Chapter 944 – Joining Forces Against Him!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was the man behind the white robed old man who’d spoken.

The black clothed man and the beautiful women gazed at the man, and their gazes stopped on him for some time before their expressions actually slowly became serious. The black clothed man was comparatively better as it didn’t take long for him to withdraw his gaze, but the beautiful woman’s expression grew more and more solemn.

A wisp of a complacent smile appeared on the white robed old man’s face when he saw them reveal such solemn expressions. However, it didn’t take long for him to withdraw it and say, “My young disciple doesn’t know any better, please excuse him!”

A moment passed before the woman suddenly said, “As expected of Sky Divine Hall, it truly is full of geniuses. A high rank Half-Saint before the age of 20. His natural talent is truly extraordinary. Right, that little girl isn’t bad as well. She’s actually a mid rank Half-Saint as well, and her aura is actually so heavy and solid. How rare! Truly rare!”

The white robed old man grinned, “Long Fei, Long Yu. Quickly greet the Empress!”

The man and woman behind the old mean stepped forward, bowed slightly to the beautiful woman, and then stepped back.

The old man said, “They are a pair of twins. The Hall Master encountered them by chance when he was traveling and rescued them. But even the Hall Master hadn’t imagined that they would actually possess the Divine Clarity Physique of legend. The Hall Master was overjoyed by his discovery, and he immediately brought them back to Sky Divine Hall and fostered them. I brought them with me this time because I hoped to temper them, so that they’ll be able to head to the Central Divine Prefecture with Qianxiao in the future and get a good ranking on the Martial Rankings!”

Meanwhile, the black clothed man said, “To be honest, they are still too weak!”

The old man had a slightly unnatural expression on his face when he heard the black clothed man. As for Long Fei and Long Yu who stood behind him, their faces had even become cold, and they revealed slightly unpleasant gazes towards the black clothed man.

“The Divine Clarity Physique maintains a pure and clean physique, and it allows its possessor to absorb spirit energy to cleanse the body. Moreover, the owners of such physiques would encounter no bottlenecks until they arrive at the threshold of the Saint Realm. To a certain extent, their physiques aren’t inferior to the Void Sword Physique possessed by the Ancient Sword School’s Lu Wan’er.” The beautiful women gazed at the black clothed man and said, “If even that is considered weak to you, then I’m afraid no one in our Pine Prefecture besides the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture would be acknowledged by you!”

The black clothed man spoke flatly, “Some are already in the Saint Rank at their age!”

The expressions of the others here changed.

A Saint before the age of 20?

The black clothed man continued, “There are even some who can kill Saints while at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm!”

Their pupils constricted slightly. Surmounting their realm of cultivation to kill Saints? If people like that really do exist, then they are definitely more terrifying than those geniuses who could kill Saints before the age of 20!

After all, the gap between Saints and high rank Half-Saints couldn’t even be described as being like the gap between the heavens and the earth!

However, some high rank Half-Saints had been able to surmount their realm of cultivation to kill Saints. So, how heaven defying was that?

“I’ve seen both of those types of people!” The black clothed man said, “Let me be honest again. All of your knowledge is truly quite lacking.”

The meaning behind his words was that their views were restricted as if they were looking up at the sky from within a well.

Meanwhile, the black clothed man continued, “Their auras are solid, and their strength should be not bad. But it’s still beyond inferior when compared to Yang Ye. He has definitely experienced countless battles as he grew in strength, and geniuses who grow under such environments are extraordinarily terrifying. As for the 2 of them, while their cultivations are great and their auras are solid, they lack the aura of battle and slaughter. So, if Sky Divine Hall intends to send them to kill Yang Ye, then I think there’s no point because going would be equal to giving their lives away!”

Long Fei grunted coldly, “I think you’re terrified of Yang Ye after he killed so many of your companions!”

“How presumptuous!” The white robed old man roared furiously, “Quickly apologize to Senior An Yu!”

The black energy which surged out of the black clothed man instantly stopped when he heard the old man.

Long Fei didn’t dare talk back to the old man. So he grunted coldly, cupped his fist towards the black clothed man, and then stepped back.

“Being ignorant isn’t terrifying. The truly terrifying thing is being ignorant yet unaware of it!” The black clothed man glanced indifferently at Long Fei and said, “I have no intention to interfere in the matter between both of you and Ocean of Clouds Academy. I only have a single objective, and it’s to kill Yang Ye and take her highness, Shadow Maiden, back with me. Our objectives can be said to be aligned in that aspect. Since it is, then we naturally can work together, right?”

The beautiful woman replied, “Of course!”

The old man suddenly asked, “Consort You of my Sky Divine Hall is really helping that fellow, Yang Ye?”

The black clothed man answered, “I don’t have a reason to deceive you, right?”

The old man’s face fell, “It’s absolutely impossible for her to help him. It was definitely Yang Ye who did something to her and took control over her. Good! Very good indeed! He even dares to touch someone who belongs to Qianxiao. He really is tired of living!”

