Chapter 962 – You Want To Die, Huh!?

Almighty Sword Domain

The figures of countless people stiffened on the spot.

Yu Wushuang, Shang Qingying, and the others died just like that?

“Wait! Someone stopped Seng Yuan!” Suddenly, a surprised voice resounded.

They looked over and saw that a person was standing beneath Seng Yuan’s huge palm. If they didn’t look carefully, it was utterly impossible to notice because Seng Yuan’s palm was so huge.

It didn’t take long for them to see that person’s appearance clearly.

“My god! It’s Instructor Ye! It’s Instructor Ye! Oh my god! It’s Instructor Ye!”

“It really is him! Long live Instructor Ye! All hail Instructor Ye!”

“It really is him…. I… I… Kill them!”

“Instructor Ye!”

“Instructor Ye!”

In an instant, the entire battlefield was filled with cheers of joy that shot into the sky.

It was Yang Ye, of course.

He was holding the white shield with both hands against Seng Yuan’s huge palm while Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying were on his left and right. They were standing on the bits of the city walls that remained after it was blasted apart from the might of Seng Yuan’s attack.

Yu Wushuang gazed at him and spoke softly, “I knew you would come!”

Yang Ye grinned, “It isn’t the time to talk!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye flipped his right hand, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he transformed into a ray of light that shot through Seng Yuan’s huge palm!


A pillar of blood sprayed out from the back of Seng Yuan’s palm.

His defenses had been penetrated!

Seng Yuan’s defenses had been penetrated!

Countless people started howling madly when they witnessed this scene. That physical defense which instilled despair in them had been penetrated now, and it caused unprecedented hope to arise in their heart.

At this moment, their blood coiled once more, and so did their desire to fight!

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. He just waved the Herculean Sword swiftly, and countless rays of sword energy rained down like raindrops. With Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent and sword intent enhancing them, Yang Ye’s sword energy were able to pierce through Seng Yuan’s skin with ease, causing strings of blood to ceaselessly appear throughout Seng Yuan’s body!

The human experts grew even more excited when they witnessed this scene!


A vicious glow surged through Seng Yuan’s eyes as he roared furiously at Yang Ye, and a powerful soundwave covered the heavens and the earth as it pressed down upon Yang Ye. However, the soundwave was fully stopped by Yang Ye’s sword intent when it was still over 10m away from him. Meanwhile, a huge palm carried terrifying might as it descended before Yang Ye, and it seemed like it intended to obliterate both Yang Ye and the space around him!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t choose to go head-on against this attack. He activated the Laws of Speed and vanished on the spot.


Seng Yuan’s attack missed, and the space where his palm descended shattered into bits!

Meanwhile, a few hundred rays of sword energy suddenly flashed out from behind Seng Yuan and descended on him, causing a few hundred holes to be instantly opened up throughout his body. In less than half a breath of time, half of Seng Yuan’s body was dyed red by his own blood!

Seng Yuan didn’t launch another attack. His figure flashed and returned to his human form. His strength rose explosively upon returning to his original form, but his original form was slow and cumbersome. Especially when he faced Yang Ye. Just Yang Ye’s speed surpassed his speed while he was in his original form and coupled with Yang Ye’s sword energy’s ability to penetrate his defenses, he’d become a living target for Yang Ye while he remained in his original form!

So, Seng Yuan immediately returned to his human form!


A ray of sword energy flashed. It wasn’t aimed at Seng Yuan but the area behind Seng Yuan.


Over 2,000 Steel Apes behind Seng Yuan were instantly chopped into 2 and countless internal organs sprayed out onto the ground while accompanied by fountains of blood.

The remaining Steel Apes immediately stopped moving when they witnessed this scene, and they glared fiercely at Yang Ye yet didn’t dare step forward anymore.

The human cultivators stood behind Yang Ye as well. At this moment, there was no fear and terror on their faces anymore, and only blazing battle intent could be seen in their eyes!

“I’m quite surprised!” Seng Yuan gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’ve heard of you. You should be Yang Ye, right?”

“Yang Ye?” Exclaims resounded throughout the surroundings when they heard Seng Yuan! After that, all of their gazes descended onto Yang Ye, including Feng Wuchao and the others.

Even though the name, Yang Ye, wasn’t as renowned as the 5 top geniuses within Pine Prefecture, it was still extremely well-known!

It was none other than because Yang Ye had challenged the Dao Order on his own!

“Ye Yang…. Yang Ye…. So, Instructor Ye is that expert, Yang Ye, who challenged all the geniuses of the Dao Order by himself. No wonder his accomplishments in the Sword Dao were so formidable. It turns out that he’s a disciple of the Ancient Sword School!” Feng Wuchao laughed bitterly.

Xia Bingwei spoke softly from Feng Wuchao, “Regardless of whether he’s Yang Ye or Ye Yang, he’s our instructor no matter what.”

The other outer court students nodded. It didn’t matter whether he was Yang Ye, Ye Yang, or someone else entirely. In their hearts, Yang Ye was their instructor!

The outer court students were comparatively composed, but the others in the surroundings seethed with excitement.

“My god! Instructor Ye is Yang Ye who challenged the Dao Order and forced the Dao Order to have no choice but to send Qing Daofu to bully him with a superior cultivation! My god! He was once my idol. I’d always wanted to meet him, but I never imagined that he was right by my side and even fought with me….”

“I felt quite regretful that I hadn’t been able to see the person who caused the Dao Order to suffer such a loss. I never imagined that he would have actually come to Ocean of Clouds Academy to be an instructor. No wonder he acted so arrogantly and domineeringly, and no wonder he dared to slaughter the secret court…. Would a person who doesn’t even fear the Dao Order fear a mere secret court? The members of the secret court really died like fools!”

