Chapter 948 – Do You Dare To Face Me In Single Combat?

Almighty Sword Domain

“You can’t leave!” The leader of the black clothed men, An Yu, said, “Yang Ye, unless a Saint comes here today, otherwise you’re doomed!”

“How confident of you!” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “All I want to ask is if you dare to fight me in single combat?”

An Yu’s eyelids twitched. He was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly pointed a finger at him and spoke loudly, “According to rumor, geniuses are numerous like dogs throughout the Central Divine Prefecture, and every single one of them possesses extraordinary combat strength. Today, I, Yang Ye, would like to experience the strength of someone from the Central Divine Prefecture like you. So, do you dare to fight me? If I can’t kill you within 10 moves, then I, Yang Ye, will take my own life!”

Clamorous noise immediately resounded in the surroundings.

How arrogant! Absolutely arrogant! Beyond arrogant!

That was what everyone thought at this moment. After all, they were very well aware that An Yu was from the Central Divine Prefecture. It wasn’t just the experts of Sky Divine Hall who were curious about the Central Divine Prefecture, even the demon beasts were the same. Because the Central Divine Prefecture was a place of legends to them.

Supposedly, the Central Divine Prefecture had Innate Saints and monstrous geniuses who could kill Saints while at the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm.

Supposedly, the so-called geniuses of Pine Prefecture were common like sand there!

However, they’d never witnessed the strength of the geniuses from the Central Divine Prefecture!

Now, they had the chance, and it wasn’t just one genius from the Central Divine Prefecture!

The members of Sky Divine Hall and the wolf demons gazed at An Yu. In their opinion, Yang Ye was captured within their net, so he couldn’t escape no matter what. So, they didn’t mind wasting some time if they could witness the strength of a genius from the Central Divine Prefecture before they killed Yang Ye.

An Yu’s expression grew more and more unsightly as all the others watched. If he were to refuse now, then he would definitely not be the only one to lose face, even the Central Divine Prefecture would be humiliated as well. Because An Yu’s cultivation was much superior to Yang Ye, and Yang Ye had even bragged that he would take his own life if he couldn’t kill An Yu within 10 moves!

If he were to refuse under such circumstances, then it wouldn’t just be the Welkin Wolf Clan and the members of Sky Divine Hall who looked down on him, even the other 5 black clothed men might look down on him!

Yang Ye’s words had left him with no way out!

He didn’t fear Yang Ye. While Yang Ye possessed 2 Laws and 2 Quasi Void Rank intents, it was a huge joke to say that Yang Ye could kill him within 10 moves. He was quite worried that Yang Ye was scheming something because the confrontations he had with Yang Ye had allowed him to realize that Yang Ye was quite shameless!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly laughed coldly and said, “Genius from the Central Divine Prefecture, don’t tell me that you’re afraid. Don’t worry, you just have to admit it and I’ll immediately take back what I said. After all, I disdain to bully others.”

“There’s no need to try and egg me on!” An Yu walked forward and stopped just 30m away from Yang Ye, “I know that you’re definitely planning something. However, let me tell you that you’re wasting your energy no matter what you try. Because you’ll definitely be incapable of killing me within 10 moves. Of course, I can’t kill you within 10 moves as well. Perhaps I can give it a try if I’m allowed 100 moves, but the precondition is that you don’t flee!”

Yang Ye said, “Since you’ve agreed, then cut the crap and fight me!”

“Then bring it on!” An Yu’s voice was quite ferocious.

When they noticed that the battle would erupt at any moment, the experts of Sky Divine Hall and the Welkin Wolf Clan moved around 3km back. Both of them were extraordinary experts, so the aftershock of their battle would definitely not be weak, and they didn’t want to be struck by it!

Once all of them moved back, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and a hundred swords floated around him while his body started floating up along with the swords. After that, a strand of terrifying sword intent surged out from within him and instantly wrapped around those swords. The sword intent made the swords seem as if they’d come to life, and all of them shook violently while even the space around them rippled incessantly!

It was a shocking sight!

The experts of Sky Divine Hall and the Welkin Wolf Clan revealed solemn expressions on their faces!

An Yu’s expression grew slightly solemn as well. Because Yang Ye was clearly about to execute some sort of formidable sword technique! So, he who was facing Yang Ye would naturally not underestimate Yang Ye or act carelessly.

“This attack of mine….” Suddenly, Yang Ye spoke as he floated in midair, “This attack of mine is called the Death of All Gods. It was created by the founding ancestor of my Ancient Sword School, and it possesses the might to slaughter Saints!”

The faces of all the spectators changed upon hearing Yang Ye. After all, the Ancient Sword School’s founding ancestor was an expert who’d surpassed the Saint Realm! Would a technique created by an existence who’d surpassed the Saint Realm be weak? It would be at the Divine Rank at least!

So, they moved around another kilometer back when they realized that because they were absolutely afraid of being struck by the aftershock. Moreover, some human experts even created profound energy barriers around themselves while some even withdrew defensive treasures to protect themselves.

It wasn’t that they were cowards. It was because they were clearly aware of the strength Yang Ye possessed. Not to mention anything else, just his Quasi Void Rank sword intent was enough to make them take him seriously!

