Chapter 945 – The Demon King’s Treasure!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Uncle Mo?” The beautiful woman gazed at the huge wolf with a puzzled expression.

The huge wolf stared fixedly at the shadow behind her. Quite some time passed before he suddenly raised his right paw and clawed from afar. An explosion resounded from where her shadow was, but the ground didn’t split open at all. Because numerous golden ripples had formed a barrier of light there.

After the explosion resounded, the shadow behind her still remained.

“Brother Mo, what’s wrong?” The other wolf was puzzled.

The huge wolf which the woman addressed as Uncle Mo shook his head slightly and said, “I sensed a trace of a human’s aura just now?”

“A human’s aura?” The beautiful woman and the other huge wolf’s expressions changed, and the beautiful woman said, “How could that be possible. This is a restricted area of our clan, and it’s protected by the powerful restrictions that the king himself prepared. Moreover, there’s a powerful formation set up by a Divine Talisman Master protecting the area as well. Even a Saint wouldn’t be able to enter this place without making a sound. Uncle Mo, are you sure that you weren’t mistaken?”

There was a trace of bewilderment in Uncle Mo’s huge eyes, and he pondered deeply for some time before he said, “Empress, I’m sure you are aware that I’ve been guarding this place for hundreds of years, and I can be said to have practically fused into one with everything here. Logically speaking, I wouldn’t have made a mistake.”

The beautiful woman pondered deeply for a moment and asked, “Do you still sense that aura now?”

He shook his head, “That trace of aura appeared suddenly and vanished swiftly! As for now…. In short, for safety’s sake, it’s best if you don’t enter the treasury today. The treasures our clan has gathered for tens of thousands of years are stored in there, and there are even many treasures that the King attaches great importance to. If any mishap were to occur, then even our deaths wouldn’t be sufficient to make up for it!”

She shook her head and said, “I came to get the Dimensional Cube. It’s extremely important to our clan right now.”

Uncle Mo fell silent for a moment, and then a terrifying aura surged out from within him, and it didn’t take long for that aura to cover every single corner of this place.

A long time passed before he withdrew his aura.

The woman asked, “Did you find anything?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. Perhaps I really made a mistake. Please go in!”

She glanced at the huge wolf, and then she nodded and walked into the palace.

It didn’t take long for the door to close slowly.

At the exact same instant that it was closing, a shadow soundlessly slid through the crack between the doors from a dark corner by the door’s side.

At the instant that the entrance was shut, the beautiful woman glanced at the surroundings and was about to move. However, an unexpected event occurred. A mysterious force suddenly appeared, and everything around her instantly frozen. After that, 2 invisible waves of force pressed down upon her like a million mountains before she could even react, and then a ray of cold light flash!

Her eyes opened wide, but it didn’t take long for them to dim down.

An instant later, everything here returned to normal.

Yang Ye took a deep breath as he gazed at the woman who was lying on the ground, and he said to himself, That was close.

He wasn’t talking about killing her, he was talking about what happened at the entrance just now.

Actually, he’d only been discovered outside the palace just now.

He was hiding in the beautiful woman’s shadow, and he immediately realized that the situation was bad when the huge wolf which the beautiful woman called Uncle Mo roared at the beautiful woman. Yang Ye had immediately moved to the shadow of the palace’s entrance, and then held his breath there while completely concealing every trace of his aura. Moreover, he even merged his presence with the space around him and concealed himself with the Sword Domain. At that moment, there wasn’t a single trace of his presence.

He would have been discovered if he was just a little slower!

Those 2 huge violet wolves were very strong, and they were even stronger than the gold wolf he fought that day. It was even to the extent that they were stronger than the leader of the 13 Shadows. Even though he didn’t fear them, it would definitely be extremely troublesome if he were to have been noticed just now.

After all, there were countless experts of Welkin Wolf Peak. So, while it wasn’t impossible for him to kill his way out of here, the possibility of success was quite tiny! After all, those black clothed men and the experts of Sky Divine Hall were here as well, so it would absolutely be difficult for him to escape once they noticed him.

Even though the Laws of Darkness and the Laws of Speed were powerful, they weren’t almighty. If someone vigilant, then he could be discovered even if he attached himself to the person’s shadow. Just like what had happened during the battle between him and You Wuying. She’d frequently attached herself to his shadow and attacked him. In the beginning, he wasn’t on guard against such a method of attack, and he’d almost been killed in an instant. But once he had his guard up, then that method of attack wasn’t so effective any longer!”

Of course, the main point was that he wouldn’t be able to enter the treasure and steal from the Welkin Wolf Demon King if he was discovered.

After he finished listening to the conversation between the beautiful woman and the others just now, he knew that he had to eliminate her. Because if he didn’t, then he would definitely have to return to Ocean of Clouds City if the wolves launched a full-scale attack. However, him returning to the city was exactly what they wanted, and he might really die before their joint forces!

