Chapter 941 – Yang Ye Fled In Defeat?

Almighty Sword Domain

This time, Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath., and he just waved the Herculean Sword forward. An arc of sword energy surged forward, but it didn’t take long for it to be stopped in midair before it could even reach the black clothed man. It seemed as if it had been frozen in midair!

“How ignorant and foolish!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s sword energy instantly exploded into pieces. After that, all 13 of them raised their hands up, and then a strand of mysterious energy immediately appeared here. The space in the surroundings actually started warping strangely, and it was an extremely astonishing sight to behold!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as he stood amidst the warped expanse of space. Because he felt a mysterious force tearing at his body, and it seemed like the mysterious force was trying to tear him into pieces. Moreover, he actually noticed that the space around him seemed as if it had been sealed off, and he couldn’t move at all. It was even to the extent that the profound energy within his body had stopped circulating!

What is that energy? Yang Ye’s face grew even more serious.

The black clothed man in the lead said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Where exactly is her highness, the Shadow Maiden!?”

Yang Ye replied indifferently, “She’s dead!”

“She’s dead?” The masked man was slightly stunned, and then he roared furiously, “What fucking nonsense! Consort You has grasped the Laws of Darkness. How could you possibly….”

Suddenly, a strand of terrifying sword intent erupted from within Yang Ye, and it instantly swept towards the surroundings, causing the mysterious energy around him to vanish without a trace.

“Quasi Void Rank sword intent!” The black clothed man’s voice carried a trace of surprise, and the masked man was even shocked speechless. They’d naturally investigated Yang Ye, but their information they received said nothing about him possessing Quasi Void Rank sword intent. So, they were completely stunned when they saw it right now.

Yang Ye had exposed his possession of Quasi Void Rank sword intent at Ocean of Clouds City. However, the masked man and the others had carried out their investigation some time before that, so they were naturally unaware that Yang Ye possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent.

“How… how could that be possible? You….” The masked man intended to say something, but Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot. He was already in front of the masked man when he appeared once more. At the same time, the masked man’s head flew him into the air.

“You’re so full of nonsense!” Yang Ye waved the Herculean Sword as he turned around to gaze at the black clothed men. The black clothed man who led the group spoke solemnly, “Quasi Void Rank sword intent and the Laws of Speed. I underestimated you. However, that can’t prevent you from dying today!”

As soon as the man finished speaking, the other 12 black clothed men raised their hands, and numerous black vortexes suddenly appeared here and instantly started devouring the space in the surroundings. It didn’t take long for the surroundings to become an empty expanse of darkness, and it had completely devoured the space around Yang Ye as well!

The surroundings were in complete darkness!

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face. Because he noticed that his Quasi Void Rank sword intent was actually unable to resist the might of the vortexes, and it was even being devoured!

It could even devour Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

At this moment, Yang Ye was truly visibly moved.

To a certain extent, the strength of Quasi Void Rank sword intent wasn’t weaker to the energy of the Laws. But at this moment, such formidable Quasi Void Rank sword intent was actually unable to avoid being devoured by the black vortexes!

What are those black vortexes formed from? Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think about it because those black vortexes were about to arrive before him!

“Stop!” Yang Ye took a step forward, and then the black vortexes instantly stopped revolving while everything in the surroundings froze. In the next moment, those black vortexes vanished without a single sound.

The black clothed man who led the group spoke in a slightly solemn tone, “It really is the strength of a Domain, and it’s even the Sword Domain!”

Yang Ye didn’t dare to keep the Sword Domain active. After all, if they suddenly use some sort of powerful attack, then his current lifespan would definitely be exhausted in an instant. So, he immediately utilized the Laws of Speed and instantly arrived before that black clothed man who led the group. Meanwhile, the Herculean Sword carried Quasi Void Rank sword intent as it smashed down towards the man’s head!

The space around the man instantly collapsed, and the ground beneath his feet even sank around 300m down!

However, a black wave of energy suddenly appeared above the black clothed man’s head when the Herculean Sword was only around 10 centimeters away, and it stopped the Herculean Sword that was filled with a terrifying force. Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword couldn’t descend a centimeter further before the wave of black energy!

Yang Ye was shocked.