“Instructor Ye was only at the Exalt Realm at that time…. If he attains the Half-Saint Realm…. Tsk, tsk….”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the spectators. He sized up Seng Yuan and said, “You recognize me?” After all, only a few people knew that his name was Yang Ye.

“Lou Qianxiao, I, and the others collected information about you!” Seng Yuan sized up Yang Ye and said, “Do you know what our judgment of you was?”

“That does make me quite curious!” replied Yang Ye. He really was quite curious because he hadn’t imagined that Lou Qianxiao and the mothers would have actually investigated him.

Seng Yuan said, “We came to an agreement that if you attained the Half-Saint Realm, then the Pine Prefecture wouldn’t have 5 top geniuses but 6. But now it would seem like we underestimated you a little. Your current strength isn’t inferior to Shangguan Yunhai and the others, and it might even be stronger. Because I sense an aura of danger that I’ve only sensed from some geniuses in the Central Divine Prefecture!”

“You give me a sense of danger as well!” Yang Ye continued, “Why don’t we do this? You lead your forces and leave, and we can just stop fighting, alright? Or perhaps he can just stand here and chat for an hour.”

“You want to buy time!” Seng Yuan chuckled, “I know that your side is waiting for Lu Wan’er and Qing Daofu to arrive. To be honest, their joint forces would cause some trouble for me. Especially Lu Wan’er. Her Sword Soul technique disregards physical defenses, so even I have to be careful against her. Unfortunately, they would only be troublesome to me. Not to mention their joint forces, I would have nothing to fear even if all 3 of you joined forces!”

“That’s great!” Yang Ye smiled, “Then how about we wait for them to come? In that way, we’ll both be able to save quite a bit of strength!”

“No!” Seng Yuan walked slowly towards Yang Ye and said, “I don’t want to waste time. I’ll kill all of you and wait for them to come.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly appeared before Yang Ye, and then his fist smashed down in Yang Ye’s direction!

The space around Yang Ye instantly cracked apart, and then countless cracks swept swiftly towards the surroundings. It was extremely shocking!

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he took the white shield in his left hand and raised it up against Seng Yuan’s fist. At the same time, the Herculean Sword in his right grasp swept forcefully towards Seng Yuan’s head!

Bang! Bang!

Two muffled bangs resounded, and then Yang Ye’s figure was pushed around 300m back while Seng Yuan remained on the spot. However, there was a huge mark created by a sword on the side of Seng Yuan’s head. It even caused the shape of his head to be slightly warped!

As for Yang Ye, he hadn’t suffered any material harm and had just been pushed back!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face because Seng Yuan’s physical defense and strength had far surpassed his expectations. He hadn’t held back earlier, yet it had merely caused a mark to appear on Seng Yuan’s head. So, how strong was Seng Yuan’s defenses? Moreover, he’d still been pushed 300m back while using the white shield to resist the blow! So, how terrifying was the force behind that punch?

“Your physical strength is much stronger than we expected!” Seng Yuan gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Actually, you’re not from Pine Prefecture and are from the Central Divine Prefecture, right?”

Yang Ye nodded and replied, “If you really want to know, we can sit down and have a nice chat. Actually, I’m from….”

“You still intend to buy time?” Seng Yuan laughed coldly and said, “It’s pointless. I….”

“Since it’s pointless, then cut the crap!” Yang Ye interrupted Seng Yuan and instantly appeared in front of Seng Yuan, and then the Herculean Sword smashed down towards Seng Yuan’s head.

“You’re courting death!” Seng Yuan roared furiously as he smashed his fist forward!

Just like that, both of them were locked in battle. In the beginning, Yang Ye was in a disadvantaged state, but it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to completely suppress Seng Yuan.

At this moment, Yang Ye had changed the Herculean Sword for an intent sword. Besides that, he’d stopped going head-on against Seng Yuan and had started to take advantage of his speed to strike before moving clear of Seng Yuan. Because he’d noticed that Seng Yuan’s speed was absolutely inferior to his own. Of course, it was under the circumstances that he was utilizing the Laws of Speed.

Just like that, Yang Ye frequently left a few injuries on Seng Yuan’s body while Seng Yuan was practically incapable of touching Yang Ye. Even if he tried to suffer a blow from Yang Ye in order to land a blow on Yang Ye as well, it would be stopped by Yang Ye’s white shield, and Yang Ye would be completely unharmed.

So, everyone here watched as that extremely powerful expert, Seng Yuan, was completely suppressed in battle with Yang Ye!

“Human! You’re courting death!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from afar, and then a huge 7 colored python swept down like a bolt of lightning from the sky. It instantly struck Yang Ye who was still in battle with Seng Yuan.


Yang Ye was taken by surprise and instantly blasted flying. In the end, his figure crashed against the ground and smashed open a huge hole there!

“It’s the number one genius of the Python Clan, Hei Yu!” Shang Qingying’s face fell.

“How shameless and despicable. Not only are you ganging up on him, you even launched a surprise attack!” Yu Wushuang had a gloomy expression on her face and couldn’t stop herself from cursing at them.

“There’s nothing shameless and despicable during a battle between 2 armies!” Seng Yuan gazed at Yu Wushuang as he grunted coldly, “Little Girl, you’re truly too detestable! I’m going to eat you alive today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shot explosively towards Yu Wushuang.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Yu Wushuang, and a wisp of ferocity curled onto the corners of his mouth as he gazed at Seng Yuan’s swiftly approaching figure, “I fucking asked you to wait for an hour, yet you insisted on fighting. Fine, we can fight one on one. But you fucking tried ganging up on me and even launched a surprise attack. You want to die, huh!?”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, 13 black clothed men and 4 huge wolves appeared here, and they instantly surrounded Seng Yuan.

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