Chapter 950 – The Violet Mink’s Jealousy!

Almighty Sword Domain

Long Fei had been following him since Yang Ye left the city. As for the reason, it was to look for an opportunity to kill Yang Ye of course. Unfortunately, not only had he been unable to find such an opportunity all along the way, he had witnessed how terrifying Yang Ye was, so he’d almost decided to give up on continuing his pursuit.

Because he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill Yang Ye!

However, he hadn’t imagined that the heavens would have given him a chance. Because Yang Ye was actually heavily injured and exhausted!

It was an absolutely rare opportunity!

So, Long Fei didn’t give it up and acted immediately!

But it didn’t take long for him to stop because Yang Ye had stood up, and there was a huge sword in Yang Ye’s grasp!

The expression on Long Fei’s face had turned solemn as he gazed at the huge sword, and even a wisp of fear had flashed through the depths of his eyes. After all, Long Fei still remembered the scene from before when Yang Ye swung his sword!

Yang Ye laughed coldly when he saw Long Fei stop, “What? Didn’t you want to kill me and make a name for yourself? To be honest, my profound energy has dried up, and I’m even completely exhausted. You won’t have another chance if you don’t act now!”

Long Fei spoke fiercely, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare?”

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “Then hurry up!”

Long Fei had an utterly fierce expression on his face while strands of terrifying aura surged out explosively from within him, and every single shred of it pressed down upon Yang Ye. However, it hadn’t even arrived in front of Yang Ye before his sword intent blasted it apart!

Long Fei’s expression changed slightly at the sight of that, and he became slightly hesitant to attack.

“Trash!” Yang Ye glanced coldly at Long Fei, and then took a step forward. Yang Ye’s figure actually instantly vanished before Long Fei’s eyes.

Long Fei’s expression was unsightly to the extreme as he stood there on the spot!

He’d wanted to attack. He really wanted to. But for some reason, he felt fearful and hesitant when he saw Yang Ye’s calm and composed appearance. Especially when he recalled how Yang Ye had killed high rank Half-Saints like dogs just now, there was a voice in the depths of his heart which kept telling him not to do it!

Moreover, when he intended to force himself to attack, the scene of Yang Ye killing An Yu and the others couldn’t help but appear in his mind!

At this moment, Long Fei was astounded to notice that Yang Ye had actually become deeply imprinted in his mind just like Lou Qianxiao was. Both of them were impossible to defeat.

Not even 2 breaths of time passed before over a thousand high rank Half-Saints with longbows in their hands arrived here.

“There’s no sign of him!” The middle aged man who led the group gazed into the distance with a gloomy expression. A long time passed before he withdrew his gaze and said, “I never expected that it wasn’t just his speed which was extremely swift, he was even able to overcome an attack which carried our combined strength. He really is extraordinary!”

When he spoke up to this point, the middle aged man gazed at Long Fei, “Long Fei, did you fight him?”

Long Fei’s eyelids twitched a little, and then he said, “We exchanged over 100 blows. I’d thought that I would be able to capture him, but I allowed him to escape in a moment of carelessness!”

The middle aged man frowned a little. Obviously, he didn’t really believe Long Fei.

Meanwhile, Long Fei added, “Of course, the reason he lost to me was mainly because he’d been heavily injured by your combined archery technique, Soul Pursuit. Otherwise, I would be the one who would have had to flee.”

The middle aged man’s brows eased up when he heard this. Because it made sense. He immediately nodded and said, “Let’s return to Welkin Wolf Peak. The divine hall will be sending a Gold-robed Guardian soon!”

“A Gold-robed Guardian!” Long Fei cried out involuntarily, “A Saint? Our divine hall is sending a Saint?”

The middle aged man nodded slightly and said, “The destruction of Ocean of Clouds Academy carries great implications, and it’s extremely important to our Sky Divine Hall. So, we won’t hesitate to pay any price in order to conquer it. It isn’t just us; Welkin Wolf Mountain Range has gone to Phantom Cave Mountain Range to seek help from their ally, the Python Clan. It’ll be the true final battle this time! Let’s go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man and the others vanished on the spot. As for Long Fei, he remained silent there before he left as well.

Around 15 minutes passed before there was some slight movement below one of the piles of leaves on the ground, and it didn’t take long for a person to appear there.

It was Yang Ye!

He hadn’t left just now. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to, it was because he really didn’t have the energy to leave. He’d almost fully exhausted his profound energy during the battles in the underground palace and on Welkin Wolf Peak. Moreover, he’d executed 3 beams of sword energy which contained 25 overlapped Heavenrends while he was escaping down the mountain. That had practically exhausted all his profound energy.

Actually, he was using only his physical strength when he resisted that attack from those high rank Half-Saints with longbows.

In short, he wasn’t lying when he told Long Fei that his profound energy had dried up, and he was completely exhausted. At that moment, he really didn’t have any energy left. Otherwise, he would have killed Long Fei on the spot. He’d intended to summon one of his Sword Servants to kill Long Fei, but he’d suddenly sensed the auras of the group of 1,000 high rank Half-Saints. That discovery made him decisively abandon his intention to kill Long Fei and immediately conceal himself!

