Chapter 946 – It’s A Misunderstanding! Trust Me!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye had opened the crystal room.

The room was filled with milky white energy, and it was extremely dense to the point it seemed like milk.

Of course, it wasn’t milk but spirit energy. It was spirit energy that was dense to the point it was taking solid form!

Yang Ye would naturally not be so shocked if it was just spirit energy. Because no matter how pure and abundant it was, it couldn’t compare to his Primordial Violet Energy. He was shocked because there was a small milky white demon beast at the center of the room.

The little demon beast was round and chubby, and its fur was pure white. Its ears were very long and sharp like swords at the tip. Its little mouth seemed to form the numeral ‘3’, and its cheeks were slightly puffer like it was holding its breath. Besides that, its tail was shaped like a lightning bolt, and it was pure milky white just like its body.

Its body was ceaselessly emanating strands of white energy, and the white energy was flowing incessantly towards the surroundings and filling the room.

What is that thing? Yang Ye frowned a little.

Suddenly, the white little fellow opened its mouth, and then it spat out a palm sized violet colored crystal.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw the crystal!

“A Violet Crystal? How… how could that be possible…?” Yang Ye’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

After he arrived at the Radiant Dimension, he’d found out that there was another type of energy stone which surpassed extreme-grade energy stones. It was even purer and rarer than extreme-grade energy stones, and it was called Violet Crystals. The reason Violet Crystals didn’t exist on Profounder Continent was because Quintessence Violet Energy was needed to form such crystals, and the Quintessence Violet Energy of Profounder Continent had vanished a long time ago.

How precious were these violet crystals?

To put it into perspective, a single violet crystal could be exchanged into 10,000,000 extreme-grade energy stones, and there was even no supply for it at such a rate of exchange! Why was it so precious? Because it contained Quintessence Violet Energy, and the purity of the energy within it wasn’t something that extreme-grade energy stones could compare to! Violet crystals could be said to be only for Saints.

It was extremely difficult to form a violet crystal. At the very least, only certain spirit veins possessed by Platinum Rank powers were capable of forming such crystals, and it took at least a hundred years to form!

Now, such a previous violet crystal had actually come out from that white colored little fellow’s mouth, and there were a total of 5 sitting in front of it. Yang Ye was quite flabbergasted by such a scene.

Meanwhile, the white little fellow gazed at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye noticed that its eyes were actually milk white as well!

The white little fellow gazed at Yang Ye for a while, and then it suddenly raised its little paw and stretched it towards Yang Ye. However, it had merely just stretched out slightly before a golden barrier of light appeared around the little fellow. As soon as its paw touched the golden light, the white little fellow immediately retracted its paw as if it had been shocked by electricity, and then an aggrieved expression appeared on its face .After that, 2 streams of milky white tears flowed out from its eyes.

Even if he had a heart of stone, such a scene had melted Yang Ye’s heart. Obviously, the white little fellow was being imprisoned here. How could Yang Ye just watch as something so tragic continued?

Yang Ye walked over to the white little fellow and revealed a smile that he felt would seem extremely amiable, “Do you want to leave this place?”

The white little fellow quickly nodded its head to the point its head almost hit the ground, and then it raised its head and seemed to be pleading with its eyes as it gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye asked, “How long have you been imprisoned here?”

It raised its little pawn, thought for a moment, and raised one of its claws.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched because the little fellow’s claws didn’t have tips, and they were completely round and fluffy as well.

Yang Ye shook his head helplessly, and then patted his chest lightly. A ray of violet light flashed before the violet mink appeared on his shoulder. He hadn’t intended to disturb her recuperation, but he had no other choice. Only the violet mink could communicate with the white little fellow.

After she descended on his shoulder, she very casually wrapped her arms around his neck before rubbing her head incessantly against him.

“Were you recuperating or sleeping?” Yang Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw her seem like she was still groggy.

Her round little face instantly turned slightly red, and she started rubbing her head even more rapidly against his face.

After playing with her for a moment, the violet mink finally shot her gaze at the white little fellow. A trace of hostility immediately appeared in her eyes at first glance because the white little fellow made her feel threatened!

Meanwhile, the white little fellow was looking at the violet mink as well, and its eyes were filled with curiosity.

The violet mink pointed at the white little fellow, pointed at Yang Ye, and then started gesticulating while a cautioning gaze resided in her eyes.


Yang Ye struck her butt lightly and said, “Stop that and speak.”

She glared at him with embarrassment, “It’s a girl. You’re not allowed to have any ideas about her!”

Yang Ye’s face darkened when he heard that, “Am I such a person to you?”

The violet mink grunted, and then she turned around to gaze at the white little fellow and communicate with her.

Yang Ye’s gaze gradually turned solemn as the violet mink translated for him. It turned out that the white little fellow was actually a Sprite King, but she was a Sprite King of energy!

