Chapter 942 – Yang Ye Being Shameless!

Almighty Sword Domain

All of them were stunned on the spot. Obviously, they’d never expected Yang Ye to act so shamelessly!

Sword cultivators, and especially strong sword cultivators were usually proud and would rather break than bend. It was the first time they’d met a shameless sword cultivator like Yang Ye!

“Get him!” As soon as the leader of the group spoke, the other 12 black clothed men immediately flashed off towards Yang Ye.

Suddenly, the figure of the black clothed man who was at the front of the group froze on the spot, and then blood sprayed from his throat. After that, his corpse vanished on the spot. At the same time, the shadow behind another black clothed man wriggled before blood instantly sprayed out from his throat as well!

“Watch out for your shadows!” Meanwhile, the leader of the group shouted with fury, and his voice wasn’t calm as it was just moments ago. There was shock and rage in his voice.

He’d just finished speaking when blood sprayed from the throat of another black clothed man, and then his corpse vanished just as the last 2 had.

Meanwhile, the 10 remaining black clothed men had huddled up together, and they formed a strange array. Terrifying black vortexes were surging out incessantly from within them, and those vortexes started spreading at an extremely swift speed. Less than half a breath of time had passed before they covered everything in an area of 3km around the black clothed men!

That area was completely dark, and even a thread of light wasn’t able to pass through!

A long time passed before the black vortex dispersed.

The area around them used to be a dense forest. But once the black vortex dispersed, there was nothing left in its wake. There wasn’t even a week here. Moreover, the space in the area had actually cracked apart and was covered in numerous black spatial rifts. It was an extremely shocking and terrifying sight!

Quite some time passed before the black clothed man who led the group finally took a deep breath and said, “He’s gone! What a fellow! What a fellow indeed! I never expected that we, the 13 Shadows, of the Nether Pavilion would have actually suffered such a loss to a Monarch Realm cultivator in a place like Pine Prefecture. Good! Very good!”

Meanwhile, one of the black clothed men spoke abruptly, “It was the energy of the Laws!”

Their leader spoke solemnly, “If I’m not wrong, it should have been the Laws of Darkness!”

“Isn’t that the Law that her highness, Shadow Maiden, possesses? How could he possess it?” One of the other black clothed men was puzzled.

“I can’t figure it out as well!” Their leader said, “Even though his strength is inferior to Lou Qianxiao, it’s mysterious and strange. Not only has he comprehended the Sword Domain and Quasi Void Rank sword intent, he has even grasped the energy of 2 Laws. He’s still at the Monarch Realm right now, and all 13 of us would probably be helpless against him if he were at the Half-Saint Realm. Moreover, he possesses the Laws of Darkness that’s our bane. Perhaps we might even be annihilated!”

One of the black clothed men spoke solemnly, “We cultivate in Nether Energy and Death Energy, and our physique is that of the element of Darkness. Since he possesses the Laws of Darkness, we’ll be completely suppressed by it!”

All of the others fell silent.

A long time passed before the black clothed man who led the group spoke solemnly, “We can’t underestimate him again. From this moment onward, we must be vigilant at all times. Especially towards our own shadows. No, we must be highly vigilant towards every dark place. Let’s set out for Welkin Wolf Peak right now and strive to obtain Welkin Wolf Mountain Range’s assistance!”

If the Laws of Speed was said to be insufficient to make them take Yang Ye seriously, then the Laws of Darkness was sufficient to make them take Yang Ye very seriously. Because it just happened to be their bane!

For example, if it was any ordinary person, it would be utterly impossible for that person to escape the black vortex they created, and that person would be devoured by it. However, the Laws of Darkness could!

That was why they immediately decided to retreat when they found out that Yang Ye had comprehended the Laws of Darkness! They hadn’t thought of leaving because they didn’t dare to without completing their mission!

It didn’t take long for them to vanish on the spot.

Around 10 minutes passed before the darkness, at a corner which the sun couldn’t illuminate, had started wriggling, and then Yang Ye appeared there.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “The Laws of Darkness really does counter their abilities!”

While he fought them just now, he was actually about to utilize the Laws of Darkness. After all, most of their techniques consisted of the energy of darkness, so the Laws of Darkness just happened to be the bane of it. However, he’d temporarily abandoned his intentions to utilize the Laws of Darkness after fighting them for some time.

Because their cooperation was truly too good. Under such circumstances, and especially when they were vigilant, he might not have been able to kill them even if he utilized the Laws of Darkness. Actually, it wasn’t just a possibility, he would have been absolutely incapable of killing them. Because they cooperated well and were vigilant, so the slightly unusual movement from him would be noticed by them, and they would immediately react to it. Moreover, it would be a joint reaction from all 13 of them!

So, if he wanted to take them by surprise and kill them, then the only way was to make them put down their guard.

