Chapter 943 – How? I’ll Kill Him!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as that black clothed man finished speaking, a figure had suddenly charged up from beneath the ground, and the figure was accompanied by almost a thousand rays of light. The rays of light instantly enveloped the surroundings, and then a few shrill cries resounded.

“How dare you!” The black clothed man who led the group roared furiously while a powerful block vortex suddenly erupted from within him and instantly sucked away all the rays of sword energy. Moreover, even the space in the surroundings warped severely from its suction force, and it seemed like even space was about to be sucked into it.

A moment later, the rays of sword energy had dispersed.

The leader of the group’s face instantly warped when he saw the amount of his companions who were still standing. Because only 6 of them remained when he was included, and there was no trace of Yang Ye.

There had been 13 of them. Yet now, only 6 remained!

It was a humiliation! It was extremely humiliating to the remaining black clothed men!

Every single one of them was a Half-Saint, and they were from the Central Divine Prefecture’s Nether Pavilion as well. Even if it was in the Central Divine Prefecture, there were very few others besides some renowned geniuses who could withstand their joint forces. As for those beneath the Half-Saint Realm, except a few extraordinary geniuses, others wouldn’t even have the ability to fight them, let alone kill them!

Yet now, they’d lost 7 of their companions at the hands of a Monarch Realm cultivator at a remote place like Pine Prefecture!

If news of this were to spread back to the Central Divine Prefecture, then it wouldn’t just be them, the 13 Shadows, who lost face, even the Nether Pavilion would become a laughingstock!

“I never expected him to have help!” Meanwhile, one of the black clothed men spoke solemnly, “That black clothed figure possessed the Laws of Darkness and was a woman. If I’m not wrong, it should have been her highness, the Shadow Maiden. Her highness’ reincarnation was a consort for Sky Divine Hall’s Lou Qianxiao. Logically speaking, she should be enemies with Yang Ye. So, why is she helping him?”

Their leader took a deep breath, suppressed the flames of rage in his heart, and spoke solemnly, “It’s quite strange indeed. It was my fault for being careless. We were scheming against him, and he was scheming against us as well.”

One of the black clothed men said, “He possesses the Laws of Speed and the Laws of Darkness, and it’s a counter to our abilities. Now, he has Shadow Maiden’s assistance, and both of them are impossible to detect. Coupled with how our cultivation technique and combat techniques are completely countered by the Laws of Darkness, staying in confrontation with him might cause all of us to perish here.”

Their leader glanced at the man who spoke and said, “Then are we supposed to just go back? How would we report back to the sect if we leave just like that? Not only have we failed to bring Shadow Maiden back, we have lost 7 of our companions. We can’t bear the consequences of that.”

“Indeed!” The black clothed man said, “Then what should we do?”

The leader of the group pondered deeply for a long time, and then he gazed at a towering mountain in the distance, “Looks like we have no choice but to join forces with Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!” When he spoke up to this point, he paused for a moment and continued, “Notify Sky Divine Hall, and tell them about her higher, Shadow Maiden. Let’s see how they react to it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, their figures flashed and vanished on the spot.

Around 15 minutes later, the ground suddenly trembled there, and then a black shadow slowly emerged.

It was naturally Yang Ye!

“Join forces with Welkin Wolf Mountain Range?” Yang Ye looked towards the direction they’d vanished towards and laughed coldly. If they decided to return immediately to the Central Divine Prefecture, then with their mysterious movement techniques and strength, he would truly be helpless to stop them once they fled at full speed and refused to get locked into combat with him. Moreover, it was absolutely impossible for him to chase them all the way to the Central Divine Prefecture. Unfortunately, they hadn’t chosen to leave!

That was exactly what he wanted!

Four hours later, Yang Ye finished refining the black clothed men he just killed into more Sword Servants. Now, he had 7 of them as his Sword Servants, and he had the gold wolf and You Wuying as well. It could be said that he was entirely capable of defeating the last 6 black clothed men in a head-on collision!

Yang Ye placed his sword within his spatial ring and looked up into the sky.

The true outcome of the battle between Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range would be decided by the battle being carried out high above in the sky. If the Saints of the academy won the battle, then Welkin Wolf Mountain Range would be destroyed. Conversely, if Welkin Wolf Mountain Range won, then the academy and Ocean of Clouds City would be crushed!

All cultivators below the Saint Realm were ants before Saints! Numbers were useless before Saints!

Of course, it didn’t mean that his persistence on defending the city was meaningless. If he didn’t defend the city, then the city and academy wouldn’t even be able to wait until the Saints decided on the victory of the battle!

He didn’t have a sense of belonging towards the academy, and they could only be considered to be using each other. He was still weak now. Especially when facing Saints. Moreover, he was no fool, so he’d never thought that he could fight a colossus like Sky Divine Hall on his own. Thus, he wanted to look for help, and it just so happened that Sky Divine Hall could be considered as an enemy of the academy!

To a certain extent, helping the academy was equivalent to helping himself!

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, stayed on the spot for a while, and then shot towards Welkin Wolf Peak.

