Chapter 97 – The Real Battle Starts Now!

Almighty Sword Domain


Yang Ye’s fist had just come into contact with the wolf king’s head when Yang Ye’s expression changed. After that, a strand of enormous force came from his arm, and without any doubt, Yang Ye was blasted flying by this enormous force.


After flying for around 25m, Yang Ye finally crashed heavily to the ground.

On the other hand, the wolf king’s body merely stopped briefly in midair, and then it descended firmly onto the ground. Obviously, that collision from before hadn’t injured it at all. However, Yang Ye’s punch wasn’t completely useless. Because at the very least, an extremely clear fist print had appeared on the wolf king’s forehead!

Yang Ye crawled up from the ground, and then pain and weakness extended from his right arm towards his entire body. Right at this moment, the tiny vortex within his body started to circulate. Along with the circulation of the tiny vortex, traces of golden Profound Energy flowed out from within his Vortex Dantian, and then these traces of golden Profound Energy flowed towards the meridians within his entire body and repaired his body.

As he sensed the state his body was in, Yang Ye took a breath of air before he gazed at the Nether Wolf King in the distance. Yang Ye had to admit that the physical strength of Darkbeasts was extremely terrifying. If a human First Heaven Realm expert had suffered that strike of his from before, then even if that expert didn’t die from the strike, that expert would definitely be injured. However, the Nether Wolf King that stood before him was completely unharmed.

Even though he’d expected that this punch wouldn’t cause much harm to the wolf king, Yang Ye still felt slightly depressed when he noticed that it was completely unharmed. However, fortunately, this Nether Wolf King was still slightly inferior when compared to the King Rank Darkbeast within the Sword Servant Pagoda. At any rather, he wouldn’t dare utilize his fist to collide head on with that King Rank Darkbeast in the Sword Servant Pagoda!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and took a deep breath before he removed the clothes on his upper body and the armor he wore, causing his bronze colored skin. He stretched his fists slightly while the Profound Energy in his body surged, and then his fists were instantly densely covered by a layer of dazzling golden light.

He intended to fight to his heart’s content today!

When it noticed that Yang Ye was actually still able to stand, the wolves within the pack instantly started to howl as if they were saying ‘how could this be possible?’.

On the other hand, the little fellow and Grey that knew Yang Ye through and through weren’t really shocked. Especially Grey because it had fought Yang Ye, and it was very clearly aware of Yang Ye’s physical strength. However, it didn’t look favorably upon Yang Ye’s battle with the Nether Wolf King because the gap between a ninth rank Darkbeast and King Rank Darkbeast was extremely huge.

Even though it didn’t look favorably upon Yang Ye, it wouldn’t express it or else it would be looking for a beating. After all, the violet colored little fellow really disliked others looking down upon Yang Ye.

When it saw Yang Ye stand up, a glow of excitement flickered in the violet mink’s eyes, and it seemed as if it wanted to participate in the battle as well!

At this moment, the Nether Wolf King was extremely shocked in its heart as well because this human that stood before it hadn’t perished after physically going head on against it. Moreover, based on how the human looked, then not to mention death, the human wasn’t even injured. This caused the Nether Wolf King to be infuriated because a human had actually been able to stand up completely unharmed after physically going head on against it! This was a direct slap on the face to it!


A furious howl resounded before the Nether Wolf King charged once more at Yang Ye.

The Nether Wolf King’s body was more than 10 times the size of Yang Ye. So, it seemed like a moving hill as it dashed furiously, and the ground trembled lightly every single time its feet touched the ground. The impetus it revealed was extremely astounding.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he saw the Nether Wolf King charge over. He suddenly stomped the ground with his right leg, and he relied on the counterforce from this to charge at the wolf king like a cannonball.

When he was only 3m away from the wolf king, Yang Ye let out a fierce shout as his fists that flickered with a golden glow smashed fiercely towards the wolf king’s head that was even larger than his body.

Yang Ye could be said to have strained every muscle in his body as he executed this attack. Everywhere his fists passed, space seemed as if it was torn apart, and a sharp and ear-piercing sound was emanated in their wake.

Under the astounded gazes of all the beasts in the surroundings, this man and wolf collided forcefully once more.


Along with an enormous bang resounding through the air, Yang Ye was blasted flying once more.

The wolf king heaved a sigh of relief when it saw Yang Ye being blasted flying. However, in the next moment, the human that had just been smashed to the ground had stood up once more while seeming to be completely fine. Moreover, that human even took the initiative to launch an attack against it.

The wolf king was extremely bewildered. It was really extraordinarily bewildering. Because it had utilized its entire strength just now, yet this human before it was actually still able to stand up after colliding head-on with its full force? Moreover, that human could even take the initiative to launch an attack against it!

