. However, they seemed to fear the man’s strength, so they merely surrounded him, but no one dared to be the first to attack.

“It’s yours? Su Man, who do you think you are? The inner core of a Half-Saint belongs to those with the strength to possess it. If you’re sensible, then put it down. Otherwise, today will be the day you die!” A thin middle aged man in the group spoke in a gloomy voice.

“It belongs to those with the strength to possess it?” The man called Su Man spat on the ground and pointed a finger at the thin man, “Yu Qing, trash like you dares to speak such words? Do you even dare to fight me one on one?”

The eyelids of the man called Yu Qing twitched, and then he spoke gloomily, “Su Man, I think you want to die!”

“Don’t even think that I would fucking fear all of you just because you have a huge number of people on your side!” Su Man laughed fiercely, “Yes, I can’t defeat all of you by myself, but I guarantee that I’ll be able to drag down at least 90% of you. If I can’t, then I’ll detonate myself and blast all of you into bits!”

Their expressions changed slightly upon hearing Su Man. After all, the self-detonation of a Half-Saint was no laughing matter. So, some of the Monarch Realm cultivators even started to arouse the intent to leave. After all, they would absolutely perish if a Half-Saint detonated himself.

“What fucking nonsense! Would he even dare to do that?” Meanwhile, Yu Qing spoke furiously, “He’s just trying to scare us. We have so many on our side, so why should we even fear him!? Attack him together!”

“Fuck you! I’ll kill you first, you fucking bastard!” Su Man roared furiously, and he was about to attack. However, a voice suddenly resounded, “Ye Yang is here!”

It wasn’t very loud, but everyone here stopped what they were doing.

Su Man was beyond furious, so he’d forgotten who Ye Yang was, and he immediately spoke furiously, “Not to mention Ye Yang, even if the dean of the academy comes here, I’ll still….” He suddenly shut his mouth when he spoke up to this point.

At this moment, he seemed to have recalled who Ye Yang was.

Everyone looked towards the city gates, and a man and 2 women were standing below the city gate which was only half intact right now.

It was naturally Yang Ye, Yu Wushuang, and Yu Wujiao.

Yang Ye and YU Wushuang still seemed quite weak. Especially Yang Ye, it wasn’t just his body which seemed weak, even his aura was weak.

Even then, everyone here had stopped what they were doing.

Yang Ye coughed lightly, and then he walked towards Su Man and the others. The others in Yang Ye’s path immediately moved aside, and they even hastily started nodding and greeting him.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive before Su Man and the others. He glanced at them before his gaze descended onto Su Man in the end, and he said, “Give it to me!”

Everyone gazed at Su Man when they heard him, and they revealed a variety of expressions. Most of them took pleasure in Su Man’s misfortune, especially those fellows who’d surrounded Su Man.

Su Man’s expression changed slightly when he heard Yang Ye. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that this god of death would look for trouble with him. He pondered deeply for quite some time before he said, “I obtained this inner core from a Half-Saint Realm demon beast that I killed. It should be mine.”

“I said give it to me!” Yang Ye looked Su Man in the eyes, and his voice was very calm. However, the atmosphere here became tense instead.

Su Man’s expression became unsightly. He struggled inwardly for a long time before he finally tossed it towards Yang Ye. A jade white pearl flew over to Yang Ye while Su Man turned around with the intention to leave. However, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Wait!”

Su Man turned to look at Yang Ye with a gloomy expression on his face while flames of rage burned in his eyes, “May I know if Instructor Ye has any further instructions!?”

Yang Ye didn’t answer him, and he gazed at Shang Qingying instead, “Does the academy have something like a technique pavilion?”

Shang Qingying was slightly stunned, but she still nodded and replied, “It has a Combat Technique Department, and it’s filled with techniques. Not only are there Dao Rank techniques there, there are Saint Rank and even Divine Rank techniques there.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he gazed at Su Man, “You can head to the Combat Technique Department and choose any technique below the Divine Rank. Of course, you can only memorize it and not take it out of the department!”