With his current strength that was supplemented by the Laws of Speed and Laws of Darkness and coupled with the ability of concealment possessed by the Sword Domain and the fact that there were no Saints on Welkin Wolf Mountain Range now, there was no threat to him present throughout the mountain range!

Welkin Wolf Peak.

Welkin Wolf Peak was where the Welkin Wolf Demon King lived, and it was the center of the mountain range.

After he arrived at the top of Welkin Wolf Peak, Yang Ye was slightly surprised because there weren’t any caves that he expected to see here. There were numerous grand palaces standing on the top of the mountain, and because the peak of the mountain was extremely wide, there were countless palaces here. So, the top of Welkin Wolf Peak simply seemed like a small city!

At the same time, Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression.

Because he sensed the obscure aura of countless experts here. Even though they weren’t Saints, they were extraordinarily strong. Moreover, they frequently scanned the peak with their divine sense, and those divine senses had even stopped momentarily where he stood. But it didn’t take long for those divine senses to move away.

At this moment, Yang Ye realized that both Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range hadn’t used their full strength, and they were holding some of their trump cards!

But it made sense because if the strength they revealed was the limit of their strengths, then Platinum Rank sects wouldn’t live up to their name!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then his figure flashed towards the most grand and huge palace here.

Yang Ye was careful all along the way. Because he had the Laws of Darkness, he relied on the darkness throughout the area to sneak forward and coupled with the concealment ability of the Sword Domain, he could be said to have advanced smoothly all along the way. It didn’t take long for him to arrive before the palace. Yang Ye hid in the shadows at the corner and looked up at it. He saw 3 large words written at the front of the palace — Welkin Wolf Palace!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then his figure vanished.

In the main hall within the palace.

A beautiful woman sat at the seat of the host. She wore palace clothes, had willow leaf shaped brows, apricot eyes, and jade white skin. She possessed an extremely neat and graceful bearing, but her eyes were sharp while a dignified aura came from her, causing others to dare not look straight at her.

There was an old man in a jade white robe seated on her left, and a young man and woman stood behind the old man. As for the beautiful woman’s right, it was the leader of the black clothed men whom Yang Ye fought earlier.

“At the age of a little over 20, he has comprehended Quasi Void Rank sword intent, Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent, the Sword Domain, and 2 Laws. I never expected that besides the 5 top geniuses of our prefecture, another extraordinary genius like him has appeared. Good! Very good indeed!” The beautiful woman’s voice was calm, but it carried a ghastly cold tone.

The old man on her left said, “My Sky Divine Hall has investigated him, and his background is quite mysterious. It’s like he appeared out of thin air. We were merely able to find out that he appeared at Skywind City, and everything else before that seems as if it was completely wiped clean by someone. There isn’t even a trace of him!”

The beautiful woman suddenly asked, “Could the Ancient Sword School have fostered him in secret?”

The old man shook his head and said, “It’s very unlikely. We have people in the Ancient Sword School. So, if he was fostered in secret within the Ancient Sword Sect, then no matter how well its higher-ups concealed it, they would have definitely left some clues. The problem is that according to the information we obtained from the Ancient Sword School, Yang Ye is even an unfamiliar existence to some of its higher-ups!”

She asked, “Could he have come from the Central Divine Prefecture?”

The old man and the black clothed man frowned slightly. A long time passed before the old man spoke solemnly, “It’s possible. According to the information I received, he once subdued a dragon when he challenged the Dao Order. At that time, he said that he was a Scion of the Dragons. The Dragon Race only exists in the Central Divine Prefecture, so if he wasn’t lying, then he probably did come from there!”

Meanwhile, the black clothed man spoke abruptly, “He should have come from the Central Divine Prefecture!”

The old man and beautiful woman looked at him.

He spoke solemnly, “When we attacked him before this, he mentioned someone from my Nether Pavilion, and that person only returned to my Nether Pavilion 3 years ago. Even many people of the Central Divine Prefecture aren’t aware of it, but he was. Obviously, he’s from the Central Divine Prefecture. Since he’s from the Central Divine Prefecture, his terrifying strength and natural talent are understandable….”

The white robed old man spoke in a low voice, “If he’s from the Central Divine Prefecture, then this matter will be quite troublesome to deal with!”

“Why?” The beautiful woman spoke coldly, “We’ll just kill him as planned!”

“Exactly!” The black clothed man said, “Even if he’s a disciple of a Diamond Rank power of the Central Divine Territory, why would my Nether Pavilion fear him?”

The white robed old man pondered deeply for a long time before he spoke, “He killed numerous geniuses of my Sky Divine Hall, and he even humiliated Qianxiao’s younger brother. If Qianxiao wasn’t in closed door cultivation, he would have rushed over to Ocean of Clouds City and taken that fellow’s life a long time ago. He really will be a calamity to us if he isn’t eliminated!”

The beautiful woman spoke abruptly, “How should we kill him?”

The old man and black clothed man fell silent upon hearing that question.

“I’ll kill him!” Suddenly, a voice resounded here.

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