Chapter 98 – Silver!

Almighty Sword Domain

When enveloped by the Sword Intent, the imposing aura that erupted from the Nether Wolf King just now was instantly suppressed, and when it sensed its imposing aura being suppressed, the Nether Wolf King’s pupils constricted while an extremely solemn expression appeared in its eyes.

This time, it had taken Yang Ye to be a true opponent.

Yes, because of the Sword Intent alone, the Nether Wolf King had no choice but to take Yang Ye seriously, and this displayed how terrifying Sword Intent was!


A world shaking howl resounded as the wolf king leaped forward, and its claws carried brilliant cold glows and emanated a sharp and ear piercing whistle through the air as they clawed at Yang Ye.

Its speed was so swift and force so powerful that it was more than two times greater when compared to before!

At the moment the Nether Wolf King made a move, Yang Ye moved as well, and he started running towards the wolf king. When the wolf king was only 6m away from him, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he utilized the Gale Steps technique, and he left an afterimage behind as his figure leaped forward.


He drew his sword and stabbed it at the wolf king’s leg.

The wolf king would naturally not dodge because as far as it was concerned, this human’s Dark Treasure wasn’t much stronger than a tree branch!

However, it was wrong this time!


The sword didn’t encounter much obstruction, and it directly pierced into the wolf king’s left leg which was even thicker than Yang Ye’s body. The wolf king’s pupils constricted violently when the sword pierced into its leg because this human before it had actually pierced through its defense. So, it was immediately furious and shocked, and it increased the force behind its right claw that struck down towards Yang Ye.

As soon as the sword pierced into the wolf king’s left leg, Yang Ye was prepared to withdraw his sword, yet it was already too late because the wolf king’s claw was already slapping down towards him. He didn’t dare to take this attack head on, so Yang Ye immediately decided to abandon his sword. He executed the Gale Steps technique and leaped back to avoid the wolf king’s claw.


The claw missed, and the wolf king’s body descended to the ground, and then the ground beneath the wolf king instantly crumbled.

The wolf king lowered its head to glance at the sword that was still stuck in its leg, and then it glanced at Yang Ye. After that, it raised its head and howled furiously. It was completely enraged.

It suddenly stomped with its hind legs, and then its enormous figure shot at Yang Ye like a small hill. At this moment, its claws that were sharp like blades flickered with a ghastly glow that caused one’s heart to go cold!

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged when he saw the wolf king charge over. He slowly raised his right hand, and then he said in the direction of the wolf king’s left leg, “Come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sword stabbed within the wolf king’s left leg suddenly resounded with a clear and melodious sword howl, and then it transformed into a ray of flowing light that returned to Yang Ye’s hand.

Once the sword entered his palm, Yang Ye’s figure dashed towards the wolf king. During the process of this dash, Yang Ye formed a sword with the fingers of his left hand that was free, and then swiped it swiftly and abruptly towards the wolf king.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Five golden strands of sword qi shot out successively towards the wolf king!

The Nether Wolf King still didn’t dodge because it disdained to dodge. Of course, it was unable to dodge at such a close distance!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five golden strands of sword qi didn’t bring exceptionally great harm to the wolf king, yet it wasn’t completely useless as well because there were already five more bloody holes on the wolf king’s head!

I’ve been injured by this human again?

The Nether Wolf King was stunned by this, and then it became infuriated while its face instantly turned savage. It suddenly opened its enormous mouth and bit forcefully towards Yang Ye that was a short distance away from it. It seemed as if it had really aroused killing intent.

The wolf king would underestimate Yang Ye, and it would take Yang Ye’s attacks head on out of consideration for its dignity as a king of beasts. But Yang Ye wouldn’t act in that way. He understood how to make the best use of his advantages and avoid the disadvantages, and he understood his own strong points and weak points!

When Yang Ye was about to come into contact with the wolf king’s bloody mouth, his figure suddenly stopped, and then his right leg stomped lightly on the ground. He executed the Gale Steps technique and shot swiftly towards the wolf king’s right, and he avoided being bit and struck by the wolf king.

When Yang Ye crossed the wolf king’s enormous figure, he drew his sword with a clang, and then a few tens of bloody marks appeared on the right side of the wolf king’s body.

The wolf king stopped moving and turned around, and on the other hand, Yang Ye was already over 30m away now.

As he gazed at the blood that ceaselessly flowed from the right side of the wolf king’s body, Yang Ye understood something now. The bodies of Darkbeasts weren’t really so terrifying. Of course, the precondition that one was able to pierce through their defenses. If one was able to pierce through their defenses, then with their enormous figures, the Darkbeasts were like living punching bags!

