Chapter 95 – Mortal Assassin, Advancement!

Almighty Sword Domain

On the next day, Yang Ye and Little Yao held hands as they strolled slowly through a garden on Talisman Peak, and the two siblings just walked slowly like that. It was an extremely warm scene.

After a long time, Little Yao stopped moving. She looked at Yang Ye and seemed slightly reluctant as she said, “Big Brother, are you really heading to that Grand Myriad Mountains?”

Now, she only had her Big Brother, and she truly didn’t want to be apart from her Big Brother. However, she knew that her older brother wanted to work hard and become strong in order to rescue their matters. But she still couldn’t avoid feeling reluctant!

Yang Ye rubbed Little Yao’s head and said with a smile, “Big Brother is already at the peak of the ninth rank in the Mortal Realm, and I’m only lacking a critical factor to advance into the First Heaven Realm. For the sake of improving my strength, Big Brother must make a trip to the Grand Myriad Mountains. You must listen to Master on Talisman Pear, and don’t cause trouble everywhere like Big Sister Bao’er, alright?”

He was still slightly worried about Little Yao. He wasn’t worried about Little Yao’s safety, he was worried instead that the little she-devil, Bao’er, would lead Little Yao astray.

“Pfft!” Little Yao chuckled, and then she rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “Big Brother, if Big Sister Bao’er knew what you said about her, she would definitely not let you off!”

Little Yao was extremely fond of Bao’er as well.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Remember that you shouldn’t work too hard in cultivating and learn from Big Sister Bao’er to cultivate and play as well. If Big Brother notices that you’ve become thin when Big Brother returned, then Big Brother won’t forgive you!”

Little Yao nodded, yet she’d decided in her heart that she would work even harder in her cultivation because she would only be able to help her older brother after she became stronger.

After playing with Little Yao for two hours, Yang Ye left Talisman Peak under Little Yao’s reluctant gaze.

Yang Ye didn’t prepare anything, and he didn’t have to prepare anything as well. Because he had numerous talismans that he crafted himself. There were those that improved his speed, those that healed…. In any case, he’d prepared a little bit of every single basic talisman.

Two hours after Yang Ye left the Sword Sect and entered Snake Forest, a young man around the age of 16 walked into an inn within Green Mountain City.

This young man arrived in a room. There was a beautiful woman in this room. This beautiful woman was none other than Feng Yi who’d entered the Sword Sect to ask for Yang Ye.

Feng Yi looked at the young man that entered the room and said, “There’s news related to him?”

The young man bowed to Feng Yi and said, “Senior, Yang Ye has already left Talisman Peak and based on the direction he left towards, he’s probably heading to the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

When she heard this, Feng Yi who sat cross-legged on the bed stood up, and then her brows raised while a cold glow flashed in her eyes. She said, “After two months, you’ve finally come out from there!”

After she found out that Yang Ye was Lin Shan’s disciple on that day, they had no choice but to give up on their plans to capture Yang Ye and take him back. No matter if it was Lin Shan’s identity or Lin Shan’s own strength, he wasn’t someone they could offend. So, if they wanted to continue their mission of capturing Yang Ye, then they had to return to the palace and ask for instructions from the Palace Master.

The other three beautiful women had returned to Flower Palace, but Feng Yi hadn’t. The reason she’d taken the initiative to ask to be allowed to capture Yang Ye upon returning to the palace that day wasn’t that she hated Yang Ye’s mother and Yang Ye, and it was instead because she was extremely interested in the secret behind how Yang Ye controlled Darkbeasts. If she obtained this technique, then her status in the Flower Palace would instantly rise by a few levels, and it was even to the extent that it wasn’t impossible for her to be appointed as an elder that possessed real authority!

So, she’d made an excuse and stayed back. After that, she bribed a disciple of the Sword Sect to pay attention to Yang Ye’s whereabouts. The heavens reward those who wait, and after waiting for two months of time, Yang Ye had finally left Talisman Peak.

“Senior, about what you promised me….” Meanwhile, the young man revealed a flattering smile and asked for his reward.

Feng Yi glanced at the young man, and then she waved her right hand. A small pouch appeared before the young man, and then she said, “You can leave!”

The young man opened the pouch, and then an expression of wild joy surged onto his face when he noticed there were 50 Energy Stones within the pouch. After that, he didn’t look back at all as he walked towards the exit. I was able to obtain such a reward for merely taking notice of a single person’s whereabouts. This transaction was truly worth it.

“Wait!” At this moment, Feng Yi stopped the young man who’d arrived before the door, and she asked. “Does anyone in the Sword Sect know where you’ve gone?”

The young man hurriedly said, “No, no one knows where I’ve gone. I took a day of leave from the Sword Sect today, and I said I have matters to attend to at home. So, all my friends think that I’ve gone home.”

Feng Yi nodded lightly. In the next moment, a petal formed from Profound Energy suddenly pierced the young man’s neck. The young man covered his neck tightly while his eyes opened wide. He wanted to say something, yet he was unable to say anything before he crashed to the ground.

