Chapter 949 – Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a string of blood sprayed out from An Yu’s nape, and then his figure stiffened while his eyes opened wide. There was disbelief and regret in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye who’d escaped with great difficulty would actually come back and even kill him first!

It didn’t take long for the light in his eyes to dime down.

After he killed An Yu, Yang Ye didn’t stop. He immediately placed An Yu’s corpse in the ancient sheath, and then he attacked the other 5 black clothed men.

They were caught off guard and 2 of them were killed in an instant, whereas the last 3 were slaughtered by the Sword Servants which Yang Ye sent to kill them!

All of this occurred in an instant!

Less than 2 breaths of time had passed since Yang Ye appeared here and the 6 black clothed men died!

In other words, most of the people here hadn’t even recovered from their shock, yet An Yu and the others had been annihilated!

After he placed their corpses within the ancient sheath, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot out of the city.

“Yang Ye! Where do you think you’re going!?” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded, and then a long ray of light flashed and instantly obstructed Yang Ye’s path. The white robed old man was within the ray of light. The old man roared furiously as he slapped his palms at Yang Ye, and 2 powerful arcs of white light swept forward and instantly dispersed the sword energy which covered Yang Ye. Moreover, Yang Ye was forcefully pushed back by over 50m as well, causing him to be pushed back into the city!

“Aowu!” Meanwhile, the tens of thousands of Half-Saint Realm demon wolves in the city howled furiously in unison, and a seemingly material soundwave transformed into a tornado that swept towards Yang Ye. Moreover, countless wolves behind the soundwave leaped up into the air and charged towards Yang Ye.

The imposing aura that came from the charge of tens of thousands of Half-Saints seemed like a myriad of mountains as it pressed down upon Yang Ye, and it caused even the space around him to warp.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. He naturally couldn’t allow himself to be locked in battle. After all, once that happened, then he would really be unable to escape.

Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and the ground shook violently while his figure transformed once more into a ray of light that shot towards the old man. Yang Ye seemed to have transformed into a fine and long ray of light while under the effects of his Laws of Speed and Sword Control Technique.

The Herculean Sword was in his grasp. He hadn’t chosen to go around the old man because the old man wouldn’t give him a chance to do that. So, Yang Ye grabbed the Herculean Sword with both hands and swung it at the old man!

Because his speed was too swift and coupled with the fact that he was utilizing his full strength, the force carried by the Herculean Sword was extremely terrifying, and even space was torn apart in its wake!

The old man’s face had changed violently when Yang Ye swung his sword. Because it was too swift, swift to the point he couldn’t dodge it at all. Even if he could, he couldn’t actually dodge it. Because once Yang Ye left the city, then unless a Saint were to act against Yang Ye, it would be practically impossible to kill Yang Ye!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through the old man’s eyes as he flipped his palm, and a huge white shield appeared in his grasp. The profound energy within him surged madly into the white shield, causing the various symbols on it to suddenly start circulating. After that, layer upon layer of white energy barriers appeared on the surface of the shield, and in less than a tenth of a breath of time, almost 1,000 white energy barriers were covering the shield!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword struck the huge shield!


A loud explosion resounded as the space around them instantly cracked apart, and countless fine spatial rifts were spreading incessantly towards the surroundings.

The old man behind the shield spat out a mouthful of blood, and then both he and the shield were pushed back. Meanwhile, the Herculean Sword was still pressing down upon the shield, and the energy barriers on it were exploding incessantly before the powerful force contained within the Herculean Sword. At the same time, waves of energy were sweeping out incessantly from the point of collision, and it was an extremely shocking sight!

Meanwhile, the old man was still being pushed back. Just like that, the old man was pushed out of the city and started being pushed down the mountain. During this entire process, he couldn’t stop himself no matter how hard he tried!

There were tens of thousands of Half-Saints behind the two of them, and there were over a thousand high rank Half-Saints amongst them!

Besides that, countless wolf demons had suddenly started to converge ahead. However, those wolf demons didn’t dare to come close at all, and they weren’t able to approach as well. Because Yang Ye and the old man’s speed were so swift that they were almost unable to catch sight of Yang Ye and the old man’s figures!

Mouthful after mouthful of blood was spraying from the old man’s mouth while his figure was pushed backwards, and the energy barriers on the huge white shield had vanished. Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword was pressing against the shield itself, and so the force that the old man endured had grown even stronger. So, even his hands had started to split open.

“You’re trying to stop me with just this amount of strength?” A cold smile curled up onto the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth.

At this moment, the old man suddenly felt a strand of horror arise from the depths of his heart. He was just about to react to it, but a shadow had suddenly appeared behind him, and then a dagger stabbed against his nape. It didn’t encounter any obstruction as it pierced through!