An Yu’s expression turned completely solemn. He raised his hands up, and then 2 black vortexes appeared on his palms. As soon as they appeared there, even the space around him had actually started warping.

Its aura wasn’t inferior to Yang Ye’s attack at all!

“I’ll kill you with just a single swing!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye roared furiously, and it resounded like a thunderclap that shook the hearts and ears of all the spectators. After that, they saw the swords around Yang Ye suddenly emanate countless rays of light, and they seemed like a scorching sun that instantly covered the entire sky and the city gates. Moreover, his powerful sword intent was so sharp that some comparatively weaker demon beasts and cultivators didn’t even dare to look straight at it!

All the spectators were shocked by this scene, and they hurriedly took around another 1km back!

An Yu’s pupils constricted slightly, and the vortices in his palms started spinning swiftly.

Of course, while the sword energy Yang Ye revealed was powerful, it wasn’t sufficient to make them act like that. The cause of their shock was actually because they thought that Yang Ye was about to execute some sort of terrifying technique!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s furious roar resounded amidst the dazzling sword energy, and then countless rays of light shot towards An Yu and instantly arrived before him. How could An Yu dare to act carelessly when facing them? He immediately grabbed those vortexes and slapped them towards the space in front of him. Two extremely terrifying suction forces suddenly erupted from the vortexes, and they instantly sucked away the sword energy. In just a breath of time, all the sword energy was gone!

That’s all?

Everyone here was quite stunned. That’s all that technique, the Death of All Gods, had? That’s the Divine Rank technique created by the Ancient Sword School’s founding ancestor? That’s the extent of its strength?

All of them were puzzled, and they looked towards Yang Ye. However, that spot he was standing on just now was completely empty!


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded from the city gates in the distance. They looked over and saw that Yang Ye had suddenly appeared there. Moreover, the golden net which covered the city gates actually had numerous cracks on it!

“Shit! We’ve been fooled! It was a diversion!” The voice of the white robed old man from Sky Divine Hall resounded. In an instant, all the cultivators and demon beasts here recovered from their shock, and then fury immediately surged within them. After all, Yang Ye had played them like monkeys!

“Kill him!”


Countless Half-Saints from both the demon race and human race charged in Yang Ye’s direction.


Meanwhile, the golden net shook violently, and then it dispersed before their eyes.

After all, they watched as Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light and vanished behind the city gates.

He’d fled!

Just like that!

All of them were stunned! After all, a Monarch Realm cultivator had fled while surrounded by tens of thousands of Half-Saints and over a thousand high rank Half-Saints….

The cultivators and demon beasts here didn’t choose to pursue him, and it included An Yu and the others. After all, if Yang Ye who possessed the Laws of Speed and Laws of Darkness was determined to flee, then unless they had a Saint to help them or a formation to trap him, it was impossible to stop him no matter how many high rank Half-Saints they had!

“What an insult to sword cultivators!” Meanwhile, Long Fei spoke angrily, “To think I felt that he possessed the pride of a sword cultivator. I never expected him to actually be such a shameless coward. Hmph! I’ll definitely break his neck if I encounter him!”

“You’re wrong!” Meanwhile, the white robed old man suddenly said, “That was a smart decision. Under such circumstances, he would still die regardless of whether he won or lost. If we want to blame someone, then we can only blame ourselves for being careless and curious. Of course, he is shameless.” As he finished speaking, the old man’s voice carried a trace of fury. Obviously, he was quite displeased from being tricked by Yang Ye.

“It’ll be difficult to kill him next time!” Meanwhile, An Yu spoke abruptly, “I know that he was planning something, but I never expected him to be planning on fleeing. I’m just quite curious. How did he break open the formation in such a short period? Even I can’t break open that formation. Of course, I could give it a try if I was given some time, but it would be absolutely impossible for him to break it open with such ease. How did he accomplish that?”

The white robed old man spoke with a solemn expression, “Looks like he’s much more mysterious than we imagined!”

“He is indeed!” An Yu continued, “If he attains the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm. No, even if he only breaks through to the Half-Saint Realm, even the 5 top geniuses of Pine Prefecture wouldn’t be able to kill him. At that time, your prefecture won’t just have 5 top geniuses, it would have 6!”

“What a pity!” The old man said, “He would have definitely died if we swarmed him earlier. What a waste…. Alas!”

An Yu shook his head slightly and waved his right hand. The light in the sky which had already started dimming was instantly dispersed, and the surroundings returned to normal, “Let head to the grand hall to discuss what we should do next!”

The white robed old man nodded and was about to speak, but something unexpected suddenly occurred!

The shadow behind An Yu suddenly started wriggling. An Yu noticed it, and he didn’t have to give it any thought to realize who it was. An Yu was horrified because he’d clearly not expected Yang Ye to come back!

The vortexes in his hand had only just appeared when a dagger pressed against his nape. After that, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, “I told you that I’d kill you within 10 moves, how could I go back on my word? Unfortunately, you’re too weak, and I don’t need to use 10 moves. Just 2 will suffice!”

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