Suddenly, the black energy which obstructed the Herculean Sword passed through it and smashed against Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye was pushed over 300m back by the black energy, and his expression changed drastically once he stopped his body. Because the black energy had actually coiled around him, and he even sensed that it was devouring the vitality within him!

Yang Ye hurriedly circulated his sword intent, but he noticed to his astonishment that his Quasi Void Rank sword intent was actually incapable of expelling it. Moreover, the black energy even started sticking to his sword intent!

“Stop struggling. That’s Death Energy combined with Nether Energy. Perhaps you would be able to expel it if you possessed true Void Rank sword intent. Unfortunately, you only possess Quasi Void Rank sword intent!” The black clothed man spoke slowly, “Of course, once you’re afflicted by Death Energy and Nether Energy, then even Void Rank sword intent wouldn’t be able to save you!”

“So it’s Death Energy!” Yang Ye laughed coldly and circulated his profound energy through his meridians. It didn’t take long for the black energy to actually be gradually forced out of his body.

If it was any other person, or even Lu Wan’er, it would have been impossible for them to turn the situation around once they were afflicted by Death Energy and Nether Energy. Unless a Saint helped them, of course. However, would Yang Ye fear Death Energy? The Primordial Violet Energy within him could be said to be a natural counter for Death Energy!

“So Death Energy is so weak!” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule while disdain appeared on his face. However, he actually became even more cautious in secret. His profound energy circulated madly within his body while sword intent covered him and formed a thin barrier that was like another layer of skin.

The black clothed man spoke solemnly, “This time, you’ve really surprised me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and the other 12 black clothed men suddenly vanished on the spot, and then rays of cold light flickered incessantly while the sound of blades colliding resounded incessantly through the surroundings.

Yang Ye grew more and more shocked as the battle dragged on, and his expression grew more and more solemn as well. Because he was completely suppressed in battle with them, and he didn’t have the slightest chance to counterattack! Even if he utilized the Laws of Speed!

Their movement techniques and attacks were extremely strange, and they simply felt ethereal like spirits to Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye knew that they were definitely people and not spirits.

The black clothed figures seemed indistinct. When they vanished, it was like they’d concealed themselves within space, and they didn’t emanate even a shred of aura!

They came and went like shadows!

It wouldn’t be a big deal if that was all. Most importantly, their attacks were extremely strange as well. Yang Ye had never seen the energy they utilized. It didn’t just ignore the suppressive capabilities of his sword intent; it even ignored his physical defenses. If he didn’t possess the Enlightened Sword Heart and formidable combat instinct, then he would have been killed a long time ago!

Actually, the most terrifying part was the way they worked together with each other….

It was simply flawless!

It was truly flawless to the point he didn’t have even the slightest chance to counterattack, and they simply felt like a single person to Yang Ye!

At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood why the disciples of the Ancient Sword School had been pursued and killed by these 13 fellows. Not to mention those disciples, even he wasn’t confident in his ability to defeat them!

Perhaps he would have a chance if he activated the Sword Domain and the Decay Laws. However, after he witnessed their terrifying strength, Yang Ye didn’t dare rashly activate the Sword Domain. Because the slightest mishap would be equivalent to suicide. As for the Decay Laws, if it wasn’t aided by his Sword Domain, then even utilizing the Decay Laws might not change anything. Because their cooperation was truly too good, and their combat instinct and instinct towards danger was extremely strong. Under such circumstances, it was very difficult for his Decay Laws to hit them!

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to start suffering injuries!

However, he still hadn’t been able to counterattack at all until now!

He was truly being suppressed!

Yang Ye didn’t summon the gold wolf or You Wuying. Because they wouldn’t be of much help to him. It wasn’t that they were weak, it was these 13 black clothed men who were too mysterious. Moreover, they hadn’t even used their full strengths. So, if he were to let the gold wolf and You Wuying out to join him in battle, then they would only be able to reduce the pressure he faced, and the slightest mistake might cause them to be sacrificed in the battle.

If it was a one on one battle, then both the golden wolf and You Wuying weren’t weaker to any one of them. However, the joint forces of all 13 black clothed men was something that the 3 of them couldn’t defeat even if they joined forces as well! 

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, “Stop! I’ll tell you where You Wuying is!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, all 13 of them stopped attacking, and the black clothed man who led the group said, “Where….”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and he was 3km away when his figure appeared once more.

He’d fled!

All the black clothed men were speechless!

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