The dagger was flicked lightly, and then the old man’s head flew into the air!

A torrent of blood shot into the sky!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed the white shield before placing it into the ancient sheath. The white shield had been able to stop his Herculean Sword which was enhanced by Quasi Void Rank sword intent and Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent, so it was definitely not ordinary. Thus, he intended to keep it!

After that, Yu Wuying didn’t vanish. Her figure flashed and merged into Yang Ye’s shadow instead!

It came from a sudden flash of inspiration of his. Since You Wuying and he possessed the Laws of Darkness, then didn’t it mean that both of them could hide in each other’s shadows?

Just think about it. What would happen if another person suddenly emerged from his shadow while he was in battle?

While You Wuying hid in his shadow, she wouldn’t just be able to strike a lethal blow at the critical moment, she could even be a form of protection against the surprise attacks of others. In short, it didn’t just give him a powerful bodyguard, it was even a superb method to take his opponents by surprise and kill them!

Yang Ye was about to leave. However, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and then he took the Herculean Sword in both hands and slashed it.


It struck a golden arrow. Unexpectedly, the fine arrow didn’t crack apart, and it was Yang Ye’s Herculean Sword that trembled violently instead. After that, his figure was pushed around 300m back!

A slightly solemn expression appeared in his eyes as he gazed at his palm which had cracked open. He raised his head and looked up into the sky. At this moment, a thousand high rank Half-Saints who held golden longbows in their hands were standing in the sky, and all of their bows were fully drawn while golden arrows were ready on their bowstrings.

“Soul Pursuit!” A voice suddenly resounded, and then the sounds of a thousand bowstrings being released resounded. In the next moment, a thousand arrows rained down from the sky and shot towards Yang Ye.

The arrows weren’t disorderly. Conversely, they formed a row as they descended, and it was like an extremely long golden arrow descending from the sky.

How terrifying was the converged strength of a thousand high rank Half-Saints?

In any case, a chill ran down Yang Ye’s spin. He didn’t dare allow himself to be locked in battle, so he turned around and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the distance. Yang Ye arrived around 10km away in just a breath of time.

However, his expression suddenly changed once more. He turned around to look and saw that an arrow had pierced through space and arrived in front of him, whereas the last in the string of arrows was still within the spatial rift!

“It really does pursue the soul!” A wisp of ferocity arose in Yang Ye’s eyes. He took the Herculean Sword in both hands and swung it. This time, he used all his strength, and he even enhanced it with Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

The powerful force carried by the Herculean Sword caused the space around him to split apart!


The sword and arrow collided. Both shook violently while Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then his figure was blasted around 3km back!

As soon as he stopped moving back, the golden arrow appeared in front of him again, and the terrifying energy carried within it caused the space around them to warp!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. He didn’t dare allow it to strike him because he didn’t have the slightest doubt that it was absolutely capable of piercing his body with ease. Moreover, once it did pierce his body, then the terrifying might within it would definitely take a mere instant to blast his internal organs into pieces!

Yang Ye swung the Herculean Sword again!


A huge explosion resounded. This time, Yang Ye was blasted flying.

Just like that, the arrow was constantly following close behind Yang Ye like a ghost!

In the end, Yang Ye stopped choosing to run from it.

A vicious aura surged onto his face as he gazed at the arrow which had arrived before him again, and then he flipped his left palm. The ancient sheath appeared in his left grasp. He condensed an intent sword, sheathed it, and then drew it swiftly.


A beam of sword energy that carried 25 overlapped Heavenrend and was enhanced by both Quasi Void Rank sword intent and Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent instantly struck the arrow.

That wasn’t the end of it, there were 2 more beams of sword energy which contained 25 overlapped Heavenrends behind the 1st beam of sword energy.


Explosions resounded incessantly. Countless strands of sword energy dispersed towards the surroundings and instantly flattened the area!

A short while passed before the waves of energy dispersed, and the golden arrows had vanished.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this scene, and then he slumped down to the ground. After all, he was completely exhausted after successively releasing 3 beams of sword energy that carried 25 overlapped Heavenrends!

“Yang Ye! You’re exhausted now, huh!?” Suddenly, a man arrived here.

It was Long Fei from Sky Divine Hall!

Long Fei walked step by step towards Yang Ye while a cold smile could be seen on his face, “Yang Ye, I have to admit that you’re very strong. Even my Sky Divine Hall’s Arrow Guard’s joint forces wasn’t able to kill you. Unfortunately, you’ll be dying at my hands in the end. I’ve been looking for a chance to make a name for myself. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to fulfil my wish. If I kill you today, then my name, Long Fei, will definitely shock Pine Prefecture!”

As he spoke, Long Fei’s figure shot towards Yang Ye, “Yang Ye! Die!”

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