The black clothed man said, “Let’s talk about how we’ll kill him!”

“If it’s a one on one battle, then no one besides Saint Realm experts or the 5 top geniuses would be a match for him!” The woman continued, “We have no choice but to join forces and use numbers against him!”

An Yu said, “There’ll be 6 from my side!”

“We’ll send 10 high rank Half-Saints!” The old man spoke solemnly, “They are elites of my Sky Divine Hall’s Divine Guard, and every single one of them gained their strength through hard work alone!”

The beautiful woman pondered deeply for a short while and said, “We’ll send 3 Gold Wolves at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm. Those 3 wolves are triplets, and they have cultivated together since they were young. Their hearts can be said to be linked as one. So, they possess extraordinary strength in battle when working together.”

The black clothed man nodded and said, “Yang Ye’s death is guaranteed then. But we have a problem. He has grasped the Laws of Darkness and the Laws of Speed, so even our joint forces would be helpless against him if he flees. Besides that, he won’t step forward and fight us to the death! If we can’t solve those 2 problems, then it’s useless no matter how many forces we gather.”

All of them fell silent.

Quite some time passed before the beautiful woman spoke again, “It’s actually easy to make him step forward and fight us. He intends to defend the city. So, we just have to attack it, and he’ll definitely show himself. As for how to trap him, that’s simple as well. My husband, the Welkin Wolf Demon King, possesses a Divine Rank treasure called the Dimensional Cube. It can change the structure of space and can even trap Saints for some time. As for those below the Saint Realm, even Lou Qianxiao and the other geniuses would be absolutely incapable of breaking free from it!”

The black clothed man said, “That’s perfect!”

The old man nodded as well.

The beautiful woman stood up and said, “Since it’s decided, then we’ll launch the main assault on the city tomorrow. At that time, I hope Sky Divine Hall will lend us its full support. It’s best if we’re able to breach the city and kill Yang Ye in one go tomorrow!”

Old man said, “Don’t worry Empress, besides the Saints of my Sky Divine Hall which can’t leave because of the Endless Devil Sect, the rest of our top-rate experts have arrived at Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. We’ll lend our full strength to your Welkin Wolf Clan tomorrow!”

She nodded in response, “Please rest for now. I’ll go get my husband’s Dimensional Cube.”

The old man said, “Then, we’ll be bidding our farewells first. Right, the Hall Master said that he hopes Welkin Wolf Mountain Range doesn’t continue hiding its strength and delaying the end of the battle. It’s very disadvantageous to us. I’m sure you’re very well aware of that.”

The Demon Empress spoke solemnly, “Of course I do. Don’t worry, tomorrow is the day my Welkin Wolf Mountain Range will end the battle with Ocean of Clouds Academy.”

“Perfect!” The old man nodded, “Then we’ll start preparing!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man led Long Fei and Long Yu out of the hall.

Once the old man left, the black clothed man said, “Empress, let me remind you that I’ll only be acting against Yang Ye, and I won’t interfere in the battle between all of you and Ocean of Clouds Academy. Of course, if the members of the academy try to stop me from killing Yang Ye, then I’ll naturally act against them as well!”

She nodded, “I understand!”

The black clothed man nodded and left.

Once all of them left, the beautiful woman pondered deeply for a moment, and then she turned around and vanished on the spot.

She hadn’t noticed that the shadow behind her had suddenly wriggled at the same moment that she’d turned around.

A long time passed before she arrived at an entrance that led underground, and there were 2 huge black wolves guarding it. Both of them were high rank Half-Saints.

The huge wolves blocked her path, and one of them spoke the human tongue, “No one is allowed to enter Welkin Wolf Treasury without the king’s orders. That includes you as well, Empress!”

She grunted coldly, and then she flipped her palm and revealed a golden fang of a wolf.

Their expressions changed when they saw the golden fang, and then they hurriedly lowered their heads and moved aside.

She glanced at them before entering the entrance.

The entrance was led to just a small passageway, and it was covered densely by strange symbols and mysterious rippling marks. She walked for around 15 minutes before a golden palace appeared before her.

There were 2 huge violet wolves before the golden palace, and their eyes were slightly closed as if they were sleeping.

She walked over to them, bowed respectfully, and then withdrew the golden fang.

One of the huge wolves opened his eyes and glanced at the golden fang, “Go on! Empress, remember that you may only take a single treasure!”

As he spoke, he waved his claw lightly, and then the golden fang instantly pressed against a slot on the entrance which was a perfect fit for it. A moment of silence ensued before the door opened slowly!

The empress bowed to them once more, and then she started walking towards the entrance. Right when she was about to pass through it, the other huge violet wolf opened his eyes and roared, “Stop!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that caused the underground chamber and the palace to shake violently!

The empress’ delicate figure trembled, and then she turned around and gazed at the violet wolf with bewilderment.

The violet wolf paid no attention to her, and his gaze shot towards her shadow instead!

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