Is that really a human and not a Darkbeast?

It stopped thinking after this because that human had already arrived before it.


As expected, Yang Ye was blasted flying once more. However, in the next moment, Yang Ye crawled up once more, and then he charged at the Nether Wolf King.




The battle continued for around an hour. During this entire hour, Yang Ye was blasted flying on every single collision he had with the wolf king, and there was no exception to this. However, Yang Ye did improve as well because the distance he was blasted flying every time was reducing.

From being blasted flying by around 25m at the beginning, it had been shrunk down to around 18m now. So, how could this not be considered as an improvement?

Yang Ye was naturally not someone that enjoyed being beaten up. The reason he’d abstained from utilizing the sword that he was most skilled in was that he was utilizing the physical collisions with the Nether Wolf King to strengthen his body. Yes, the greater the harm his body received, the swifter the tiny vortex within his body circulated. At the same time, the amount of golden Profound Energy that flowed up grew greater and greater.

Even though it was slightly painful, the effects were extremely good. Just like this very moment, he’d already become basically accustomed to the Nether Wolf King’s strength. Of course, he was only accustomed to it, and not immune. So, it still hurt for him.

As they watched Yang Ye being blasted flying over and over again before charging towards the Nether Wolf King over and over again, the pack of wolves behind the wolf king were completely stunned. Because even they were unable to suffer so many attacks from the wolf king without being injured, yet this human before them was capable of that!

Is that human really a human, or is he a Darkbeast?

At this moment, such thoughts that were similar to the thoughts of the wolf king from before had arisen in the minds of the wolves in the pack.

At this moment, Grey had opened its eyes wide as well, and its eyes were filled with disbelief. It knew that Yang Ye’s body was extremely strong, yet it had never imagined that Yang Ye was actually still able to stand after suffering so many strikes from the wolf king. When did he become so strong? This isn’t a battle between a man and beast at all, and it’s a battle between beasts!

Yes, only a battle between Darkbeasts was a battle of physically colliding head on just like Yang Ye and the Nether Wolf King were!

In the opinion of Grey and the wolves in the pack, Yang Ye’s physical strength was already comparable to the Nether Wolf King. However, only Yang Ye himself knew that his body was still quite inferior when compared to the wolf king. Even though the Nether Wolf King had blasted him flying repeatedly, it hadn’t pursued him and followed up with another attack or attacked his vital points like his head. Moreover, it hadn’t utilized its claws that were sharp like blades as well. Yang Ye knew that the Nether Wolf King was worried about the little fellow.

When compared to this, he’d basically not caused any material harm to the wolf king since he’d entered into battle with it. In other words, he was unable to get through the wolf king’s defense. Perhaps he would be able to accomplish that if he utilized a high-grade Strength Talisman, but that would be meaningless.

Of course, even though the Nether Wolf King hadn’t utilized its full strength, Yang Ye hadn’t as well. If he held a sword in hand and utilized it, then he was confident in his ability to slice the wolf king into pieces.

The reason the wolf king hadn’t utilized its full strength was that it wanted to see how many strikes this human before it could take. It was the king of a pack, so perhaps its intelligence wasn’t as great as humans, but it was absolutely not an idiot. So, since that mysterious violet colored little fellow and another wolf king were willing to follow by this human’s side, there was definitely something extraordinary about this human.

The facts proved that this human did indeed possess some ability. So, it restrained the arrogance in its heart. No matter if it was Darkbeast or man, all those who possessed strength deserved to be respected. However, if this human only possessed this little bit of strength, then it was far from being sufficient to make it submit.

It wasn’t worried that this human would make it submit by force. Because if that was the case, then the human before it would suffer the retaliation of the experts in the world of Darkbeasts. So, if this human wanted to make it submit, the human had to make it submit willingly!

For a time, both man and wolf had different thoughts in their minds, and it could be said that this battle right now was merely a warm-up!

Another two hours passed.


Yang Ye was blasted flying again, and he swiftly stood back up. Right when he intended to charge over once more, the Nether Wolf King howled furiously towards the sky, and then it suddenly swiped its claws that were sharp like blades towards the ground.


A few claw marks that were as thick as an arm appeared on the ground.

Yang Ye stopped moving when he saw this, and he said in a low voice, “You intend to fight seriously?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he flipped his right hand, causing his sword to appear in his hand. As soon as his sword entered his hand, Yang Ye’s imposing aura instantly changed. At the same time, Sword Intent surged out and enveloped down towards the Nether Wolf King.

The real battle starts now!

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