Chapter 96 – Darkbeast Army!

Almighty Sword Domain

Even though Grey had become a King Rank Darkbeast, its attitude towards the violet mink was still extremely respectful as always, and this caused Yang Ye and the violet mink to be extremely satisfied. So, Yang Ye still rode Grey like a horse.

In the Snake Forest, Grey dashed like the wind. Everywhere it passed, all the Darkbeasts retreated and kept their distance from it, causing Yang Ye to see extremely domineering!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt extremely satisfied indeed. It was a King Rank Darkbeast! He was riding a King Rank Darkbeast like a horse.

How many people in the southern territory were capable of accomplishing this? When he thought up to here, Yang Ye couldn’t help but start laughing, and then he stretched out his hand to pat Grey.

Suddenly, a thought appeared abruptly within Yang Ye’s mind.

Why don’t I get a few more Darkbeasts?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye was unable to maintain his calm. If it was anyone else, this thought was undoubtedly a wild fantasy. But it was entirely possible for Yang Ye to realize such a thought. With the little fellow to deter them, those Darkbeasts would definitely submit, and with the mysterious tiny vortex, those Darkbeasts would definitely be willing to stay just like Grey had.

Wasn’t Grey unwilling in the beginning yet became extremely willing upon witnessing how miraculous the tiny vortex was?

In just an instant, Yang Ye had decided.

He decided to raise a Darkbeast Army!

However, Yang Ye wouldn’t subdue those ninth rank Darkbeasts. Because even though their strengths were formidable, they couldn’t compare to King Rank Darkbeasts! With the space within his Vortex Dantian, it was entirely possible to keep five or six King Rank Darkbeasts.

When he thought about the scene where a pile of King Rank Darkbeasts appeared with a wave of his hand, Yang Ye couldn’t help but become excited.

As for Spirit Rank Darkbeasts that were a realm above King Rank Darkbeasts, Yang Ye wouldn’t consider subduing them at all. Because if he went looking for a Spirit Rank Darkbeast with his current strength, and if the pressure emanated by the little fellow didn’t work, then he would really be courting death.

Yang Ye told the violet mink about his plan to subdue an army of Darkbeasts, and the violent mink instantly raised its claws in approval. Of course, it wasn’t interested in those Darkbeasts, and it just felt that it was fun. That was the only reason for its agreement!

When he saw the violet mink approve, Yang Ye instantly felt slightly impatient. He immediately commanded Grey to dash towards Nether Wolf Gorge. Because his first objective was the Nether Wolf King in Nether Wolf Gorge!

Under Grey’s lead, Yang Ye quickly arrived in the territory of the Nether Wolf King within Nether Wolf Gorge. With the little fellow by his side, Yang Ye didn’t sneak into this place, and he headed directly to the Nether Wolf King’s cave to challenge it.

When the Nether Wolf King emerged from its cave with a few thousand of Nether Wolves, Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. If all of these Nether Wolves charged at him now, then he would truly be dead today. Presently, he just hoped that the pressure from the little fellow’s bloodline would be effective!


When it saw the pack of wolves dash out, the violet mink let out a cry as it flickered into the sky, and then a violet glow flashed into appearance on its body, causing an invisible pressure to cover the heavens and the earth as it enveloped down towards the pack of the wolves below it.

When they came into contact with this pressure, the pack of wolves below instantly stopped moving. After that, besides the silver colored Nether Wolf King, all the other Nether Wolves lay prostrate on the ground while revealing extreme terror from their eyes. Even though the Nether Wolf King didn’t lay prostrate on the ground, it wasn’t in good shape as well, and its entire body was trembling lightly while its eyes were filled with terror and respect. However, a king had a king’s dignity, so it wouldn’t lay prostrate before its pack even if it meant death.

Because lying prostrate represented submission!

The little fellow was infuriated when it saw the silver wolf actually remained standing, and right when it was prepared to pressure the silver wolf king even further, Yang Ye stopped it and said, “Little Fellow, tell it to fight me. If I win, then ask it to follow by my side, and if I lose, then we’ll leave this place.”

Yang Ye still remembered the objective he had when he came to the Grand Myriad Mountains this time. He came to improve his strength. As for subduing King Rank Darkbeasts, that was only something he intended to do in passing! Because only his own strength was reliable!

The violet mink nodded, and then it conversed with the Nether Wolf King. In next to no time, the Nether Wolf King revealed an infuriated expression. Because the violet mink had actually asked a King Rank Darkbeast like it to submit to a human! It felt that this was a humiliation to it! So, it immediately glanced ferociously at Yang Ye, and then it roared furiously at Yang Ye to display its strong displeasure.