What was a Sprite King of energy? It was a Sprite King born from spirit energy. As for how the white little fellow was born or where she was born, she had no memory of it.

When Yang Ye told the violet mink to ask her about her abilities, her reply caused the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth to twitch again. Because a Sprite King of energy was slightly useless when compared to existences like Lei Lin and Xiao Ying. Because Sprite Kings of energy didn’t possess any offensive ability. Of course, they were beyond precious as well.

Because she could feed on spirit energy and create spirit energy. Besides that, she could even create violet crystals!

That was why she was imprisoned here.

According to her, the Welkin Wolf Demon King had imprisoned her here for over 600 years. At that time, the Welkin Wolf Demon King wasn’t even a Saint. Besides sleeping, she’d been creating violet crystals throughout these 600 plus years. Both Yang Ye and the violet mink fell silent when they found out about all of that.

There was no hostility left in the violet mink’s eyes, and there even was a shred of pity there.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and said, “I can free you, but I have a condition!”

The white little fellow didn’t nod with agreement this time, and she gazed at Yang Ye with quite a pitiable expression instead. Obviously, she thought that he would imprison her to produce violet crystal just for him.

Yang Ye said, “I do intend to ask you to stay by my side. But don’t worry, I won’t imprison you. I only want you to stay with me for 10 years, and you have to give me those violet crystals if you have them during that time. After those 10 years pass, you can decide if you wish to continue staying by my side, and I won’t stop you even if you intend to leave!”

The white little fellow’s eyes lit up. 10 years were just a moment to her. After all, so long as they weren’t affected by certain elements of the outside world, then existences born naturally from the world like her could live until this world was destroyed. However, she didn’t really trust Yang Ye and gazed at the violet mink instead.

The violet mink was an auspicious beast and frequently immersed herself in Primordial Violet Energy, so it was very easy for other demon beasts and treasures to have a good feeling about her.

The violet mink nodded.

As soon as she saw the violet mink nod, she immediately gazed at Yang Ye and nodded to display her agreement.

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he took a step forward. As soon as he did, a barrier of golden light appeared around the white little fellow, and it perfectly enveloped her.

The violet mink rubbed Yang Ye’s ear while worry and seriousness filler her eyes.

Yang Ye smiled, “Don’t worry. It’ll be fine!”

Yang Ye walked towards the golden barrier of light while he spoke. Obviously, the barrier of light had been created by the Welkin Wolf Demon King.

A terrifying wave of energy swept out from within it before Yang Ye had even got close!

That wave of energy was very powerful as well!

At this moment, the white little fellow had a solemn expression on her face, and there was also excitement and joy there.

Yang Ye gazed at the golden barrier of light, and a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes. He took a step forward and released the Sword Domain. At the same time, he stretched out his right hand and slowly pressed it against the barrier of light.

The violet mink held tightly to his ear while she sat on his shoulder, and her eyes were filled with anxiety.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s palm to come into contact with the barrier of light. In an instant, a ray of golden light erupted from it, but it didn’t take long for that ray of golden light to be obliterated!

It was the Laws of Decay!

Yang Ye knew that even Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent and Quasi Void Rank sword intent would probably be helpless against a barrier of light created by a Saint. The only way to break it open was the Decay Laws!

Moreover, he was only confident in his ability to break it open because of the Laws of Decay!

As soon as the energy of his Decay Laws came into contact with the golden barrier of light, the entire barrier instantly started trembling violently while countless rays of golden light erupted incessantly from it. However, the rays of golden light were instantly obliterated by Yang Ye’s Decay Laws.

However, it wasn’t easy for Yang Ye as well, and his countenance had started to turn pale.

It didn’t take long for the golden light on the barrier to start dimming down.

The white little fellow was overjoyed upon witnessing that scene, and it was so excited that it shed tears of joy. However, those tears were white, and they even transformed into spirit energy in the end.

Time gradually flowed by, and 15 minutes passed just like that.


A huge explosion resounded as the barrier of light exploded apart.

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from high above in the sky, and it shot into the ground and caused the entire palace to shake violently.

It was the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s voice!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, Shit!

He didn’t have the time to think, and he just immediately grabbed the white little fellow and violet mink before placing them between his clothes at his chest. Of course, both of them could shrink themselves.

After that, he didn’t stay for a moment longer. He immediately left the room and went to the remaining rooms. This time, he didn’t have the time to look at their contents, and he just madly plundered everything within them.

As soon as he finished plundering the last room and just walked out from its entrance….


The entrance of the palace suddenly opened up, and then almost 100 figures charged in.

All of those figures were naturally wolf demons. However, they’d taken human form. After all, the palace was quite small in comparison to their original forms.

Yang Ye was looking at them while they were looking at him.

Both sides glared at each other.

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment as he said, “This is a misunderstanding! Trust me!”

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