Chapter 99 – Battle

Almighty Sword Domain

After he subdued the Nether Wolf King, Yang Ye obtained some unexpected gains, and it was the Nether Wolf King’s hoard. However, this hoard was slightly shabby, and there were only a few tens of spirit herbs there. Moreover, the quality of these spirit herbs wasn’t high. Only three of them were low-grade Profound Rank spirit herbs while the others were below the Profound Rank.

With Yang Ye’s current wealth, he naturally turned his nose up towards these spirit herbs, but it was still better than nothing!

After the Nether Wolf King helped the pack of wolf settle down, Yang Ye set foot onto his journey once more.

His objective this time was that King Rank Darkbeast at Death Mountain Range, that King Rank Darkbeast that caused even Grey and Silver to reveal fearful expressions when they mentioned it.

Yang Ye knew that a King Rank Darkbeast capable of making the proud Nether Wolf King reveal a fearful expression was definitely not easy to deal with. However, he wasn’t afraid because if he was truly unable to defeat it, then couldn’t he just flee?

With the little fellow and two King Rank Darkbeasts by his side, if the Spirit Rank Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains didn’t make an appearance, then could anyone go against this combination of forces?

At this moment, Yang Ye could be said to be filled with high and heroic spirits.

Under Grey’s lead, Yang Ye quickly arrived at Death Abyss, and he was slightly dazed as he gazed at the strange violet mist that suffused the abyss beneath him. Who could have imagined that the bottom of the abyss was actually covered in bones? Who could have imagined that there was a place with beautiful mountains and clear water at the bottom of the abyss? Who could have imagined that an old man who possessed terrifying strength was living at the bottom?

When he thought of that old man, Yang Ye’s expression couldn’t help but turn solemn. He didn’t know exactly how formidable the old man’s strength was, and he only knew that Exalt Realm experts were unable to create a teleportation formation in a casual manner.

Yang Ye was only puzzled by the reason why the old man had bestowed an Earth Rank technique and Earth Rank Dark Treasure to him upon meeting him. He would naturally not think that it was because he possessed some sort of outstanding charm, and he faintly had the feeling that the old man seemed to be very interested in him. As for the exact reason, he had no knowledge of it.

After a long time, Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, and then he chuckled before he said, “Looks like I have to make a trip down there when I have the time. It would be best if I’m able to seize some benefits!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t stay here any longer, and he commanded Grey to dash towards Death Mountain Range.

According to the description provided by the Nether Wolf King, Death Mountain Range was the Earth Bear King’s territory. This Earth Bear King wasn’t native to this area, and it had suddenly come to Death Mountain Range a very long time ago. Once it arrived at Death Mountain Range, all the beasts that lived within and around Death Mountain Range had been completely driven away by it.

Of course, those Darkbeasts wouldn’t leave obediently. At that time, battles occurred practically every single day within Death Mountain Range. However, every single one of those battles involved the Earth Bear King bashing up other beasts. After a period of battles, this Earth Bear King that arrived abruptly had finally obtained everyone’s acknowledgment, and they acknowledged that Death Mountain Range was its territory.

It couldn’t be helped. They couldn’t defeat it, so they could only admit defeat!

Fortunately, this Earth Bear King settled down after it took control of Death Mountain Range, and it didn’t bully the other Darkbeasts in the surroundings. Moreover, the Darkbeasts in the surroundings could enter its territory to search for spirit herbs. Of course, the precondition was that those Darkbeasts didn’t offend it. However, if humans dared to step foot into Death Mountain Range, then it would pursue and kill those humans.

So, when Yang Ye raised his intention to subdue this Earth Bear King, the Nether Wolf King was slightly against it. However, when Yang Ye brought the violet mink and Grey out, the Nether Wolf King stopped objecting.

Indeed, the Earth Bear King was only a King Rank Darkbeast. So long as it wasn’t a Spirit Rank Darkbeast, then with the ability of their group, even if they were truly unable to defeat the Earth Bear King, the Earth Bear King could only watch as they fled!

The Earth Bear King lived on a small hill within a gorge, and Yang Ye quickly arrived at this gorge under the lead of the Nether Wolf King.

When Yang Ye approached the Earth Bear King’s territory, numerous sounds of explosions suddenly resounded from afar. Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he looked towards the distance as he said, “It’s in battle?”

Yang Ye placed the Nether Wolf King and Grey within his Vortex Dantian, and then he brought the violet mink along as he flashed swiftly towards the place where the Earth Bear King resided.

He’d mainly placed the Nether Wolf King and Grey into his Vortex Dantian because he was afraid it was a human that was fighting the Earth Bear King in the distance. Because it would truly be too shocking if a human saw him with two King Rank Darkbeasts.

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived on a tree near the Earth Bear King’s lair. When he looked through the gaps between the leaves, he saw eight people in battle with the Earth Bear King which was much larger than the Nether Wolf King. All of these eight people weren’t very old, and they were all around the age of 17 or 18. To Yang Ye’s surprise, all of these eight people were First Heaven Realm experts, and he came to an understanding when he saw some of the emblems on their clothes.

Because these eight people were probably disciples of the six great powers, and if it was the disciples of the six great powers, then it was comparatively normal for them to attain the First Heaven Realm at the age of 17 or 18.

However, Yang Ye was puzzled about why a battle would have occurred between these eight people and the Earth Beast King. Could it be that they intend to kill it for its core, and then skin it for gold?