Feng Yi disregarded the young man, and then she walked out of the room. As for the young man’s corpse, there would naturally be someone who came to clean it up later. Because this inn belonged to the Flower Palace!

After she left the inn, Feng Yi arrived at a stone house at the southern wall of Green Mountain City. The stone house didn’t have a door, and there was only a head sized window. Feng Yi walked over to the window, and then withdrew a silver card and placed it through the window.

After around half an hour passed, a piece of blank paper and a brush flew out from the window.

Feng Yi picked up the brush and wrote on the paper.

Name: Yang Ye.

Identity: Talisman Master, Lin Shan’s disciple.

Cultivation: Ninth rank of the Mortal Realm.

Wanted alive not dead.

I request a Mortal Assassin.

After she finished writing all of this, she flicked her right hand, and the paper flew into the window.

After a long time, a voice sounded out from within. It said, “The identity of a Talisman Master requires 10 times the remuneration. The identity of being Lin Shan’s disciple requires another 10 times the remuneration. So, it’s a total of 200,000 gold coins.”

Feng Yi frowned when she heard this. She’d never expected that this organization would actually ask for 200,000 gold coins. After all, 200,000 gold coins wasn’t a small amount even for her!

“Your organization has indicated its prices clearly. It’s 10,000 gold coins for those at the Mortal Realm, so why is it 200,000 gold coins now? Could it be that you’re afraid of the Talisman Master’s Association?” Feng Yi spoke in a low voice.

“His identity is worthy of such a price. Will you hire an assassin or not!?” said the voice.

Feng Yi was slightly hesitant. 200,000 gold coins really wasn’t a small amount for her. However, she didn’t dare take the risk to deal with Yang Ye herself. Because if Lin Shan found out that she’d dealt with Yang Ye who was at the Mortal Realm while she herself was at the Spirit Realm, then with Lin Shan’s protective character, even the Flower Palace wouldn’t be able to save her from death!

If Yang Ye hadn’t gone to the Grand Myriad Mountains and went somewhere else, then she would make a move against him herself. However, Yang Ye had gone to the Grand Myriad Mountains, so she was unable to make a move against him. Because so long as she entered the Grand Myriad Mountains, she would immediately fall under the Sword Sect’s surveillance. Even she didn’t understand why the Sword Sect was in a state of such high security now.

In short, she didn’t dare to take the risk and deal with Yang Ye herself. Because Lin Shan and the power that Lin Shan represented wasn’t something that a tiny Flower Guard like her could go against. This was the reason why she’d killed that outer court disciple from before, and it was also the reason why she’d come to hire this organization to capture Yang Ye alive!

After a long time, Feng Yi took a deep breath, and then she flicked her wrist. A gold card flew through the pitch black window as she said coldly, “Cripple him! It’s fine so long as he’s still breathing!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left.


At this moment, Yang Ye was at the Snake Forest, and his face was covered in shock and disbelief as he looked at the grey wolf.

After he entered the forest, Yang Ye had summoned Grey and was prepared to ask Grey to lead the way. However, he was unable to maintain his calm when he saw Grey. Because Grey wasn’t a ninth rank Darkbeast any longer, it was a King Rank Darkbeast!

Yes, it was a King Rank Darkbeast. Yang Ye wasn’t mistaken because Grey really was a King Rank Darkbeast now!

Yang Ye pointed at Grey, and then he looked at the little fellow and said, “Little Fellow, how… how did it advance?”

He was utterly unable to communicate with the grey wolf, so he could only ask the violent mink.

The violent mink blinked, and then it pointed at the grey wolf before it pointed at Yang Ye’s stomach.

“You’re saying it’s because of that tiny vortex in my body?” The violent mink nodded.

“Then why haven’t you advanced?” The violet mink blinked, and then it revealed a helpless expression before it made a few gestures.

“You’re saying it’s extremely difficult for you to advance?” The violet mink hurriedly nodded.

Yang Ye pointed at his stomach, and then he asked. “All of you’ll advance while inside there?”

The violet mink nodded.

When he saw this, Yang Ye took a deep breath because this was truly too shocking. His Vortex Dantian was actually able to allow Darkbeasts to advance in their cultivation. Exactly what sort of existence is this Dantian of mine?

It was common knowledge that it was extremely difficult for Darkbeasts to advance. Unless they were fortunate enough to encounter a spirit herb of the heavens and the earth, they could only accumulate their cultivation through time. Normally speaking, Darkbeasts would search for spirit herbs in the Grand Myriad Mountains to facilitate their advancement because accumulation through time was truly too unreliable.

Yet now, his Vortex Dantian was actually able to allow Darkbeasts to advance. Moreover, Grey had advanced in such a short period of time. My god! Grey has only been by my side for a few months!

Yang Ye felt more and more wonder and curiosity towards the tiny vortex within him.

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