The wolf king didn’t charge at Yang Ye as well. Under the suppression of that incomprehensible force, both its speed and battle intent had descended by a few tens of percent. Of course, most importantly, this human was capable of piercing through its defenses, and once its defenses were pierced through, then the advantage it possessed would have practically vanished completely!

The human and two Darkbeasts before it hadn’t come to seize its territory, nor was there any deep enmity between them, so there was truly no reason to fight to the death. Because if they really did fight a life and death battle, then if the mysterious violet colored little fellow exerted that terrifying pressure towards it while it was in battle with this human, then it could dream of continuing the battle and could just wait for death to arrive!

So, there was practically no need to continue the battle!

Yang Ye walked slowly towards the Nether Wolf King. When he arrived in an area of 6m away from the wolf king, Yang Ye said, “Wolf King, if I wanted to kill you, then you would already be dead now. Come with me, and you’ll live a good life in the future.”

If he was able to subdue this wolf king, then he would have another super bodyguard to protect his life in the future!

The wolf king gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, yet it shook its head in the end. If it submitted to a human, then it would become the laughingstock of all the King Rank Darkbeasts in this area. It could die, but it couldn’t lose its dignity.

Yang Ye frowned when he saw the wolf king shake its head. Right at this moment, Grey and the violet mink walked over, and then the violet mink glared fiercely at the Nether Wolf King. The wolf king seemed to be very afraid of the violet mink, and it immediately took a few steps back and didn’t dare meet the violet mink’s gaze.

Grey walked over to the wolf king, and then it started conversing with the wolf king.

As Grey spoke indistinctly to the wolf king, the eyes of the wolf king gradually opened wide before it could simply fit a human head within it.

After a short moment, the wolf king looked at Yang Ye, or more precisely speaking, it was looking at Yang Ye’s stomach.

Yang Ye’s brows eased up when he saw this, and he looked at the violet mink and said, “Little Fellow, help me send it in!”

The violet mink seemed to feel extreme dislike towards the wolf king. So, it immediately shook his little head with force because it refused to allow a Darkbeast that wouldn’t obey it to enjoy such benefits!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh, and he immediately said in a light voice, “Little Fellow, just think about it. If it follows by my side, then wouldn’t you be able to bully it at will?”

The violet mink’s eyes lit up, and then it nodded. It waved its little claw at the wolf king, and then the Nether Wolf King instantly transformed into a violet ray of light that entered into Yang Ye’s body.

When the Nether Wolf King saw the space in the tiny vortex within Yang Ye’s body, it was unable to maintain its calm any longer. Moreover, when it noticed the pool of golden Profound Energy, it seemed as if it had taken some stimulants and seemed to be extraordinarily excited and delighted. After that, it howled before intending to charge into the pool.

Right when it intended to charge into the pool, the little fellow appeared before it, and then a pressure that covered the heavens and the earth smashed down forcefully onto the Nether Wolf King. It caused the wolf king’s body to instantly stop moving, and it didn’t dare take another step forward.

The violet mink stared at the wolf king with hostility. Because this fellow before it actually intended to enter that pool, and it felt that the wolf king was thinking wishfully because that pool belonged to it!

Yang Ye didn’t know what the violet mink had said to the Nether Wolf King within his Vortex Dantian. However, when the wolf king emerged from within his Vortex Dantian, its attitude had changed from the fear and reverence it had from before to a flattering attitude. In any case, it did everything it was told to do, and it caused Yang Ye to be dumbstruck.

After a short moment, the wolf king expressed its willingness to submit to Yang Ye through the violet mink. However, it had a problem that it hoped Yang Ye would be able to help it resolve. This problem was how the pack of wolves would survive after it left.

After all, if a pack or group of beasts within this area didn’t possess a king, then they would be bullied by the other packs or groups of beasts. Not to mention that their territory would be seized, they might even be enslaved. So, it hoped that Yang Ye would be able to resolve this problem. In this way, it could willingly follow by Yang Ye’s side.

The Nether Wolf King’s problem wasn’t something difficult for Yang Ye at all. Yang Ye waved his hand and spoke with a heroic spirit. “The other packs and groups? Don’t worry, we’ll go look for them one by one, and once all of them have no king, then who will bully who?”

Just like this, Yang Ye gained another super lackey, and Yang Ye gave this lackey the name Silver!

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