He’d succeeded at that! When he chose to flee, he knew that they hadn’t just put down their guard, they even started to look down on him, and that was exactly what he wanted!

As for fleeing, while those 13 black clothed men were extraordinarily strong, they weren’t strong to the point of inducing despair in him!

Yang Ye stood on the spot and pondered deeply for a short while before he waved his right hand, and the corpses of those 3 black clothed men appeared before him. Just as he expected, they weren’t souls at all, and it was merely their physique which was special. Moreover, the cultivation technique and combat techniques they cultivated were special as well. That was why they seemed ethereal like spirits!

Since they were people, he could refine them into Sword Servants of course!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to start immediately.

Even though they were only Half-Saints, even the gold wolf would probably be unable to defeat them in a head on collision, and if they were to join forces, then the gold wolf wouldn’t even be able to fight back!

Around 2 hours passed before those 3 black clothed men knelt before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at them as he took a deep breath, and he spoke softly, “The Nether Pavilion…. Exactly what sort of existence is it?”

He’d intended to read their memories, but he noticed that it was impossible. Actually, he’d been aware since a long time ago that the ability to read the memories of his Sword Servants was useless. Because unless they were especially formidable experts, otherwise the memories of ordinary people would vanish after their death. Only those extraordinarily formidable experts were able to maintain some of their memories for a short period!

Up until now, he’d practically never encountered such a Sword Servant.

The Nether Pavilion! The only piece of knowledge he had about the Nether Pavilion was Nether Maiden and those 13 black clothed men. Regardless of whether it was Nether Maiden or the 13 black clothed men, all of them were extremely strong. Especially Nether Maiden. She was the only person he was unable to do anything to while she possessed a cultivation which was lower to his own. As for those 13 black clothed men, they were beyond strong.

If he didn’t possess the Laws of Darkness, then he wouldn’t have only faked an escape just now, he would have really escaped!

In short, both Nether Maiden and those 13 black clothed men displayed the strength of the Nether Pavilion. Yet now, the Nether Pavilion, Sky Divine Hall, and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range were together. That wasn’t good for the Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ancient Sword School!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time, and then he vanished on the spot and chased after the remaining black clothed men.

All of them were extremely strong, and they were beyond terrifying when they joined forces. So, it made him imagine how strong they would be if he refined all of them into Sword Servants!

As for the Nether Pavilion, he didn’t care about it at all. Since it had come looking for trouble with him and was determined to kill him, then he would be a fool to think about seeking reconciliation with the Nether Pavilion.

Since they were enemies, then it was best to pull them out by the roots. Especially when he had the strength to do so.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to catch up to them.

Yang Ye didn’t just attack right away because he wasn’t confident at killing them with a single blow while they had their guards up. If he failed to kill them with a single blow and allowed them to keep him locked in battle, then he would be in trouble. After all, all of them were extremely strong, and they were even more terrifying when they worked together with each other. Once he allowed himself to become locked in combat with them, then it would clearly be impossible for him to trick them and escape again.

Yang Ye was following quite close behind them, but they didn’t notice him at all. Because he’d utilized the Sword Domain to conceal his aura. So not to mention those black clothed men, even a Saint wouldn’t be able to notice his presence!

Just like that, Yang Ye followed them for almost two hours before the sky darkened.

A slight smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he saw the sky turn dark.

Another hour passed and the veil of night had descended completely, and the entire mountain range fell into boundless darkness.

Even though it was nighttime, it was actually no different than daytime to Yang Ye and the black clothed men. Because all of them possessed extraordinary cultivations, so not to mention the darkness of the night, they could sense everything around them clearly even if they kept their eyes closed!

The black clothed man who led the group spoke abruptly, “Let’s speed up. We’re about to arrive at Welkin Wolf Peak!”

Suddenly, one of the black clothed men stopped on the spot, and then a strand of blood sprayed from his throat.

At practically the exact same moment, a ray of dazzling light suddenly appeared here, and an area of 3km in the surroundings was instantly illuminated like it was daytime. There wasn’t even a speck of darkness in the area!

There were 10 people here just now, but there were 11 now. There was a black shadow behind that black clothed man who’d just died.

At the same time, numerous pitch black chains suddenly appeared in the surroundings, and they instantly pierced through space and coiled around both the black shadow and the dead black clothed man!

The black clothed man who led the group spoke ferociously, “Hehehe…. Yang Ye, we’ve been waiting a long time for you, and you finally took the bait! You’ve killed 4 of us! Good! Very good! Don’t worry, I won’t let you die too quickly! I’m going to cut you into pieces while you’re still alive!”

“Wait! Something’s wrong! That black shadow is female!” Meanwhile, one of the other black clothed men exclaimed involuntarily with shock!

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