Everyone here was stunned by Yang Ye’s words, and it included Su Man, Shang Qingying, and the others.

A long time passed before Su Man gulped and said, “You…. Are you telling the truth?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”

Su Man asked, “Can you make that decision?”

Yang Ye said, “Didn’t you hear the dean? Everyone in the academy has to obey my commands now. So, I naturally can. Right, Instructor Shang!?” He gazed at Shang Qingying as he finished speaking.

Shang Qingying’s eyelids twitched. She naturally knew that the dean didn’t mean that at all. However, she’d still nodded in the end. Because she knew that Yang Ye definitely had a reason for doing that.

Clamorous noise resounded throughout the surroundings when they saw Shang Qingying nod.

The Combat Technique Department of the Ocean of Clouds Academy was extremely famous throughout Pine Prefecture. Because even the techniques of Sky Divine Hall and the Endless Devil Sect couldn’t compete with the techniques it contained. After all, many of its techniques had been brought over from the Central Divine Prefecture by the dean and the others. Just as Shang Qingying said, it didn’t just possess Saint Rank techniques, there were even some Divine Rank techniques that were legendary existences in the prefecture!

Now, Su Man could actually head there and choose a technique, so the eyes of countless people had instantly turned red with envy.

Su Man was beyond excited as well. However, he didn’t allow the excitement to overwhelm him, and he immediately suppressed the joy and excitement he felt and asked, “Why?”

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye as they wanted to know why as well.

Yang Ye gazed at the inner core in his grasp and said, “These demon beasts are your enemies, and they are the enemies of my Ocean of Clouds Academy as well. From this moment onwards, I promise that the 30 people who kill the most demon beasts will be allowed to enter my academy’s Combat Technique Department, or even the Cultivation Technique Department, or Treasure Department, and you can choose a treasure below the Divine Rank. As for those below the top 30 and within the top 1,000, all of you’ll be able to obtain a treasure below the Saint Rank. As for those below the top 1,000 and in the top 10,000, you can choose any treasure below the Dao Rank.”

Yang Ye paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, and then he said, “Besides that, my academy won’t take a single one of the corpses and inner cores of the demon beasts here. However, it has to be distributed by my academy. I guarantee that we’ll try our best to distribute it equally. As for the corpses and inner cores obtained in the future, they’ll belong to the one who killed that demon beast.”

The crowd seethed with excitement upon hearing Yang Ye!

Entering the Combat Technique Department, Cultivation Technique Department, or Treasure Department of the academy was something which was impossible to them! After all, it was extremely difficult for even the members of the academy to enter those departments. Yet now, all of them would have the chance!

Moreover, they would be able to keep the corpses and inner cores of the demon beasts they killed.

They felt their blood start to boil, and some even started looking towards the mountain range and seemed to wish for nothing more than to attack it!

Shang Qingying’s beautiful brows were knit tightly together, and she’d intended to speak numerous times but had restrained herself in the end!

Suddenly, a middle aged man stepped forward and asked in a deep voice, “Instructor Ye, is everything you said true?”

He was a high rank Half-Saint!

Obviously, even high rank Half-Saints couldn’t resist such temptation. After all, Saint Rank techniques or treasures were truly too rare.

Yang Ye answered, “I’m a man of my word!”

The middle aged man took a deep breath upon hearing Yang Ye, and then he cupped his hands and said, “My name is Liu Shanhe, and I’ll obey Instructor Ye’s every command for the next month.”

“I’m Feng Xiangdong, and I’m willing to obey Instructor Ye’s every command for the next month….”


It didn’t take long for huge amounts of people to make their stand known to Yang Ye, and they indicated that they were willing to obey Yang Ye.

If these fellows had defended the city earlier because they’d been forced to and had no other choice, then they were completely willing now.

Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the mountain range in the distance, and a long time passed before he let out a mouthful of air and said, “It’s time for us to counterattack!”

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