Indeed, there was no need to explain the value of its Inner Core. As for the Earth Bear King’s brown colored bear skin, it was extremely valuable as well, or it should be said that the skin of Darkbeasts at the King Rank and above were extremely valuable.

“Eh?” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s gaze focused on a woman amongst the eight of them, and he was slightly surprised when he saw her appearance. Because this woman was the Sword Sect’s outer court disciple, Qingxue.

The eight of them didn’t go head on against the Earth Bear King as he’d done with the Nether Wolf King, and they utilized nimble movement techniques and various powerful combat techniques to fight the Earth Bear King while avoiding direct collisions with it. However, the effect of this wasn’t very great. Those flashy techniques weren’t able to cause any material harm to the Earth Bear King.

Yang Ye’s gaze slowly swept past the eight of them, and then it descended onto a man in the end. Because this man’s strength was the strongest amongst the eight of them. This man held a completely dark black spear, and this spear was obviously not ordinary at first glance. Every single time the man waved the spear, it would drag along a string of faint afterimages, and every single time it descended onto the Earth Bear King, it would definitely leave behind a bloody hole on the Earth Bear King’s body.

This man was the only one amongst the eight that was able to pierce through the Earth Bear King’s defense without utilizing any techniques. However, that was all he was able to accomplish. Those small injuries were like mosquito bites to the Earth Bear King. On the other hand, if any of them were struck by the Earth Bear King’s enormous paw, then they would absolutely be transformed into a pile of mush.

I’ll head over after they’re defeated! The conclusion Yang Ye obtained after watching for a while was that these eight people before him would be unable to kill the Earth Bear King. However, Yang Ye was slightly puzzled because this Earth Bear King didn’t seem as formidable as the Nether Wolf King had said. Could it be that it hasn’t even gotten serious?

On the battlefield, Qingxue was moving and attacking nimbly at the left side of the Earth Bear King. Since they’d entered into battle with the Earth Bear King, she’d relied on the dexterity of her movement technique and the force of her sword technique, and she’d caused some marks on the Earth Bear King’s body with her sword. However, even if she’d accomplished all of this, she was slightly regretful in her heart. Yes, she regretted agreeing to participate in hunting the Earth Bear King.

If disciples of the Sword Sect wanted to obtain even more resources, then they could only accept the sect’s assignments and strive to ascend the Outer Court Rankings. She was unable to ascend the Outer Court Rankings, for now, so she could only accept the assignments in the sect. She’d come to the Grand Myriad Mountains this time merely for the sake of hunting and killing a ninth rank Darkbeast, and she’d encountered these others during this process. All of them were similarly disciples of various sects that had left their sects to temper themselves. Under their persuasion, she was unable to resist the temptation of hunting a King Rank Darkbeast and agreed to their invitation.

There were many assignments in the Sword Sect that required the tendons and blood of King Rank Darkbeasts. So, if she was able to kill this King Rank Darkbeast with them, then even though her strength was comparatively weaker when compared to the others, she would still be able to receive quite a bit of spoils. With the blood, tendons, and other materials from a King Rank Darkbeasts, she would be able to exchange them for even more cultivation resources.

Her idea was great, but the reality was brutal.

According to her thoughts, all eight of them were First Heaven Realm experts that were from various sects. So, their joint forces ought to be sufficient to deal with a King Rank Darkbeast. However, the brutal reality she faced told her that the sword technique and sword qi she took pride in was utterly unable to cause any material harm to a King Rank Darkbeast. Conversely, if she was just a moment too slow, then the attacks of this King Rank Darkbeast would transform her into a pile of mush!

So, she regretted agreeing to participate in this hunt. Because this Darkbeast was utterly not something they could go against. She could still leave now, but she couldn’t because the disciple in the lead who was from the Origin School hadn’t said the word.

Qingxue had nothing to say about the strength of this outer court disciple from the Origin School. However, she didn’t dare compliment his character. Just like the rumors said, the disciples of the Origin School always had a feeling of superiority when they faced the disciples of the other sects.

However, Qingxue felt that this was extremely normal. It couldn’t be helped that his strength was the greatest amongst all of them!

The spear wielding man pierced his spear into the Earth Bear King’s stomach, and then he suddenly spun the spear in his hand, and he relied on this force to fly backward and avoid the paw that the Earth Bear King had slapped towards him.

As he sensed the constantly decreasing Profound Energy within his body, the man’s brows knit together tightly, and then he glanced towards the thick bushes near the walls of the gorge while he said in his heart, Why isn’t it done yet?

Right when he was about to attack once more, a resounding voice suddenly resounded. “Jiang Wei, retreat quickly!”

When he heard these words, the spear wielding man was delighted. He suddenly stomped with his right foot, and then he flickered backward a few times to escape the battlefield.

This sudden event caused the expressions of the other seven people on the battlefield to change violently.

On the other hand, the eyes of Yang Ye who was hidden atop the tree narrowed, and then he looked towards the source of the voice while he said, “An ambush? And more than one person!”

Right at the moment that Jiang Wei suddenly left the battlefield, the other seven were prepared to flee after they recovered from their rage. However, right at this moment, an enormous yellow colored energy barrier enveloped the seven of them along with the Earth Bear King. At the same time, three men that wore moon white robes walked out from three corners of the energy barrier.

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