All of them were high rank Half-Saints. While his Sword Servants were strong, but they were hopelessly outnumbered, so it was utterly impossible for him to win in a battle against them! Moreover, once he was locked in battle and the other demon beasts caught up, then he would really be unable to leave!

Yang Ye didn’t choose to leave right away. He found a concealed place to hide, and then withdrew some extreme-grade energy stones and started to absorb them.

Meanwhile, the white little fellow and the violet mink leaped out from between his clothes.

The white little fellow glanced at the surroundings, and as she looked and looked, 2 streams of pure white tears suddenly started flowing down her face. They were tears of spirit energy….

As soon as she emerged, changes instantly occurred in the surroundings. The spirit energy all around here suddenly started surging madly towards her, and it grew greater and greater in volume to the point it actually formed a vortex of spirit energy!

Yang Ye and the violet mink were stunned!

What sort of monster is she?

Yang Ye and the violet mink watched as more and more vortices of spirit energy surged into the white little fellow, and she inhaled them greedily and seemed as if she was intoxicated.


Suddenly, Yang Ye struck her lightly on the head, “Stop that! Quickly!”

The white little fellow blinked and gazed at Yang Ye with a puzzled gaze. In the end, she seemed as if she’d understood something and waved her little claw. Countless vortices of spirit energy surged into Yang Ye, causing his entire body to feel comfortable while an intoxicated expression appeared on his face as well.

The white little fellow smiled upon seeing that, and then she started inhaling the spirit energy again.


Suddenly, the violet mink slapped Yang Ye on the head. Yang Ye immediately returned to his senses, and he couldn’t help but blush when he recalled how he'd reacted just now. After that, he hurriedly slapped the white little fellow on her head and said, “Stop that! Quickly! Countless people will be drawn over if you continue.”

Her ability was too terrifying. It caused the spirit energy in the surroundings to surge towards her, and it was an extremely shocking scene. Moreover, it seemed like it was only just the beginning.

So, how could Yang Ye dare to let her continue? He hurriedly stopped her, or countless old living fossils would be drawn over, and there might even by Saints amongst them!

The white little fellow glanced at Yang Ye with an aggrieved expression, and it was like she was saying that she’d shared some with him.


The violet mink suddenly slapped the white little fellow on the head, “Stop trying to act cute!” As soon as she finished speaking, her face turned slightly rosy. She quickly closed her mouth and slapped the white little fellow’s head 2 more times.

The white little fellow seemed to have a very good impression of the violet mink. Not only was she not the slightest bit angry from being slapped on the head, she even flew over to the violet mink and shared countless strands of spirit energy to the violet meaning while seeming to try to curry favor with her.

The violet mink’s face eased up slightly. She pointed at Yang Ye, pointed at herself, pointed at the white little fellow, and then started to wave her little claws. She seemed to be saying that Yang Ye was hers, and the white little fellow wasn’t allowed to even think about getting him….

The white little fellow glanced at the violet mink, glanced at Yang Ye, and nodded with ignorance.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly as he shook his head, and then he gazed at the white little fellow and said, “You aren’t allowed to do that again unless you get my permission. Alright? Because doing that will attract a huge amount of bad people, and those bad people are extremely strong. Moreover, if they see you, then they’ll definitely capture you and imprison you. Are you still not afraid now?”

As soon as she heard Yang Ye mention being imprisoned, the white little fellow’s body shivered slightly, and then she jumped into Yang Ye’s arms and shook her little head incessantly. Moreover, her tears even started flowing without end. Obviously, she’d become truly traumatized from being locked up for hundreds of years.

The violet mink was furious when she saw the white little fellow jump into Yang Ye’s arms. However, when she saw the white little fellow sobbing, she puckered her lips and slapped her little claw down on Yang Ye’s head instead. It was as if Yang Ye had done something wrong instead.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

A long time passed before Yang Ye was able to console both the little fellows, and then he started to absorb the energy within extreme-grade energy stones like a madman.

Two hours later, Yang Ye had practically recovered completely, and he started to refine Sword Servants.

Another 6 hours passed before Yang Ye completed the refinement of the last 6 black clothed men and the corpse of Elder Bai and Elder Mo. At this moment, he had 17 formidable Sword Servants!

Even if You Wuying was excluded, those 13 black clothed men were extremely terrifying as well. Because if he didn’t utilize the Laws of Decay and the Sword Domain, then even he couldn’t beat their joint forces in a head-on collision! Besides them, Elder Mo and Elder Bai were extremely strong as well. Because Yang Ye noticed that their defensive capabilities upon returning to their original form wasn’t inferior to the gold robed man at all!

So, Yang Ye’s group was strong to an extremely terrifying extent now!

Of course, it was still powerless before a Saint!

Yang Ye put the Sword Servants away, raised the ancient sheath in his hand, and said, “Let me see what that treasury had….”

As he spoke, Yang Ye’s consciousness sunk into the space within the ancient sheath, and he was immediately stunned upon laying eyes on the treasures within it. After that, he instantly leaped up from the ground.

“I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m fucking rich!”

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