The little fellow was instantly exasperated when it saw that Nether Wolf King actually dared to get angry, and then a strand of invisible pressure pressed down once more towards the Nether Wolf King. At the same time, Grey who stood by the side was slightly infuriated as well. It raised its head and howled before revealing a ferocious gaze as it glared at the Nether Wolf King.

If it was in the past, Grey would definitely not dare to act so rudely. However, it wasn’t the same any longer, it was already a King Rank Darkbeast. So, the gap between its strength and the strength of the wolf king wasn’t really large anymore.

Most importantly, the wolf king had already offended the little fellow now, and in Grey’s heart, offending Yang Ye was quite fine, but offending the little fellow was like a death sentence!

The Nether Wolf King’s limbs curved slightly, and it seemed to be enduring some sort of extreme pain. When it heard Grey’s howl, it looked over towards Grey and instantly revealed shock in its eyes. Because another wolf king had actually appeared in its pack, and this new wolf king had actually willingly allowed a human to ride it!

In next to no time, the Nether Wolf King was exasperated. It felt that this wolf king before it was simply a disgrace of the Nether Wolves! If it was at any ordinary time, it would definitely charge forward and tear both this man and wolf into pieces. However, it didn’t dare to act in this way now. Because that violet colored little fellow was present!

While the Nether Wolf King was shocked, the violet mink was furious instead. Because this lowly being before it actually dared to remain standing, and the violet mink was instantly prepared to wave its little claw and increase the pressure it emanated.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye rode Grey over to the Nether Wolf King, and then he gestured at the little fellow who was extremely angry. The little fellow glanced furiously at the Nether Wolf King, and then it descended onto Yang Ye’s shoulder with a flicker. After that, it pointed its little claw at the Nether Wolf King before waving its claw a few times as if it was telling Yang Ye to teach it a lesson.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he gazed at this silver Nether Wolf King that was slightly larger than Grey. He said, “You’re a King Rank Darkbeast, so you ought to be able to understand me. I’ll repeat what the little fellow told you just now. Fight me and submit to me if you lose, and if I lose, then we’ll immediately leave Nether Wolf Gorge. What do you think?”

Yang Ye knew that if he wanted a King Rank Darkbeast to submit to him, then he had to possess a strength that it feared. Otherwise, even if it submitted beneath the pressure emanated by the little fellow, it wasn’t true submission, and it wouldn’t be completely loyal in the end. If he was able to make the wolf king take him seriously, then with the help of the little fellow, it would be just like how he subdued Grey all that time ago. A King Rank Darkbeast that submitted under such circumstances was much more reliable.

Moreover, he wanted to improve his strength. So, in this way, it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

The Nether Wolf King took a glance at Grey, and then it glanced fearfully at the violet mink. It hesitated for a short moment before it nodded in the end.

It actually didn’t want to agree. Of course, it wasn’t because it was afraid of Yang Ye, it was because a human that hadn’t even attained the King Rank intended to challenge it. This was an insult to it. However, it had no choice but to agree now because it was afraid of Grey and the violet mink. Even if Yang Ye was disregarded, if the violet mink helped Grey deal with it, then it was extremely likely for the cooperation of the two beasts to threaten its position in the pack.

So, it had agreed for the sake of making the violet mink and Grey leave.

The silver wolf king raised its head and howled. The pack of wolves behind it instantly stood up and retreated by over 100m. At the same time, Yang Ye signaled the little fellow and Grey to move a certain distance back.

Now, the man and wolf were staring at each other.

The wolf king’s eyes contained undisguised contempt. It didn’t move because if it had to make the first move even when dealing with a human that wasn’t at the King Rank, then the wolf king itself would look down upon itself. So, it was waiting for Yang Ye to make a move!

Yang Ye flicked his wrist and placed his sword within his spatial ring. He didn’t intend to utilize his sword. It wasn’t that he was underestimating the wolf king, it was instead because he wanted to temper his body!

After he fought Grey that day, Yang Ye understood a single thing. If his body suffered intense stimulation, then the golden Profound Energy within his body would help him temper his body. Even though doing this was slightly painful, what was pain in the face of the improvement of his strength?

When it saw Yang Ye actually put his sword away, the wolf king was infuriated once more. Is this human underestimating me?

It raised its head and howled furiously, and then it stomped its hind leg backwards before it leaped forward and smashed down towards Yang Ye like a small hill. The ground that the silver wolf stomped on had directly collapsed, and a small hole appeared in its place. This obviously showed how terrifying its strength was!

Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression when he saw the silver wolf charge towards him. He moved his right leg back while he placed his right fist horizontally before him. The golden Profound Energy within his body suddenly started circulating, and then a dazzling golden glow flickered on his right fist.

When the wolf king approached, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right leg on the ground, causing his body to rise from the ground. After that, he let out a clear shout as he suddenly smashed his fist down towards the wolf king’s head!

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