As they say, he who strikes first prevails, and he who strikes last fails. Yang Ye fully agreed with those words!

Once news of the Empress’ death was known, even if Welkin Wolf Mountain Range could avoid falling into chaos, it would definitely be incapable of launching a full-scale attack in a short period of time. That was definitely good news for Ocean of Clouds City.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and looked down at the beautiful woman. She was at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm as well, but her combat strength wasn’t very formidable, and it was even weaker than the gold wolf from before. That was why he dared to kill her.

Of course, she would definitely die even if her strength was comparable to those black clothed men.

Because Yang Ye had activated the Sword Domain, 2 Quasi Void Rank intents, and 2 Laws at the same time. It could be said to have been 90% of his strength! 90% of his full strength!

Yang Ye thought for a moment before he waved his right hand, and the golden fang in her grasp flew into his palm. There was another reason why’d he’d taken the risk to kill her here, and it was that golden fang. Since he’d entered a treasure trove, how could he leave empty handed? However, he was very well aware that if he didn’t kill her, then he would be forced to leave when she did. Otherwise, he would be trapped here.

Because the treasure was enveloped by a barrier which was created by a saint, and the wolf fang was the key to the barrier!

His current strength was utterly insufficient to break through the barrier, so the only way to avoid leaving empty handed was to kill her!

Yang Ye paid no further attention to her and looked at the area around him. There were 13 sealed rooms not too far away from him, and they were cleared labeled with their contents, like weapons, medicinal herbs, ores, inner cores, crystals…. However, there were none labeled as cultivation techniques or combat techniques.

However, it made sense to Yang Ye because Welkin Wolf Mountain Range was a clan of demon beasts, so thy were unable to cultivate any cultivation techniques or combat techniques. Since they were useless to demon beasts, they were naturally not stored.

Yang Ye went to the 1st room, the room labeled medicinal herbs. The room actually had no door, and there was merely an imprint of a wolf fang on its wall. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to place the gold fang into the imprint. A ray of dazzling light immediately flashed, and then the rock wall of the room started to slowly move apart.

As soon as it was opened, a strand of dense fragrance assaulted his face, causing his entire body to feel refreshed. Yang Ye was shocked by this development, and he focused his gaze into the room. He saw that there were around 100 jade shelves there, and every single one of them had all sorts of spirit herbs, spirit fruits, spirit flowers, and various other medicinal herbs which Yang Ye didn’t recognize!

Yang Ye glanced at them and noticed that there were over 10,000 in total here, and every single one of them were actually at the Saint Rank!

The Saint Rank! Every single one of them!

Most importantly, Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to notice that there were actually some medicinal herbs needed to refine the Soul Pill! After all, Xiao Qi was still in deep sleep. So, now that he possessed these medicinal materials, he only had to improve his attainments in alchemy, and she could wake up right away!

Moreover, the medicinal herbs here could be utilized to refine other precious medicinal pills. So, Yang Ye wasn’t able to stay calm for a moment longer!

“They are mine! All mine!” Yang Ye withdrew the ancient sheath and waved his right hand. All the jade shelves in the surroundings flew in a row towards the ancient sheath, and it didn’t take long for him to take all of them.

Yang Ye didn’t waste a moment longer in this room, and he immediately headed over to the 2nd room. The 2nd room was labelled with the word ‘ores. Obviously, it was definitely filled with precious stones and ores.

Sure enough, it was filled with all sorts of ores, and there were over 10,000 as well. Most importantly, all of them were at the Saint Rank at least! Moreover, there were even some at the low-grade of the Divine Rank!

“I’m rich!” Yang Ye was really unable to maintain his composure, and his face was covered in joy and excitement. All that was left was for him to jump with joy!

Ores were naturally used to refine treasures. While he didn’t know how to, Daoist Gu could. With so many Saint Rank ores in his possession, wouldn’t it be absolutely easy for them to be refined into a few thousand Saint Rank swords?

At this moment, it was like Yang Ye could see a thousand Saint Rank swords attacking at his command!

Quite some time passed before Yang Ye took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the excitement and joy in his heart, and then he started plundering everything in here. In less than a few breaths of time, all the ores were within the ancient sheath.

“Hmmm, looks like these demon kings are really wealthy! Hehehe. If I have the chance, I should go take a tour of the other demon kings’ treasuries! Right, just a tour!” Yang Ye chuckled as he went to the next room. He’d only just opened it when a strand of extremely pure energy assaulted his face. Yang Ye was slightly shocked by this, and he was completely stunned when he witnessed the scene within the room.

A long time passed before Yang Ye gulped, “My god! What is that?”

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